Why Secret Ballot System Is Better than Open Ballot System

Updated on April 8, 2017

Today many Countries of the world are in politics but the differences between their politics is that during elections, some use the Secret Ballot System while others use Open Ballot system. The differences between them have a great effect even to the economic development of the country involved. All in all, the Secret Ballot System is better than the Open Ballot System. But before I adduce my reasons, I will clarify the two major concepts.

First, the secret ballot system requires that one vote secretly behind a closed room during elections for one's preferred candidate while the open ballot system on the other hand entails voting openly by queuing or otherwise, indicating the candidate of their choice.

The secret ballot system is better than the open ballot system because many countries have tried the two system and the major disadvantages of the open ballot system; The secret ballot system enables every voter to vote confidently and secretly without any fear of intimidation at the end of the election or during the exercise. But, the open ballot system creates discomfort and fear in terms of choosing your preferred candidate especially when there are some crisis or misunderstandings during the excersis. This can even hinder some people from coming out to vote due to fear.

The secret ballot system also makes it easy for re-counting in case there are legal disputes about the eventual winner- the ballot paper can be recounted. But, the open ballot cannot be recounted the moment they disperse at the end of the voting exercise.

Also, the secret ballot system makes it possible for tenants of a bad politicians or employees of a wicked industrialists to vote against him without he actually discovering that people who are close to him dislike his tactics or person as a political leader.

Moreover, the secret ballot system frustrates the desire of politicians who always wish to use money to influence people to vote for them during the election. During the open ballot voting, voters have been lured away to vote for the candidates offering bigger money and those who collect such bribes always vote sheepishly for their payer. Thus, voters conscience sold to the highest bidder. This results to the winning of wrong person to lead the nation. Which causes hard time in terms of the economic development of the countries that use the open ballot system. Many of the votes are sold.

Although both the two systems have merits and demerits , the secret ballot system is better than the open ballot system because it has more advantages over open ballot system.

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    • profile image

      Ajiboye Israel 11 days ago

      I personally think that secret ballot system is better because it is 100 percent safety

    • profile image

      ore 6 months ago

      it is the best way

    • profile image

      Thembelihle ndlovu 9 months ago

      secret ballot system promotes the freedom of choice demotes unfairness

    • profile image

      Stan Lee 16 months ago

      Communists and their ilk believe in the open ballot system

    • profile image

      Sadiq adam 2 years ago

      I personally think secret ballot is better because there is 100% safety

    • profile image

      adelany 2 years ago


    • profile image

      imam malik abdullahi 2 years ago

      It is power full than open ballot system

    • profile image

      Ebenezer baidoo 2 years ago

      Secret ballot save one from being begrudge.

    • profile image

      Favour 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Shrestha Nand 3 years ago

      There is an disadvantage too. . .

      If the whole ballot will get changed by any person it can be harmful to parties in election.

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      Gud secrete ballot have many advantage than open ballot

    • profile image

      Ajadi sofiat olawumi 5 years ago

      it is for recounting in case there are legal dispute winner


    • profile image

      Abdullahi ibrahim kabido 6 years ago

      Secrete ballot system reduce enemity between individuals.