Uncomfortable Questions and Theories About 9/11

Updated on September 16, 2019

What if you found out that thousands of scientists, engineers, and architects disagreed strongly with the official 9/11 conspiracy theory? Yes, the Bush White House gave us their own conspiracy theory and treated it as fact—the Osama Bin Laden conspiracy. But was it really true? The following highlights a few 9/11 theories, both official and unofficial. Bear in mind that none of these have been proven, and this article also reflects my own opinions and speculations.

Was it a lie or merely another in a long string of incompetences that there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq? If the government is incompetent about going to war, can we trust them to be competent about anything else? But if it was a lie, can we trust them to tell us the truth about 9/11? And if they were complicit in 9/11, can we trust them with anything at all? My aim is not to construct a conspiracy theory, but to highlight the unanswered questions raised by the events of 9/11.

The conversion of the concrete to a fine powdery dust started right at the top of the collapse.
The conversion of the concrete to a fine powdery dust started right at the top of the collapse. | Source

Was the 9/11 Commission Set Up to Fail?

Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, complained that the Bush White House did not answer all of their questions and did not supply all the documents that they had requested. One commission member quit, saying that the project was a whitewash. Certain insiders pointed out that there were several conflicts of interest with members protecting the backs of those who they represented in the Bush administration. Suddenly, the commission doesn't sound so transparent and unbiased.

"We haven't gotten the materials we needed and we certainly haven't gotten them in a timely fashion. The deadlines we've set have passed."

— Gov. Thomas Kean, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission

Why Did the White House Delay the Investigation?

The Bush White House had delayed the start of an official investigation for over 400 days! For many a tragedy before this, an investigation began within weeks, if not days. In fact, the official investigation might not have begun at all if it had not been for a group of 9/11 family members who had become the squeaky wheel that would not go away.

The Commission's Dubious Conclusions

When finally compelled to do something, the Bush administration chose who was to be placed on the commission and then controlled the sluggish cooperation given to the commission by the government. The initial choice for chairman, Henry Kissinger, was met with outrage for his internationalist connections and the high potential for conflicts of interest.

One former executive of the product testing company, Underwriters Laboratories (U/L), filed an affidavit that the company's testing did not support the 9/11 Commission's conclusions, but in fact contradicted those conclusions regarding the weakening of the steel beams.

Many critical witnesses were not interviewed. And many of those who were interviewed with information which conflicted with the official conspiracy theory did not have their testimony included in the official report. It's not exactly science if you throw out data that doesn't fit your theory.

Evidence Suggesting Controlled Demolition

Three buildings were brought down on 9/11 by controlled demolition. That claim is corroborated by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which outlines the scientists', engineers', and architects' data and methodology.

Free-Fall Collapse

Perhaps one of the most startling facts is that a third building collapsed on 9/11 at about 5:20 PM. One thing that makes this so startling is the fact that it started off at perfect free-fall for 8 floors. Even if you know nothing about physics, you know that solid objects offer at least some resistance. In other words, they slow down an object trying to go through them. Solid steel offers lots of resistance—much more than air. But free-fall means zero resistance.

Think about that for a moment. More than 80 columns would've had to have vaporized or snapped in two simultaneously for the building to have gone into free fall. Not only that, the columns would've had to have vaporized or snapped in unison on each floor in sequence. You only get that with controlled demolition. And since controlled demolition takes months to prepare in buildings of this size, simple logic would indicate that 9/11 was an inside job.

The implications of this fact are staggering. One implication tells us that we might have gone to war and trashed the Constitution for the wrong reasons. At the very least, this perspective raises some extremely uncomfortable questions.

Who Had Access to the Buildings?

Could Al Qaeda have had unfettered access for the required weeks to fit all 3 buildings with the necessary explosives and thermate* cutters?

It seems unlikely. After the 1993 bombing in the World Trade Center (WTC), security there was heightened greatly. In fact, the security company which oversaw the WTC in the years leading up to 9/11 had two Bush family members on its board. One of them was Marvin Bush, the president's younger brother. There are two possibilities for the security company: (1) extreme incompetence or (2) treasonous complicity.

Months before 9/11, the towers had their elevators upgraded. The key supports within the building stand adjacent to the elevator shafts. Also, before 9/11, there were several instances of unusual activity in the buildings—excessive dust from construction, sounds of heavy moving and one long weekend without power wherein security was entirely disabled. What all was going on during these unusual and out-of-the-ordinary activities within the World Trade Center?

*Thermate: an incendiary substance with its own built-in source of oxygen (thermite) plus sulfur for more rapid melting of steel. Unspent nano-thermate was found in the debris of 9/11, a substance requiring a highly-specialized laboratory for its manufacture—not the kind of setup available to terrorists hiding out in caves half a world away.

Scientist, James Prescott Joule's apparatus for measuring the mechanical equivalent of heat.
Scientist, James Prescott Joule's apparatus for measuring the mechanical equivalent of heat. | Source

Conservation of Energy

One rule of thumb scientists have long used involves the conservation of energy. Einstein extended this to include mass, with his famous E = mc2. It simply means that you can't get out more than you put in. It's an equation that is always balanced.

Each of the 3 WTC buildings—each of which catastrophically collapsed—possessed a certain amount of potential energy (PE) which was converted to kinetic energy (KE) at the onset of collapse. That potential energy could be converted only once into kinetic energy. Ten units of PE could only perform ten units of work (KE).

Each of the 3 WTC buildings collapsed through the path of greatest resistance. The 2 towers collapsed at about two-thirds free-fall. Their PE was converted largely into the KE of acceleration due to the force of gravity. WTC7 collapsed at near-perfect free-fall, converting practically all of its PE into KE of that free-fall.

Architects are intimately familiar with the formulas for determining strength of materials. If they weren't, we would likely have many more buildings collapse. One architect calculated that the amount of work performed on 9/11 within each of the 3 buildings was on the order of 50 times the original PE available. That energy had to come from some place other than the collapse itself.

Please understand this—it's the important part: The potential energy from height and mass of the buildings could not have performed all of the work done on 9/11 by a factor of 50!

The above video points out one of hundreds of anomalies that suggest something else was going on with the collapse of the 3 buildings on 9/11. Many believe the only way for this to happen is through controlled demolition.

What Is This Mysterious Extra Work?

  • Bending or breaking all of the cold, undamaged steel beam supports (below the point of impact on the 2 towers, and above the level of fires on WTC7).
  • In the case of the towers, ejecting with great lateral force parts of the towers weighing several tons each, up to 600 feet away from the towers.
  • Pulverizing to a fine, powdery dust all of the concrete in all 3 buildings.
  • Pushing the several thousand tons of concrete dust into the air and covering all of lower Manhattan.
  • Heating that concrete dust as felt by witnesses near the collapse.

Each of these takes energy—lots of it. Where did it come from?

Fly ash used in making concrete. 9/11 dust contained many tons of the stuff.
Fly ash used in making concrete. 9/11 dust contained many tons of the stuff.

There's an old saying that goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, then it must be a duck. Not exactly scientific, but similar reasoning can be found in science. If you find all of the critical criteria and all of them match, then the two items must be related. Simple!

All 3 buildings followed the pattern of a controlled demolition.

Criteria Pointing to Controlled Demolition

  • Straight-down, symmetrical collapse into their own footprints.
  • Demolition waves removing column support.
  • Near-perfect free-fall through path of greatest resistance.
  • Total dismemberment of steel structure for shipping.
  • Minimal damage to adjacent structures.
  • Sounds and flashes of explosives.
  • Enormous pyroclastic clouds of pulverized concrete.
  • Pools of molten iron.
  • Chemical evidence of thermate cutter charges.

All of these were shown to have occurred for each of the 3 buildings. In fact, on 9/11, more than one television reporter noted that the collapses each looked surprisingly like controlled demolitions. After that day, no national news anchor or reporter ever mentioned this similarity again. Why? This mystery remains.

A controlled demolition could supply the needed extra energy required to remove all of the steel beam supports (bend or break them), to pulverize concrete, to send that concrete dust into the air as a high-speed pyroclastic flow, and to heat up that dust as felt by nearby witnesses. Only explosives could explain the high-speed, lateral ejection of material from each of the two towers as they collapsed.

The Iron Droplets

Perhaps the most damning fact against the government theory, and against the debunkers, is that of iron droplets in the concrete dust.

Why Did Mayor Giuliani Commit a Felony?

Another indication of controlled demolition were two of the steel beams amongst the pile of debris which had a straight angle cut, exactly as would occur from cutter charges in a deliberate controlled demolition. Steel beams don't accidentally break in such a neat and straight angle cut with evidence of melted and re-cooled steel along the edge.

Many big questions remain: Why did Mayor Giuliani commit a felony? He had all of the steel removed from the WTC site before an official investigation could be performed. Why did President Bush seemingly resist an investigation? He blocked attempts by independent investigators. He did not start the "official" investigation until 9/11 family members created a big enough stink in the press. Why did it take over 400 days to start such an investigation? Why was it so under-funded? More care and resources were given to the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

Isn't it normal procedure to investigate a crime scene before evidence is removed or destroyed? Even the positions of iron amongst the debris pile would have remained evidence which should have been thoroughly documented.

Why the rush to clean up the site? When a single person is murdered, the officials don't come in and order the crime scene cleaned up so the family members can get on with their lives!

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

Debunking the Debunkers

Debunkers (people who try to disprove the hypotheses of independent 9/11 investigators), and Bush conspiracy fans, like to point out that an airplane hit each of the twin towers. Well, that was obvious. But was it merely a distraction for theatrical effect and a false flag for blaming the event on someone else?

Leslie Robertson's Perspective

Are the debunkers and Bush fans making a bigger point out of it than is warranted? The designer of the towers, Leslie Robertson, indicated that the towers had been intended to withstand a direct impact of a fully-loaded commercial jet—the largest of the day. Enough redundant support was designed into the building to make it immune to the kind of damage received by the Empire State building in World War II, when a plane collided with what was then the tallest building in the world.

Lopsided vs. Symmetrical Collapse

Debunkers also like to point out that the fires started by the airplane collisions were sufficient to soften the iron and that there was no need to melt the iron in order to initiate collapse. The architects and engineers will concede that if the steel was softened enough, collapse of the two or three floors could have occurred, but that the heating was isolated and off-center. Because the fires were not floor-wide, collapse should have been lopsided instead of symmetrically straight down. With such lopsided collapse, any further damage would have remained off-center, and increasingly so, all the way down. But this did not happen on 9/11.

No Fracturing or "Pancake" Collapse

Perhaps more damaging to Bush's and the debunker's theories is the fact that dozens of floors below the area of damage had steel supports that remained unheated and at full strength. Why did that strength suddenly disappear? Without controlled demolition, the top section of each tower would merely have dropped the 2 to 3 floors and stopped or possibly toppled off of the structure as a whole unit.

Decapitated, the "heads" of the buildings would merely have dropped off and crashed to the ground beside each of the buildings. Each of those "heads" would have lain, greatly deformed but complete units of bent steel and broken concrete slabs—not completely dismembered and partially melted steel beams, as was found, and entirely pulverized concrete without any chunks, as was scattered all over lower Manhattan.

One other uncomfortable fact about the collapse of the two towers is that the conversion of the concrete to a fine powdery dust started right at the top of the collapse and continued with the same high rate all the way down. In every other tall building collapse, nearly zero percent of the concrete was pulverized and the building merely toppled as a relatively whole unit. Where pancake collapses occurred, a favorite theory of the government for 9/11, the concrete remained in whole slabs, stacked like pancakes (thus the name). On 9/11, none of the concrete remained as whole or even fractured slabs. Virtually 100% of it was converted to a fine, powdery dust—flour tossed to the wind, not pancakes!

Also damning to the government and debunker's theories is the fact that the concrete added no impetus to the collapse, because all of the concrete was being blown into the air as the building collapsed. All of that extra weight was doing none of the work to force the building to collapse. It couldn't! It was already dust and in the air!

Iron Droplets in the Dust

Perhaps the most damning fact against the government theory, and against the debunkers, is that of iron droplets in the concrete dust. The quantity of iron in each sample of concrete dust indicates that several tons of iron were included in all of the dust which covered lower Manhattan.

How do you get iron into the form of spherical droplets? First, it has to be heated beyond the point of melting and then forced into the surroundings by a blast of air. Like any liquid, the surface tension of the iron would force it into a spherical shape before it cooled. But even the debunkers admit that the temperature of the visible fires was not hot enough to melt steel. Therefore, something else was happening besides the visible fires—something far hotter.

Note: Several years ago, I came upon a website which claims to debunk many so-called "false" beliefs. One of those topics involved the claim that iron microspheres in the 9/11 dust proved the use of thermite. Not long afterward, I wrote an article which not only debunked their debunking, but showed how real debunking needs to be done.

The original building 7 of the World Trade Center, taken August 14, 1992.
The original building 7 of the World Trade Center, taken August 14, 1992. | Source

Building 7

World Trade Center 7 was only 47 stories high. Many states of America, though, don't have any buildings this tall. And yet for New York City, this skyscraper was merely mid-sized. On 9/11, WTC7 collapsed at perfect free-fall for 8 floors and then near-perfect free-fall acceleration similar to its sister towers, WTC1 and WTC2.

One of the tenants of WTC7 was the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Their offices were investigating corporate fraud by a number of companies, including WorldCom and Enron. Much of the evidence and work on those investigations is now lost forever. How very convenient for the guilty parties. Coincidence? This certainly speaks to motive. The question is: were certain corporations motivated to destroy the efforts of the SEC?

The Pentagon, America's military headquarters just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Photo taken January, 2008.
The Pentagon, America's military headquarters just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Photo taken January, 2008. | Source

The Pentagon Attack

An independent group of investigators interviewed a number of witnesses, including police officers, a trained pilot and the Pentagon officer in charge of Heliport operations. They did not let any of the interviewees know the full purpose of their investigation. It is quite possible that those witnesses would not have spoken on camera had they known that the investigators were researching the possibility that the official theory was a hoax. In fact, many refused to speak to them after the investigators had publicly released their findings. (For more information, visit the Citizen Investigation Team website.)

Eyewitness Accounts

Each of the eyewitnesses corroborated, independent of each other, that the path of the one airplane which approached the Pentagon could not have been as described by the government or by the physical evidence (light pole damage and pattern of building damage). In fact, one eyewitness saw a plane banking and pulling away from the Pentagon moments after the explosion.

According to all eyewitnesses, there was only one airplane near the Pentagon within moments of the explosion. None of them saw the impact. All of them, except the last, assumed the plane they saw had crashed into the building. Assumptions make poor evidence. And if the one airplane which approached the Pentagon did not crash, then what did?

Why Confiscate the Footage?

The FBI had confiscated all video footage which could have shown what happened. Not only did they take footage from government cameras, but also private cameras as well. Only one view was released, and it did not show enough to be conclusive. Why did they confiscate the evidence? Why did they not release it all to the public? This alone is suspicious activity on the part of the FBI. Why wasn't the evidence made available to the 9/11 commission? This is more than curious!

The day before, on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld had held a news conference to reveal the fact that the Defense Department had lost $2.3 trillion! Many of the personnel killed at the Pentagon were accountants. What were those accountants working on? Could the work of those accountants have been motivation enough to have them killed and their work destroyed?

Did the US government knowingly go to war under false pretenses?
Did the US government knowingly go to war under false pretenses? | Source

Implications of Tyranny

Explosives and thermate cutters could not have magically appeared all by themselves in the 3 WTC skyscrapers. It takes weeks to deliver and to place all of the tons of explosives and cutter charges required. Someone would have had to have the permission of security to do all this. When security gave permission, did they know what was being done? We don't know the answer to this. We could speculate, but it would be only that: speculation. But if security did not know that explosives were being placed, then they were not very good at security!

So much happened on 9/11 that seems, by the official theory, to have been incompetence on a massive scale. So many instances of incompetence aided the final end result, including the apparent incompetence of Vice President Dick Cheney when he told the military to stand down regarding the plane approaching the Pentagon and its sensitive air space. Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta witnessed and later reported this puzzling behavior.

A far more important implication is that America went to war on false pretenses! We already know that there were no WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq. We know that there were no members of Al Qaeda in Iraq before we attacked, at least not enough to pose a major threat.

Osama Bin Laden Denied Responsibility

We also know that Osama Bin Laden denied having anything to do with 9/11. Only years later did he seemingly say something about his own involvement in 9/11. I say "seemingly," because a German investigator had the same video independently translated and found no such reference by the Osama look-alike in the film.

Why would Bin Laden deny being the source of 9/11? Wouldn't a terrorist leader grab the chance for notoriety for their cause? This was the largest terrorist act in history, breaking through the defenses of the most powerful and incompetent military in the world. (Or was it incompetence? Those responsible were promoted afterward.) Why wouldn't he take credit? Could he have been telling the truth? If he was so religiously devout, wouldn't he view lying about something like this as an abomination? From the known facts, we are left with some very dangerous questions.

If Bin Laden Didn't Do This, Who Did?

It may prove to be only a curious coincidence, but on 9/11, former president George H.W. Bush was having a meeting with Saudi royals and representatives of the Bin Laden family at a hotel in Washington, DC, sponsored by the Carlysle Group. Perhaps it's only a coincidence that Bush Sr. was once head of the CIA and that Osama Bin Laden was once a CIA asset.

All of the post-9/11 laws meant to "protect" us have been based upon a lie. We were supposedly being "protected" by having the government remove the protections of the Constitution and of the Bill of Rights. Some trade-off! Benjamin Franklin warned us that those who would give up liberty for a little security deserve neither.

Historical Parallels: The Reichstag Fire

If you know your history, you know that Adolph Hitler and his gang of thugs did something similar in 1933. The Nazis set fire to the Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists. Then, Hitler trashed their Constitution and invoked feelings of patriotism to make the curtailment of liberties seem more palatable. The Reichstag fire was a "false flag" operation.

The Nazis did it to provoke fear and then they blamed it on someone else to evoke the feeling that something needed to be done about it. Problem—Reaction—Solution. They had the solution already prepared before the problem—Reichstag fire—was created. If the events themselves were similar, were the motivations similar? Could people in the government have perpetrated 9/11 in order to grab more power from the citizens? Again, this is a question, not a theory.

Four-star General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Chief of Staff of the Army, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the author of Operation Northwoods.
Four-star General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Chief of Staff of the Army, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the author of Operation Northwoods. | Source

I can feel conspiracy theorists bristling with ideas by now. But those who deny what conspiracy theorists can't help but wonder, likely don't believe that the United States government could do such a thing. Yet they only need look at the March 13, 1962 plans of General Lyman L. Lemnitzer to know that indeed, the American government could do such things. Those once classified plans were named "Operation Northwoods" and involved American military and government agents murdering American citizens and then blaming those acts on Cubans—all to stir up public sentiment against Cuba.

We won't theorize, here, if the Bush government pulled a "Hitler 2.0" on us. That's for conspiracy theorists. All we want to do here is raise the specter of doubt concerning the official theory. There are too many unanswered questions about 9/11 to leave it alone. Only someone with something to hide would not want those questions asked. There is too much damage to the world and to our precious America because of it to allow those questions to remain unanswered.

Eroding the Constitution

If the erosions of our liberties were based on a lie, why should we let the government continue to erode those liberties? And the erosions of the Constitution continue. If the impetus for those erosions was false, then why should we allow those erosions to continue?

Can we let the American government continue to erode the liberties for which our founding fathers fought so hard? Can we let them continue along this path of treason without finding some satisfactory answers about the event which made all of these dark changes possible?


When Bush and Obama swore their Oaths of Office to protect the Constitution and then proceeded to shred the very same document and its Bill of Rights, that constitutes a very real treason. Very similar to Hitler's treason nearly a century ago.

So, was 9/11 also treason or merely a long string of incredibly coincidental instances of massive incompetence? If the government was complicit, they would like us to believe it was only incompetence. Could the bumbling, good-natured Bush have been elected to project this aura about the government? If it was indeed merely massive incompetence, then heaven help us all that we might suffer at the hands of these imbeciles. And now, with Obama's "kill list," including some American citizens, can we be sure that incompetence won't find one of you on that very same list?

Now that you have the information, what are you going to do about it? There are many questions which demand answers. Don't let them go unanswered.

False Motivation for Afghan War

If you suspect someone of stealing your wallet and you go up to them and beat them up, demanding your wallet back, what do you do if you find out that you had merely dropped your wallet nearby? Do you apologize? Do you back off and stop beating them up? Do you refrain from sticking your hand in their pockets? Do you go to jail?

What if the one doing the beating is the United States of America—beating up Iraq and its people—terrorizing them? We are so busted! Only we did not apologize or remove our troops when we found out that there were no WMDs and no Al Qaeda camps in Iraq. And no one on the planet is big enough to put America in jail. But judgment will come.

Towards Truth

Several "truth" groups consist of professionals who have added their expertise to the investigation. They are calling for an independent investigation, authorized by Congress with subpoena power to force any individual or government agency to testify under oath. Some have petitions on their websites—sign them. Add your voice of support.

Conspiracy theories aside, we need to get to the bottom of this and find out the truth as much as is possible, wherever that truth may lead. One investigator worth following on YouTube is James Corbett of the Corbett Report. The following video is a sample of his work on 9/11.

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      • profile image


        2 months ago

        why do the people of the us still believe there govenment

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        Very well said. Government is much too strong and are able to do whatever they want. We are all in big trouble.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        It was an inside job! Soon after we suddenly had the ability of drone technology. Hmm...

        The truth will eventually come out when WE finally elect sensible officials and We demand truth from the White House... all of us!!!

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        13 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Rosemarie, which Bin Laden? The one who died in 2002? Or one of the lookalikes caught on film afterward. One German crew had the same film re-translated and never found any such admission. Can you trust the American Deep State to tell the truth? It really depends on what their agenda is.

        Koran? I've heard that, too, but don't know how true it is. But that doesn't make them the only liars.

        Bush? Devoutly Christian? That's a laugh. Look at him during the news conference where he's asked about knowing of 9/11 before it happened. He looks like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He's a blithering idiot, unable to speak.

        And Bush cause 9/11? You're too funny. Bush was the hired "idiot" for plausible deniability. No one in their right mind would ever thing Bush could do such a thing; he's too incompetent. Cheney and Rumsfeld, on the other hand seemed psychopathic enough to contribute to the implementation. Remember, Bush took a vacation the first few months of his presidency, and was safely out of the way in a school classroom, while the "big boys" were doing their thing. Is this a conspiracy theory? No. It's merely an observation of facts. Care to debate?

        Terrorists upgrade elevators? LOL. And the CIA was oblivious that they were doing this in their own building? Again, you're too funny. And why did the CIA warn their operatives not to show up for work in New York on that day?

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Thanks for your explanation on 911. great job.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        didnt bin laden admit it on film? btw in the koran it says that its ok to lie to "infidels" and if it is good for muslims. Bush is devoutly christian and its blatantly against his religion to cause 9/11! Also could the terrorists have posed as men who came to upgrade the elevators and then planted bombs?

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        2 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, TXPatriot, for your comment. I've never seen anything convincing to prove the planes in New York were fake. That is such a non-issue. The buildings came down. Thousands of witnesses and dozens of videographers recorded the second plane hitting the building.

        Let's stick with what we can prove. 9/11 was an inside job and Giuliani got away with felony destruction of crime scene evidence. The top 6 military officers responsible for failing to protect the country on 9/11 all got away with deadly incompetence -- receiving promotions instead of courts martial.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        2 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, Dikranovich. Did you know that the FBI was complicit in the 1993 bombing? They were supposed to be managing the terrorists and then arresting them, but some bozo actually gave them real explosives. And their Egyptian go-between was entirely frustrated that the FBI was so incompetent. He even recorded his conversations to protect his own behind.

        OBL (not UBL) said he didn't do 9/11. The Taliban were willing to turn him over as soon as America and Bush turned over evidence proving OBL did it. But America preferred war or didn't have the evidence, or both!

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        2 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, brad master. I agree with your assessment, too. With the facts we now have, the idea that the government was complicit seems irrefutable.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        There is no d9ubt that UA175 was a computer graphic or other illusion, not the real plane. You can look at a closeup of the plane "going inside" the tower and you will see there is no damage to the plane or the building. The plane was cover to explode the "jet fuel" and start a fire. The explosion and fire was cover for the controlled demolition. The AA11 attack against the North tower was also very suspicious.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        What if it was UBL and his partner KSM? It was after all KSM's nephew, his sisters son, who tried to blow up the WTC in 1993. WTC 7 collapsed after the roof of the building had already given way. This is very clear in videos of the collapse that are longer than 6.5 seconds.

      • profile image

        brad master 

        2 years ago

        I agree, and I find it sad that so many people don't understand science, especially physics. They believe what they are told, and without any reservation to the truth.

        Even NIST and the 911 commission didn't address WTC 7, and it is obvious why they didn't. There was no comparison to WTC 1 and 2, and they would have had to come up with another theory, and there is no plausible one.


      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        2 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Hi Andi2688, I understand. I would not believe the bad things said about the government for several years. Bush? I think he was a court jester playing the part of president. He was the poster boy of plausible deniability to keep people thinking he was too incompetent and silly to pull off something so bloodthirsty. Perhaps that's why he was [S]elected as president.

        If you or anyone else you know is interested, my book on 9/11 -- Favorable Incompetence goes into even further depth on the subject.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Great article Mr. Martin!

        I actually got into an argument with a coworker right after 911. He hated Bush and suggested it was "an inside job". I was HORRIFIED that anyone could thin that and I told him he had gone too far this time.

        15 years later and many an article such as yours along with many expert witnesses coming forward , I think he was right ! It still makes me ill to think our government could be that wicked but the facts remain.

        Thank you for all your research and hard work!

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        2 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        StayHopeful, thanks for your heartfelt comments. Why? The answer is quite simple. Jesus told us nearly 2000 years ago. It has to do with ego and self-concern -- what he referred to as the "First" (selfish, egoists) who will become last (humbled).

        Yes, God will sort this all out. But part of Him sorting it out is having his beloved children help one another show the way by shining a light on evil so we can be compassionate to one another -- so that we can help protect one another.

        Why destroy crime scene evidence? To hide the crime. Why did the top 6 military officers who failed to protect us all receive promotions instead of courts martial? To reward the wicked for their crimes of complicity.

      • profile image


        3 years ago


        You seem to be very intelligent, wise, and simply astonish me with your ability to maintain a positive discussion about such a negative topic. Much like yourself, I as well have many questions that go unanswered. Your facts backing this article of discussion seem to have you at war with your feelings of conspiracy or truth. I am sorry you are troubled with such deep compassion, but I am also relieved that you believe in our God. You will find peace, friend. As time goes by, the world around seems to think this debacle will slowly fade, but people like you and I (the hopeful) only want the simple questions answered. Maybe the tough questions will be brought to light in time, but for now, let us just have the simple. I have spent many hours watching this and reading that, and it never seems to fail that you will encounter the simple-minded folks, the ones who believe your Fox news anchors, the ones who will try not to question the FACTS before them. Yes, it is possible that we as a nation were attacked, that in which is always a possibility. What is troubling to me is the amount of disrespect American leaders and officials showed us as compassionate citizens and souls. We only want the simple questions answered. Those simple questions all deal with the WHY? It may be re-worded in many other ways, but the root is still the same. Why was the rubble moved and shipped to foreign lands before we had the ability to investigate? Why was the initial report so messy and handled with such little care? Why did Bush still remain in the classroom when he was given word of the attack? That is not too much to ask, right? There are many more whys, but it is not thay hard to answer with a truth. They seem to brush this aside and label our questions as conspiracy theories, or refer to ones like myself as tin-foil hat wearing crazies. I am not, nor do I consider myself as a theorist. I consider myself hurt, confused, betrayed, but hopeful. Today marks 15 years of sorrow and questions. Knowing that I can't shake these feelings, knowing these questions may forever go unanswered, what I leave you with now is...God will sort this out.

        Stay hopeful, Lone77star

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        3 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, VRDM. I agree, not because it's my own article, but because more people need to know they're being played by their governments and media. And not to make them angry, but aware. Forgiveness is the preferred response. When we take 100% responsibility for their actions against us, we cease to be victims.

      • vrdm profile image

        Deacon Martin 

        3 years ago from Bristol, UK

        Very good. Very thorough. Needs wider readership. Best wishes, DM

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, Sgt. Prepper.

      • Sgt Prepper profile image

        Gunny Cracker 

        4 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

        You are right as rain about RWR but after that failed assassination attempt Reagan was fairly impotent politically. Like Nelson Mandela, Reagan was made an honorary 33d degree Mason and the Freemasons are just as evil as the Jesuits.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Who knows? It's hard to really know who is telling the truth and who tells the truth all the time (anyone?).

        But don't be too hard on Obama. He's just a puppet like Bush, Clinton and Bush, before him. Those who don't resist their strings being pulled survive. Reagan got off with a warning shot.

      • Sgt Prepper profile image

        Gunny Cracker 

        4 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

        WHY THEY HATE TRUMP Donald Trump knows Obama was born in Kenya. That is the ONLY real problem, liberals, RINOs, the Illuminati and the lame-stream media have against The Donald. They fear he will broadcast the truth about this treasonous usurper and Antichrist Obama. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Alan Keyes, Rep. Paul Ryan & the Clintons know it too.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Sgt. Prepper, I've heard of the "dancing Jews" of 9/11, but I haven't seen any footage of them, except on a TV talk show long afterward.

        I agree, Muslims were patsies, but much more than Oswald or McVeigh. Muslims were a get-out-of-jail card for the Military Industrial Complex. They were an "entry pass" into the Middle East, better than the failed USS Liberty (false flag) attack in the late 60's.

        I agree about the 9/11 Commission report, too. But I hold many other "conspiracy theories" as less than 1% possibility. I suspect that many "crazy" theories were floated by the same perpetrators of 9/11 to muddy the waters. Let's face it, conspiracies are dirt common. There's likely a new conspiracy being hatched somewhere in the world every second, on average, if not more often. Just in American college academia alone, there is roughly a new college student conspiracy to cheat every minute, on average. Anyone who implies executives or government officials are lily white is deluded or complicit.

        But heck, this article is about facts -- not conspiracy theories. Perhaps conspiracy facts?

      • Sgt Prepper profile image

        Gunny Cracker 

        4 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

        The only "conspiracy theory" I dismiss entirely is the one called Report of the 9/11 Commission.

      • Sgt Prepper profile image

        Gunny Cracker 

        4 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

        Have you seen any of the footage of young Talmudic Jews videotaping the WTC "attacks" and dancing on top their van? The Moslems were the patsies just like Oswald & Timothy McVeigh.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Interesting, Sgt. Prepper. If you're talking about the collapse of the buildings as "asbestos abatement," it didn't work out too well. Asbestos abatement is supposed to be done to reduce risk of asbestos contamination. 9/11 was all over the place and nearly everyone's lungs.

        Entire Bush family? Maybe, maybe not. I suspect all of them knew something. But the president likely had nothing directly to do with implementing 9/11. He was the poster boy for "Klutz government" -- plausible deniability. He was the hired "goofball" who could make citizens think, "The government had nothing to do with 9/11." Cheney, on the other hand, is pure shark -- corporate thug.

      • Sgt Prepper profile image

        Gunny Cracker 

        4 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

        Almost the entire Bush family appears to have been complicit in orchestrating and covering up the fastest asbestos abatement program in the history of the world.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Powerful stuff, Donovan Christie. It's nice to get sources on all these things, but they all sound plausible. I've heard many claim Israel or Israeli-Americans were behind 9/11. I suspect that this was only one portion of a much larger operation. I don't doubt that the Rockefellers were also involved, and possibly even the Rothschilds and their ilk.

        The thing with conspiracy theories. They're not bad, in and of themselves, but they need corroborated facts to gain any credibility.

        The same thing can be said about the government's conspiracy theory of 9/11. They have no credibility at all. Their facts are shot to hell.

      • Donovan Christie profile image

        Donovan Christie 

        4 years ago

        “Remember the comptroller of the Pentagon (Dov Zakheim), who owned the company that manufactured the flight termination system? He also owned a company that refurbished commercial 767s and sold them as military refueling tankers. He just got some free airplanes to add to his inventory. They could have easily kept those planes hidden in the hangers (at the Air Force Base) and flown them out after dark”.

        According to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, one or more of those planes may now be parked at the “Boneyard” (the Marana Air Field) in Arizona. Madsen spent several days on-site investigating the murder of former CIA pilot and 9/11 truth author Philip Marshall – a crime which, like the recent assassination of Gray State filmmaker David Crowley, was a professional hit disguised as a murder-suicide. Madsen believes Marshall may have been killed because he discovered one or more 9/11 planes stored at Marana. The quickest way to shed light on this, I suspect, would be to waterboard Rabbi Zakheim.

        But the larcenous and murderous Rabbi was not the only key Israeli-American player in the plane-capture operation. Another was Daniel Lewin, the “hijacker in seat 9B” on Flight 11. Lewin was (and may still be) a topnotch Mossad assassin.

        Daniel Lewin may have been one of the agents tasked with overseeing the FTS plane-takeovers, controlling the passengers and crew, coercing cell-phone-callers, and ultimately killing the “9/11 plane crash victims” whose DNA samples would then be sent to a military laboratory for identification. (Though there is no documentation of any discovery of passenger remains at Shanksville or the Pentagon – indeed, there is not one shred of evidence that Fight 93 was ever excavated from the ten-by-fifteen-foot hole in the ground it allegedly disappeared into, or that airliner or passenger remains were ever removed from the Pentagon – the government claims that all of the passengers and crew from those two sites, but none of the alleged hijackers, have been DNA-identified from crash site remains!)

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, Sanxuary. Good points. The official "conspiracy theory" is full of holes and now impossible to believe. I believed it for 10 years, but largely because I didn't look very closely.

        We have plenty of evidence about suspects far more likely than the original 19 hijackers. We even have evidence of those who contributed in helping to cover up the crime after the fact.

        For instance, Mayor Giuliani and his administration in NYC allowed the crime scene to be scrubbed clean long before the official investigation began. That's a felony. Any arrested?

        The top military officers who were responsible for the massive security failures on 9/11 all received promotions instead of courts martial. Since when did the military start rewarding incompetence?

        And NIST scientists tried to hide the fact that WTC7 fell at perfect free fall with drylabbing (fraudulent procedures). When they finally admitted free fall, they glossed over it as if it were nothing of consequence. But free fall means that solid steel was suddenly not solid anymore -- did not offer any resistance. That means controlled demolition.

        Here's an interesting video that connects some of the dots:


      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I do not think that you have to argue the main points, lets just think of how the story begins. 12 hijackers, 1 misses the plane so its 11 who then board 4 separate aircraft. They have box cutters, they are foreign and they leave in groups of 3 and 1 group of 2. Honestly I am not sure if these are the facts but then again I wonder how they got their facts. So 4 groups hijack 4 separate jets. They walk past passengers and somehow take over the cockpits of 4 separate aircraft. They do this with a box cutter? You might get cut up pretty bad but if your life is on the line a box cutter is worth a fight to the death. Next step would be getting the pilots to give up the controls since that would be pretty much the same as saying you our dead. These guys are all amateur pilots but manage to navigate and fly a jumbo jet to there targets. Air traffic controllers somehow missed 4 aircraft completely leaving their flight plans and no one asked them what the hell they were doing? The jet that that went down because the passengers they claim decided to fight had excellent cell phone coverage that's how we know they even fought. Were there any calls from the other jets and did anyone call the airlines? The point is that the questions are endless and the answers we have are extremely hard to believe. The more you even think about it the more impossible it becomes to believe. I think the shock of what happened paralyzed people from even asking questions and even making any sense of all this. The odds are terrible in favor of the story we have been presented with. Some day in time the small details are going to undo this story and like the JFK assassination we will arrive at the conclusion that all the evidence is gone to ever learn the truth. Its not if you believe something or not its if you should believe something or not because you have enough facts to make a determination.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        I agree, Stargrrl. It's also sad that some people feel they need to lie, cheat and murder to gain what they desire. Blaming their crimes on Muslims was perhaps the worst part, because it gave them pretext to start a never-ending war.

        To heal the world, though, we need to forgive and love even those psychopaths. Awareness, of course, helps to keep us from making the same mistakes again.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        It is tragic that thousands of innocent people had to die in this horrible way. Not fair.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Good point, @2why. Awareness of Truth is far more powerful than most people realize. Awareness is always a great start.

        This article does not give Truth (with a capital T), but it certainly opens up the awareness toward some relative truth.

        Questioning what we have been given is the intent, here. Questioning the attitudes we've acquired throughout life can be helpful. For instance, what is valuable in life? Increasing awareness helps with critical thinking. But the solution to these problems are not more thinking. We have to go beyond thinking -- toward feeling, especially spiritual feeling (beyond the 5 physical senses).

        It shouldn't be surprising that the real solution has more to do with each of us loving the real perpetrators, despite their deception. This is called "forgiveness." If we can take 100% responsibility for their actions, then forgiveness becomes effortless. Not only that, we cease to be victims, because we are responsible (not blame, mind you).

        This is closer to Truth. And the Truth really does set you free.

        This modern age is special. Ego has exploded from a critical mass. The fallout will include the development of a seed of doubt about the value of physical possessions and accomplishments. Ego will want more. This need will be the beginning of spirituality for people who have never considered it before. This is a good thing, despite the likelihood of more suffering.

        Kabbalah is the wisdom for returning to the spiritual. Kabbalists wrote the Bible in code more than 2,000 years ago. Now, that code has been made open to the general public for the first time through authentic Kabbalah (like that at Bnei Baruch; not the New Age junk).

        Perhaps surprisingly, any physical action we take can have detrimental results, no matter how well-intended. This doesn't mean stop caring or stop helping. It simply means that we need to discover the right way to do things -- the right attitude -- so our actions actually help.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Best I've read, all together, all the spot on questions. But I have the the same horrible feeling....what now. Who's gonna help. Is all that we can do is sit and wait cos its already been almost 13 years?

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, Neil. It doesn't sound smug at all. A lot of people have questions that have not been answered.

        While I can see that some people fall too quickly for "conspiracy theories," the people who usually point this out either aren't very bright (because conspiracies have been with humanity forever), or they have unsavory ethics (helping to hide the evil).

        I've never heard of Dimitri Khalezov or Deborah Palfrey. But I understand what you mean about the spending discrepancy between Monica and 9/11. Crazy! Personally, I think Clinton should have been run out of office and possibly even put in jail. But that idea also fits Bush and Obama.

        Anyway, thanks for your input.

      • profile image

        neil randles 

        5 years ago

        Thanks for you're time.what's your opinion on dimitri khalezov theory on 3 nuclear 150kt under ground bombs bringing the towers down? What about myterious deaths surrounding 9 / 11. ? Deborah palfrey. .women don't hang themselves. The fbi saying they don't have enough evidence to take bin laden to court , but within 20 mins of the explosions the news was saying bin laden.only 400,000$s spent investigating the 9/11 but 60million $ s spent on clintons affair with monica.still nobody has been charged with the killing of just under 3000 people.just something doesn't sit right with me about the whole thing . I'm not trying to sound smart or smug.i just want to know the truth.thanks for time

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        @ATimeToQuell, thanks for joining the discussion, but I recommend you tone down the ego a bit, or you'll lose your welcome.

        Open air burning temperatures for jet fuel: 260-315°C


        Steel can melt at even 1147°C, at a little over 4% carbon by mass, but this is nowhere close to the maximum "open air" burning temperature of jet fuel.


        Notice that one of your sources clarifies an important point with, "Maximum adiabatic combustion temp." One key word here is "maximum." Another key word here is "adiabatic." I suggest you look up the word "adiabatic." You'll find that it refers to a change in a system which occurs without the transfer of heat between the system and its surroundings; i.e. it doesn't do work! This "maximum" is for a closed, laboratory "maximum," not a real-world, "open air maximum." Your argument fails!

        So, the 2300°K (2027°C) is nowhere near the real-world, open air temperatures that were produced in either of the crash sites, even during the fireballs shortly after impact.

        With most of the jet fuel burning off immediately, there was very little, if any, left to heat the steel. What burned after impact were largely office furnishings, which are fire retardant by safety codes, so they burned relatively cool!

        One other point you're missing is thermal conductivity. Carbon steel has a fairly high thermal conductivity which would bleed heat away from the impact floors and redistribute it throughout the entire building, effectively acting as a heat sink, greatly cooling the steel in the fire zones. I suggest you look up the concepts of "heat sink" and "thermal conductivity."


        @ATimeToQuell, I applaud your passion, but don't let it run amok. It only shows that your own "cranial wattage" is misfiring.

        Repeating facts that you do not understand is a poor substitute for intelligent discussion.

        Being proven wrong should not affect the dialog, so long as ego is not involved. I hope you have more to offer. I love a lively discussion, even when I'm proven wrong, because I love to learn.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks @neil randles, for your interesting comments. You're right about truth being truth, but I've yet to see proof of "no planes" at the WTC and "nukes."

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        The actual factual data is surprisingly hard to find, but it's there. You really cannot trust anything you read in a forum or on wikipedia, it needs to come from a reputable source-

        Jet-A1 aviation fuel, a *type* of Kerosene (Kerosene, or Kerosine, is a family, not a single chemical), burns at 2000 degrees Celsius.

        Carbon steel will liquefy and flow at approximately 1400 degrees Celsius, and will be severely weakened well below that temperature.

        Your move.

        Jet-A1/JP8 (same thing) properties:




        Shell Aviation if you want to ask them in person:


        767's carry 90,000 litres of Jet-A1:


        Carbon steel:



        (I'm just going to keep repeating the facts until the internet decides to actually look them up for themselves, or realise they don't have a fraction of the cranial wattage required to comment on these matters).

      • profile image

        neil randles 

        5 years ago

        If the Truth is the truth it cannot be proved a lie.was it Lincoln who said you can fool some of the people all of the time and most of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time..this applies here...great article. .you want too see people's faces when I say planes never hit the towers, and underground nuclear bombs turned the towers to dust

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        @JasonNation, first of all thank you for stopping by. Second, could you please turn off your CAPS LOCK; it's harder to read all caps. All-in-one-paragraph is also harder to read.

        So, what's your point? That you don't know what to do next?

        When people in power commit crimes and get away with them, awareness is the first step toward healing. The more people who know, the better. Some will be angry. Some will get crazy. Some might fall into depression. And many will merely get on with their lives, not depending any more on a psychopathic government.

        Awareness that 9/11 was a False Flag operation (self-inflicted wound, blamed on the desired enemy) will help us demand an end to all tyrannical legislation based on 9/11, and and end to all wars blamed on 9/11, including the never-ending, never-winnable "War on Terror."

        Awareness of lies helps us to do the right thing when they create fake disasters expecting us to react to their stimuli.

        The point of this article was not enrage people, but to engage them. To make them aware so they are empowered.

        God will judge the criminals. We don't have to worry about that. Our job is to forgive. But by greater awareness, we are no longer blind, deaf and dumb victims.

        So, what can we do? Help others to become more aware. Help them to get over the anger and depressive phases of healing. Help them walk away from the monster they have helped to create by their own ignorance and irresponsibility. Awareness and responsibility, plus love, humility and forgiveness will help us all.

        Boycott corporations. Boycott government. Rely on yourselves and your loving friends and family. These are where we can start.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, @KawikaChann. I like that Franklin quote. That's one of his most profound.

      • KawikaChann profile image

        Kawika Chann 

        6 years ago from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place

        Nice job, well written and very informative. I agree that there is too little evidence left which should be enough to honor an investigation to why so much evidence was either held back, or non-existent. Added to this, the loss of so many rights that have stemmed from 9/11 is alarming. Ben Franklin said; "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both."

        God bless. Peace. Kawi.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        @Sanxuary, thanks for your input.

        Yes, a great deal of evidence was destroyed, starting on the afternoon of 9/11. That in itself is a felony. Oh, well.

        No answers? We have plenty of answers. We know, for instance, that all 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Asymmetrical damage never leads to symmetrical collapse (unless controlled demolition is involved to make the damage symmetrical).

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        @Oilersmyth and @ElSeductor, thanks for your input. Glad you liked it.

        I don't know about it being "truth." This may be truer than the official "conspiracy theory," but there are still a great many unknowns.

        We may never know the "truth" of 9/11, but we can keep working at it. Someone's hiding something, and it wasn't just Bush and company.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        American View, thanks for the opportunity to read your article, but you really botched it on many of the facts, plus jumping to some unfounded conclusions.

        Not all "truthers" hate Bush. Not all "truthers" are conspiracy theorists, but Bush and his administration were. Even though Bush wouldn't tolerate talk of conspiracy theories, he gave us the biggest such theory, telling us that Al Qaeda plotted to attack America. (Yes, that's a conspiracy theory, and a big one.)

        The only problem with Bush's conspiracy theory is that it was prepared in advance. His L. Paul Bremer (later occupation governor of Iraq, appointed by Bush) made the TV circuit about 30 minutes after the first plane struck, carefully avoiding the second plane's impact with his office (right in the impact zone). How did he know that Al Qaeda had done it? Thirty minutes is awfully fast to investigate when you consider that it took Bush 400+ days to start the impotent 9/11 Commission who's commissioner even said was "set up to fail."

        9/11 was an inside job because asymmetrical damage does not lead to symmetrical collapse. That's physically impossible. Only controlled demolition can explain what happened.

        Tons of iron microspheres in the 9/11 dust show that something in the 3 buildings was far hotter than the melting point of steel -- enough to allow the atomization of liquid iron before it had a chance to cool. And all the government reports deny that the fires got anywhere near hot enough to melt steel, even though one of the early reports showed the effects of heat on some steel beams which had left parts of them paper thin and looking like Swiss cheese.

        The problem with every "debunking" article or video I've ever seen is that they frequently bring up good points, but never debunk anything. At best, they only offer a weak alternative to the truther's theories.

        9/11 continues to affect America policies domestically and internationally. Because of that, 9/11 is still very much alive and kicking. The fact that these important policies may be based on a lie makes it doubly important to do a real, unbiased (non-government) investigation, but with full subpoena power.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I hate playing the conspiracy card. The problem with this story is that there are a million questions and no answers or attempts to even answer one. You could actually write a book a mile long on the number of questions and observations made on this subject. This is why I think this is never going to die. I actually believe at some point its likely to gain a lot of ground and it should. Do we still have all those blown up aircraft sitting in a hangar? After a tragedy of this scale and after arresting hundreds of people we did not kill, did we even keep the evidence to convict them? Its just dumb questions like this that make you wonder what the answer is, sure cleaned up that mess fast didn’t we?

      • ElSeductor profile image


        6 years ago

        Very interesting. Voted up and interesting.


      • Oilersmyth profile image


        7 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

        YES! Exactly! This is the truth.

      • American View profile image

        American View 

        7 years ago from Plano, Texas

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thanks, @dmop. We still have many questions to answer, but some like to think that this is old news and no longer relevant.

        The sad fact is that so much of today's legislation and government decisions are based on 9/11! If we continue to treat 9/11 as the reason why we do things... and it's wrong, then that would be the height of stupidity not to want to have it thoroughly investigated.

        Thank you for your feedback. I hope you will go to the website links listed at the end of the article and add your voice to the effort to gain answers.

      • dmop profile image


        7 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

        lone77star, I believe you have raised some good questions. I personally have never believed the official story. I don't really know what to believe but I know that the facts sure don't add up to the conclusion. Great article, voted up and interesting.

      • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

        Rod Martin Jr 

        7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Thank you @American Romance. I'm not sure I understand your English. I hope you will clarify if I misinterpret your statements or questions.

        Important? Is any crime which affects the entire planet important?

        To me Christ is important. The dream that used to be America is important. That someone could get away with destroying America is something that tends to make me angry, but I try to forgive the real culprits. And it's starting to look as though our government is a part of the perpetrators, but we need more proof. We need a real investigation.

        Apparently Al Qaeda did not admit to doing this. Osama Bin Laden, in fact, stated within days of 9/11 that he had nothing to do with it. Only years later did someone in America translate a video of Osama saying that it linked him to 9/11, but a German investigator came up with a different translation. Who do we believe? I don't speak Arabic.

        You say, "Doesn't matter at this point?" I disagree in the strongest terms possible! Why? Because so many things came AND STILL COME FROM 9/11! Legislation is still be written which owes its reason to 9/11. Wars are being waged which owe their reason to 9/11. People are dying because of this event, even now and in the future!

        This event gave our government the excuse to commit treason and crimes against humanity. I think that matters.

        The United States -- our beloved America -- has gone crazy over this event. The Constitution of the United States has been shredded and continues to be shredded because of 9/11. We are having our precious liberties taken away -- all in the name of "security." Remember what Benjamin Franklin said about this.

        Jet fuel did not burn throughout the building. Only in limited pockets near the point of impact. In fact, people were still able to walk down the stairs around the impact zone. The quantity of jet fuel was not that much in any event and the heat from it would not have been much more than 1000-1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because all of the steel beams were solidly connected, any heat in the area of damage would quickly have been bled off to the rest of the building -- a massive heat sink. Metals, including iron, conduct heat very quickly through free electron motion. The beams near the fire would thus have been far cooler than the hottest part of the fire.

        What kind of torch do you use? Likely it uses a different fuel than kerosene or office furniture. And, by design, it is a controlled fire, rather than an uncontrolled one like that in the 9/11 events.

        What do you mean "weight falling" is measured differently than "weight standing still?" Mass does not change (at least when it is at speeds far from that of light). Are you talking about potential energy and kinetic energy? Please specify.

        I can tell by your profile that you love America and Christ. That's good. Perhaps it's not important that you "buy" this truth.

        But a storm is coming and this is the leading edge of it. The ones behind 9/11 are the Beast mentioned in Revelation. This beast is Mammon -- greed and ego -- the heart of selfishness. It wears the names Rockefeller, Goldman-Sachs and the like. This is the same selfishness which corrupted the economy of the world in 2008 with the housing market crash. This is the same selfishness which doesn't mind murdering thousands or even millions or billions to achieve their goals of world domination. Two years ago, I didn't buy it either, but I had never investigated the facts.

        We need to warn our fellows to prepare for Judgment. We don't know exactly when, but the signs have already started to happen. Perhaps within the next generation or two. Possibly even as soon as the next presidential election cycle.

        May God have mercy on us all.

      • American Romance profile image

        American Romance 

        7 years ago from America

        Soooo this is of importance to you? AlQaeda admitted to doing this? Doesn't matter at this point HOW! I didn't see the math concerning the heat of burning jet fuel throughout the building? I can heat heavy steel with my torch and bend it? Wieght falling is measured differently than weight sitting still. I aint buying.


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