UKIP's New Leader: Paul Nuttall

Updated on December 9, 2016
UKIP symbol
UKIP symbol | Source
Former leader Nigel Farage
Former leader Nigel Farage | Source
New leader Paul Nuttall
New leader Paul Nuttall | Source

A week they say in politics is a long time and British politics has had its ups and downs this year. We have seen the standing down of David Cameron as Prime Minister losing the Brexit vote that successor Theresa May and her ministers now have to wrestle with. We have seen the re - election of veteran left winger Jeremy Corbyn to Labour's leadership and it would seem the re - emergence of the Lib Dems as a political force despite having only 8 MPs at Westminster and the SNP (Scottish National Party) threatening another independence vote some way down the line.

UKIP mean while in the wake of Nigel Farage standing down saying "I want my life back" after the UK voted to leave the EU elected a new leader Diane James but shortly after she stepped down which threw the party into turmoil and then there were two MEPs having fisticuffs which did not look good on the party.

Nigel Farage had to make another come back yet again as party leader while the party elected a new leader and this time it was Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall. Nobody will ever be Nigel Farage that is for sure and new leader Paul Nuttall does not want to be Nigel Farage he is an entirely different person all together.

Nuttall has a deep scouse accent coming from Bootle in Merseyside and like Farage has made countless appearances on BBC1's 'Question Time' a weekly debate programme where members of the public get to grill MP's and other people in the spotlight. Nuttall was elected the youngest ever chairman of UKIP and at 39 he stands a chance of being UKIP leader for a long time providing nothing else goes wrong.

As an MEP he represents the northwest of England and counties Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Cheshire are all in his remit or constituency. He says he wants to see the UK out of the EU with out even enacting Article 50 which Theresa May says she will start to enact in March 2017.

He has been accused of faking a PHD on history from Liverpool's Hope University although he did teach history but Nuttall denies that he said he had a PHD simply that him getting a PHD has yet to be attained.

Nuttall was a former footballer for Tranmere Rovers and has a history of saying the NHS or National Health Service should be or will have to be privatised at some point as the NHS cannot continue in its present form and other ways of funding it will have to be established.

On BBC1's 'Andrew Marr Show' yesterday morning Paul Nuttall said the thought that the NHS is some sort of sacred cow must be got rid of and up for debate as all policies must be. He said the present model of the NHS is not sustainable for ever because of a growing old age population and many of the staff according to Nuttall not being qualified.

Meanwhile Brexit which has been a major theme for UKIP has now been achieved or at least the vote to leave and Paul Nuttall says he wants to take UKIP as a party beyond Brexit now. Of course UKIP have always been an anti - immigration party and they do have policies on a plethora of issues which shows they are not just a one issue party which they were accused of when their whole mantra was one of leaving the EU or blaming the EU for all of the UK's ills.

Nuttall wants to eat into the Labour party voters who feel Jeremy Corbyn over issues like immigration is not listening to them and also disillusioned Conservative voters too. The UK is crying out for another party to take us beyond Labour and Tory but whether UKIP will be that party to offer that alternative remains to be seen.

Birds of a feather

Trump and Farage
Trump and Farage | Source

One should not be surprised that Nigel Farage flew over to America after getting Brexit something he had gone on about for years to see Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have much in common, for example, both don't seem to care who they upset and both have a background in business, Trump being a billionaire businessman and Farage with his background in banking, Trump and Farage are able to appeal to ordinary working class voters.

It seems Farage's admiration for Trump was not one way when you recall Trump invited Farage on stage at one of his rallies to make a speech. Also Farage and his entourage went to Trump Tower to see the President - Elect who is currently trying to cobble together a cabinet for when he assumes the role of Commander in Chief after Obama has vacated the White House.

Trump took to Twitter as he often does sometimes at times when most of us are safely tucked up in bed to say Farage should be the British Ambassador to the United States but this was swiftly rejected by Theresa May and her administrtion. It would seem Farage was most bemused by this and said he had thought of leaving for the United States to work in a formal or informal role for Trump.

Farage said he would like to see the UK - US become even closer as according to him the relationship suffered under Obama. Farage says that when Trump takes over the White House the UK will be at the front of the queue for trade not at the back as Obama said and Farage was quoting Trump when he said this.

It would seem though Farage is feathering his nest or nests on either side of the pond as over here he has stood for Parliament four times and has not ruled out a possible fifth. UKIP currently has one MP Douglas Carswell who has had a fractious relationship with UKIP and Nigel Farage.

It seems Farage will be around for a while yet despite the fact he said he wanted his life back regarding his wife and grown up children whether that be with UKIP, Trump, his tenure what is left to him as an MEP or whatever else he turns his mind to. Meanwhile Nigel Farage has stated that his buddy Donald J Trump has invited him to his inauguration so that will keep old Nige busy for the future.

UKIP's ony MP Douglas Carswell
UKIP's ony MP Douglas Carswell | Source

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