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Updated on March 7, 2017

A Brief History

For People Who Don't Know:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is considered by many people to be the epicenter of conflict with the Middle East. If you're approaching this situation with zero background then here are a few key points.

  • In 1947 the United Nations proposed a Partition Plan for the "Mandate of Palestine" which was a British territory comprising of modern day Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Territories.
  • The plan, known as Partition Plan 181, proposed a two-state solution to divide this territory up between Jews and Arab-Muslims - whom were both sizable groups at this point. The jews living there had mostly immigrated in the previous 60 years as refugees from the incomparable devastation they faced in Europe. The Arabs had been living in sparsely populated, decentralized communities for many centuries.
  • Both sides claim to have a right to the land: The Jews were promised this land by the UK many years earlier, and the Levant area had been their historical homeland. However, the Palestinians had long inhabited this land and were the majority.
  • The plan was accepted by the Jewish citizens and rejected by the Palestinians and all Muslim nations. The day after Israel became in independent state, the first Arab-Israeli war began. Israel effectively won the war and an armistice agreement was reached in 1949.
  • Another war between Israel and the Arab world broke out in 1967, and again Israel defeated the opposition within 6 days.
  • The late 80's and 90's were a relative calm period for the inhabitants of this small region, but as unresolved borders and issues persisted the Palestinians began a wave of murders and attacks against Israelis known as the "intifada."
  • Tensions are still very hostile today and some believe it is getting worse.

Quilt of Jewish People

Jewish People: A patchwork nation
Jewish People: A patchwork nation

The Jews: A People without a Land.

Anti-Semitism is the most chronic and pervasive form of prejudice in the history of civilizations.

  • Jewish people have been persecuted in all places at one time or another - doomed to be the eternal outsider in a foreign land.
  • Jewish people had been the target of attacks in Eastern Europe - known as pogroms - with increasing frequency in the late 1800s. Many began to believe that it was impossible for Jews to live amongst other people. Whether they assimilated, isolated, were bankers, were farmers, were poor, were rich, capitalist, communist - there was not one instance of absolute security for the Jews.
  • 1890s a Jewish thinker named Theodr Herzl came up with an idea known as "Zionism." This was the proposition of a Jewish nation in their ancient homeland of Israel. The movement grew and soon people were moving to the Palestinian Mandate and setting up "Kibbutzim," which were little farming towns where Jews could go and live and start to create their new home.
  • The Holocaust brutally exterminated 2 out of every 3 Jews living in Europe. Upon the world becoming privy to this great stain on mankind's history, Jews were formally awarded a long-awaited state so they would never need to be worried about disenfranchisement and abandonment from their government again.
  • Jewish people are historically known for being great cultural contributors to society in fields like art; science; history; politics; and medicine. This success creates hostility towards Jews during times of economic depression.

"In all its myriad manifestations, the language of anti-Semitism through the ages is a dictionary of non-sequiturs and antonyms, a thesaurus of illogic and inconsistency."

— Paul Johnson

Israel and Palestinian Territories

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Arab Narrative

The Palestinian Side

  1. The Palestinians had been living in and around these lands for hundreds of years and were the victims of European colonialism.
  2. Palestinian people were close to 2/3 of the population of the area by the time Israel was created and were being appropriated about half of the land in the initial Partition Plan.
  3. Israelis had the benefit of international connections and funding which allowed them to obtain superior supplies and weapons

The Nakba

Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Their Homes
Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Their Homes | Source

Palestinian Grievances

  • Israel founded their nation on racist principles of citizenship whereby only Jews could enjoy the full rights of the new state.
  • Israel has shown unnecessary brutality to Palestinians who are far more rural and lack the military prowess of an advanced superpower like Israel.
  • The Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza are put behind a fence and segregated using a system that is similar to South African Apartheid.

Much of What We Hear About Israel isn't True

Israel is no perfect nation, however, it has been a beacon of fairness and progressive values when considering the hurdles it faces.

The Democratic Nation of Israel

Israel has an extremely good record on Human Rights, despite what uninformed Palestinian activists might have you believe.
Israel has an extremely good record on Human Rights, despite what uninformed Palestinian activists might have you believe.

Jewish Narrative

The Israeli Side

  1. There are over 25 nations in the world which forbid entrance with an Israeli passport.
  2. Some of the above mentioned nations are Islamic states, so why can't Jews have a state of their own as well?
  3. Over 800,000 Jewish refugees had to flee Arab-majority countries and were treated equally as poorly as the fleeing Palestinians. We just never hear about the Jewish refugees because they were integrated into the blooming Israeli society, whereas the Palestinian refugees were abandoned by their coreligionists.
  4. After the massacre and unspeakable destruction of the Holocaust Jews need and deserve a homeland so they will never be caught stateless again.
  5. Palestinian schools and government facilities indoctrinate children into a culture of hate and violence towards Jews, disseminating lies and promoting anger.
  6. Israel has to go in with military force and precision because the Palestinian insurgents engage in guerrilla warfare and terrorism where they launch rockets over the border with Israel every day. Also, in the early stages of the country the Jewish residents acquired their land legally by purchasing it from Arab sheikhs that lived in different countries but owned sharecropped land that was in this region.
  7. Both Syria and Jordan also came out of the dissolution of the Ottoman empire at the time Israel was created, yet they get no questioning of legitimacy.
  8. The double standard that Israel is held to is outrageous considering the tactics of brutal barbarianism their enemies engage in and the gross human rights violations that occur in the Muslim world. In Israel women have rights; domestic partnership between homosexuals is recognized, and many Arab-Israelis are full citizens of Israel.
  9. Arab-Israelis are free to leave Israel at any time and they have representation in the parliament, Supreme Court, and in universities.

The Truth about Anti-Israel Bias: The United Nations

  • The United Nations calls for re-affirming human rights and equal rights for all people.
  • Muslim and Arab states outnumber and try to isolate Israel. There is a majority bloc of non-free nations that seek to delegitimize Israel.
  • There have been more condemnations of Israel by the Human Rights Council than any other country combined. This means Israel: with minority protections; freedom of speech and press; and gay rights, has MORE condemnations than notorious abusers of human life such as Iran, Sudan, China, and Libya.

The Truth about anti-Israeli Bias - The "Palestinian Refugees"

Refugees in 1949
Refugees Today

What About The Jewish Refugees?

The Jewish Refugees were absorbed into Jewish society. The Arab refugees were discriminated against by their surrounding Muslim co-religionists and not allowed into the neighboring countries.

Why Are There So Many Palestinian Refugees?

The bloated refugee population is further compounded by the Palestinian refugees' ability to inherit their refugee status and retain it even if they have citizenship in a different country. This is unprecedented in UN history and nonexistent for any other population in history.


How Did This Happen?

The United Nations has created a special agency that employs three times as many people as their main Refugee arm. The special Palestinian Branch - UNWRA - has a record of encouraging anti-Semitism in their publicly funded schools.

The Truth About anti-Israeli Bias: The West Bank

  • Jordan occupied the West Bank until 1967.
  • Israel won the territory after they were barred from their holy sites for 20 years. In addition, Jordan and Egypt launched a war against Israel.
  • The Ottoman Empire occupied the region until 1917 - from that point on the territory was divided up between French and British. There was never a nation called "Palestine."
  • Arabs have rejected border agreements multiple times. The borders that the Palestinians ask for today are the same ones offered to them many times throughout history.

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      Setank Setunk 13 months ago

      The Israelite's made a strategic blunder in attempting to build a nation in this narrow corridor between Africa and Asia-minor. Following Assyrian and Babylonian conquests, I cannot recall a point in time when the Levant was not occupied or under the administration or rule of another Power. They should have asked for a new nation somewhere else. I do recognize their claim to the land but as it was with the original twelve tribe confederation 3000 years ago the other indigenous peoples will never ever accept a new Israeli State.

      Your facts are sound; I liked your article.