Theresa May Welcomes President-Elect Donald Trump

Updated on November 11, 2016
Theresa May welcomed US President to be Donald Trump.
Theresa May welcomed US President to be Donald Trump. | Source
Donald Trump President Elect.
Donald Trump President Elect. | Source
Loser Hillary Clinton.
Loser Hillary Clinton. | Source
Barack Obama's legacy ends with the defeat of Clinton.
Barack Obama's legacy ends with the defeat of Clinton. | Source

It is obviously with horror that left wingers in the US and abroad will react and have reacted to the election of Donald Trump as President - Elect. All the polls had pointed to a Clinton victory and as in the British general election of 2015 the polls were badly wrong in their predictions of a Hillary win and Hillary has telephoned Trump to say congrats on his victory and Hillary herself has yet to appear in public.

Trump is fond of quoting the Brexit mantra in the hopes he would storm to victory as Brexit did in the UK and cause an earthquake in established politics and that is exactly what happened. Farage was out in the US backing Trump to win and so Trump called Farage over at the podium to give him a hug as Trump had achieved his earthquake in American politics as Farage caused an earthquake in British politics with Brexit. It seems in Brexit and in the American Presidential election voters fed up of establishment and career politicians have done a big two fingers to the political establishment.

Theresa May British PM congratulated Trump on his victory and said she looked forward to working with Trump in the future and hoped the special relationship between the US and UK would continue.

Many have said with a woman Prime Minister in the UK like May and with the election of 70 year old Donald Trump TV reality star of the US version of 'The Apprentice' and billionaire businessman the Reagan and Thatcher and the 80's era are back. Certainly May has been compared to Thatcher and Trump to Reagan so we will have to see how this plays out and if history repeats itself.

Vlad Putin has congratulated Trump and indeed to coin a phrase from the Obama era who wanted to "Press the reset button" with Russia it seems it will be Trump who will be "Pressing the reset button" instead as it seems the US and Russian relations may not be so frosty under him.

Marine Le Pen fellow populist leader of the Front National in France who hopes to repeat Trump's victory has also congratulated Trump. Now as for policy the victory of Trump is seen with disdain in Mexico just in case Trump does build that wall across their 2000 mile border with the Americans and what about Muslims? Will he bar them from entering the US as long as conflict exists between the US and AQ and IS? What about his whole approach to immigration and the world in general? Will he now live up to his promises of giving jobs back to the rust belt whose inhabitants were the chief cheer leaders along with many European - Americans and no doubt some supporters from the minorities who voted or him?

This much is sure with the loss of Clinton's hopes for being the next denizen of the White House the Obama legacy who he hoped would live on in Hillary Clinton is now to quote a speaker on BBC News 24 this morning "Dead in the water".

Trump's victory whether you love or loathe him is a trend where anti - establishment politics is gaining ground and victory all over the world. People want something new in their politics and are fed up of establishment politicians and career politicians promising much and delivering little and Im not saying that people like Trump are the answer either for that we will have to wait and see what Trump does.

With his victory the Obama era comes to an end in January 2017 and the era of the 45th President of the US Donald Trump will begin.

Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan. | Source
Margaret Thatcher.
Margaret Thatcher. | Source

Reagan and Thatcher.

Who can forget the 80's if you lived through them as I did and many today ask what was it like back then. Well the 80's was a time when I was growing up and had just left school.

I took an interest in the politics back then but was more interested in the music and fashion being a young person fresh out of school in 1982. The politics back then was dominated by right wing figures such as Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Ronald Reagan in the US.

It was they who were the dream team in the US - UK special relationship as they stood steadfast against the then Soviet Union during the cold war before the coming to power of Gorbachev.

There was a commonality between Reagan and Thatcher in policy and chemistry perhaps no one had been closer in American and British relations since the days of Churchill and Roosevelt than Reagan and Thatcher.

Ronald Reagan was married to Nancy and Margaret Thatcher to Dennis but it seemed at some stages Reagan and Thatcher behaved like a married couple. Their template laid the foundations for Blair and Bush and later Obama and Cameron and possibly now May and Trump.

There were tensions however like the Falklands when Margaret Thatcher told Ronald Reagan to get off the fence and back the UK in its war with Argentina which he duly did which led one Argentine cartoon to show Thatcher in the arms of Reagan in 'A Gone With The Wind' picture.

Also when the US invaded Grenada an island in the British Commonwealth because Cubans were alleged to be on the island helping Communists start a revolution which annoyed Margaret Thatcher.

Both Reagan and Thatcher are gone from this world now but their part in history oversaw major changes in the world like the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989. With May in 10 Downing Street and Trump about to take his place in the Oval Office come January 2017 we may see again the spirits of these two leaders Reagan and Thatcher being channelled by May and Trump.


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