Theresa May: New Prime Minister, Same Old Mantra

Updated on January 23, 2019
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David CameronEd MilibandTheresa MayJeremy Corbyn
David Cameron
David Cameron | Source
Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband | Source
Theresa May
Theresa May | Source
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn | Source

When Theresa May stood outside the door of 10 Downing Street and said she understood the struggles of ordinary people and because in the past she said the Conservative party was seen by many as "The nasty party" many hoped May would be a refreshing change to Cameron.

She proceeded to pick ministers for her cabinet who were not old Etonians but came largely from ordinary backgrounds like David Davis, Liam Fox. Perhaps the odd man out being larger than life Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

She seems to be all for re - forming the cruel tests the disabled and ill people have to go through in getting ESA or Employment and Support Allowance the major benefit for people who cannot work in this country which hopefully will be a good thing but this remains to be seen.

However all those who thought that May ushered in a new dawn of change from the Cameron era would have been in for a shock yesterday in her weekly confrontations with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Theresa May is going ahead with caps on benefits such as housing benefit and others so that the income of people on benefits is no greater than those in work. But even those in work have seen changes to their benefits which they depend on to top up their wages and help with the cost of school uniforms for example for kids.

The last time cuts to certain benefits were tried it was thrown out by the House of Lords and many Conservatives joined forces with Labour, the SNP and the Lib Dems to force the government of David Cameron and George Osborne to back down.

One is left wondering will these cuts to peoples benefits go the same way thrown out by the House of Lords and again will many rebel Tories with people like Heidi Allen on the government back benches lead the charge of rebellion with other Tory MP's as they link up once again with Labour, Lib Dem's and SNP to challenge these unfair cuts.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband used to argue day in day out about the state of the welfare changes enacted by Cameron's government and so it seems the same will be for May and Corbyn.

Yesterday at Prime Minister's Questions Jeremy Corbyn highlighted the cuts that this government are intending to make to benefits and highlighted the case of an ex - serviceman who was left in dire circumstances because his benefit had been cut. Theresa May replied that Universal Credit the umbrella name now for all British welfare benefits helped people get back into work and as they earned more money in work so the benefit would get less and less.

She highlighted the living wage brought in by former Chancellor George Osborne which starts at £7.20 and will rise even more as we approach 2020 which will be the year of the next general election in the UK if one is not called sooner.

Corbyn shot back that these cuts to benefits whether they be in or out of work benefits were barbaric and had caused a rise in food banks. May shot back that if Jeremy Corbyn was in power there would be no caps on benefits and no sanctions from the Jobcentre on people who had supposedly not pulled their weight in looking for work.

Corbyn replied that yes that would be his objective and that people were not being treated as human beings under Theresa May and they had lost their dignity.

What put the cap on it for me was when May repeated a Cameron mantra "Making work pay" it was then that I realised that any hope of May delivering something fresh for those on benefits whether working or otherwise was thrown out the window. I thought she just repeated a David Cameron catchphrase and as I suspected like the killing of Bin Laden with Al - Qaeda a new leader comes up Ayman Zawahiri but the organisation Al - Qaeda continues the same policies that Bin Laden had peddled. So it is the same for this Conservative administration Cameron has gone, hes not even an MP any more and a new leader Theresa May comes to the fore but its the same old policies when it comes to welfare.

As I used to say about Cameron and his cronies work might pay in their world where they are millionaires and on a good parliamentary salary and it might if you have a damn good job in the city for example but those below a certain earning threshold on in work benefits and those on out of work benefits struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills that mantra "Work pays" is an insult.

So sadly we are stuck with a vicious right wing government until 2020 but in all likelihood unless Jeremy Corbyn can reach ex - Labour voters who have fled to UKIP and even Conservative voters and floating voters he sadly may not get in and although I agree with Corbyn on many things like benefits he has flaws himself like being weak on defence and immigration for example.

The other worry is Brexit and what affect that will have on ordinary peoples lives remains to be seen.

Short Bio of Theresa May.

1) Is the daughter of a vicar killed in a car crash.

2) Is married but has no children.

3) Known supposedly to be a liberal and one nation Conservative.

4) Had several goes at being elected for parliament but failed.

5) Finally elected to parliament as an MP for her constituency of Maidenhead, Kent, England in 1997.

6) Held various government posts before becoming the longest serving Home Secretary since James Chuter Ede 60 years ago.

7) She served as Home Secretary from 2010 in coalition Lib Dem and Conservative government and then again from 2015 when the Conservative party alone came back to government in the general election.

8) Oversaw the creation of the National Crime Agency or NCA the so called British FBI. She was tough on immigration and oversaw the deportation of Islamic extremist Abu Qatada. She oversaw the creation and election of Police Commissioners and made herself unpopular with the Police Federation the union representing the Police Service because of cuts to the service and other changes brought in under her watch.

9) Was appointed PM in the wake of David Cameron losing the Brexit election where he stepped down and was appointed PM because the other female challenger for the job of PM and leader of the Conservative Party who now has a cabinet job in Theresa May's government Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the contest so May became PM and leader of the Conservative Party by default. May now dealing with Brexit and the UK's leaving the EU in 2019 it is reckoned.

10) Is first woman to hold two key jobs in government that of Home Secretary and then Prime Minister.

May's Female Predecessor.

Margaret Thatcher the other woman Prime Minister the UK had from 1979 - 1990.
Margaret Thatcher the other woman Prime Minister the UK had from 1979 - 1990. | Source

Short Piece on Margaret Thatcher.

You either loved or hated Margaret Thatcher from the start of the late 70's when she became the first British woman Prime Minister to when she was thrown out of office by her own MPs in 1990.

In her tenure as Prime Minister she saw the closing down of many mining pits and she clashed with National Union of Mine workers Union or NUM leader Arthur Scargill a firebrand leftie looking for a fight with the right leaning Thatcher government. After a prolonged strike which saw clashes like the so called 'Battle of Orgreave' between striking miners and police the strike collapsed and the closure of mines began. The closure put many people out of work and it has taken years for parts of England where the mine industry came to an end for things to be put right and even now whole communities are still affected and people to this day still hate her in those areas.

When Margaret Thatcher passed away a few years ago dummies of Margaret Thatcher were burned and she was given a state funeral by David Cameron. Thatcher also took us to war with Argentina which if it had failed would have surely brought her government down but it did not.

When the Argentinians invaded the Falklands many thought the UK could not put together a naval task force to sail down to the Falklands and take back the islands but that is exactly what happened.

A vicious war ensued which saw ships sank on both sides and planes shot down on both sides and the death of 255 British lives and 600 some odd Argentinians. The war ended in British victory though the Falklands to this day or the Malvinas as the Argentinians call them is still an issue between the British and Argentinians.

Thatcher over saw the selling of council houses to tenants which at the time seemed a good thing as house owning was encouraged under Thatcher but the down side was no new council houses were built from then to now which has caused a shortage in social or council housing for todays tenants.

Thatcher was challenged by Michael Heseltine for leadership of the party and the job of Prime Minister too but it all ended badly for Thatcher. Her cabinet turned on her after this and John Major became Prime Minister who was PM winning the next general election but who then lost to Tony Blair and New Labour in 1997.

Thatcher lived out her life in retirement mostly making the odd appearance at Conservative Party conferences and died some years later.

Thatchers enemies.

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Image of mining industry when Thatcher clashed with NUM union leader Arthur Scargill in 1984.Neil Kinnock Labour leader and outspoken critic of Margaret Thatcher and her policies.General Galtieri leader of Argentina's junta during the Falklands War with the UK at the time of Mrs Thatcher.
Image of mining industry when Thatcher clashed with NUM union leader Arthur Scargill in 1984.
Image of mining industry when Thatcher clashed with NUM union leader Arthur Scargill in 1984. | Source
Neil Kinnock Labour leader and outspoken critic of Margaret Thatcher and her policies.
Neil Kinnock Labour leader and outspoken critic of Margaret Thatcher and her policies. | Source
General Galtieri leader of Argentina's junta during the Falklands War with the UK at the time of Mrs Thatcher.
General Galtieri leader of Argentina's junta during the Falklands War with the UK at the time of Mrs Thatcher. | Source


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