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Why Justin Trudeau is a Better Leader Than Donald Trump

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Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

America Is Worse Than Ever

When Donald Trump was sworn in as the American president, many Americans considered leaving America in search of a better leader.

Enter Justin Trudeau, who became the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. He is the second youngest Prime Minster ever elected and is also the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, making him the first Prime Minister to be related to a previous Prime Minister.

Is Justin Trudeau better than Trump? I think so.

Justin Trudeau's Education and Family

Justin Trudeau was formerly a school teacher. I think this makes him even more endearing to people. Teaching was his way of having a positive influence on the world. He graduated from the University of British Columbia and taught French and Math in Vancouver.

Justin Trudeau spoke at events on youth and environmental issues, as well as delivered speeches to high school students on the value of community service and volunteerism. He realized that the more he spoke with young people all over the country, the more he started to advocate for others. It became clear to him what issues were the most important to the young Canadians, such as education, the environment, and their generation's economic prospects, which needed a stronger voice in the public circle. This made Trudeau feel that a generational change was coming, and it further led him into politics.

After having taught on the west coast, he decided to move back to Quebec, as he could not imagine settling down and starting a family in any other place but Montreal.

That's when Justin met his wife, who was a TV and radio host in Quebec. They have three children together.

It is said that Trudeau often questions himself about spending time away from his young family, prompting questions like: "Is spending time away from my family worth it? Am I building a better future for them, focusing on serving the world that they would grow up in?"

I've got to say that he is everything that people should thrive to be.

Trudeau's Vision for Canada

Trudeau has become quite the "people's leader." His campaign for Leadership of the Liberal party started around a campfire where he stated: "I believe this country (Canada) is better than its current government. Canadians are broad-minded and big-hearted, fair and honest, hard-working, hopeful, and kind. He said, "Canada had some big issues to tackle, but none bigger than those we had successfully wrestled in the past. Too many people were being left out and left behind in the previous vision." (Since I have had experience with both Americans and Canadians, one can see the differences between the two countries that share North America.)

Trudeau made the decision to run for office. Campaigning wasn't like what it is in America. Lots of money goes into the American campaigns. Not so in Canada. Most times it was just him and his wife out there talking to people in parking lots. Over the course of his leadership, he always went back to the same issues: growth that works for the middle class, fair economic opportunity for everyone, respect for and promotion of freedom and diversity; and a more democratic government that represents all of Canada. This was the pillar that Justin Trudeau built his campaign and for governing Canada.

Trudeau Quotes

"So much of politics is fleeting and ephemeral. But the connections you make with the people who invest their hope and trust in you, that's what gets you through all of the rest. That's what makes it worth doing."

— Justin Trudeau

Trudeau vs. Trump

It surprises me that Justin Trudeau has a degree in education and is still where he is today. Unlike America's elected official from a reality tv show, Trudeau is putting into action things that young people feel that are important in Canada.

  • I do not see him destroying Native American sacred sites. Trudeau stands by "the people" first. His views are getting him some very deserving respect from the Canadians.
  • Justin Trudeau made a donation of millions to Planned Parenthood. (My girls now know that Canada has their back.)
  • During Donald Trump's Muslim Ban, Trudeau allowed refugees in Canada. Then, after Trudeau did so, what took place? A shooting at a mosque in Quebec City. People quickly tried to blame Muslim terrorists (which was a lie from American media). However, it ended up being a white guy that worshipped Trump. Some believe we have a terrorist problem. However, we also have a White Supremacy terrorist problem, which I hope gets fixed.

Why Trudeau Is a True Leader

I, personally, like Trudeau's view of Country. He has class and compassion for what the people want in their life. This is a true leader. I had hoped that when Justin Trudeau met with Donald Trump, he could give him a few lessons. However, it appears that Donald Trump did not graduate at the top of his class, as he said. Donald probably cannot learn from anyone, which is unfortunate for the American people.

I remain hopeful that something will happen to either change Donald Trump's ways, or will lead to his impeachment.

It appears that Trudeau had a better relationship with Obama than he has with Trump. That speaks volumes about Trump, not about Trudeau, who has the class and respect to get along with a multitude of people.

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