Photo Series Brings Plight of Syrian Refugees to the Streets of Britain

Updated on February 23, 2017
Zsofi Bohm
Zsofi Bohm

Refugee "Crisis"

Zsofi Bohm does not like the term refugee crisis. “I think it fails to express that the crisis is our collective responsibility,” she says. The Hungarian photographer’s latest project drives this message home with stark news images of Syria and refugees projected onto the streets of Britain. “The project seeks to merge the virtual and the real in order to challenge our imagination,” says Bohm. What if this was happening right here at our doorstep? What if we became victims of a power game between higher forces and were forced to leave everything behind? And what if we had nowhere to go?”

Zsofi Bohm
Zsofi Bohm

Bohm, who is in her second year of studying Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales, came face-to-face with the crisis in Hungary last summer. “After the Hungarian government placed anti-immigration billboards all over the country and then blocked asylum-seekers from westbound trains in Budapest, I visited the train station. I saw thousands of people everywhere on the floor (many families and little children too), I felt horrified at the cruelty of Hungarian government. The majority of them did have tickets (to Austria and Germany) but the trains had been cancelled for 6 days. On the other hand, I was delighted to see that there were so many volunteers helping them, sharing food, sleeping bags, tents and clothes, playing and singing with them.”

Refugees in Budapest Inspired Zsofi's Photo Series

She decided to tell their story, taking inspiration from Shimon Attie’s series Writing on the Wall in which pre-war photos of Jewish street life in Berlin are projected onto the locations where they were taken.

Zsofi Bohm
Zsofi Bohm

Back in Britain and armed with a camera and projector Bohm spent two months completing the challenging photo shoot. “Since I had to take the photographs either at dusk or dawn, timing became crucial, allowing me to create one or two pictures a day. For a couple of weeks, I was working with a portable battery pac designed to power flash lights. However, this provided the projector with power for only five to10 minutes and then I had to charge it for eight hours. This caused a lot of trouble and unsuccessful evenings.”
Some of the shots presented additional challenges: “When I was projecting on the motorway, I had to be very careful not to blind the drivers with the light of the projector so I covered the lens with my hand and as soon as there were no cars approaching, I shot. I had to be very quick.”

Zsofi Bohm
Zsofi Bohm

Bohm started her career in 2008 when she came to London “to try my luck”. With the money she earned she began her formal education in photography in Budapest. Under the guidance of Hungarian greats including Zoltán Vancsó, Imre Zalka, Vivienne Balla, Gábor Sióréti, and Zsófia Pályi she developed an understanding of photography as a tool for self-expression through both analogue and digital techniques.
After graduating she took her camera further afield on a three-year stint travelling in Europe and Asia. She ended up on the Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales. “I heard about it from a Spanish girl, picking strawberries beside me in Denmark,” she explains.
She was accepted on the course on the strength of another project called "Recyclers" about people living on the margins, albeit in happier circumstances. Recyclers documents a community in Tenerife where people live off the grid in caves enjoying a lifestyle which is basic, but free from the financial pressures of modern society. “I was going to go there anyway to spend some months by the beach, living in a cave and meeting nice people,” Bohme says. “I spent five months there without money.”
Asked what draws her to documenting life on the fringes she says: “I am trying to find a balance between living in the society and completely off the grid. I am examining my own questions with photography. People who live on the margins need more support and compassionate attention instead of discrimination and persecution.”
Bohm is already looking for new subjects to turn her camera on, but given the happy-go-lucky nature of her career it is just as likely that those subjects will find her. “There are so many issues to talk about!” she says. “As long as I am free to work in my way and photograph things I find important, I am happy.”

Zsofi Bohm by Giuseppe Iannello
Zsofi Bohm by Giuseppe Iannello

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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