Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Greatest Quotes

Updated on November 20, 2017
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Kannan is an avid collector of quotes. He thinks that reading quotes is a definite mood lifter. His articles on quotes are info-oriented.

Mind is never a problem. Mindset is.

— NaMo

Narendra Modi has risen from a humble background to impressive political heights. The above quote is one that provides insight into the personality of India's Prime Minister. Whether or not people like him, one quality that everybody will agree he possesses is his strong work ethic. Both fans and critics alike would describe him as a workaholic.

If his predecessor Manmohan Singh was known as "the accidental PM," then Modi was the PM-in-waiting. Such is his aura that I believe he will be PM at least for two-terms. Even with demonetization, GST, etc., mark my words, Narendra Modi will be successful!

Unlike other prime ministers, he is incredibly vocal. When it comes to elections, we have only seen the best coming out of him. Because of his powerful oration skills, his speeches invoke the mind's eye and give insight into his plans to make India into a superpower. The rise of Narendra Modi is astonishing. Especially when considering the fact that he overcame being sidelined in his own party and went on to get the Gujarat model working and eventually he became the face of his political party. Because he is a well-read person, he churns out quotes and sayings that are unique and his speeches are laced with humor as well as facts.

Here is a list of all his most powerful quotes and sayings that I compiled over the years.


Quotes on India

  • Come, make in India!”, “Come, manufacture in India!
  • Entire world comes to us, but Indians live in the entire world.
  • I will make such a wonderful India that all Americans will stand in line to get a visa for India.
  • India is a democratic country & anyone can become a PM.
  • IT+IT=IT; Indian talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow.
  • There is no reason to be disappointed. India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead.
  • I did not get an opportunity to die for the country, but I have got an opportunity to live for the country.
  • If 125 crore people work together; India will move forward 125 crore steps.
  • The nation should move towards one target, one direction, one intention and one decision.
  • We are proud of 3 things: Democracy, Demographic dividend, and Demand.


Quotes on Education, Youth, and Digital India

  • In this land of the Ganga (Varanasi), there was an education of culture. But, more importantly, there was a culture of education.
  • Our mission is skill development. There can be no development with a satiated system.
  • I dream of a Digital India where 1.2 billion Connected Indians drive Innovation.
  • I dream of a Digital India where the netizen is an Empowered Citizen.
  • Ours is a youthful nation. We have a strong force of 800 million youth who with their skills and talent are taking India to newer heights.
  • The world used to think we are a land of snake charmers and black magic. But our youth has surprised the world with its IT skills. I dream of a digital India.
  • Our ancestors used to play with snakes, we play with the mouse.

  • We want to enable Start-Ups and make India no 1 in this field. Start-Up India and Stand-Up India.
  • Desire +Stability = Resolution; Resolution +Hard work=success.
  • Dream for doing something, not for being something.
  • Each of has a natural instinct to rise like a flame. Let’s nurture that instinct.
  • Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.
  • It is important how we view the youth of our nation. To simply consider them as new age voters will be a big mistake. They are the new age power.
  • Learning from experience and learning from education, both are important. Your education & values decide how you learn from your experiences.
  • No one can question the talent of India’s youth after the success of the Mars Mission. Everything indigenous.
  • We do not need ACTS but Action.

  • We should walk together, work together and progress together. We should move ahead with this mantra.


Quotes on Politics

  • Politics is not a profession, it is a service. I want to keep working more for the Nation, not because of the designation, but because people of India are my family.
  • See the Congress’ track record. It has taken the nation backward. They keep talking about Rights. The Nation is tired of your Acts, the Nation needs action.
  • The Congress’ name of ‘INC’ must be changed to ‘Institutions Neglecting Congress’. Their habit is to misuse, abuse and reduce institutions.
  • BJP is doing “gathbandhan”. Congress is doing “brashtbandhan” and the criminals are doing “lathbandhan”. Our politics is about coalitions. Every coalition where the BJP is part of as leaders have been successful.
  • Those who think only for a year, they sow food grains; those who think for a decade, they plant fruits; But those who think for generations, they prepare humans
  • Victory has taught us a lot, including humility.


Some in Hindi

  • Acche Din Aa Gaye!
  • Maana Ke Andhera Ghana Hai, Par Diya Jalaana Kahaan Mana Hai.
  • Mujhe na kisi ne bheja hai, na mein yahaan aaya hoon, Mujhe toh ma Ganga ne bulaya hai.
  • Sab Kaa Saath, Sab Kaa Vikas.
  • Tab Bhaarat Chhodo ka Naara Tha….Aaj Bhaarat Jodo ka Naara Hai.


On Style of Work

  • An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the gate for the next one.
  • By getting an opportunity to serve society, we get a chance to repay our debt.
  • I am a small man who wants to do big things for small people.
  • I am a very optimistic man and only an optimistic man can bring optimism in the country.
  • I can promise you. If you work 12 hours, I will work for 13. If you work 14 hours, I will work for 15 hours. Why? Because I am not a ‘pradhan mantri’, but a ‘pradhan sevak’.
  • I might live miles away from you, but I do understand your issues.
  • Let us think about ‘zero defect and zero effect’. Zero defect in production with no adverse effect on the environment.
  • Let’s take the path of Sadbhavana (goodwill).
  • One life, one mission. To work for the people of India.
  • My struggle is to ‘bring’ life in ‘file’.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than working day and night for the poor.
  • We are not here for any positions but for responsibility.


For Yoga

  • A healthy body and a disciplined mind are the foundations of a world free from fear. In crafting a new self through Yoga, we create a new world.
  • In a world suffering from mental stress, yoga promises calm. In a distracted world, yoga creates focus, creates a concentration. In a world of fear, yoga promises strength and courage.
  • We are not only celebrating International Yoga day, we are training the human mind to begin a new era of peace, Sadbhavana.
  • Yoga has spread harmony between man and nature. It is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Yoga has connected the world with India.
  • Yoga is health assurance on zero budget.
  • Yoga is the journey from 'me' to 'we'. Yoga makes an individual better person in thought, action, knowledge, and devotion.
  • Yoga is the code to connect people with life and reconnect mankind with nature.
  • Yoga is the entrance point to one's spiritual journey.
  • Yoga is not about asanas. It is much more. It is a blend of Gyan (knowledge), Karma (work), and Bhakti (devotion).

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      • profile image

        Expert Political Campaign Managers 

        12 months ago

        Deciding a political campaign and executing it perfectly is one of the examples of this.Digital Marketing helped Mr. Narendra Modi to lead such a world.

      • kannanwrites profile imageAUTHOR

        Kannan Reddy 

        13 months ago from Mumbai

        @Ashu No better alternative that's a good reason for another term. The opposition does not have anyone who can match his caliber. Stability is the need of the hour, and 2024 will be well good for a change.

      • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

        Ashutosh Joshi 

        13 months ago from New Delhi, India

        I don't know man, I am not that positive anymore. One man alone doesn't run the country and there has been a lot of negativity around off-lately and the government too seems to be acting bit too arrogantly.

        But then again as of now we do not have a better alternative than him and that is the truth.

      • kannanwrites profile imageAUTHOR

        Kannan Reddy 

        13 months ago from Mumbai

        @Ashu Agreed. But he deserves a second term.

      • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

        Ashutosh Joshi 

        13 months ago from New Delhi, India

        There was a time when these words were music to the ear but now they seem cacophony.

        It's time to act, 2019 is not far away!


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