Incirlik Base in Turkey Is Cause for Great Worry to the Pentagon.

Updated on December 23, 2017


Turkey joined NATO in 1952. One cannot understand the compulsions of Turkey at that time to join NATO, but join they did and became a front line partner of the US in its fight with the Soviet Union. Turkey also became a part of the Baghdad pact (which became defunct after Lt General Kaseem executed the entire pro-American royal family in Iraq) Subsequently the US set up CENTO and Turkey was again a prominent partner.

The USA began to trust Turkey and the Pentagon decided to position nuclear missiles targeting Russia in Turkey. However, after the 1962 missile crisis, Kennedy had no choice but to remove the missiles, which were removed in 1963. The weapons were subsequently again stationed and Turkey allowed itself to become a frontline state against Russia.

Turkey has been a US ally and prominent NATO partner for over 60 years. It maintains the largest army among NATO powers and with a population of 80 million has ample manpower to leverage positions in its region and Europe.

The Coup Attempt

The situation was somewhat peaceful till a coup by the army against Erdogan took place a few weeks back. Erdogan escaped, but hundreds died in the fighting. The Russians, eager to fish in troubled waters under Putin, were keeping track of all activities in Turkey and recorded a chatter between some officers of the Turkish armed forces and some CIA agents. These conversations they duly passed on to Erdogan.

The evidence was flimsy but Erdogan was convinced that the CIA along with his old foe Gulen had engineered the coup. Gulen is a cleric who is in self-imposed exile in the USA. The coup was crushed with popular support from the people who did not want military rule. Popular demonstrations on the streets strengthened the hands of Erdogan and the coup leaders panicked and the coup collapsed. But the danger of a coup brought home to Erdogan that he was extremely vulnerable and he set about making mass arrests all over. It's a mind-boggling exercise to learn that he arrested over 50,000 Turks from all walks of life from soldiers to clerics and judges.

The US protested at these arbitrary arrests and this convinced Erdogan that the USA had a hand in the coup. He demanded that Gulen is handed over and the USA refused. This convinced the Turkish president that there was a connection between the coup and the CIA.

Aftermath of the Coup

As the coup unfolded Erdogan, on the evidence provided by the Russians, closed the airspace over the Incirlik base. This completely stopped the flights of US combat aircraft mainly the F-15/16 from the base. Only the aircraft returning from a mission against the ISIS in Syria were allowed to land. The commander of the air force base was arrested. He had earlier sought asylum in the USA but was refused.

Erdogan also cut of the external power supply to the base and the installations all had to be ran on captive power. The situation was dangerous as the base which is just 70 miles from the Syria border also stores some 60-B-1 nuclear weapons. These nuclear assets were put under special guard by the USAF which has over 2000 personnel stationed on the base.

Later the airspace restrictions were lifted , but it has brought home to the USAF and Pentagon that the base is extremely vulnerable to Jihadi attacks who could make a suicidal attack to lay hands on the nuclear assets. The US had been wanting to shift the nuclear assets to Romania, but the coup and Turkish restrictions have put paid to US plans. Now Erdogan may not allow the weapons to be shifted.

The Future

The situation is serious as the Incirlik air base is the main base of the USAF to strike at the ISIS targets in Syria. Erdogan has compunded the US problems by making overtures to Putin and he has gone and met the Russian leader. Putin has reciprocated warmly and there are reports that the Russians may be offered facilties at the base to conduct operations in Syria. It will create a piquant situation and there is no parallel of Russian and US aircraft operating from the same base. If one adds the nuclear assets stored in the base, the fat is in the fire.

Erdogan is not bothered as he moves around to consolidate his power. He is also mulling the reintroduction of the death penality even as the EU has warned him, that this step will go against his memebrship of the EU. The USA is on the horns of a dilemma and one does not know what will happen. Storage of nuclear weapons in Turkey was a cardinal mistake and the USA may have a heavy price to pay.


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 19 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Lawrence for further insight. Looks like America can breathe easy only if Erdogan is booted out.

    • profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 19 months ago


      Erdogan has (in the space of a few weeks) managed to undo all the goodwill both he and his predecessors built up in the last thirty years!

      He negotiated a peace deal with the Kurds only to force them into a no win situation when he closed the border stopping them from helping the Kurds in Syria while Turkey was helping Isis, naturally the Kurds broke the ceasefire!

      He angered the USA by refusing to allow incerlik to be used to help supply the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq.

      Incerlik has been vulnerable for a long time (the USA has known about its vulnerability since 1995!) and isn't actually all that essential as there's a massive NATO base just 150 miles southeast at Akrotiri in Cyprus, but it's run by the RAF.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 20 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Buildreps for reading and commenting

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 20 months ago from Europe

      Interesting article, emge, and a good analysis as well. I read it with interest. Thanks!