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How to Get Philippine Passport: New and Renew Requirements, Procedures, and Tips

Updated on March 15, 2015

Do You Need a New Passport?

Perhaps you like to travel or plan to work overseas. Do you have your passport? I got mine a few years ago and the process wasn’t very easy or fast. Knowing the requirements ahead of time will help you avoid a lot of stress and avoid long delays. Whether you are applying for your first passport or renewing one, these steps, procedures, and tips will save you time and help you to get your passport application as quickly as possible.

Do This First!

To ensure a smooth process getting your passport, be sure you have these things in order:

  • Make sure your documents are all consistent and accurate. Your complete name, date of birth, place of birth, parents' names and birth dates, and address are all the same on your documents and IDs. These details must be the consistent because they will be stored in the DFAs database.
  • Also, make sure your signature is the same on your IDs.

Three Steps for New Philippine Passport Applicants

These are the three basic steps for getting a new Philippine passport or renewing one:

  1. Schedule an appointment at your nearest DFA office
  2. Fill out the passport application form (link below) ahead of time to save time
  3. Be on time to your appointment will all of the required documents and money for processing fees
  • Tips: I recommend reserving an appointment for the earliest date possible prior to travel. If you want to make an appointment in Manila, you can do so online through the DFA's online passport application portal. The addresses of DFA offices in other provinces are listed below.
  • I also suggest downloading the DFA's passport application form and filling it out before you go to your appointment.
  • Be sure to photocopy all of your original documents and IDs before going to the DFA office.

Do you already have a passport?

See results

What You Will Need to Renew Your Passport

To renew a brown passport (issued prior to May 1, 1995) you will need:

  • Your old passport and a photocopy of passport pages 1-4 (amendment) including the pages that show the latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • Original valid ID.
  • Birth Certificate from NSO on security paper (SECPA)
  • Negative Birth Record from NSO if born in 1950 or earlier and Joint Birth Affidavit from Two Disinterested Persons
  • Supporting document showing complete Middle Name

To renew a green passport (issued after May 1, 1995) you will need:

  • Present passport and photocopy of pages 1-3 (amendment), last page, and pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate (for minor applicants).
  • F illegitimate minors the mother must appear in person.

To renew a machine-readable passport (maroon) you will need:

  • Present passport and photocopy of pages 1-3 (amendment), last page, and the pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate (for minor applicants).
  • Original Birth Certificate from NSO on security paper (SECPA) if city/municipality and province on birth place is not specific (Example: NCR instead of San Juan, Metro Manila)
  • For illegitimate minors the mother must appear in person.

Bring these other supporting documents:

  • Marriage Contract
  • Land Title
  • Driver's License
  • Government Service Record
  • Digitized SSS-ID
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with Dry Seal
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship
  • Voter's Registration Record from COMELEC Intramuros
  • Baptismal Certificate with Dry Seal
  • Seaman's Book
  • Income Tax Return (Old)

What You Will Need to Get a New Passport

To apply for a new passport you will need:

  • Authenticated NSO birth certificate or Certified True Copy (CTC) of birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO depending on the NSO signatory. If born in 1950 or earlier, bring a Negative Birth Record from NSO & Joint Birth Affidavit from Two Disinterested Persons (if no record from NSO).
  • Two original valid IDs (please make sure your signatures are all the same)
  • Accepted IDs include Senior Citizen's ID, Voter's ID, digitized government-issued IDs like SSS, PRC, BIR, Driver's License, original school ID (for students only) with original supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth, and citizenship.
  • Authenticated marriage certificate (if married or if you want to use your spouse’s surname)

Bring these other supporting documents for verification:

  • Marriage Contract
  • Land Title
  • Driver's License
  • Government Service Record
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship
  • Voter's Registration Record from COMELEC
  • Baptismal Certificate with dry seal
  • Seaman's Book
  • Income Tax Return (Old)
  • NBI Clearance

Passport Fees and Time

For regular processing: Php 950.00 (15 working days)

For rush processing: Php 1,200.00 (7 working days)

An additional fee of Php 200.00 will be charged to process a lost valid passport.

DFA Offices in the Provinces

Provincial DFA Offices are located in:

  • Bacolod: Second Floor, East Block Square, Circumferential Road, Barangay Villa Monte, Bacalod City
  • Baguio: Don Monsylito Building 16 Legarda Road, Baguio City
  • Batangas: Batangas Plaza and Convention Center National Road, Kumintang Ilaya, Batangas City
  • Butuan: CESIA Building, Montilla Boulevard, Butuan City
  • Cagayan de Oro: Limketkai Drive, Cagayan De Oro City
  • Cebu City: Fourth Level, Pacific Mall-Metro Mandaue U.N. Avenue, corner M.C. Briones Street, Brgy. Estancia, Mandaue City, Cebu
  • Clark, Pampanga: Office Center Number 06 and B, Berthaphil III, Clark Center, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Clark Free Port Zone
  • Cotabato: People's Palace City Hall, Cotabato City
  • Davao: Ebro-Pelayo Bldg., E. Jacinto St., Davao City
  • General Santos: Gaisano Complex, J. Catolico St., LAGAO, General Santos City
  • Iloilo: Yulo Street, Iloilo City
  • La Union: Pasado Bldg., Pagdalagan Norte, San Fernando, La Union
  • Legazpi: Lacandula Drive, Barangay Cruzada, Legazpi City
  • Lucena: Third Floor Pacific Mall Lucena M.L. Tagarao St., Barangay III, Lucena City
  • Pampagna: City Central Transport Terminal (CCTT) Lazatin Blvd. corner Olongapo-Gapan Road, San Juan, San Fernando, Pampagna
  • Puerto Princesa: Second Floor Puerto Princesa City Coliseum, National Highway, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City
  • Tacloban: Leyte SMED Center, Capitol Site, Sn. Enage, Tacloban City
  • Tuguegarao: Regional Government Center Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley
  • Zamboanga: Go-Velayo Bldg. Veterans Ave., Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur

More Places to File Passport Applications

The Department of Foreign Affairs also processes new passport and passport renewal applications in some malls. Check with your local mall to see if there is a passport application office located near you.


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      The first requirement of a double-00 agent is a passport,lol,voted-up and useful,twentyfive.;)

    • Nan 6 years ago

      It's hard to believe that there is so much red tape to getting a passport from the Philippines. They are our allies and we have to have our parents birthdate, etc.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      Hello Prof. A! Yup yup one of the must-have of a double-00 agent ;) SO how many passports do you have Agent A? :) Glad to see you Prof. Thanks :)

      Hi Nan! Yes, red tape is always there. It's all about connection and power. Good thing though, getting a passport in the Philippines is quicker this generation. Happy to see you Nan :) Thanks for dropping by.

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Wow, you cover all the bases here, Fehl. Is it a bureaucratic process there to get a passport. I can get mine pretty fast here. About 2 weeks. Cathy had her first one stolen on her. You should ask her about it. Hope she doesn't lose this new one now. She is due back home sunday! Yaaaay! :D Cheers! XO

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      Thanks moi friend! :) It takes 2 weeks here, too. Poor Cathy, hers was stolen. She must take care of her passport. Her attention must have been wandering around..LMAO Cheers! XD

    • RONALD 5 years ago

      Thank you for the advice.Its very helpful,just want to ask if its more faster to take in pampanga ,because in dfa manila it takes 2 months before we get a schedule.Our son is 13 yrs.old and we are living in nueva ecija.Thank you again.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Pleasure. Getting an appointment in Pampanga is much faster. I made an appointment schedule for my parents last week of Feb and the DFA scheduled them March 14. Fast enough than DFA Manila. They have to come on the said date 1-2pm only. At least no hassle and long line. :) And it took me 5 minutes to get an appointment. I suggest you download the passport application form so you wont be filling them out at the DFA before getting an appointment. :) The DFA office in Pampanga is at the central terminal. Easy to locate. Good day!

    • sheirra 5 years ago

      kuya ung sa other supporting ducuments pede isa lng sa mga yan ung dalhin mu?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      I'm a girl hey :) Yes, it's ok to bring just one supporting docs. They're just secondary requirements in case your IDs are not so valid. NBI clearance and driver's license would be cool as supporting docs.

    • rosa1970 5 years ago

      Hello. I have a newly-issued machine-readable passport (the maroon one but not the biometric passport) and I would like to change my marital status from single to married. Is this possible, and how can this be done?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi! I recommend you renew your passport and bring your original NSO marriage certificate together with the maroon passport you hold plus the requirements in renewing. That way, you'll have the latest passport with the biometrics features plus your latest marital status. If you're married to a foreigner, it's required to bring Certificate of Attendance (color green) from CFO (Commission of Filipino Overseas) as well.

    • 5 years ago

      Hi! I also want to renew my machine readable passport. Where is the fastest to get an appointment and to have it released? I'm willing to pay for the expedited process.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you guys here!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi! Depends from where you from. If you're near Manila, it's faster to get an appointment online anytime thru this link If you're from the province, just contact the DFA office nearest you. Or if you don't want any hassle, you can just process it conveniently by going to the accredited passport delivery express online at this link

    • 5 years ago

      @ twentyfive:

      I don't think it's any faster to get an appointment in Mnl. unless u have some sort of connection. The "Anytime" is not true at all. T_T

      Thanks for the response anyway. Anyone else have any idea who to contact to get my renewal expedited? Thanks!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi! haha connection would be the greatest way to expedite everything LOL Where do you live anyway? Have you tried going to the POEA in Ortigas? My aunt renewed her passport there and it took her only a day. Then it was delivered two weeks later. Sounds like you're in a big rush hehe San kaba pupunta M?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hello twentyfour! :) Yup 10 days, rush na yun. Regular processing is within 20 working days. Bale yung 10 days, dinagdagan na yun ng bayad para bumilis LOL :D

    • twentyfour 5 years ago

      Nkapag abroad ka na ba ate?,..anung agency po,.pwede ko laman,...May placement fee?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Travel abroad not work. Nadeny kc kame dati sa US nong recession kaya dina 'ko nag-apply ulit job abroad. Yes, my placement kc dumaan sa agency. Mas mabilis daw pag direct. If an employer has requested you, yon wala ng placement kc you will process the papers on your own.

    • roerrorsomi profile image

      roerrorsomi 5 years ago

      Planing to get a password for some reason. thank you for this wonderful info. But, i have 1 valid id so far. do i still pass all the requirements needed?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago


    • aka 5 years ago

      @twentyfive..where can I get help pag pumunta ako sa POEA ortigas para mapadali ang renewal ng passport ko..ano ang dapat kong ipakita at dalin na papers..pwede mo bang paki clear yung details sa tita mo na nagpa process sa DFA..mga magkano kaya? salamat po

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi Aka! Go to the POEA first floor, they have a lobby where you can transact all stuffs OFW related. May mga windows doon and you'll easily see the Passport lane. Fall in line in the Renewal Window. They require to see your Old Passport (plus photocopy of its first 4 pages and last page including your latest departure and arrival stamps) original NSO birth certificate and 2 valid IDs. Regular passport processing for renewals cost P920 and P1250 for rush. I posted all the details above. I suggest you download the passport application form para hindi kana mag-fill up sa DFA. You don't need any 2X2 photos anymore. God bless. :)

    • Jo 5 years ago

      How long normally the new passport be released? Kasi ang releasing sana yung passport nya 2 weeks ago. She filed her passport last march 28 and she paid the rush payment. But till now, my brother needs to go the DFA 2 times a week to follow up if my mother's passport is ready for releasing. Why does it takes too long the new passport to be release. The old passport is only 3 days now it takes like eternity waiting for it.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hello! For regular processing, it takes about 20 working days for the passport to be released. For rush processing, it takes 10 working days. I heard from the news that the DFA is currently having delays in processing passports since there are so many applications piling up since they launched the biometric and advanced way of passport processing. I hear you. Unfortunately, we can't do anything but wait and magtiis nanaman sa gobyerno.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi Buloy. Unfortunately, all offices require everyone's NSO authenticated birth certificate in processing their papers or whatever. Di na accepted yung dating regular birth certificate from the municipal's office. Kahit sa schools, banks, NSO authenticated na din required nila.

    • Mariane 5 years ago

      Hi i need ur reply..ksi i only have orig b-cert from NSO, postal ID, NBI clearance and Transcript of Records...ok na ba yan?is postal ID valid?..pls reply..Thanks

    • JP 5 years ago

      Is postal ID or Student Driver’s License ok na for Valid ID req.? Thanks in advance! :)

    • charliecayanan 5 years ago

      pano po magpaschadule sa pag parenew ng passort?

    • Xtian 5 years ago

      Hi,Dito po sa zamboanga it takes two months (rush passport)para ma process ang passport. Pero is there any possibilities na makuha ko siya before 2 months. I'm a student from other country and I really need to be there before august. Thanks.

    • forUAE 5 years ago

      hello guys..Im from Iloilo City rush processing will take 2 months to process and my agency called me up and told me the company that will hire me will drop my slot if I wouldn't be able to present my passport before August 01. This is really frustrating, I'm thinking of all the possible ways to hasten my passport. I've already applied and the release date is sept 1. im really in trouble right now...GOD HELP ME!! I NEED THIS JOB!!

    • dylan 5 years ago

      hello twenyfive!ask ko lang pwede ba kumuha ng passport sa dfa lucena kahit taga san ka pa?mas mabilis daw kasi dun even without appointment?tapos ipapadeliver nalang?please answer me thanks!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @maro – I never heard of late releasing of almost 2 months. That sucks. Maybe there’s too much bulk of passport releases and piles of passport applications.

      @Mariane – sorry for late reply. Yup, they would accept the IDs you’ve mentioned as long as the info (birthdays, parents, dates, signature etc) are consistent. Thanks!

      @JP – Yup, they are supporting IDs. Please submit your original NSO birth certificate.

      @diane – importante NSO authenticated birth certificate and 2 IDs. Postal ID is considered as supporting doc lang. May SSS or Voter’s ID kaba? Or LTO license, yun primary IDs yon. If may mali s application, you must correct them BEFORE going to the DFA or BEFORE your records are entered in the DFA database. Thanks!

      @Charlie – Just follow the instruction and go to the link I provided on the renewal. Thanks.

      @Xtian - Perhaps the shipping cause the delay. The only way I can think of to rush your passport application is by going to DFA Main Manila. Thanks!

      @forUAE – I’m sorry bout what happened. Pero you must have made an early sched before applying in an agency. Passport is really a requirement to go abroad. Yung appointment palang takes a month or 2 sa dami ng nag-aaply ng passport. The only solution to that is ask a favor in the DFA and explain your situation.

      @Dylan – Yup, pwede ka kumuha kahit saang DFA office. They use one system naman so no problem. Your records will show and be retrieved anyway coz DFA use a computerized system na. The closer, the better. :) Thanks!

    • mimzy 5 years ago


      nandito kasi ako ngaun sa Australia and ako na lang sana ang magfi fill up ng form para sa brother ko, pwede po ba un? ( using his email address)

      and after po mag send ng form anong gagawin? or do they tell you what to do next?

      thank u..

    • renato 5 years ago

      how to do the schedule renew passport caues as of now i'm here at India i;m leaving here by Sept18,2011 can set me appoinmet and apperance on Sept.21, 2011 cause i need to in India this coming Oct.3,2011...please help me...




    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Mimzy - yes, pwede mo sya ipag-fill up as long as you know his personal info and details peto pag mag-paprocess na ng appointment, dapat siya na. They will tell you what to do and what to expect. Scheduling and requesting an appointment for passport online is easy and can be done in the official DFA website : Hope it helps you. You're welcome! Thanks for dropping by :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Renato - you can set up a passport appointment online from the link I gave Mimzy above. Thanks a lot! Hope you can get your passport before you leave.

    • eyes 5 years ago

      good morning 25.

      tanong ko lang po sana kung i checheck pa nila sa immigration kung kelan ka lumabas at dumating sa bansa? o hindi na po?

      maraming salamat. hope to hear from you soon

      God bless

      The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps

    • karen grace marcelo 5 years ago

      pwede po mag pasked ng pagkuha ng passport. im karen grace marcelo.ok lang po ba yun.o mas maganda kung punta n lang ako ulit sa dfa san fernando? malayo kc po sa min and office nio. tnx for reply

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @eyes - If you're going to renew your passport, it is required to submit a photocopy of pages 1,2,3 (amendment) and last page of the passport plus the pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.

      @Karen - I tried going personally to DFA San Fernando coz namuti na mata ko dipa sila nag-eemail after I made the online sched via the email they posted. I suggest you make an appointment in SFDO personally. Download the passport form and fill it up in advance to save time. Thanks :)

    • jay e 5 years ago

      pwede po bako makaalis kung ang passport ko ai valid hangang 2011 at alis ako nang november 2011

    • eyes 5 years ago

      Hi twentyfive.

      thank you for your time. God bless and more power :)

    • sherwin 5 years ago

      hi tinatanggap pa ba sa dfa un e1 form form sss..coz i dont have valid id's except tin id lang,i have postal, tor, itr,old school id,and i heard yearbook is pwede..ok na ba yan for requirements? thanks!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Cornelia – the official online passport appointment system of the DFA is at NOT Please be careful to other websites.. The fastest way to apply passports for first-timers is through the main DFA office in Roxas Blvd Manila as they’ve got the newest technology, huge office, more employees and new facilities to serve faster. Malayo po ba kayo sa any DFA office?

      @Jay E – some countries especially those which require visa, require us to have our passport valid at least 2 years before the date of expiry. I strongly suggest, you renew it na unless you wanna take a risky immigration entry..

      @Eyes – You’re very much welcome. :) It’s a pleasure. God bless you, too.

      @Sherwin – SSS ID is considered valid. Yung SSS E1 is only a supporting doc. If you’re a student, bring the ones you have mentioned as long as the same lahat ng info like birthdate, signature and parents name. I think you’re good na :)

    • Cornelia 5 years ago

      Thanks po. Nag reply na po DFA saken. Next week na po appointment ko sa DFA sa Roxas Blvd. Thanks po ulit! :)

    • jamfer 5 years ago

      @ twentyfive ask ko lang kung pupunta ba ako sa dfa san fernando para kumuha ng schedule mas mapapaaga kaya? kc ung nakuha ko sa online na appointment is 2months pa. tnx please reply

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Jessica - Bring the requirements listed from the article especially your birth certificate. Bring your old college ID and your transcript, or library card, or your yearbook, anything that may be a good reference to your identification. They may be accepted as supporting docs. Thanks!

      @ Cornelia – wow, that’s good. Good luck and take care Kabayan :)

      @Jamfer – if they have already replied bout your appointment, you can then relax and just wait for that day. The thing is kahit pupunta ka don personally, they would appoint you 2 months after too. Ganon kadami kasi and nagpapasched. Thank you. At least they replied na. Tipid pamasahe :)

    • rosalyn buentiempo 5 years ago

      gud day... ask ko lng po if pwede n po itong requirements ko:

      sss e-1

      voters certification


      old id's

      year book

      brgy. clearance


      by monday (september 19, 2011) n po kasi ang appointment ko....pkilagay ndin po if ano pa ang kulang salamat po.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Che- those who are applying for passport need to appear at the DFA office. They’ll be signing the papers, do biometrics scans and take photos..Di kana kailangan sumama, sila lang.

      @Rosalyn – yup pwedi na yan basta similar yung info and signatures

      @azn – the prices for passport processing are listed on the article. Dagdag bayad? I dunno meron bang ganon? Lol

      @mylene – meron naman office, makakadating ka naman siguro. If you didn’t, they need a valid reason, that case perhaps they would reconsider you..

      @shin – DFA office in Clark was closed. DFA in Pampanga is now located at San Fernando, Pampanga near the central terminal, along Olongapo Gapan Road

      @Suzy – Yes, ipa-rush mo nalang pag andon kana.

    • joana. 5 years ago

      Hi. I've set an appointment with dfa but I'm still hesitant about my requirements. All I have with me are the ffg:

      NSO birth certificate. I was born August 1989 but registered January 1990. Sadly, my baptismal certificate also has a problem. My name was spelled as Joannna yet my real name is Joana. Such a headache.

      For the ID, I have just a postal ID, police clearance, voter's certificate, brgy clearance as well.

      So much trouble for this stuff. Sigh.

    • heavenly 5 years ago

      gud day twentyfive..ask ko lang if sa DFA Cagayan De Oro city kukuha pa rin ba ng appointment..?

    • mico 5 years ago


    • rich 5 years ago

      hello po, i need to have my passport before oct 23. and i can't set an appointment thru online... may prob po yta ung site nila.. wala po ksi aqng nkikita n TEXT BOX regarding "WHAT's THIS?" portion... ilang photocopies po b ang kailangan? and open po ba ang DFA on Saturdays & Sundays?

    • wyn 5 years ago

      hi inquire ko lang kung pwede na tong documents ko to apply passport or kulang pa?

      nso birth certificate

      ctc birth certificate

      college id

      high school year book

      baptismal certificate


    • Ej 5 years ago

      Hi 25 juz wanna ask a gf was trying to get her passport from dfa manila she got rejected twiced its bcoz she didn't hab her daughters birth cert is dat possible?dat she needs dat wen its not her daughter dats getting a passport??

    • tricia 5 years ago

      elo...ask ko lng kung pede na ba ung CTC na birth certificate with stamp at the back? please reply..thanks!

    • iampinklady 5 years ago

      hi i would like to ask what if, you got a pending case. is it possible to have a passport ba? please let me know. a friend of mine wants to know regarding this thanks.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Joana – they’re gonna use the name that’s written on your NSO birth certificate. Your IDs and other supporting docs must be consistent and tally with your name (same spellings), address, birthdate, parents info and signature. Your requirements sounds ok but I’m not here to assess so you’ll know on the day of your schedule.. I wish you luck :)

      @Heavenly – yup, all DFA are into scheduling appointments before going to the passport process. I listed the address and contact numbers in the article. Thank you.

      @Rich – their website is ok as this moment while I type this message. The DFA Appointment System is also available via the hotline (02) 737-1000. Call us anytime from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Thanks for dropping by!

      @JM – I think your docs are ok. But the DFA will assess them. Just read the article above so you’ll know what to do and expect. You’re welcome :)

      @Wyn – looks ok. But DFA only can assess them. They should all be consistent.

      @EJ – she needs to show those docs because the DFA needs more supporting docs from her. They won’t ask for it if it’s not reasonable or sufficient. Is she married? If she is, she needs to submit her original NSO authenticated marriage certificate.

      @Tricia – They accept Authenticated NSO birth certificate or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO depending on the NSO signatory; for born 1950 & below, Negative Birth Record from NSO & Joint Birth Affidavit from Two Disinterested Persons if no record from NSO. I mentioned that from the article. You just need to read it.

      @Pinklady – I’m not so sure with this case but I think it’s possible to get one coz NBI clearance is not really a primary requirement. I dunno what’s your friend’s pending case.. but you can try and you’ll know, right? lol

    • joize 5 years ago

      Hi, can you tell me the requirements for applying for a passport for my daughter who is in the Philippines and only 6 mos. old? My husband and I are both here in abroad. We’re planning to get our daughter in April once we go home for vacation. Thanks

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Passport of both parents, original and photocopy.

      Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA

      Personal appearance of minor with either parent.

      -If father will appear with the child, prepare the Marriage Certificate in SECPA.

      -If mother will appear with the child, no need for Marriage Certificate in SECPA.

    • Zheen 5 years ago

      Hello there, tatanong ko lang kung ok na tong mga requirements ko para sa 'New' Passport application.. :)

      NSO Birth certificate* (Photocopy)

      need ko din bang dalhin ung original na NSO B.C?

      Original Valid ID : Drivers License*

      Ok lang ba na drivers license lang ang dalhin ko? yan lang kasi valid i.d ko, and di narin ako student so nonsense na ung student i.d ko. :)

      For supporting docs.

      Drivers license (photocopy/orig)

      NBI Clearance (Photocopy/orig?)* Dadalhin din ung original?

      Transcript of Records (photocopy/orig?) dadalhin ko din ba ung original?

      Salamat! Oct. 4 2011 nga pala ung appointment ko 6:30pm (rush) :)

    • liz 5 years ago

      i still dont have nbi clearance is that really necessary if i wil get a new passport? may old nbi will expire on october 15 and may appointment to dfa is nov.17, its really hard for me to get one coz im 7months pregnant

    • dhek 5 years ago

      i lost my old passport (10 years na hindi na-renew) and i am planning to renew it now... can i just apply for a new one instead of getting an affidavit as a requirement? thank you

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Zheen – I have listed all the requirements, primary docs and supporting docs on the article. Read it fully. All docs must be shown (original and photocopy) From your message, I see meron ka lahat kaya dalhin mo nalang yun lahat especially the primary..and Xerox them. Goodluck!

      @Liz – NBI clearance is just among the supporting docs. Basta my primary docs ka and 2 valid IDs (all with consistent info and signature) plus yung supporting docs na options mo, ok kana. I have listed them all in the article. Please read them, Madam. God bless and take care. :)

      @Dimple – expedite or rush processing is up to 10 working days. Thank you.

      @Dhek – no you can’t. You need to renew it as you have already a record in the database. Good luck!

      @Hermie – please read the article. It takes only few minutes and you’ll get to know everything you need to know. Thanks. :)

    • rina 5 years ago

      hello. i'm going to renew my passport tomorrow, i only have my old passport, nso birth certificate, school id and alumni card. i already graduated but haven't received my T.O.R yet. is my school id and alumni card valid? can i bring my original school diploma too? it sucks that i don't have a driver's license.

    • whardy buenaagua 5 years ago

      hi!!tanong ko lng kung pede na yung authenticated birth certificate,bastismal cert. and postal i.d as a lng kc meron ako eh!!!!thanz and god bless

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Rubie and Whardy – as long as you have the 2 valid ID requirements and NSO birth certificate plus few documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship, then you’re ok. Thanks for dropping by. :)

      @Thea – it depends to the DFA Consular Office you wish to schedule your appointment. Yung iba kasi, konti lang people na nag-papasched kaya mas mabilis yung schedule. In my province, it took me a month after I made a schedule that they processed my passport application. And then from that day, I had to wait for 10 working days for the rush passport processing. I suggest, make your schedule na. Thanks for dropping by. :)

      @Rina – please see the requirements listed on the article for renewal of passport. But since you’re now renewing, I think they might accept your requirements as long as they show the same info and signature. Thanks. God bless

    • Armine 5 years ago

      Hi! I just want to ask if it is possible to process a passport in less than 10 days?thanks!:)

    • jam 5 years ago

      hello! i just have only one valid id which is the prc. and i have these supporting docs. baptismal,barangay clearance,E1, diploma, form 137, transcript and old school id's is that enough requirements to have a new passport?

    • jen 5 years ago

      gud aftie po ask ko lang kung sapat na po yung hawak kong requirements pra makakuha ng passport NSO,YEARBOOK,HIGHSCHOOL ID AND COLLEGE, COMPANY ID,NBI and baptismal yan lang po hawak ko sa tingin niyo po makakakuha ako ng passport?

    • iamsuperanneE 5 years ago

      hello i am from zamboanga del norte. for first timer can I apply for a passport at cagayan de oro? I just cant travel to zamboanga city due to bad circumstances.

    • lej 5 years ago

      Hi po..ask

    • ben 5 years ago

      May i know what other forms of documents can be used as substitute to IDs mentioned. It is unfortunate that SSS and voters ID take a century to be issued. Can I use the pink SSS form or a voter's certificate instead?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Louie – maybe it’s delayed. You may call the DFA office where you processed your passport to confirm

      @Armine – I don’t think it’s possible to rush it less than 10 days kasi yun na yung fastest.

      @Jam – your requirements sound ok, but only them could asses. Don’t forget your birth certificate as it’s the most important.

      @doTz – just read the instructions and list of requirements on the article. Andon yung answers. Thank you.

      @Jen – yes, basta ba accurate and consistent mga information sa mga yan, palagay ko ok kana :)

      @Lilibeth, please read the list above and the possible supporting docs. Anytime you can make an appointment on any DFA local office near you basta may pasok. You can also make an schedule online at the main DFA Appointment System is also available via the hotline (02) 737-1000. Call us anytime from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday

      @Bogz – I suggest let your spouse or children to make an schedule for your appointment so that before you go home, my appointment kana. It takes a month kasi to some office. And then it will take another 10 working days if rush passport mo before you receive it.

      @iamsuperannE – you can apply for passport at any DFA office near you

      @Ben – all the accepted documents were listed on the article. I don’t think they would accept anything other than those. Yes, a voter’s registration record from COMELEC may be accepted but you still need to complete the sufficient requirements for your reference. Thank you.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @ma.gemma - follow the steps and instructions on the article. thank you :)

      @Felix - yup, the POEA still serve passport processing for new applicants and also for renewing passports

    • melise 5 years ago

      when i lost my passport i had to get requirements as like those you submitted when you were getting new passport and then police clearance and affidavit of lost thru attorneys or law office then authenticated... then you will go to DFA and apply after they get all your documents you will be instructed to go back after 15 days of clearing period then only you will pay when you return then you will again be told to return on certain date for the releasing of your passport after you have finished having your photo taken and paying the fee.. i got mine after 14 days all in all almost a month for lost passport .....

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Melise - thanks for sharing your experience with us. It would help a lot of people with same cases. Renewing a lost passport needs the documents you have mentioned. Today, you have to make an sched (all you need at this time is the application form), then you appear on that sched for your appointment with the docs required and the fees to pay, then finally go back to claim your new passport. You dont need to go back if you paid for passport delivery. You just have to wait at home. Happy to see you here :)

      @Felix - rush passport costs P1250 today, takes about 10 working days

    • van 5 years ago

      hi ngkaprob po ako ng ngpunta ako sa dfa sept 7 2011ung appointment ko. unreadble dw nso ko.pinakuha ako ng ctc or local copy of bith certificate eh sa pangasinan pa un. kakuha ko lng nung oct 27. pede ba na pumunta dun kht hinde na ako mgset ulit ng appointment ? please rep kze hinahabol ko ung pgkuha ng pasport..tnx

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      they might accept you without making another schedule again if you tell them they asked you to come back or show them your original schedule on Sept 7 attached on your passport application form.

    • lorenz 5 years ago

      Good evening po, ask ko lang po kung pwede ipakuha ang passport sa release date. We have planned a trip out of town kasi. salamat po.

    • E.Najera 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm 19 years old, a student at isa lang po ang ID na meron ako, school ID lang po. Pano po un since need 2 valid ids? :(

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Lorenz – I’m not sure if they still accept authorization letter to represent you in claiming your passport..Pero dati ina-accept yun, Try nyo lang. Wala naman mawawala.

      @Tart – I just know the online appointment for passport is for the DFA head office in Manila. I dunno the exact address to make an appointment in Legazpi. Once you knew it, please share it here. :) Thank you.

      @E. Najera – you can bring docs like yearbook, diploma, transcript and the listed supporting documents on the article. Please read the article above. Thank you.

      @Rowena – office hours is from 8-5 pm only.

    • lheya 5 years ago

      hellow po.. tanong ko lng po kung kailangan p b ng appointment kpag ngparenew ng passport sa tuguegarao branch? un po kcng iba, ang sabi hindi ndaw po kailangan... thankyou :)

    • Arran 5 years ago

      No One answers the contact number given for the laspi branch. does anyone know the office hours or is there anouther phone number ???

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Lheya- hi! You mean pre-schedule of passport application? I know all DFA offices require appointment schedule before passport processing. Siguro yung ibang region hindi na while they only have small population. Best to contact your DFA office. Tell us if kelangan ok? Thanks!

      @Gerl and Nora – please read the listed requirements on the article for new and renewal of passports. Thank you.

      @Allyssa – passport application form and valid IDs when you’re only setting a schedule

      @E.Najera – working days are usually Mon-Fri not including holidays. Rush processing is for 10 wd. Consider the holidays in between those days you have processed your passport.

      @Arran – IDK the contact number of Legazpi branch. Call the operator on your area.

      @Jay-Are – Good day! Kung meron ka lahat ng docs ok lang. Basta bring the docs required that are listed on the article. Thank you.

      @Mark – Hi. Please read the article and you’ll know everything. Thank you. God bless

    • ghen 5 years ago

      hi , ask ko lng kung ano pang requirements for student ?, im only 17 yrs old , nso birth certificate , baptismal & student id lng po merun ako :)

    • Mirai 5 years ago

      Hi po. I only have NSO, School ID, voter's reg record and baptismal.

      Student lang po ako tas wala pa akong NBI clearance.

      Ok na po ba un?

      Nagdadalawang-isip kasi akong kukuha ng NBI clearance kasi 10 working days un makukuha. Pupunta sana ako ng DFA bukas. Thank you :3

    • alemap 5 years ago

      hi te twentyfive ask ko lng po if pwede na ung nso bc at affidavit of discrepancy sa pgkuha ng passport..may clerical error kc sa bc ko at hndi qo pa napaayos sa civil registrar? Please answer me te ! Thanks and God bless

    • candy 5 years ago

      gudpm!! hndi kc aq mkkapunta sa appointment ko ngaun 21..since 1 week advance kailangn para ma cancel mo un ko lng sana kung pwde ulit aq kumuha ng bagong appointment two weeks from now? tnx!!

    • mae 5 years ago

      hi ask ko lng po kung pwede na po ako kumuha ng passport ung b day ko po kasi ay JUNE 22 1993 . no need to bring a parents right hope u can reply to me tnx po MAE .

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Ghen, Mirai, Aj –NSO birth certificate is a must. If you don’t have no more IDs, just bring TOR, baptismal, yearbook, school curriculum or any document that will prove our identity with name, birthdate, parents, home address, details that show your citizenship. Please read the whole article above. Thank you.

      @Wena- the purpose of getting your passport is not really a big issue. Just because you put ‘to visit your sister abroad’ doesn’t mean you can’t use it to somewhere and something else. Don’t worry. :)

      @Alemap- yes, it would help if you bring that. God bless you too.

      @Candy-yes, you can always get a new appointment.

      @Mae-yes you can :)

    • Roda Fernandez 5 years ago

      hi Sir ask po ...puede po pang sa online ako mag registered pra sa appointment ko pag kuha ng passport sa SAN FERNANDO PAMPANGA. ang sabi kc hinde na daw puede sa online pra mka kuha ng appointment pag sa pampanga... sa manila lang daw. totoo po ba. ?

    • ac 5 years ago

      am i going to have a problem about this? my surname is foreign because i'm adopted but i'm a filipino citizen. i already have an appointment for new passport next week @ 9am, is it gonna take the whole day to process everything & can i process it in DFA clark pampanga branch?

    • Ric 5 years ago

      Ano po ang supporting documents para baguhin ang birth place ng passport ko. Kc last 1993 ang kumuha ng passport ko ay ang agency mali po ang birth place.

    • roche18 5 years ago

      kailngan pa po ba magpaskedule uli after ng 15days clearing period ng lost passport? o pwedeng deretso na lang ako sa dfa?

    • cris 5 years ago

      accurate ba yong 10 days sir? coz my girlfriend is scheduled on december 6 for her passport and i'm planning to pick her up from hongkong on december 22, makukuha nya kaya yong passport nya on december 20, para mapa-buk ko sya on d 22nd. thanks

    • stevie 5 years ago


      My girlfriend living in Antipolo has been busy obtaining all the necessary documents for a passport.

      She told me that she had to do a great deal of traveling to get these documents. First she told me that the total costs were 15,000.00php for about 8 documents, later she told me the amount she had spent was much higher, because of transport costs and food. As far as I know, the furthest she had to travel was Cavite. I heard now from her that she has had to pay in total (Including one letter mistake of her surname on her birth certificate) 70,000.00php. I have a lot of doubt as to this amount being possible. Could you anyone please tell me of the real costs of all documents necessary for a new application for a standard passport. I would be most grateful for any information on this matter, salamat po.

    • joe 5 years ago

      pag po nakakuha na ng online appointment valid po ba yun sa san fernando branch lang or pwedi rin sa clark branch, mas malapit po kasi ako dun - new passport applicant here... thank u

    • 5 years ago

      pede po ba talaga mag pa set ng appointment sa dfa san fernando?d kasi ako makaalis dahil my 7 months akong baby.thanks

    • E.Najera 5 years ago

      Went last November 12 to apply for passport. NSO birth certificate ska isang xerox copy lang ng (school) ID ang kinuha sakin. Makukuha ko ung passport by Nov. 28, rush processing. Ask ko lng po kung pano po kung di ko siya makuha by monday? Pde ko b kunin maybe s next saturday? If so where and how :) ty

    • glen john 5 years ago

      ask lang po ako hit po kasi nbi ko, and i urgently need to have a passport, what should i do para ma process po passport ko?thanks...

    • franlou21 5 years ago

      hi. po ilang day po mag renew nang passport sa poea dito sa davao at magkano po ang price.

      need ko po din ang address kong saan po mag renew nang passport.

      mas mabilis ba ang renew nang passport sa manila kay sa davao?

      need your help po.. plss

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Roda I suggest you get an early schedule personally at the DFA in Pampanga. I’ve tried making schedule online but they didn’t reply so I applied personally. It took me a month to process my passport. I dunno if they still entertain online schedules though. Thank you. God bless.

      @Ac- I suggest you use the surname you’re using right now. Just bring the requirements and see how it goes. DFA Clark is already closed. The new DFA office is now in San Fernando.

      @Ric just read the article above completely and you’ll know. Thank you :)

      @Roche It depends on the DFA office in your region. Some kasi doesn’t require pre-sched as the applications are not that bulky. Thanks!

      @Cris – usually, the 10 days is accurate. Depends upon the courier. They’re the one who will deliver kasi. You have no hundred percent assurance as some circumstances arise. Like when they didn’t find your address easily. My parents had theirs 12 days after. I suggest you book your flight when your new passport is with you already.

      @Stevie – Oh that sounds so strange. If you have doubts then it means something…70,000 is a lot of money. Rush passport processing only costs P1250 right now (Nov. 2011) Regular is lower. I’m not in the position to judge your girlfriend since I don’t really know her situation but Dude, that’s a lot of money. Even transpo is so cheap here. Even a flight ticket wont cost 15,000 inside the Philippines. Just saying..My advice is, just meet her personally and get to know her better. Then see if you can trust her. If you have more questions or concerns about the Philippines and stuff here, just contact me. Glad to help anyway I can. Bless you!

      @Joe- As far as I know, there’s no DFA office in Clark anymore.

      @Alexis – sa DFA head office nay un.

      @Annyouna You can ask your husband or parents to make an shed for you.

      @Rheamai yes, because that’s the first pre-requisite in working abroad or traveling abroad. Agencies always prioritize the applicants with complete documents.

      @Lhen just go to I know your concern will be answered there. Thank you.

      @E.najeraIf it’s rush processing, you don’t need to get it. They will deliver it to your address.

      @Glen Just have the other requirements listed on the article above. Thanks!

      @Khani You are welcome. I’m not sure how long will they make you an appointment since I never tried the main DFA online appointment. It’s only perfect for those who are close to Manila. The schedules are only for DFA main. You need to make a sched in your province if you want to process your passport there.

      @Franlou The list of DFA offices are displayed on the article. Halos pareho lang bilis ng processing.

      @Chepot if your info are all consistent and match each other then they’re all ok.

    • rheamai 5 years ago

      Thanks for the reply Ms. Twentyfive! :) I have a concern on Stevie's case since my little sister has problems on birth certificate also, I heard that some mistakes in birth certificate will cost a lot of money mostlikely in real name, because it will be fixed through court and need to pay them. The older the person to fix the birth certificate, the higher the cost. Is it true? What might be the effect of this while applying the passport?

    • dennis 5 years ago

      twentyfive - just want to let you know that i salute you for the patience in answering all these questions, despite most can be answered by reading the article above :)

    • franlou21 5 years ago

      hi po saan po talaga mag re-renew nang passport po? sa POEA po BA? o sa DFA?

      tumawag kasi ang kuya ko sabi daw niya na sa POEA Daw ako mag ask? piro sabi nag tatay ko sa sa DFA po saan po talaga?

      at kapag seaman po sa DFA parin mag re-renew nang passport?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Lime71 I don’t know any bank affiliated with the DFA. Just pay exactly at the DFA.

      @Rheamai You are welcome! I heard some stuff about that case too. Different stuff actually. But since I don’t know exactly what happens and how much, I don’t wanna make any presumption. If you happened to fix that case with your sister with an attorney, please share with us the process :) We will surely appreciate it as it will be so helpful. Thank you. God bless!

      @Dennis Thank you for the wonderful message. Yes, I hope they just read the article to know the answers to their questions.

      @John Yes, I suggest you download the application form and fill it out. Para you know what to bring and what info you need. I’m not sure if the Pampanga still accept email schedules since I went there myself kasi nainip ako, di sila nag-reply.

      @Aiden Hi! Yes, bring all the mentioned docs you have and if they match with each other, you can apply.

      @Franlou You can renew either at DFA or POEA. Both can entertain you. I suggest you go directly sa POEA since you’re just renewing na and medyo mas mabilis doon.

      @E. Najera It’s ok if you didn’t go on Monday. Just bring your receipt and claim your passport. They will give it the day it is released or the day after that. Thank you.

    • Aiden 5 years ago

      Thank you, twentyfive! :)

    • Freya 5 years ago

      Hi, twentyfive! Monday to Friday din ba and schedule for Rush processing or Saturday lang talaga?

    • chelliemie28 5 years ago

      hi gud am po ask ko lang po pag nakuhanan na ng biometrics at signature and photo ang applicant okay na po ba un? or may final steps pa para maprocess ng tuluyan ang passport?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Nexy- yes, the CTC must be stamped by NSO (signatory) It would have been better if you asked the civil registrar to endorse you to NSO so they will store your new CLEAR and READABLE birth certificate to their database so when you get a copy again, it's OK na.

      @Freya hi! Yes, it's also regular working days, Mon-Fri. Medyo mas mabilis sa POEA from my experience.

      @Chelliemie hi! Yes, ok na. Make sure the receipt is with you so you can claim it at the date posted. Just check your receipt before you go home and ask the last window if you're on the final step. Double sureness ba. heheh

    • emmacomo 5 years ago

      good afternoon.. sinubukan ko po kanina ang online application (family application) sa ... tapos naisip ko:

      1. purpose of travel whether tour, work o migration. actually, si papa lang po sana magttrabaho sa ibang bansa, may sponsor po sya na taga-doon.. so WORK na po agad un? ung the rest of the family ang hindi ko po sigurado kung MIGRATION agad... may 1yr.old po pala kaming kasama...

      2. ung online application po ba ay para lang sa mga taga-Manila? hindi po ako makapag-proceed sa online application kasi baka magkamali po ako.. sa DFA Davao City po kami sana mag-aapply...

      3. and regarding the IDs, wala po akong voter's ID eh.. postal ID lang.. at hanggang last semester lang ang validity ng college ID ko.. bale graduate na ako pero sa April pa mamartsa.. at wala pang TOR at College diploma... basta consistent ang lahat ng details ng documents namin, ayos na po yun?

      4. kelangan din po ba ng VISA? sa Australia po sana kami pupunta...

      Maraming salamat po sa pagtitiyaga nyong sumagot sa mga tanong namin.. God bless po.. :)

    • michelle 5 years ago

      hello guys.. meron me prob about my marital status here in singapore. need q po help.. kakadating lang nmin s singapore at gus2 ko sna mg-apply kaso ung docs q pti passport at id's eh single p aq pero s totoo eh married n aq recently. d q n napabago ung mga docs kc la pa marriage contract from nso. ahm, pwede b mg-apply d2 s singapore khit n iba ung marital status q? mg-kakaprob kaya me d2 s singapore kapag ng-apply ng working visa? wat b kylangan ko gawin pra d me mgka-prob d2 s pg-aaply at s working visa. ang worry ko eh bka pg-ngkawork aq n ang mga docs q at passport q eh single p aq at nalaman nila e2 bka mapa-deport aq. wat b dpt ko gwin? tnx tnx

    • maffig 5 years ago

      gud am.i have a passport issue year 2000 and valid until yr 2005 diko sya naiirenew kasi dinako nagbalak mag abroud naka surname sa husband ko b4..10yrs na kaming hiwalay ngaun gusto ko sana kumuha ng passport again kaya lang pwedi koba gamitin yung surname ko nung dalaga ako lahat ng id ko gamit ko surname nung dalaga ako.pano kaya ang magandang gawin?at san ako pweding lumapit?

    • Lina 5 years ago


      I'm Lina Im International students here in australia, I just want to renew my passport, hindi siya expire But! That was my married name in my X husband, since na annul na po kasal ko last june, Gusto ko na po palitan ang surname ko sa passport, kasal na po ako sa foreign husband ko dito sa australia, now how can renew my passport here? I wanna used my husband foreign surname in my passport. Thank You!



    • lj 5 years ago

      hi, ask ko lng po kung pano makkakuha ng passport using may maiden name. married n po kasi ako ang most of my valid IDs carried my married name. what po pwede supporting docs kung mga IDs iba na ung family name n naka indicate. tnx

    • Agustina77 5 years ago


      good day to you, if ill go personally to DFA Pampanga to get an appointment what documents should i be submitting or bringing? just the application form? if ill be sending an email on their online appointment i just need to give the infos needed you listed above right? thank you

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      My girlfriend NCO birth certificate has the wrong birth date because it was copied from her Baptismal Certificate which was incorrect. These documents give her a birth date 12 years older than what she is. All her other documents such as school id show the correct birth date. It is obvious she could not have attend school when she did if she was the age on her BC's. She now needs to apply for her Passport. Is this inconsistency of DOB going to be an issue. To change the DOB she has been quoted 58,000 peso which seems an extraordinary action to have to take given the cost and the obvious fact she could not be 12yrs older than she is.

    • Kam 5 years ago

      Can a British born Indian get Filipino Citizenship and Passport ?

    • Micae 5 years ago

      I already set an appointment this Saturday.

    • Micaela 5 years ago

      Hi. How long does it take to get a rushed passport? Is only applicable to applicants who are willing to go to Pampanga? Thanks.

    • Iknowright 5 years ago

      Hey Mr. Twenty-five :) this helps a lot! Voted up!! :P

      btw here's my story :D , i was able to apply for my passport (first time for addtnl identification, nothing really important),so i choose pick up instead of delivery, also i know am not gonna be home that week of delivery, and so i missed to pick it up @ the dfa offce and i totally forgt about it, and its like 5 or 6 mos now LOL,(well also its bec i got lazy everytime i think of the crowd at the DFA offce :D ).

      And now im booking my flight to sg and they need my passport #! then i only realized "where the heck is my passport#??" Since i dnty have my passport handy i can get this flight reservation done.. So my question is can i still pick it up even if its ages now or do i need to show any other document they might need? :) I need you answer pls :) I just dnt wanna miss this flight, coz its CHEAP!! LMAO. THANKS THANKS THANKS :) cheers!!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Lyhong hello there :) You must call their customer service or support and tell your case. Sayang nga naman.

      @Emmacomo hi! My suggestions regarding your questions

      1. Purpose of travel, to your dad’s put ‘to work abroad’ to all the rest, put ‘to travel abroad’ since you’re not yet going there officially to migrate. It won’t be a problem naman.

      2. Yes, so far, I know the DFA online application is for only applicants close to Manila since the processing in the new DFA office in Roxas Blvd is much faster. If you’re from the other side of the Philippines, use the local DFA offices na lang.

      3. Just bring your NSO authenticated birth certificate and your school IDs kahit expired. If possible, your registration form in the recent semester as they have the information they needed. And if possible, your high school yearbook. I’ve listed the other supporting docs in the article above.

      4. Yes, since you’re a Filipino citizen, you need a visa to enter Australia. In your case, you need visitor’s visa. You can apply at the Australian embassy in the Philippines or online. I think they serve visa application online too.

      You’re welcome. I reply to queries when I can. Kahit na medyo late na ko reply. Hehe God bless!

      @Michelle hello! You can use your single status naman while waiting for your NSO marriage certificate. And you can make an update and adjust your civil status anytime you want. I suggest, you adjust your status when the certificate came. Then adjust everything –passport, employee profile and IDs. Everything follows kase once your marriage certificate is there. It’s the key to it. Above all, I suggest you tell your employer your real status coz they have the right to know. Better to be honest and consistent. :) Bless ya!

      @Maffg hi! You can use your maiden name when your husband died or when your marriage was annulled or if you’re divorced. I don’t know any way but that. According to DFA if you wanna revert back to use your surname (maiden name) you have to submit the following:

      -Death Certificate of the deceased husband and Marriage Contract (MC) issued by NSO or by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.

      -If marriage is annulled: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on annulment and NSO-issued Marriage Certificate with the annotation on the annulment decree.

      -If divorced: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce is obtained and NSO-issued Marriage Certificate with the annotation on the divorced decree.

      @Lina hello! Just bring the requirements I mentioned at Maffg above if you’re annulled and bring your Certificate of Attendance from CFO (Commission of Filipino Overseas) if married to a foreigner (color green). Cheers!

      @LJ – please read my reply to Maffg. Thank you.

      @Lufie hello! Yes, you can claim it at office hours. Just bring the receipt and claim it on the DFA office where you applied.

      @Agustina hi! Setting an appointment in Pampanga starts at 8am to 11am only. Just bring valid ID and tell the guard you’re going to set a schedule. Ask for a copy of application form too.

      @Sprucegoose hi! Yes, it may be an issue in the future. I suggest you settle it now. So you wont have a problem in the future. Like when the time she’s gonna retire etc.. I know it sucks but hey, choose to solve it. :)

      @Kam hi! If became a Filipino citizen by law, yes. Visit this article.

      @Micaela – hello! Good for you. The DFA online passport application currently serves the head office applicants in the moment. And it’s it Manila not Pampanga.

      @Iknowright hi! LOL I am Miss Twentyfive. No worries. As long as you have the receipt, you can pick it up. Tell them it’s been 6 months since it was supposed to be claimed. You’re giving the DFA people a hard task for this hehe. Don’t forget to tell us about your trip to SG.

    • SpruceGoose 5 years ago

      Thank you twentyfive. It is more the time it is going to take to settle the age problem. We know it will need to be done but we were wanting her passport for end of Jan 2012 so she can travel back to the UK. Do you know if the DFA will accept an Affidavit of Discrepancy - DOB

      Kind regards

    • joyviray 5 years ago

      ask ko lang po kase Postal ID, Student driver permit lang ang valid ID ko...ung PRC ko kase pinarenew/change status 1-3months ko pa makukuha.and nbi clearance claim stub yr ko pa makukuha...pwede na po ba yun..meron naman ako BC NSO,Marriage Cont.,TOR, and other supporting docu..pwede na po ba un..naka sched po kase ako sa 21. and lost/expired and magpapachange status ako....may clearing period pa po ba tapos pwede ko rin po ba iparush? tnx po

    • Micaela 5 years ago

      Ohh sorry haha Uhm. I live in Cebu. Can I have my appointment here in Cebu lang?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @SpruceGoose hi! Yeah, it’s worth it anyway. :) I just know the DFA will fixed all matters as long as there are proper documents submitted to them. The DFA new office in Roxas Blvd entertains such issues. They have a special department for that. I suggest you go there coz they have more staffs and the facilities are new. Don’t forget to share with us what happened. It’ll help everyone. :)

      All the best to you and your sweetheart. :)

      @Joyviray hello! Just bring the supporting docs listed on the article and you’ll be alright. Rush processing is for 10 working days.

      @Micaela hi! Yeah you can have your appointment in DFA Cebu :) Ingat.

    • mary ann 5 years ago

      wala kasi akong scool id ok lang ba kong tin id lang ung gamitin ko at tsaka yong PSO NBI nalan

    • 5 years ago

      ask ko lang po kong ok lang ba na elementary ID at saka BIR lang yong gamitin ko? pag kmuha ng passport complto na man po yong mga requirement ko ID nalang ksai yong prob ko eh

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      Thanks twentyfive. She will be there at the DFA Tacloban City at 9am. She said she could not get through on the telephone to speak with them. She has to make a 3hr journey to get to the City so she will be staying with a friend for a few days. We will just have to deal with it if we get a negative response to a quick and easy solution. I will post here what the outcome is as soon as I know. Kind regards

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      The DFA have said she has to get her BC birth date changed. She is going to see a lawyer on Thursday in Borongan. If that was a problem in the UK an affidavit would be okay to change your BC. They don't like making it easy there for people. From what I have found out on the internet is is a long costly business. How do they expect ordinary people to find the money for these things if anything makes me angry it is that.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Marry Ann & Little_1290 – Hello. Bring the other supporting documents listed on the article. Thank you.

      @Sprucegoose Hi! Thank you for updating us about your girlfriend’s problem. I know what you feel. I also have a slight problem with my birth certificate. My Mum’s name has been wrongspelled. I dunno if I must change it. The DFA told me, it’s costly and I need a lawyer and have to post the change in a newspaper blah blah blah.. So I just let it be. At least my name is correct. Lots of people here have same issues. They just can’t afford to solve the problem because it’s really not that easy and they don’t have the money for it. At least now your girlfriend and you will be together and just forget about this headache. Contact me if you’re back in the UK with her. :) God bless.

      All the best to you Spruce.. :)

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      thanks twentyfive, will post the process on here and the cost. It is exactly what has to be done for her as her other id's conflict so you had a narrow escape :)

      kind regards

    • boschip 5 years ago


      Great article! I was just wondering if I could get some clarification, Im already waiting for my passport to be processed and chose the NON-RUSH option from Dec 2,2011.

      I then realized that I need my passport rushed now, is there a way to choose that option now? Will I get any help if I go to the DFA?

      Any advice will be appreciated :)

    • boschip 5 years ago

      Hi again!

      I just created an account to make sure my question is viewed. lol

    • cathyrine 5 years ago

      i was just wondering if its true that they can get there passport in 7 days.

    • michelle joy viray 5 years ago

      ok lng pu ba na mg pa appointment aku ulit?2 beses na pu kxe aku ng pa appoitment.kala ku kxe ma release ku agad ung bc ng baby ku xa nso ng file p ku ng endorsment kya na cancel ung appointment nya, 3 months pu ung baby ku need p pu ba ng passport picture ? tsaka anu p pung required n requirements. ? thnx pu

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      It’s a pleasure Spruce :) Thank you so much too. I’m sure her docs will be ok soon. Yeah, the best thing is to fix it. :)

      All the best to you and her :)

      @Boschip hello there :) Just tell the DFA you choose the RUSH option when paying your passport bills.

      @Cathyrine Hmmm 7 days? I haven’t heard anyone got his in 7 days. Rush takes about 10 working days.

      @Elena hi! Please read the article completely the requirements are listed there. Thank you.

      @Efex – they will notice it naman so don’t worry

      @michelle hi! Yeah it’s ok if you make an appointment again. The old one will not be valid anymore. DFA doesn’t require pictures just like before because they will take your picture via their camera. The requirements are listed above. Thank you.

    • maritess Higginbottom 5 years ago

      I'm married to an American,(six years now) I want to take a vacation with my cousin, I'm being told I must have a CFO certificate and training(thats a joke,I could do the training)but she doesn't need one because she has a philippino last name. This is crazy, I live here and have no plans to leave except for vacation. WHY must I take this training.

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      The passport takes another twist, the elder sister with whom she shares the same birth date has a different name on her BC to their mother. According to the lawyer she has to correct this first either by affidavit or through the NCO.

      My point is 'what if she didn't have an elder sister and according to the BC she has not (different names on BC's) so there must be an alternative. The only other 'matter of fact' of her age must be her school document which must be correct as she could not have attended school at the time if she was twelve years older.

      The cost to do the change of birth date and the affidavit has been quoted at 80,000 peso.

      Any suggestions would be welcome, my girlfriend lives in this area balangkayan eastern samar

    • jerina 5 years ago

      Last December 20 I went to DFA for my passport application. Thus, my passport will be released on January 12. However, a few minutes ago it occurred to me that what I typed on the current address item was my office address. I really don't know what to do. Would it be possible for me to change that before the release date? What would be the bearing just in case there's no other way they can change it?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @I_eya hello. Your passport will be valid until the expiration date. Yup, it’s ok if your passport was not processed from the batch of the new ones today. Don’t worry.

      @Maritess hi. I don’t understand why you need a CFO..That’s weird.

      @Sprucegoose hello my friend. Happy New Year! Oh wow, that’s another headache. Sorry bout that my friend. 80,000 wow that’s a lot of money. But yes I heard it costs a lot to fix a name here. You are lucky you can afford it. I don’t know any alternative to solve that. If you did, please tell me coz my Mum’s name is different from my BC too..Thank you. I hope you can solve this and there’s a cheaper way.

      @jerina hi. Why didn’t you go back after few minutes when you realized that? In case you didn’t able to change it, it is ok. Just wait for another time to renew it. Then you can change your address.

      @Yna hi. Not sure if they schedule early appointments in Legazpi. Just go to the DFA directly and if you need to set up a schedule prior to passport processing, then do so. Thank you.

    • maria pauline 5 years ago

      hi there are there any possibilities that my dad's year of birth 1950 in his "still valid" passport be changed into his real year of birth 1944? thank you and God bless please send me your response at

      thank you Godbless~~


    • l_eya 5 years ago

      Hi. I called dfa and they told me na palagyan ng signature line ung machine readable passport. Is it necessary? Kng machine readable nman ung passport? They told me to bring valid I'd pro I only have postal and birth cert. Tnx

    • 5 years ago

      my passport was expire for the past 10 years(1992)! it is possible to renew again even if i never use my passport?

    • SpruceGoose 5 years ago

      It looks like 80,000 is an over estimate. She has yet to confirm the cost from the Lawyer. An affidavit was obtained in relation to her sister as her name is not being changed.

      It is a misconception that us foreigners can afford all things. The UK is an expensive place to live, in the Philippines I could live like a King LOL. I would rather move there for that reason alone. I will be there at the end of January for one month and I am really looking forward to it. After all this is complete and she has her passport we still have to get her visa for the UK. I am sure it will not be without difficulty but that Miss twentyfive will be another story lol. The one thing we have improve is the communication between us as her home location does not get a network signal. Its all part of lives challenges

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Clark hello. Yes the passport fees and processing days are the same. I think DFA Baguio is scheduling pre-appointments too because it’s a city with big population.

      @Maria hi. Yes, it’s possible as long as you fix it with an attorney. There are lots of cases like that. If you ask the DFA, they definitely know how to advice you. The head office has a separate department for that.

      @I_eya hi. I don’t get it why you need to put a signature line while signature was there to new passports…

      @Jepoy hello. Yes, you can renew it na. hehe

      @I hope the cost will reduce to half LOL It’s so expensive. What I really meant by saying you can afford things is that you can afford all things here in the Philippines coz you’re from the UK. Pound and Euro converted to peso yes will make you a king. :) My partner is from the UK too, coming here on March. It’s our first meeting. :) Wow, you’re coming here, too. Geez you must drop by and treat me for coffee. LOL I hope your girlfriend’s papers will be all settled and I hope you guys live happily wherever you may go :) All the best.. Fehl (that’s my name)

      @JS. Please read the whole article above. The answers are there. Thank you.

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      Hello Fehl. It looks like we will be a good sample for you in the future because you will go through some of the same things I think. You are right the pound and the Euro weigh in very well against the Peso. Also lots of stuff there is cheaper to. A good hotel room for example is 1200 peso here it would cost 2-3 times this. Hmmmm Love on the internet ? wow very exciting, bold and adventurous. He may have a real gem in you from the way you scribe here! I met my girlfriend last October and we spent the whole of my 3wk holiday together. This time it will be 4wks. We will be in her province for awhile meet her parents and then go somewhere else. I will be in Tacloban City on the 1st Feb. If you are anywhere on route be happy to buy you that coffee. Thanks for all your encouragement,its good to have someone out there to bounce things off. I need a decent hotel in Manilla for one night when I arrive, suggestions welcome. Good luck in your love life may all your dreams come true :) Will

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hello Will. Yeah looks like it. Wish fixing my mom's name is cheaper though LOL Yup yup things here are so cheap as mode of living is cheap. Yeah love on the net. It's crazy beautiful. :) I found a real gem, too. :) Tacloban is in Leyte right? Wow, that's far from where I am. I hope you have a fantastic time together. Say hi to her parents. :) I am looking for a lovely place in Manila right now, too. I know lots of place but minimum stay are for 3 days only. They are condos in Makati. Some are 50 USD per day some cheaper. But majority in that range. I found one which you may like, it's 2,500 PESOS per day and it's damn new, with pool, sanitized linens and sheets..It's a condo near Mall of Asia. I'm actually interested with this one. Why not stay on it and tell me if it's worth it. Here's the link Maybe then I can say hi to you and have coffee LOL All the best to you and your Filipina Princess. :)

    • FREDERICKGIRON 5 years ago

      how to get passport form?

      this is my first time to searching wedsite?

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      Yes i believe it is, but she lives cabay, balangkayan, eastern samar. I am staying in Manilla for one night as there are no flights to Tacloban in the evening. I fly to Tacloban the next morning. Initially I am only passing through Manilla. I have booked a hotel close to the airport as I have seen the traffic there lol. I will know the cost of all this better when I am there as speaking over a mobile to skype connection is not good.

      The place looks really 'cool' and a very good rate. When you eventually decide on coming to the UK you have to process your visa in Manilla so it would be worth looking for something close to there. There are two questions for me 1. do we marry there and I apply to bring her here as my wife or 2. apply for a UK fiancée visa. It has to be the one of less resistance and I am not sure yet which is the most successful way. If you know of anyone who has done either recently please let me know.

      Good luck Will :)

    • RowenaE. 5 years ago

      Nagsubmit ako ng original marriage contract, ngayon magpaparenew ako ulit. ok lang ba mag submit ng xerox copy ng certified true copy by NSO na marriage contract.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Since you're just renewing, marriage certificate is under the supporting docs so I think they will accept photocopy..Just bring the original primary requirements for renewal of passport which I have listed on the article.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Frederick hello. Download the DFA application form and print it. I have posted the link on the article above. Thank you.

      @Sprucegoose hi. Oh yeah, traffic in Manila is a big headache. It’s practical to just book a hotel near it.

      Yup, I love the place so much and I talked to the owner already. I’m gonna reserve accommodation this week I hope. I don’t know so much about fiancé visa stuff but all I know and sure of is that if you married here in the Phil. you can’t divorce anymore as there’s no divorce here. So if you’re realistic, marry in the UK. But if you’re so sure of her, then marry here. About the speed visa approval, fiancé visa will be approved as long as the documents required are consistent and complete. You have met her like twice or more so I think you have lots of proofs already and you are financially secured anyway, I think once your GF’s birth certificate was settled, you wont have any problem anymore with fiancé visa. Have a nice day :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Christopher -hi. The steps and tips are discussed on the article above. Please read it. Thank you :)

      @Myles hello. They require valid IDs plus the supporting documents listed above.

      @Toni hi. Just leave the middle name blank. Since they follow what it's on the birth certificate, then I think it's ok.

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      Hello Fehl, I had a tx from my girlfriend today and it said the Lawyer was not sure if the NCO will approve the BC. The whole process will take 2-3months. So I am confused as to the process they are following. On the internet it require it to go through courts to be changed and it has to be published in the Newspaper. The cost for the so far is 16000 peso. For this and the fact it will take so long I would say you need to be sure of its success??

      best wishes Will :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Walk hi. Voter’s IDs are claimed in the municipal office where you are voting.

      @Philhealth ID is not listed as it’s not an ID, it just shows anyone's Philhealth number.

      @Sprucegoose hello Will. Yeah that’s what I know all this time about changing someone’s name. You have to ask a lawyer and your name will be posted in the newspaper. I heard it costs around 20,000. But then it really depends from the lawyer’s fee. Hope your lawyer is kind just charge you two grand. 80,000 maybe too much. Law stuff here takes too much time and money. Justice is so slow..I will pray for you. God bless. :)

    • Sprucegoose 5 years ago

      Hi Fehl, the real lesson here is 'before you fall in love check their documents are in order' lol

      Kind regards


    • Shamus 5 years ago

      My GF is having problems getting her passport at they say the NSO BC is unclear as her name has been double printed and is blurry. They tell she will have to go to LCR of birth to get original. It is little far for her to travel. Would i be possible for the LCR to send good copy to her NSO? or is there other option like supporting docs. Thanks, Shamus

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi will! Heheh yeah I agree with what you said here. lol All the best..Fehl

      Hello Shamus. The solution for that is to go to the LCR where she was born and adjust her BC and then the LCR will endorse it to the NSO head office so the new and clear BC will be forwarded to their database. Once you get a new copy, it's gonna be clear and new. I think it takes about a month or 3. If you know someone in NSO, maybe it could be expedite.

    • hersheys 5 years ago

      im renewing my passport but im a little confused which surname i should type since i just got married. i have the supporting documents though. i will now use the last name of my hubby & since we already have the MC in SECPA authorized by NSO should i key in my new surname on the application form to get an appoinment? & will i just indicate on my status that im now married? im still single on my old passport and using my maiden name. btw, i also have trouble with the first name im using & with the name i have in my BC. what my mom did was to get an affidavit of discrepancy. it was indicated in that document that im executing it to prove that eg BELLE and BHEL is one & the same person. although they still use the name i have in my BC : / the only good thing about it, its not too pricey and less headache once you have that affidavit. just sharing. thanks & much love!

    • Monaisa 5 years ago

      I want my daughter to apply for her passport. She's still in her minor age. She's 10 years old and I can't apply for her coz I'm here in Hong kong. What are the requirements needed for applying her passport. Can I ask my sister to help me apply for her passport? thank you and waiting for your emmidiate reply.

    • Lindon 5 years ago

      Hi, pwede po ba gamitin ang marriage certificate sa pag kuha ng passport.kasi may problema po ang birth certificate ng asawa ko. wala po syang surname sa birth certificate nya, kaya ang gagamitin na nya na surname ay yung sa akin. possible po kaya na makakuha na sya?

    • thelma balba 5 years ago

      gud day, ask ko lng po kung makaka pag apply ako ng passport without my NBI clearance, kasi po sa january 27,2012 pa ang release ng clearance ko at kailangan ko na po sana makakuha ng passport.tnx

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Hershey hi!. Use your married name right now so that all your documents like IDs, employment records, SSS/GSIS,BIR, Pagibig and Philhealth (if any) will all be consistent. And one day, you’ll have a child, I’m sure he’ll use your real married surname. And then you have to make an update for example to your SSS/BIR/ and employment records as your child will share your benefits. Using your maiden name will only cause you headache and complications in the future. Just saying. So yeah, indicate that you are now married. :) Consistency is still the best. Thank you for dropping by. Much love..

      @Jenny hello! Request that from the NSO so they will expedite the BC of your child in their database.

      @Monaisa hi. Either one of the parents must appear when applying for passport of minor children. I’m not really sure if they would allow your sister to represent you. Requirements are:

      -Passport of mother, original and photocopy.

      -Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA

      -Personal appearance of minor with either parent.

      @Lindon hi. Yes to married females talaga they need to submit their original marriage certificate issued by NSO. And your wife still needs to show her BC. I think they will consider her new surname. It’s really very unusual that her BC has no surname. :)

      @Cathy hi. If you wanna revert back to your maiden name, you have to submit documents of your annulled marriage or divorced marriage. You can also revert back if your husband died.

      @Thelma hello. Yes you can as long as the primary documents required are there. NBI is under the supporting docs. Bring the other supporting docs nalang. Read the article above thank you.

    • Rosemarie is playing poker! 5 years ago

      hi ask ko lng po bir lng meron ako id and other supporting documents pwede n po kayo yun suggest nmn po kung ano pwede ko png gawin para mkakuha ng passport un sss id at voters id n kinuha ko po years p dw bago mrealease salamat po

    • snooky 5 years ago

      hi po!..kailangan po ba 2 valid id?? di po ba pdeng isa lang?pra sa passport? valid na po ba ang students permit?o non pro?

    • jingYdon 5 years ago

      hello po! ask ko lang if american citizen husband ko,at ipa change status ko old passport ko.anu po ba requirements.thanks!

    • jhess 5 years ago

      sir i only got 1 ID which BIR TIN ID. and other is highschool yr book, college id kaso nung 2006 pa cya. nbi clearance. and NSO birth certificate.. tingin nyo sir ok n kaya un??

    • LEE 5 years ago

      Sir, i just wanna ask kung anu ba dapat kong ilagay sa Philippine address section ng E-passport application form??? complete address ba??

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Rosemarie hi. Most important you have NSO BC and bring your BIR ID and supporting documents. If all details are accurate and consistent, then you will be allowed to process your passport. Thank you. Good luck.

      @Janice hello. I suggest you bring all those documents and IDs you have mentioned since you have NSO BC naman.

      @Thelma hello. Walk in applicants for pre-appointment are always welcome. Actually it’s best to make a schedule by going there personally. Thank you.

      @Snooky hi. As long as you have the NSO BC, a valid ID and some supporting docs, I think you will get through it.

      @DFA online application is in the moment for Manila DFA Roxas Blvd. But you can use the downloaded passport application form to any DFA office. Kaya ok lang na gamitin mo yung form sa Pampanga. The forms are the same naman. Yes, the online scheduling email for Pampanga is not responding kaya nga ako, I set my schedule personally nalang.

      @JingYdon hi. The requirements for renewal are listed on the article above. If you’re married to a foreigner, you have to submit the following too.

      -Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO and Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar if MC secpa is unreadable

      -Certificate of Attendance from CFO (Commission of Filipino Overseas) if married to a foreigner (color green)

      @Jhes hi. TIN ID is not considered sometimes as it doesn’t show info like address, birthdate, etc. I suggest you bring as much as supporting docs to prove your identity.

      @Chi hi. The application form is a PDF file. I suggest you download Adobe Reader so you can view the form and then print it and then fill it out with your info. Thank you.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Lee. I am a Maam. :) yes, complete address of course :)

    • JANICE 5 years ago

      YEHEY!...THANK U PO TALAGA MISS 25!!!...nawala ung kaba ko sa requirements ko nung sumagot kayo...huling tanong na lang po...hehehe!..sensya na po if makulit ako...pwede po ba magpass ng ID kahit di na student???..o sa mga student lang pwede magpass ng id??..

    • newbies 5 years ago

      madam is it ok po if ang ilagay sa travel purpose ay 'work' if still dont have a work pa ngaun dito sa pinas?just want to prepare my passport ahead of time just in case magkaroon na ako ng work and ready na magapply abroad

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      You are welcome :) student IDs are valid if you're still a student. If you're not anymore, under supporting docs nalang sya

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      yes the purpose of travel is not really permanent

    • JANICE 5 years ago

      NYAH!...wala na talaga kong pag asang magkapassport...huhuhu!..wala talaga akong valid id...maraming maraming salamat po talaga sa info miss 25...god bless u po..

    • jonathan 5 years ago

      Good day! ok lang po ba yung postal ID and Voters CErtification?

    • Myra 5 years ago

      hello mam,so, i think, sobra na ang requirments ko kc me NBI, BIR, PNP clearance, NSO BC,Voters ID,AT photo copy ng BC from Civil regestrar,sana mka kuha agad ako, hehe lamat poh...

    • Monalisa 5 years ago

      Hello, am here again to clear up my inquiry. I Am single mom and my daughter is still 10 years old. I am here in Hong Kong and I can't apply for her. can my sister apply for her? My sister went to try to inquire to the agency that can help apply for passport and they told to her that they need a power of attorney from me, authorization letter. Let me know what are the documents needed for my daughter? thanks so much and keep up the good works. God bless.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      @Rosemary hi. I can’t assess you but I can suggest you bring the original BC and marriage certificate authenticated by NSO and the supporting docs you’ve mentioned siguro they will consider you when all the info and data are consistent. Thank you.

      @Janice. Hi. Try mo get ng postal ID and bring the supporting docs, and original NSO BC.

      @jonathan, please read the article above. Thank you.

      @Myrna hi. Good luck. :)

      @Monalisa hello. I suggest you submit the original power of attorney and authorization letter to your sister when she will accompany your daughter. Requirements are: your passport (original recommended plus photocopy), original Birth Certificate (daughter) authenticated by NSO. Your daughter must appear in the DFA for finger prints and photo capture. Good luck.

      @Jerry I really don’t know how the DFA keep their unclaimed passports..

    • Rose 5 years ago

      meron po ako original bc and marriagecert.authenticated by nso.and other supporting doc like nbi,tro,sss number,bir tin id.yearbook,postal.. valid na po kaya ito pwede npo ba ako mag pa sced salamat po xenxia na.

    • kenjizumi 5 years ago

      Hi I don't know if you know this, just taking my chances. Is it ok if I'll just use my maiden name instead of my married name kasi we are separated but not legally. Do you think they will allow this?

    • reyven 5 years ago nmn po...

      im an ofw on vacation here but i lost my passport :(

      i need to go back in Singapore on sunday. is there any way i can get a replacement immediately next week? what should i do?

      im so worried :(

    • manuelazarcon 5 years ago

      hi..tanong ko lang ho pano pa schedule renewal ng passport meron pa bang kailangan na requirements para sa renewal??


    • glen 5 years ago

      helo 25, ask ko lang kung makuha ko kaya yung renewal of passport ko in 1 week? Humingi ako ng request letter galing agency para ma granted b nila yung request letter ng agency?tnx po

    • kb24 4 years ago

      hi!nakapagbook na po kami ng ticket for korea this april and lately lang namin nalaman na dapat pala 6months beyond stay yung validity ng passport. but our passport will expire this coming september already, which makes it 5 months lang. pag nagpa-rush renewal po ba kami, sure na 10 days namin yun makukuha? or pwedeng mas matagal? and possible po kayang extension nalang kunin namin? may mga nabasa po kasi ako online na pwede raw ipa-extend if less than 6months yung validity ng passport. thanks!!

    • armina 4 years ago

      good day po, i just want to ask kung need p pob ng appointment kpag sa baguio city branch kukuha ng passrt? wla po ako mkitang sites n pwdeng pagsetan ng appointment for baguio branch. thanks. :)

    • Jennylene24 profile image

      Jennylene24 4 years ago

      Goodeve just want to asked about applying for passport,I just have NSO Birth Certifacate,Baptismal NBI clearance and postal I.D that's all I have,is it acceptable?I want to process my passport next week please help me naman tnx:)

    • nenita africa ledesma 4 years ago

      for re new my ppastport

    • yenoh 4 years ago

      hello..dito sa leyte..postal id is not valid anymore.. :( .. tas yung authenticated ko na BC from NSO ay malabo daw kaya dapat daw kukuha ako nang BC sa civil registrar namin.. haiz...

    • ma.ana christina abuda 4 years ago

      hello po gud day.... i have already may passport but the problem hindi daw accept yong walang middle initial, hindi mabibigyan ng visa at sa nso wala talaga middle initial pero naka pag process ako ng passport, hindi mabigyan ng visa.. yon ang problema sabi ng inaplayan ko na agency? ano po ba pwede gawin??

    • jong 4 years ago

      hello po, ask ko lang po kung pwedeng gamiting requirements yung postal i.d,philhealth at nso certificate para makakuha ng passport yun lang po kasi na meron ako ngayon. thanks

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Rose hi. Sounds like complete na requirements mo :) Go on.

      @Kenji hi. You can revert back to your maiden name is you can show documents of annulment and divorce. DFA require them.

      @Janice hello. I didn’t say they accept postal as valid ID. I said they might accept it as secondary ID if wala ka talaga maipakita. Still you need to show more proofs and supporting docs. Good luck.

      @Reyven hello. Rush processing takes about 10 working days. I don’t think you’ll get it in a week. Apply as soon as possible.

      @Manuela hi. Yes, read the article above. Thank you.

      @Glen hello. I have never heard about a passport done in a week. Have you. Rush kasi ay 10 working days.

      @Carlo hi. I suggest you bring all your possible accepted requirements listed in the article na meron ka. Sometimes kasi some info in the docs are not the same. At least di kana babalik uli diba.

      @Jeymie. Appointment means, a schedule. Majority of DFA require appointment schedule before the real time processing. When you go for an appointment, they usually just ask your application form and IDs. Then bring the rest requirement on the exact date of your processing.

      @Kb24 hi. For assurance, just renew your passport. I’ve never heard of extension granted by the DFA. Rush processing is for 10 working days. Often the delivery takes a day or two. So count 15 days I must say.

      @Armina hello. I suggest go to DFA Baguio personally. Online appointment for DFA provinces are not yet fully confirmed..

      @Twinkle hi. Yes you need to submit CFO if you’re married to a foreigner.

      @Jennylene hello. Looks like you can go. Just bring the original copies of the docs you have mentioned. Good luck.

      @Marz hi. Don’t you have any ID like company ID or BIR?

      @Cathy hi. Your passport (original and photocopy), your child’s birth certificate from the NSO, personal appearance of your child and you.

      @Yenoh hi. I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune. No choice but to go to your registrar and solve it.

      Will reply to the others later…

    • Jennylene24 4 years ago

      Tnx for your kindly reply:)after I get my form 137 and my BIR TIN# I will be going in DFA....salamat talaga ng marami...God bless you


    • vancamp 4 years ago

      hi.. nag apply ako ng passport ko last september.. ang binigay ko lng n requirements is postal id , student driving license, at certificate from COMELEC, and my NSO birth certificate after 10 days nakuha ko n yung passport ko... my tanung sana ako... bagong kasal lng ako this month... balak ko sanang palitan yung marital status ko s passport at gamitin yung apelyido ng asawa ko.... anu ang dapat kong gawin....

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Jennylene hello. It’s pleasure. God bless you.

      @Wancamp hi. You can renew your passport and use your new surname. It’s always best to be updated because your passport is one of the most acceptable IDs in the Philippines and the world.

      @Alexis hi. The purpose of getting passport in the application form is not really a big issue as you can have different reasons naman. Travel is always involved.. So for me, it’s ok.

      @xerxes hi. Yes, the processing for rush passport is about 2 weeks so I think aabot ka. Just apply once you got here.

      @Rose you are welcome.

    • matthew 4 years ago

      okay i came across this thread because im really having a hard time, contacting the DFA hotline to ask questions about the requirements. im scheduled to have my appearance this Feb 6, 2012. the following requirements are the ones that i have.










      Im really worried cause i only have a student permit driver's license as a valid ID since postal ID and old highschool student id is not considered one.


      thank you. MS 25. :)

    • edz 4 years ago

      any ID, NSO BC in secpa and Marriage Cert in secpa also.Is this enough? I also have another question in my BC my father's name is his nickname but what i used in most of my entries is his real name will this be discovered? Since in my ID's di naman makikita ang father's name....please help....I will be waiting for your response before I will go to DFA Cebu. thanks

    • edz 4 years ago

      Good Day Ms. 25,

      My question is regarding the Valid IDs, I don't have any government IDs(I applied a new copy but still on process) as of the moment since I lost all of them in a transpo robbery except for BIR, Philhealth (New One with picture and signature specimen, HDMF Transaction Card (with signature and picture) and company ID. Are these docs acceptable? with BC in secpa and marriage contract in secpa also. Thanks and God Bless...

    • matthew 4 years ago

      hi just went to to DFA 2 hours ago, my requirements were accepted :) to people who has doubts about their requirement, YEARBOOK and OLD HIGHSCHOOL ID will do the trick :)

      all the best !

    • milan 4 years ago

      hi twentyfive, just want to confirm. is it true that we don't need to bring any pictures(2x2, passport size) for renewal of passport?


    • Jennylene24 4 years ago

      @Matthew saang DFA ka ng process ng passport?

    • Tekapitan 4 years ago

      Hi - just want to ask if the following can be used to apply for the passport : postal ID, NSO orig BC, and old school ID (from 2 years ago). Do i need to provide more? Thanks in advance!

    • matthew 4 years ago

      @milan yeah,no need to bring 2x2 pic. your pictures will be taken at the encoding area after you've passed the requirements.

      @jennylene24: DFA ASEANA

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Matthew hi. I’m happy you have processed your passport successfully and your requirements were accepted :) Cheers!

      @Vince since you’re a student, yes you must bring all those supporting docs and make sure they are all consistent. I recommend bring your school ID and yearbook if you must. Thank you.

      @Edz hi. They will follow what is in your NSO authenticated BC for the details of your parents in the database. Since you’re married, your new surname will be used. I think you won’t have any problem. I had same case, my mother’s name was different from my records but they just followed what’s written in my BC.

      Yes they might be accepted if your supporting docs are all consistent.

      @Kristine hi. Please read the article above. Thank you.

      @Milan hi. Yes, no need to bring pictures since passport processing is already modern. They will just capture your photo, scan your finger prints and get your signature..

      @Tekapitan – I suggest bring your yearbook and old IDs from school. If your information are the same and consistent, then they will accept you. Make sure your signatures are all the same in them. Good luck.

    • matthew 4 years ago

      yeah thanks to you, i got my old HS IDs and Yearbooks shipped after ive read your blog. you saved the day!thanks again

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      It's a pleasure Matthew :) Happy trip!

    • BEBETH 4 years ago

      Hi! ive tried for the nth time to apply for an appointment in the DFA website but i cannot really get an appointment. The answer is always SORRY, ive tried to do this almost everyday with all the dates and time that says its available. Can i go directly to the main DFA without an appointment?

    • Joay 4 years ago

      Halo po I am suppose to renew my passport but unfortunately it was lost, ano po pweding gawin? thanks

    • Jennylene24 4 years ago

      They accept my requirement except for my postal ID,Matthew is right School old ID will do the trick...I will have my passport by march:)...tnx talaga Miss 25 this blog is very helpful....

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @jennilyn ganu katagal bago mo nakuha ung tin id mo? mga ilang oras ang process? kagaya b yan ng nbi na magdamagan?

    • earl 4 years ago

      @BEBETH Hi I also experienced that. Kindly use other email address due to you already used this email address for a multiple appointment schedule to DFA ;) Hope this help you

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @jenilyn worried kasi ako sa feb 10 na ung appointment ko 2 days from now.. ang documents lang na meron ako ay nso, nbi, form 137 with dry seal, baptismal with dry seal. postal at barangay id lang ang merun ako? dadalhin ko din ung stub ko ng sss at ung stub ng voters id? acceptable kea yun? pa add sa fb para maka ppm ako.. plsss nahahassle ako.. sobrang stress

    • Jennylene24 4 years ago

      @kisa123 my FB Account is

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      ah ganon po ba...pwede po ba tong 1st yr.highschool kong ID?...kahit na super old ID na sya?..ito na lang po kc tlga ang natira sa mga nasunog kong ID..=(

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      thank u poh sa pagsagot miss JENNYLENE24!!! 29 na poh kc appointment ko sa DFA kya takot ako sa req. ko...thanks po!..god bless po!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Bebeth hi. Yes you can go directly in the DFA main. I watched before they entertain walk-in applicants though sobra daming tao. Well at least you can process passport same day. By the way, DFA is closed on Feb. 13 and will not serve passport and document authentication in celebrating Paranaque City Day.

      @Joay hi. Requirements for lost passport are the same for getting a new one. Make sure you have all the original documents and have them photocopied. Bring the following too:

      -Notarized Affidavit of Explanation

      -Police Report if passport is still valid

      -Replacement fee of P200 if passport is still valid

      @Jhoie hello. If you want to get an American passport, go to the US embassy and ask them the info. Yes, if you want to get Philippine passport, you need to submit proof of your annulment. Good luck. :)

      @Jennylene hello. You are always welcome. I’m happy for you. And thank you very much for answering some queries here too. It’s a very great help. God bless you for that. :)

      @Earl hi. If you’re minor and with a parent, bring your NSO authenticated BC and your mother’s BC too plus her passport and supporting IDs in case.. Have them all photocopied. Yes, I suggest, you bring your school ID as it’s a valid ID since you’re a student.

      @to the rest thank you guys for dropping by and I thank again Jennylene for answering questions. Cheers! Happy V Day y’all!

    • Dax 4 years ago

      Hi I lost my valid id. Should I bring my 1st and 2nd yr ID or a diploma instead? is it acceptable? thank you:)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Dax hi. Yes, bring your school ID they are acceptable when you are currently a student. Your yearbook will also help. Bring it.

      @Mpingul hi. Bring your old passport plus your NSO marriage certificate and your birth certificate all original and xerox copies.

    • mpingul10 4 years ago

      thanks! isa pa pong tanong yung husband ko uuwi from US this coming march and he renew also his passport here in philippines, pwede ko po na isabay ko na lang sa scheduling ng appointment ko yung sa kanya? and when po ang simula ng processing ng passport sa mga malls? same procedure din po ba dun just in case na matuloy un?

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      thank you thank you so much twentyfive!! give me five!! sobrang happy dahil mission accomplish ako kahapon sa pagkuha ng passport.. share ko lang experience ko sa main branch ng dfa grabe pala dun... every 30 mins 500 applicants ang dapat iaccomplish tapos sobrang dami ng nakapila.. pagdating sa checking of requirements nakakakaba tlga kc ung mga nasaunahan ko pinapabalik sila kahit mga galing pa ng province mahigpit sila sa main incomplete requirements kasi. buti nalang may dala ako high school id at year book! it save my day! nbi,nso BC,form 137 at id. un lang ang kinuha sakin..kala ko kapag dumating ka ng maaga papapasukin ka hindi pala.. tagal ko rin naghintay sa labas tapos yung iba late comers 1 hour na sila late pero pinapasok pa rin. advice ko lang sa iba dapat make sure na may photocopy ng lahat ng requirements postal id, phil health hindi talaga valid tapos kapag wala sss id dalin nalang ung e-1 saka ung kopya ng binabaran sa sss yun lang... thank you so much talaga!! sa march ung deliver ng passport ko.. mabilis lang sa pag encode. ako nga 1115 ung no. ko tapos 3500 palang iikot pa hanggang 4000 bago bumalik ng 1000 tapos 30 minutes lang natapos na ko.. napansin ko nga mas mabilis pa yung self apply kesa sa my agency eh..

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      panu naman kea mag apply ng visa?

    • Earl 4 years ago

      Salamat po :) Paano nman po pag fourth year lang ntapos ko. di pa po nag-college. and nwla ung 3rd & 4th yr ID ko, ano po pwedeng dalhin?

    • jazz 4 years ago

      hi,i aply passport here in legaspi ihave POSTAL ID,LTO drivers license,andBIR ID. but the officer he want old id's and wala akong old id ano gagawin ko hope you help me,thanks

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @jazz... ok na yung license at tin id... kea ka hinihingan ng old id for supporting documents much better kung meron ka nbi,nso o year book at kung wala ka sss id dalin u ung e-1

    • lalaine 4 years ago

      25 thank you very much.. now i know what docs i need for my renewal/amendment of passport. ive done my R of M here in USA.


    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @janice go ka na... ok na yang requirements mo dapat ung baptismal mo latest issue at my dry seal o kea selyo kc yun yung chinicheck talaga.. ako rin naman 6 years na ko ndi istudyante pero tinanggap pa rin ung id ko as valid requirements

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @earl kung wala ka tlga ibang id dalin mo nalang lahat ng meron ka na supporting documents... magpamember ka sa sss tapos ung e1 yun nalang ipakita mo

    • janzelz 4 years ago

      can i ask something? i renewed my passport last august 2011, and i didn't get it until many months did my passport lapse after payment?can i still get it?pls help about this..thanks..

    • Paula 4 years ago

      I just got the MRP last december, 2011 for my 16 year old son. There was a typo error on his birthday instead of April 3 , they typed in April 30. its newly renewed so what must I do? From what i heard you cannot ammend the marron passport. what about typo errors? We are here in Dubai, it takes more than 2 months to process the passport from here.

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @janice punta ka lang sa church kung san ka bininyagan tapos sabihin mo kuha ka baptismal palagyan mo dry seal.. saglit lang yun mga 5 minutes lang. yung old id mo dalin mo na rin..

    • RAFAEL ARNAIZ 4 years ago

      hello good morning,mag aply lang po ako passport..magpa schedule lang poh ako para pagpunta ko deritso na magfile kc malayu kc qc ako ehh

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @mpingul hi. Appointment schedules are per person. If you want to make an appointment again, you can make 2 for you and your husband. Passport processing for malls didn’t open yet. And they only entertain renewal. Eventually they will entertain some other services. I will post it here when the DFA opened mall processing of passports. Thank you.

      @Kisa123 hello there. (giving you five and more) hehehe I’m so happy you have successfully processed your passport. Yes mas matipid and mas fulfilling yung application directly than using agencies. Though it takes time in waiting in the DFA. DFA main talaga sobra daming tao. I’m glad you had no problem with your passport requirements. As long as your supporting docs tally, wala talaga problem. Thank you for answering some questions here, too. You are helping many people in sharing your experience. Have a fantastic day. Happy trip and god bless. :)

      @Janzel hi. Since it’s been half year, maybe you still have the chance to get it from the DFA. Did you have it delivered to you directly or applied via personal pick up?

      @Paula. In the DFA main office, there’s a special department entertaining special matters like that of yours. Go there personally and bring your documents. Hope it’ll fix. Good luck.

      Rafael hello. You can directly go there (DFA main) first thing in the morning. Make it so early. Then you can process it. If you want to make a schedule, there’s a certain time for your appointed date. It depends per region. But then if it’s not so rush, you can just go in your region.

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      ngayon alam ko na...maraming2 salamat senyo miss JENNYLENE24,..MISS KISA123 AT MISS 25!!!...MARAMING SALAMAT SA MGA PAGSAGOT NYO SA MGA TANONG KO!...NAPAKALAKING TULONG NYO SOBRA...may god continue to bless all of u and ur families..=)

    • .Erna 4 years ago

      hello, pwede po bang pumunta sa dfa kahit di ka nag pa sched, ? kasi sabi kelangn daw mag pa sched muna bago pumunta ng dfa, kasi pag di ka nakapag sched in online ,pag punta mo sa dfa pipila ka ng matagal tas pa sched lang pala,

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @erna much better kung magpasched ka muna kc sa main dfa d papapasukin kapag wala kang print out ng dfa appointment.. madami pa fixer sa labas.. saglit lang naman magpa appointment online eh. @ jezzha 10days kapag rush at 22 days kapag regular.. @ twentyfive... can i add u in fb? thank you very much... napakauseful ng blog mo especially sa mga kagaya kong walang idea sa pagkuha ng passport

    • nikimai 4 years ago

      Hi. is it possible to change my civil status even if my passposrt is not yet expired?

    • gelyn 4 years ago

      Hi po. gusto ko lang sana itanong kung pwede pa ba ako makakuha ulit ng passport kahit na my nakatatak na cancelled? hindi ko po kasi alam kung bakit tinatakan nila ng cancelled ang passport ko nung gusto ko sana magpunta ng singapore. pwede pa po kaya yun mapalitan? wait ko response nyo.. maraming salamat po :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice hi. It’s a pleasure, you are always welcome. Always drop by here and to my other pages. :) Have a sweet day.

      @Jhezza hello there. Rush processing is the same for renewal and new. Recently, DFA changed their rush from 10 working days to 7 days. Hope it’s effective and true.

      @Erna hi. Yup, you can go to the DFA even if you didn’t make a schedule. It’s much better if you go there personally to make a schedule. Some provinces talaga matagal, long line pareho sa schedule and processing. You know life here, it’s always like that. Masanay na. heheh

      @Kisa123 hello (giving you five again) hehehe I’m so thankful talaga I have you here to help our kabayans to answer their queries. More blessings to you. Sure, you can add me in FB as we’re already friends.

      @Khezandra hi. Wow lovely name. Your IDs are not so acceptable so I suggest you bring your original NSO BC, and supporting docs like NBI, school IDs and yearbook so they will approve you. Don’t forget to photocopy them all (except the yearbook) Thank you.

      @Nikimai hi. You can just renew your passport and use your new surname.

      @Gelyn hello. Yes you must get a new one as the cancelled one is literally cancelled. You will know the answers once you renew it. Thank you and good luck.

    • nikimai 4 years ago

      thanks.. my passport will expire 2014.. so i need to renew for me to change my surname?

    • kisa123 profile image

      kisa123 4 years ago

      @azel23 yup pwede na yan... make sure mag photo copy ka nyan

    • cai 4 years ago

      kakakuha ko lang ng passport ko last january. is it possible for me to travel abroad khit kakakuha ko lng ng passport?? pls response po..on march na po kc flight nmin eh..

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Jonalyn hi there. You can’t get passport online because you need to appear personally at the DFA office for your photo capture and finger print scans. Please see the requirements in the article. Thank you.

      @Azel hello. Bring all the docs you have mentioned (original and Xerox copy) Since you have no acceptable valid IDs, you can show more proofs by brings as many supporting docs as possible such as old school IDs, yearbook, police clearance and NBI clearance.

      @Nikmai hi there. Yes, you have to renew and use your married surname. Bring your old passport, NSO marriage certificate and BC, some IDs and supporting documents. Thank you.

      @Zho hi. They will use your name, birthdate and your parent’s info that appears in your NSO authenticated BC. Why is your name different?

      @Kisa123 hello. Thank you for answering some questions as always.

      @Cai hi. Yes, once you have a passport, you can then travel abroad and overseas until 6 months before your passport expiry date. Some countries would require you visa though so you have to check on the embassy of the country you are visiting. Happy trip!

    • BAGUIOBOY 4 years ago

      hi! thanks for this site for it's really informative. i just want to ask if it's possible to apply for an advance appointment thru dfa site and the processing will be done here in dfa baguio? i've applied already and have set an appointment but im really not sure whether i can use the confirmation email here in baguio office or i really have to go to the main office in manila to process everything. your response will be highly appreciated. thank u again :)

    • boklong 4 years ago

      I have po a letter Ñ in my surname but when i applied sa dfa appointment reservation, it didnt appear sa form. ok lang ba yun or i just have to use letter N instead. pls help!:) thanks po mga sirs and ma'ams!

    • Trixie 4 years ago

      nag eentertain po ba sila ng walk in applicants ?

    • kim a. 4 years ago

      good day po. i would just like to ask if they honor the confirmation number that was set up in DFA main office in Manila to be processed in other provinces like Baguio Or Pampanga?

    • irene b.legarda 4 years ago

      ask q lng po paanu poh ba kukuha ng pasport?

    • milohachi 4 years ago

      hi. just wondering why dfa is not giving us back the authenticated NSO birth and marriage certificates we have submitted during application. those are supposed to be our documents since we paid them when we secured them from NSO. thank you.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Baguioboy hi. It’s a big pleasure. The online schedule appointment is currently for the DFA main only. DFA offices in the provinces have their own contacts and ways to entertain passport appointment schedules. Thank you for dropping by.

      @Boklong hello. Use whatever it is on your birth certificate as DFA will use it anyway. With regards to your schedule, it’s not a big deal if you typed N. You can correct it once you’re in the DFA on the day of your processing. Thank you.

      @Kd hi there. Your appointment in the DFA Manila is only meant for DFA Manila. Schedules are done separately in the moment. So you need to make another sched in Pampanga if you want to process your passport there. I am patiently waiting for Robinsons Pampanga DFA service. :)

      @Trixie hi. DFA near Mall of Asia entertain walk ins both for on the spot passport processing and pre-schedules. But some DFA offices, due to crowded applicants, only allow you to make a sched before processing. To make sure, go there directly early in the morning. Either you make a sched or process your passport that day. Whichever is allowed for you will happen anyway. :)

      @Kim hi. Currently, all schedules in the Main are only for Main. In Pampanga, it’s better to make a appointment personally. It’s from 8-11am only.

      @Irene hello there. Please refer to the article so you know how to get a passport. Thank you.

      @Milohachi hi. Yes, they need to keep the original BC and Marriage certificate together with the photocopies of IDs and supporting documents for filing. Passport is so important to any individual and anyone cannot get a passport without submitting his/her major identification reference like BC and Marriage certificate. You can get your BC again anytime in the NSO anyway. For renewing of passports, original BC is not taken anymore. Thank you for asking.

      @Ruben. Hi. Yes, you need to fix your children’s complete name for that. Go to the Local Civil Registrar where your children were born (Munisipyo kung saan sila ipinanganak) and tell your concern. They know how to fix that. Thank you.

    • Analin 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive pls help naman..ang passport ng kapatid ko ay expired na,nasa ibang bansa siya ngaun wala kasing embassy doon sa peru kaya napagutusan nya na ako nalng ang kukuha ng passport nya pede kaya? sana po matulungan nyo ako sa problem k.thnx!

    • yaleboy12 4 years ago

      hello! I have a problem with my requirements: there is a discrepancy between my birth certificate and other supporting documents. You see, the 'place of birth' in my birth certificate is different with my other documents because actually I have two birth certificate, and the two has different " place of birth. what can I do? Also what are the additional requirements for applicants of whom the the birth certificate was registered late? am I going to submit all additional requirement or only if they are available or only one of those? thanks and God bless

    • JamVi 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive, im an OFW working in KSA, I have an inquiry regarding passport renewal. I wanted to know if in DFA regional offices like in zamboanga city, will we need to have an appointment first before we can renew our passports or we can do it on the day that we'll go there just like before? Thanks for the answers....

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      Hello Guy’s

      Sa mga gusting magrequest ng kanilang NSO Certificates ay puwede kayong tumawag sa NSO Helpline (02) 737-1111. Handa po silang tumulong sa inyo sa kahit anong NSO Related Concerns at bukas po sila ng 24 oras.

      Glad to Help.

    • lei_corr 4 years ago

      hello po, pwede po ba student license at postal ID lang ang dalhin? thank you po.

    • yan2012 4 years ago

      anong clothes na kailangan e wear pag pumunta na sa dfa for appointment..thank u..

    • Earl 4 years ago

      Went to DFA last week. Sad to say di ako nakakuha ng passport dahil walang ID. Is old ID's okay? kahit hindi na valid?

    • Earl 4 years ago

      @Jennylene24 2007 and 2008 pa ung ID ko. Ok lng nman po un dba? Salamat po:)

    • Annalyn 4 years ago

      hello mg renewnc po aq ng passport in advance,my passport will be expired on month of may.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Analin hi. Your brother must appear personally to renew his passport. Good luck. :)

      @Yaleboy hi there. It is important that all your documents tally with each other including your signatures in the IDs. DFA will use and base your information from your birth certificate. My advice is to use the one which is consistent to all your supporting docs like IDs, marriage certificate, government records and the like. God bless you too.

      @JamVi hi. You can contact DFA Zamboanga for that. But you can also come there personally and bring your documents. If they allow you to process your passport, it’s great. If not, then make a schedule. Walang sayang na oras. :)

      @Anonymous hello. Thank you for sharing.

      @Lei_corr hello. The requirements are listed in the article. Thank you.

      @Yan2012 hi. It’s best to wear decent attire since it’s a government office. And most importantly, wear a top shirt with collar. For guys, any decent polo shirt with collar will do. For girls, a decent blouse that’s not sleeveless. Wear shoes too. Remember to be decent because it’s your passport.

      @Earl hi. From the previous comments and conversations, we’ve mentioned IDs and supporting docs are so required. Old IDs, yearbook and school records will be considered as supporting docs as long as the info tally with your birth certificate and signatures. Good luck next time. :) Apply again.

      @Jennylene thank you for answering :)

      @Annalyn hi. I will renew mine too coz it will expire on Feb. next year. But I wanna wait for the DFA to serve on malls so it’s faster.

    • Shermaine 4 years ago

      How can i renew my passport the fastest way, i'm willing to pay any amount, thanks

    • rodel 4 years ago

      hi gud eve..,ask ko lang po if pwd n i renew passport q expire nya march 10 2013..pwd n kaya i renew yan

    • lesy 4 years ago

      Hi girl, would really appreciate if u can help me out with my little case :) i am applying for new passport and i am from cauayan, is there any agent i can contact to help me out? hope to hear from u soon. thanks

    • shie 4 years ago

      i'm getting my father's a passport. in fact, i've already gotten a schedule for him next week. in his old passport (issued before 1985), his birthdate is 19Apr1945. on his BC(NSO), it's 10Oct1945. Although his elder sisters are sure that he was born in April my father didn't contest it anymore as this will take much longer to change and involve more complications because there is another problem in his certified BC. His surname is spelled with double g instead of one g. Anyway, this has been resolved thru a case court. So in his new BC there's an annotation at the bottom. My question is, will the old passport of my father affect his getting of new passport since the birthdate is different from the BC. Or the staff at DFA will just follow the date that's in my father's original BC? Thank you.

    • Jenna 4 years ago

      Hi. Hope you can help me. Mother ko ung kasama ko pag-alis ko but since she's in Japan and can't go home, sister ko na lang muna yung kukuha ng passport ko. Is the requirements the same? (travel with mother) Sana po naintindihan niyo hehe ;D thank you po

    • Leigh 4 years ago

      hello po... ask ko lang po kung pwede walk in ang senior citizen sa pagkuha ng passport. thank you po. God bless

    • shymel 4 years ago

      hi gusto ko lang tanong if valid ang old id ko sa school for passport documents..kaso year 99-2000 pa po ung id ko..thank u po

    • step 4 years ago

      This is really helpful.Thanks!

    • mylyn 4 years ago tried to send an email for online appointment but failed...please check if the address is correct..thanks..

    • vanofspades 4 years ago

      Hello and good day!

      Gusto ko lang po mag ask. Nalilito kasi ako.

      I only have these ID and documents:

      -NSO Birth certificate

      -Baptismal certificate

      -Postal ID


      -NBI clearance

      -Police clearance

      -Barangay clearance

      -School Transcript of records

      -SSS E-1 form

      -College diploma

      Icoconsider po kaya ng DFA isa sa mga documents na yan?

      Thank you!

    • john 4 years ago

      hi, went for my DFA appointment last Tuesday and failled their requirments. i had the following documents with me

      NSO Birth Certificate,Baptismal Certificate,NBI Clearance,Voter's Registration Record from COMELEC Intramuros, postal i.d, brgy certificate, brgy i.d card

      but i still failled requirements. what else can i bring to pass? i made another appointment for this monday and i'm going to also bring my papers like School Form 137. will this be enough to pass this time?

    • mike 4 years ago

      hello sa tingin niyo po ok na ba tong mga requirements ko para makakuha ng passport? Birth Certificate from NSO, marriage conract from NSO, postal id, philhealth i.d, baptismal certificate

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      hello miss 25!...pumunta po kc ko ung nkaraang feb 29 sa DFA..ndi po daw acceptable req.ko..meron po akong nso bc,postal id,police clearance,nbi,sss number,baptismal with dry seal,,1st year highschool id,..yan lang po req.ko..hinanapan pa po ako ng babae don ng voters id at sss yearbook po ako d2..ok na po ba un?..if elem.yearbook pa sya?..acceptable na po kaya un?

    • Nikki Vias 4 years ago

      I lost my passport a long time ago, and I was still a kid then in that passport. Now that I'm over 18, do I just apply for a new passport, or do I have to follow the "replace lost passport" process, and get an affidavit of loss, etc.?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Sorry for replying late, I was on holiday. Thank you for waiting..

      @Shermaine hi there. The fastest way is to go to the DFA main and process it. Bring your requirements. Go there early in the morning. Pay the rush processing which is about P1250. DFA announced that it’s for 7 working days till passports are released for the rush processing. Make sure you come early and bring your complete requirements.

      @Rodel. Good afternoon. Yes you can renew it na. Some countries require us to have our passport valid 6 months before the expiry date on the date of travel. So it’s recommended to renew it before it expires.

      @Jane hi. Postal ID is not much accepted. You can bring old school IDs and yearbook to support your documents and proof of identification.

      @Lesy hello there. You can go to the official website of and look for the accredited agents that process passports. I’m not affiliated with any so I can’t really say one. For your safety and security, just rely on the DFA. :)

      @Jeddah you can bring all your IDs available such as old school IDs and yearbook. They might accept them as long as they show consistent info like your birthdate, parents, address etc. Make sure your signature in the IDs are the same too. Good luck.

      @shie hi there. Since the new BC has annotation, they will follow all the info in there now.

      @Jenna hi. The requirements are the same. But the applicant must appear personally in processing. In claiming, she can use authorization letter for the representative.

      @Jona hello. Please check the mall where you want to know if there would be DFA services..They will post big billboards if meron naman. Thank you.

      @Janine hi. Your computer might not read PDF files. So you must download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for that. It’s free. Just search the web and download it. Thanks.

      @Leigh hello. Some DFA have special lanes for senior citizens. Just check the DFA oofice where you want to apply.

      @Gab hi there. It’s better if your son use his new surname because in his school records ganon din. Remember to be consistent para ma-approve ang visa. Good luck.

      @Shymel. They might accept old school IDs if they show the same and uniform info and signature.

      @Step. You are welcome :) Thank you.

      @Mylyn hi. I tried the one in Pampanga but it’s much better to make a sched personally. They entertain people from 8am to 11am only. I think priority nila ang walk ins talaga based from my experience.

      @Vanofspades hello. Yes they will consider them as long as your info are the same and tally.

      @John. I recommend bring your old school IDs and yearbook. Also make sure the signatures in your IDs and papers are the same, all info such as birthdate, parents, etc are consistent.

      @Mike. Bring valid IDs such as driver’s license, PRC license, SSS, GSIS, voter’s ID. If wala ka try to bring old school IDs and yearbook.

      @Janice hi. They didn’t accept you co you didn’t have enough ID and they were not convinced with your identification. Yes bring your yearbook, school registration, and the major requirements. Good luck.

      @Anna. I think you wont need NBI anymore if you bring another government ID or your old school ID and yearbook.

      @Nikki. Yes you still have to follow the replace lost passport process. I also made a page about the requirements. Check it out.

    • jeien 4 years ago

      hi there! ask ko lang requirements for applying a passport for my 9-year-old brother. ako kase tutulong sa knya sa dfa and not our parents. what are his and my requirements as well? thank you and more power :)

      P.S. the passport will only be use for travel and vacation outside the country only. i dont know what documents to bring and kung dpat parents and tumulong sa kanya.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Vanofspades hi there. Good for you. Yes you must have photocopies and original though they will get the original BC or marriage certificate if it’s your first time.

      @Szarchie hello. They will follow what’s on your BC. Your details must tally. You can hire a lawyer to fix your name but it’s expensive otherwise just use the details in your BC.

      @Dawn hi. You better bring the listed supporting docs to show more proof of your identification. I can’t asses if pwedi na yon since you don’t have government IDs. But you may try and see for yourself. Good luck :)

      @Jejen hi. If traveling with guardian and parents are abroad, the requirements are:

      -Passport of guardian

      -NSO BC in SECPA

      - DSWD Clearance.

      -Affidavit of support and consent indicating the name of the traveling companion and the relationship to the minor (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).

      -SPA (special power of attornet) designating the representative by name and authorizing him/her to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor in their stead (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).

      -Certified True Copy of parents' passport (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General)

      -Original valid ID w/ signature or passport of the authorized representative in the Special Power of Attorney document.

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      ah..kya pla...miss fhel..uhmm..pwede po ba kahit report cards na lang po ipakita ko sa dfa?..kasi ung transcript of records ko nsa school ko my balance pa po ako kya di ko pa kgad mkuha ung form 137 ba un o 138?...kya pwede po ba report cards???..tom n po wla na po tlga kong ibang maipresent sa knilang valid..bukod don sa 1st yr.highschool id at yearbook and other supporting docs..

    • Ninja 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive. Very nice site you have here, and you're very helpful as I can see. So I'll go ahead and try my luck with asking you this kasi hindi ko talaga mahanap ang sagot. Hehe.

      So here's the thing. My daughter's mom and I are separated. We never got married. We're very much in good terms though. Nakukuha ko ang anak ko pag gusto ko, nadadalaw, things like that. Walang problema. Now I plan to bring my daughter to Hong Kong Disneyland. Which means kelangan ko ikuha ang daughter ko ng passport. She's 4 years old.

      Now ang nakasulat sa DFA website, pag minor ang applicant and unmarried ang parents and she will be travelling with the father, kelangan pa ng appearance ng mother. Now our schedules are sobrang tagilid. At malabo talaga kaming maging magkasama. So ang tanong ko is, pwede bang siya na lang ang pumunta with our daughter? May passport din naman siya. Tipong sasabihin na lang niya sa DFA na she will be travelling with our daughter. Nakasulat ba sa passport ng minor kung sino ang kasama niya mag travel?

      Thank you very much in advance. :)

    • bords 4 years ago


      i have a friend who's going to singapore this june. she wants to do early booking for the cheaper seats. she renewed her passport and she'll be able to get it this march 20. the question is how would we know when is the expiration date of the passport and is the passport number also renewed? or should we just wait for march 20?

    • jasmine 4 years ago

      what are the requirements in getting a passport for my 1month old baby? pwede ko nalang ba isabay sa pag apply ng passport ko? o kailangan ko pa kumuha ng separate na appointment para sa kanya?

    • lj 4 years ago

      hi..thnaks for the info..anaways,im just gonna ask about 2012 renewal how longs gonna take?im here in usa im planing to renew my passport in phil..if it takes one month im not gonna do it there..i've heard one month is this true?

    • Ja 4 years ago

      Do i need to bring passport size pictures? How many tnx

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice hello there. Perhaps they would accept your report card if it has your picture, address, birthdate, and signature on it. I’m not sure but since you are a student, maybe they will accept it. Bring your Library card in case they want some more.

      @Ninja hi there. Yes, she can apply for your daughter. Once your kid has a passport, you can travel with her naman.

      @Bords hello. The expiration date is usually the date of the next day when you applied your passport and after 5 years. Example, I process my passport March 19, 2011. The expiration will be March 21, 2016. The DFA may change this practice anytime, we never know. So for hundred percent assurance, you better book your international flights when your passport was there in your hands. It’s a great lesson I learned…

      @Joie hi. Yes, if your BC and marriage certificate are NSO authenticated, you are fine as long as you have valid government IDs.

      @Jasmine hello there. Yes pwede mo na isabay sayo and baby mo, much better to save gas and time hehehe. Requirements are his NSO authenticated BC and your documents in applying for a passport plus your presence. :)

      @LJ hi. DFA announced recently that instead of 10 working days, rush processing is only 7 working days while regular processing is up to 15 working days. It’s faster when you applied in the new DFA office near Mall of Asia..They entertain walk in applicants. Just go there so early in the morning. The lines are long but they are moving. lol

      @Ja hi. No need to bring passport size photos anymore coz your face will be captured using their camera.

    • rithz 4 years ago

      hi! twentyfive ask ko lng pag ng sign kmi ng online form s pagpapa appointment ung surname nb ng husband ang ila2gay kc mgpa2 renwe kmi at d same time mgpa2 change status. tnx.

    • joie 4 years ago

      thank u Ms.twentyfive.. ur an angel..

      God Bless U..

    • Jojo 4 years ago

      I came from the DFA to renew my passport today and it was a nightmare. The DFA system specially upstairs in the payment and processing center is sooo slowww and inefficient. I filled out my application online last week and I was scheduled for 10:30 am. I went there 10:00 am - 30 minutes as I was prescribed to do so. When I got to the DFA office ezxactly 10 am and they wouldn't let me in and I was told to wait outside until they would call us. When they called us - the 10 am appointees - we were made to go around the building to enter gate 2. Upon entering we were herded to a waiting center outside and had to wait 15-20 minutes before we got inside the main building. Once inside it was musical chairs towards the window. It took me almost an hour before I finally got to the window. Then I had to go upstairs to the 2nd floor and that was where the nightmare began. It was a little past 11:15 am and paid at the cashier then I was told to get a number. My number was 3048 and when I looked at the counter it displayed 2408 - GosH! Imagine I had to wait it out until 3:45 before I got picture processed. I mean hey! All that scheduling nonsense is a lot of Sh*t! Useless lang ang scheduling. I was under the impression that I was scheduled for a 10:30 am apppointment and my presence would be expected and it would take me not less than an hour or two at most. In the U.S. embassy when I filed for my Visa, I was given a schedule and time and when I get there I am expected for that time slot and I get processed immediately and it doesn't take me a whole 2 hours! Really disappointing.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Ritz good day. I’m also waiting for the DFA Robinsons in Pampanga to open. Maybe before June, it will be active. I will renew my passport there.

      I suggest you schedule an appointment personally. They prioritize walk ins. I’ve done my appointment online before but they never replied..So I went there nalang. They entertain from 8am to 11am only.

      @Joie hello. It’s a pleasure. Thank you for saying that. :) God bless you too.

      @Jojo hi there. Oh I’m sorry about the disaster you have encountered. It’s really crowded in that place. Processing in the province is much better. Processing a visa in the US Embassy is really a lot of ways and convenience. Remember, you are in the Philippines.

    • anne 4 years ago

      hi want to ask if i need to bring my 1month old baby in the dfa in her application of her passport?

    • jun18 4 years ago

      hello there! only dfa manila can i renew my passport?

    • robert de guzman 4 years ago

      ilang days po ba ang realesing ng lost pasport?yung yung rush procedure po..ty

    • Jennifer 4 years ago

      Hi. can I still get my passport if I dont have my NBI Clearance yet?? my schedule is tomorrow, all the requirements that i have are; NSO BC, TOR, 2 valid id's

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Anne Yes, they might allow you to not fall in line anymore because you have a baby.

      @Jun18 you can renew your passport to any DFA office near you.

      @Jun DFA Clark has stopped operation 3 years ago. Soon DFA will serve at Robinsons Starmills too. I wonder why they asked you to get an appointment in Manila and to get there..

      @Robert Same with all passports, 7 working days for rush, 14 for regular

      @Sweetiemae hello. Yes, it’s better if he would renew his passport now because it will expire so soon. He needs to bring his passport to the DFA, with his NSO BC and 2 valid IDs. Bring their photocopies too. You can make a schedule without bringing your dad. Then just bring him at the scheduled date for his passport processing.

      In applying Canadian visa, I know they require Red Ribbon documents like NSO BC and Marriage Certificate. I also made an article about that. It’s in my Profile here. Thank you.

      @Jennifer hi. Yes you can get one if you have the other listed requirements. Make sure your docs are all consistent

    • aryanne 4 years ago

      may i ask if i need to set an appointment in renewal of my passport in DFA lucena branch?

    • Mona 4 years ago

      Is Form 137 necessary? Kasing important ba siya ng valid ID? thank you :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Aryanne hi there. I suggest you go there personally early in the morning. If they allow you to process your passport without an appointment, then good for you. If not, at least you can make a schedule that day. Bring all the requirements and download the application for before you go and fill it up.

      @Rithz hello. I think it's DFA San Fernando Pampanga along, Olongapo Gapan Road. DFA will add some DFA mall services soon. I wonder if there are big malls in Olongapo like SM and Robinsons?

      @Mona Form 137 is not a major requirement. The ore-requisites are your NSO BC, and 2 valid IDs. If the officails are not satisfied, you have to show additional proofs of indentification like NBI clearance, baptismal, school certificates bearing your address and birthdate

    • joy 4 years ago

      hi. My passport expiry date is april 2013(next year), with my family we're planning to apply a us tourist visa maybe this july 2012. We're having a hongkong tour w/shenzen this may 2-4, 2012. Our passport is still valid but we want to renew our passport so that the new one will be stamped for our hongkong/shenzen entry. The problem is, my appointment is on April 2, 2012, I have hesistance that our passport will be delivered before May 2, 2012 (hongkong tour) even if i choose rush processing due to the comments I read about delayed deliveries of their passport. So, its too risky if i proceed on my appointment on dfa. What do you think? Should I use my old passport or should I count on the 7 days rush processing which might be delivered to us april 21-23,2012. With holidays kasi ngaung april. hoping for your great advice.thanks

    • joy 4 years ago

      Im not sure if they would be able to deliver it on april 21-23,2012 on my estimate. If there will be a delay, Im not sure if we can travel to hongkong on may 2, it cost a lot for the ticket and tour package rebooking if that happens. I dont know if I can trust their delivery dates now...even if they just recently announced the rush processing from 10 days to 7

    • joy 4 years ago

      I applied online, (dfa-main(macapagal), I lived in Bacoor,cavite. But I can also give my mothers address in tondo, manila if they can deliver it faster within manila.

    • DGF 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive. Do you have any idea if the DFA regional directors have the authority to grant an extension of validity of passport? Or is it only in the Office of the Director in Manila Office that process/grant extension of validity of passport? Thanks.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Joy I suggest use whichever passport is in your hands on May 2. In case it’s your old passport, no worries because the stamps could also be used and counted on your visa application. The US embassy always asks for new passport plus the photocopy and original old passport to see the stamps of recent travels. You can travel as long as your passport is valid at least 6 months from the date of your travel. So don’t worry, your HK travel will be amazing. Don’t worry too much ok? Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy your trip. :)

      @DGF wow that’s a really special matter. Why would they grant extension if the director could just ask for a new copy of renewed passport? I mean, is there such a thing as giving extension? If there was, there must be some kind of special qualifications for that just like being a president or a very important person. I will check out that matter. Thank you for dropping by.

    • emz29 4 years ago

      info lng po....nag ooperate pa ang dfa-clark with its new satellite office.....located @ berthaphil III,clarkfield center,jose abad santos....mlapit sa jollibee sa my philexcel.....

    • ave 4 years ago

      good day! I just finished applying for the passport and will just wait for 10 days for the delivery.

      tanung ko lang po kung may aberya pa dito na mangyayari, like passport cancellation because of lack of documents. I brought these documents, NSO BC, NBI clearance, Birth Cert., Old school id and company Id, SSS E1 form, Voter's Certificate. In the enrollment window, they only got my NSO BC, Old school and company ID (copy) and NBI clearance. I am worried that they would eventually realize na matagal na yung school ID ko.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Mary Jane hello there. I’m good, how are you? EMZ just told us there is a DFA satellite office still into serving passport processing in Clark. It is located at Berthaphil III, Clarkfield Center, Jose Abad Santos avenue near Jollibee in Philexcel

      @Emz hello. Thank you very much for sharing that important info. I’m glad there is still DFA satellite office in Clark Pampanga. Very helpful to lots of people close to Angeles. God bless..

      @Ave hi. No, it seldom happens.. Once you finished the final step of processing which is the paying of LBC (if you want your passport to be delivered to you), all you have to do is wait for it. Why worry too much. Don’t worry ok? Cheers!

    • Earl 4 years ago

      Hi! Just wanna share my experience :) First attempt kung kumuha ng passport is nung Feb. pero unfortunately di ako nakakuha, umuwi pa talaga yung mother ko from Japan. I'm still a minor so my requirements are Birth Certificate, mum's certificate, mum's passport, and valid ID's.I have no ID, NBI Clearance lang yung nadala ko that time, di nila tinanggap, I was very disappointed so i searched online and found this site. thank God! Nalaman ko na pwede pala yung old ID. So yesterday, umuwi ulit yung mum and finally! nakakuha na rin ako, dinala ko yung old ID's ko dated 2008 and 2009, tiningnan lang yung 2 old ID ko and then Ok na! :D di na nila ako hinanapan ng spporting doc.

      TIPS: as much as possible 7:30 AM yung kuning sched, went there 6:30 and kami yung nasa first line. natapos kami in less than 2 hours ;), XEROX all the req kasi super haba ng pila AND kahit old ID basta ID tatanggapin nila ;) THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE TWENTYFIVE! SOBRANG LAKING TULONG :) GOD BLESS :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Earl hello there :) I’m so happy you successfully got your passport at second attempt and after reading this page. I’m always happy to help everyone. Thank you for sharing some tips too. God bless and happy trip!

      @Margie hi. You mean you want a copy of those places you have travelled and worked? The DFA doesn’t provide such copies. You might want to go to OWWA or your employer for that matter. Thank you.

      @Marites hello. Same requirements for senior citizens. Yes, it’s best if you help him/her because you must. Please download the application form and fill it up before you help him/her and complete the requirements so she wont get tired of coming back again. I hope they have special lanes for senior citizens. Thank you so much for visiting and God bless.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Yes you need to submit those documents you have mentioned plus supporting docs (listed on the article) if you don't have any ID. If you have yearbook or old IDs back in college, they could use them as proof. Make sure you have all your docs and IDs photocopied before going to the DFA. Thank you and good luck!

    • benjanah 4 years ago

      nsa malaysia p kmi ng misis ko..plno p nming umuwi pra mag renew nang pasport,,,may anak kmi at d2 n ipinanganak,anung reqrments pra s pasport nang bata?may brth cirtfcate xa pro gling d2 s tsaka 1 month lng yung ibibigay s amin papauwi nang pinas,,sa cagayan de oro kmi mag renew,,makuha kaya nmin sa wla png isang buwan yung pasaprte?

    • claire3 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive! This blog is very informative. All questions i have in mind were all answered by reading your blog. Jazz wanted to make sure, I'm scheduled to get my passport on May 7, i do have my NSO BC, MC, SSS ID, Voter's ID only. Do you think i will be approved for this documents? Another one is, the name of my father on my MC is typo error, Rodigo instead of Rodrigo but on my BC is the right one which is Rodrigo. Is this really a problem? Thanks and God Bless!

    • margie 4 years ago

      Hello Twentyfive , thank for your reply , i will go to

      owwa to check of those copies to all the place i worked

      and travelled. GOD BLESS!

    • Lenneth 4 years ago

      Hi ^_^ Good evening or good day. :)

      nag back read na ako and madaming halos kapareho ng saakin at nagkaron ako ng idea :) pero gusto ko padin po malaman mula sa inyo twentyfive~ :)

      bago lang po ako mag apply for passport and eto po ang nasa mga kamay ko na na requirements :)

      ~NSO Birth Certificate - orig&xerox ( kaso po ang NSO BC ko na ito ay kulay light blue na may pinkish color na may magandang background design, eto kasi ung una kong NSO BC i think highschool pa ako nito and may nakita ako na NSO BC na kulay dilaw... ask ko lang kung ok lang ba ung saakin na luma na NSO BC ) :)

      ~NBI (Travel Abroad) - orig&xerox

      ~SSS E-1 - orig&xerox

      ~High school id all four 1st to 4th year - orig&xerox

      ~High school year book

      ~High school diploma - orig&xerox

      ~High school form 137 - orig&xerox

      ~Postal id - orig&xerox

      do you think po sapat na yan para maka kuha po ako ng passport?

      do you think i need more or some? :)

      sorry for that i know you already answered lots and lots of question regarding this topic~

      thankyou for your great patience and understanding

      have a nice day po :)

    • Marecil Green 4 years ago

      Tanong lang po...Im married to white american tapos may anak aku dati isa sa x ko..Anu po ba requirements pagkuha ng Passport sa bata,Hid 5 yrs old...and maknu po processing fee yung rush...thANK YOU...cEBU PO KAMI..

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Sorry guys for replying so late as it was Holy Week…

      @Benjanah Requirements in getting a passport for your child are your passport, your birthcertificate, your child’s birth certificate and some valid IDs, plus your presence together with your child. You can process your passport and just ask them to deliver them on your home address in the Philippines.

      @Janice you can bring your old school IDs they might consider them as proof plus your yearbook.

      @Judie relax ma’am the requirements are still the same. It’s for security reason po kasi. A passport is a very important possession and identity card. So we must comply with the government’s requirement.

      @Claire have all your documents and IDs photocopied before going to the DFA. They will follow the details that is written on your BC. If there was a typo in your MC and they saw it, they might ask you to request it to be altered and use the correct one which is listed on your BC.But since you are going to use your spouse surname, your father’s typo name would be accepted. Just try ok :)

      @Margie it’s a pleasure :)

      @Lenneth hello. Your NSO BC will be accepted even it’s blue as long as it was authenticated by the NSO. When I got my passport, my BC was also that blue one. They changed into yellow after a year. Make sure your NBI clearance is not yet expired. Yes, I think your requirements are all ok. Good luck and cheers!

      @Marecil requirements are his NSO BC, your passport, your NSO BC, your valid IDs. You must help him to process his passport in the DFA because he is a minor.

    • ynahc 4 years ago

      how to get a copy of email confirmation of appointment? i lost my email confirmation

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice You're welcome dear :)

      @Ynahc Log in to your email and find the confirmation the DFA sent you and print it out. Thank you for dropping by here.

    • joie 4 years ago

      thank u ms. twentyfive.. finally nakapagprocess na po ako ng passport with ur nxt week nasa akin na passport ko..khit na mdjo badtrip ako nung nasa checking na ko ng doc. kc napatapat ako sa napakasungit na clerk.. kumpleto po kc doc. ko except sa CTC ng BC ko kc sa tingin ko nman readable nman ung NSO copy kaya ang kinuhaan ko lang ng CTC ung Marriage Cert. ko..ang dami ko nman supporting doc like my SSS ID, NBI, Baptismal pati mga old ID's ko dala ko..nakiusap ako sabi ko baka po pwede na un MC ko kc married name ko nman ang ga2mitin..sabi nman skin d kompleto papeles mo taz maki2usap ka..anong gusto mo mapending passport mo? pero at d end of the day naging maaus nman lahat kaya lang lahat ng original doc ko like may NSO BC,MC,Baptismal at NBI kinuha..taz ung mga photocopy pahagis na binalik skin..kung d nga lang kailangan talaga makakuha ng passport magre2act po ako sa ginawa skin eh..

      Para sa lahat ng New Applicant khit readable ang NSO BC at MC nyo kuha na rin kau ng CTC para d na maabala..

      thank u uli..

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Joie You’re welcome dear. Wow, I feel bad na natapat ka sa masungit and hinagis pa pabalik yung documents mo. I admire your patience and humility for that. Kudos to you Joie :) You will have good karma for that. As to the one who treated you that, let’s just pray for him/her. Hehehe Thank you for giving us tip about bringing the CTC copy too in case BC is not readable. Happy travel to you my friend!

      @Anna Mae hi back! NBI Clearance is not among the primary requirements, it’s listed as supporting docs only so it’s not really necessary as long as you bring your original NSO BC, Marriage certificate, 2 valid IDs and some supporting docs listed in the article other than the NBI clearance. If you didn’t go to your appointment, you will have to get one again to process your passport. Good luck :)

    • Anna Mae 4 years ago

      hello again, I have my birth certificate from nso, postal id, voter's id, got transcript of records, company id, and that's it. so should I really process nbi clearance? sorry, i'm new to this stuff, I'm in panic mode because the appt will be on tuesday..thanks!

    • Sonny 4 years ago

      Good day to you! I'm from olongapo and needs to renew my green passport asap. if you may, please post if appointment is needed in dfa robinsons starmill, pampanga and where/how to make one? thanks.

    • Melvin 4 years ago

      Good Day! Ask ko lang din po kung paano mag-renew sa DFA Pampanga? green passport, kailangan pa po ba talaga pumunta ng personal para sa appointment or meron narin sila ONLIne, then ano po ang mga requirements (documents) na kakailanganin, taga Bulacan po kasi ako, mas malapit kasi pumunta sa Pampanga kaysa sa Manila, tnx in advance po.

    • VLAD 4 years ago

      miss fhel..gud day po! ask ko po if pwede ang non pro id drivers license sa dfa as a valid id?i already have other supporting docs like nbi,nso bc,elem yearbook,1 elem id which is very old and old highschool id,sss,postal.i don't have valid ung elem id ko when i was in grade 4 po kasi walang school year na nakalagay at wala din po akong pirma don kasi binigay samin na kulang mga info dati..ok pa po ba un ipresent?if dalhin ko po kaya ung card ko nung gr.4 ako patunay lang po na original id ko un..o kahit wala pa po akong non pro..acceptable po kaya ung req.ko?ung 2 old id's and elementary yearbook?pasensya na po if dami ko sobrang tanong,sana po masagot nyo miss fhel,TIA po.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Anna Mae hello dear. Like I said NBI clearance is just a supporting document. I think your requirements are enough. Just make sure all the details from them are consistent and the same including your signature.

      @Mrnoel hi. Yes, ok lang yun. You can fill it up naman once you’re in the processing day. Postal ID is not so accepted as valid ID, if she has SSS ID senior citizen, that would be very good. Also bring her NSO authenticated birth certificate and marriage certificate. Photocopy them all including the IDs. Good luck :)

      @Sonny Actually I don’t know yet if DFA in Starmills is now serving. I will tell you once it has opened. I will also renew mine there. I think just like DFA Region 3, personal appointment is priority. Thank you. :)

      @Melvin hello. Like I said, they prioritize personal appointment. They schedule them from 8am to 11am only. I made my sched by going there personally since they never replied to my online application. The requirements are listed in the article above. Thank you.

      @Vlad hello. I think you will be accepted if you bring all those IDs you have mentioned. :) Don’t hesitate because they are strong proof of who you are. Make sure they have the same signature. And photocopy all of them including your BC. Godd luck :)

    • benjanah 4 years ago

      good day po!uuwi kmi nang misis ko sa susunod n buwan,,kukuha kmi nang travelling document pra sa bata papuntang pinas ksi wla p syang pasport ksi ditu n sya pinanganak,,ang tanong k lang po ay itu pwde ba makakuha nang pasport ang anak ko gamit birth cirtificate nya gling malaysia,kasi hindi n man malaysian citizen ang nakalagay kndi pilipino. more power 2 you!!!!!!

    • rosiel cerveza 4 years ago

      tnng qo lng po..kung anu po kailangan pra mkakuha ng passtport..ok n po b ung pabtismal at postal id..

    • jocelyn 4 years ago

      pano po ako mag paschedule mag parenew sana po ako ng passport.

    • maria 4 years ago

      helo po! just went to DFA today but was sent home due to incomplete documents. tanong ko lang po, if I was able to get the additional docs needed, do I need to make an e-appointment again?

      tnx a lot!

    • gel 4 years ago

      Hi. !last saturday lng knuha q sa caloocan ung na release q na passport. Renewal un skn pero pgcheck q s second name q kulang ng isang letter, san dfa ba q pupunta may ngsbi kc n sa dfa libertad ddlhn, eh ung ngrelease nmn kc d nla tangap na ibalik q kailngn dlhn q mismo s dfa smantalng double check q nmn nun type s computer, hay hassle tlga ang mhal na nga ng bnayad nmn dhl s munisipyo kmi kmuhadhl preggy aq tpos mali pa!

    • Mike cruz 4 years ago

      Hello mam? Lilinawin lang po...hindi nako kelangang mag dala ng passportsize photos SA POEA FOR PASSPORT RENEWAL?MERON NA DOONG KUKUHA NF PICTURE KO??ALSO,hindi nako magpapasked pa sa phone to have my schedule kumbaga ''walk in'' type and POEA SATELLITE NG D.F.A.?tama po bs pagkakaintindi ko? :D

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @benjanah good morning. Just bring your child’s birth certificate to your Local Civil Registrar and so they will register it in here in the country and the NSO. After it has been certified in the NSO, you can use it for his/her passport processing.

      @Rosiel please read the article above. The requirements are listed there. Thank you.

      @RVS I suggest you go to your town’s LCR and explain this matter. They will help you directly coz there are lots of cases like this. Thanks and good luck.

      @Jocelyn you can schedule an appointment online if you’re going in the DFA near MOA. If you’re going to your DFA province, better schedule it in person.

      @Maria Yes, you need to make another appointment if you used the other one already. Read the other comments here, some situations will give you ideas what requirements you could alternately pass. :)

      @Gel I feel bad about what happened with your name. It’s strange since you were just renewing. Was your name correct from your old passport? It’s better if you go to DFA near MOA. They entertain such cases.

      @Mike Yes you don’t need pictures anymore in the DFA. Some DFA allow walk-ins everyday. You just have to ask your region’s office about it. Depende kasi sa number of applicants in the place. In my town, they don’t allow walk-ins. We needed to make sched before processing our passports.

    • Le Roi 4 years ago

      I have NSO authenticated Birth certificate, an NBI clearance, Voter's certification and school ID.. OK po ba ito para sa akin application for passport?

    • Le Roi 4 years ago

      OK rin ba ang ATM card?

    • reinsam 4 years ago

      hi! Share ko lng po exprience ko, Galing akong DfA khpon with my 1 yr & 6 months old daughter 10:00am ang sked namin, 10:15 na nga kmi nkrating dhl s trafic. Sobrang dami ng tao. Pagpasok s unang gate check nla yung aplication form mo tuturo k sa waiting area s labas. Pero dhil my tantrums ang ank ko nlapitan ako ng isang guard at pnpasok ako umkyat n dw ako s 2nd floor. Pagdting dun fill-up uli ng form tpos psok sa unang door hntay s number mo. Hndi p kmi nkkaupo nag-flash na ang number ko, pag lapit ko sa window hiningi application at NSO ko. Mlabo dw ung BC ko kya hnanapan ako ng CTC buti nlang meron akong dala luma na nga. Tpos Valid id's nman. Nku dyan ako knkbhan dhil voter's id lng at college id na yr 96 p ang dla ko yun lng tlga ang id ko, wla dn akong mga suporting docs like nbi, postal, tor, baptsmal etc. Ibinalik nya sakin yung mga id ko, haaaaayyy akla ko pauuwiin na ko, hiningi yung mga xerox ng id ko tpos tiningnan n yung BC ng daughter ko. Then pila n ko sa cashier s kbilang pinto mbilis dn lng aftr bayad sa line n ng papicture ang dming tao pro mrami dng cubicle kya mbilis, inabutan ako ng no. sbi sakin lima nlng ako na, ang bilis lng nlampasan p nga yung number ko kc nagloloko na si baby kya humingi uli ako ng number in-asist nmn ako at tnuro kung sang cubicle ako. After i-type ang info, scan at finger print ok na, picture na. Pti si baby nkisama sa pagpa-pic 1 take lng. Then bayad uli ng padliver 120 each, wla dng pila. 10 days dw mrrciv na. Pbaba n kmi tningnan ko oras 11:05 tpos n kmi. Ang bilis lng! Drecho kmi ni baby sa Ocean Park..hehe! Importante CTC ng BC kc khit readable nmn my mttpatan kng hhnpan k p dn, kgya s ktbi kong wndow kht nkkiusap xa n mlayo province nya pnpilit sya pakuhain buti dn ako my dala. Sa id dalhin yung khit lumang school id, sakin 96 p nga yun. Wag na dn magtnong kung pwede na yung gnitong id bsta confident na i-abot..hehe! Gudluck po sa lahat :))

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Le Roi I think you are ok as long as your requirements are all consistent and the details are the same. Make sure you photocopy them too. ATM card is not accepted

      @Pearl NBI clearance is only one of the alternate options for supporting documents. If you have the others, you will also be fine. If you are getting a visa, I think it’s not a requirement too unless the consul asked you for it in the interview.

      @Chelsea yes you can renew your passport in DFA POEA Ortigas even if you’re not an OFW

      @Reinsam wow I’m so glad they let you and your baby in the priority lane and you finished the processing successfully. Now you will have your passport :) So happy for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It will help a lot of people here. :) Yes, as long as your IDs and BC are consistent, you will have no problem. Once nagbayad kana, ok kana.

      @RVS It’s a pleasure :) Cheers! We will wait about your processing.

      @De The prices of passport processing are listed above. Thank you. :)

    • romeo delrosario 4 years ago

      pno p b kmuha ng pasport pg mli ang midlle name k ang midlle name k po canezal lmabas p s nso k cenizal ano po b ga2win k pra mkakha ng pasport at s attty ano din dpat gwin

    • Grace 4 years ago

      hi po may problem po BC ko ung mthers maiden name po ng mther ko sa BC ko is incorrect ung last letter pero married na po ako hindi po ba ako mgkakaproblema sa pgkuha ng passport nn?thanks po ;)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Che If DFA Iloilo entertains ongoing walkin everyday, I think you will get it if you apply for the rush processing.

      @Shane hehe No, don’t photocopy your yearbook. It’s so makapal. Just bring it with you.

      @Romeo Go to your LCR and ask them the ways how to correct the misspelling of your middle name. I think you need court order for this. I hope the lawyer will help you in a cheap payment. :)

      @Jessel Go there from 8 to 11am, and make a schedule. Bring valid ID, get an application form from the guard and fill it up while on the line of schedule applicants.

      @Bless In DFA Pampanga, they allow someone to schedule his/her parents, spouse and kids but not brothers/sisters. I’ve tried it before, just bring valid ID and fill up the application forms (one per person/family member) You can save time by downloading the form and fill it up at home before going to DFA. I posted the link in the article. Thank you.

    • Galfons 4 years ago

      Hi po hindi po ba mgkakaproblema sa pg kuha ng passport kung sa BC ko mali ung mthers maiden name ng mther ko? pero ung fullname ko ok nman ung sa mther ko lng ang my prblem sa BC ko and married na po ako ti2gnan papo b un?dpo b mgka2problema pg kukuha ako ng passport?tnx po godbless.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      They always follow what is on the BC. My mother's name is also different in my BC coz it's cursive. I had to follow it. But anyway, the name of parents are not shown in the passport.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice you are so welcome anytime here just like everyone else :) I’m always happy to share experiences and tips about getting passport in the Philippines. I hope they will make it much faster next time. I’m so happy you successfully processed yours after all you’ve been through. Hehe Kahit pagod, at least fulfilled ka naman and you can now travel abroad. Yay! :) BTW, I also made some pages about getting NBI clearance, NSO BC, SSS Number, Red Ribbon documents etc in this profile of mine. In case you need info, you can read my pages anytime. Better well subscribe so you will not miss any post. Thank you and happy trip to you!

      @Ching Bring your highschool or college yearbook showing your name, birth date and address. If the mentioned docs you have are all the same including signatures, you will be fine. :) Good luck!

    • JDee 4 years ago

      Hi twenty five, i am planning to get a passport for me and for my daughter (11 months old), may appointment na kami which is may 8, and as of the moment I am 9months pregnant so I'm really not sure if aabutin ko pa yung may 8 , do you think we could walk in? DFA says that infants are allowed to go without appointments but I would also like to know if its applicable for physically fit applicants (like me, 9mos pregnant?) I keep calling the DFA HOTLINE but its really hard to connect. :( thanks

    • sam cruz 4 years ago

      just wanna ask kung mag aappear pa ba sa bagong passport ang mga previous travel ko. naiwala ko kasi ang passport ko at mag aapply sana ako ng bago.valid pa ang passport. thank you so much:)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @JDee they would allow you to get in line ahead because you are pregnant and your child has no company except you. They are considerate naman to elders, pregnant women, and handicapped people. Ingat.

      @Sam Nope, they won' appear anymore but there are some cases like when you apply for a visa to a foreign country that they need to see a copy of your previous travel stamps. I have made a page too about how to get a new passport if you lost one. See the link at the end of the article above. Thank you :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Yes there could be some passports on hold or pending for some security and identity assurance reasons. Don't worry if you are sure there's nothing to worry about. Your passport will be sent to you in no time. I know the feeling of waiting but all you could do right now is wait some more days. God bless..

    • JANICE 4 years ago

      sure poh miss fhel!!!..rerecommend ko rin po tong page nyo at ung iba sa mga friends ko..i'll visit ur other page..thank u po dahil napaka nice nyo sa walang sawang pag response..god bless pohhhhhhhh!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice Pleasure is mine :) Thanks so much for dropping by here again. I’m always happy when people drop by and share stuff with everyone. You are so nice, too. Say hi to your friends and folks. :) Bless ya!

      @Bheb If you want to use your married surname, you need to bring your authenticated NSO marriage certificate, BC, your old passport and some IDs. Just bring all those original docs you have mentioned and have them photocopied too.

    • bheb04 4 years ago

      yah,i have my nso marriage crticte,coming frm NSO baguio,the color yellow pper?s dat authenticated?but i dnt have any i.d. bec,my walet was lost.

    • Christian 4 years ago

      Hi! Just scheduled an appointment at May 9, and unfortunately, I need the passport at least before may 20. I know that there is a 10-working day processing time for passports, but is it possible to be at least 7 or 8 days? No specific flight yet, but someone just needs to see my passport before the said date.

      Also, all I have is my PRC ID, and no other government issued ID's. Company ID, SSS E1, TOR, Diploma, and other school documents are the only ones i can submit. Could these suffice for the requirements?

      Your reply is appreciated

    • sheryl 4 years ago

      u posted an update about DFA in robinson starmills is open,,is that in Pampanga??cause i just ask an appointment 2 weeks ago and they replied me w/ an advisory that the e-mail appointments will be disconnected temporarily due to the transferring in Robinson starmills and they advise their applicants to avail passport appointments in DFA manila,,,

      so that's just very inconvenient for me since i'm from Pampanga,,i'm going to renew my passport and i've already prepared all the requirements all i need is an appointment,,so does the DFA in robinsons starmills requires an online appointment??if so can i please have their the E-mail address??thank you in advance...

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @bheb Yup, the color yellow one is the latest authenticated paper from the NSO that’s good then :) if you have no IDs, just show your old school IDs, or TOR or yearbook in college. Better yet, show them all

      @Lory BIR and Postal ID are not accepted as government IDs. You still need to show more proof of your identification. Try bringing your old school IDs bearing your correct name, signature, address and birthdate plus your yearbook and TOR.

      @Christina The 10 working day often becomes 12 or 15. You must add some adjustment. You know how it is in the Philippines… or else your flight will be re-scheduled if you booked sooner while your passport is not there yet. You better show your passport application receipt to the person who needs to see your passport before the said date.

      I think you have all the enough requirements. All you have to do is wait after you processed your passport. Have a nice day :)

      @Sheryl Yes, DFA in Pampanga is now serving renewal of passport applications. I have mentioned before too that DFA Pampanga online appointment never replies so don’t expect about their online appointment scheduling. I tried before, I ended up scheduling personally. You better go to Starmills :) I don’t think Starmills allow online appointments in the moment too. It’s a mall service, I think everything is processed faster and more convenient so don’t worry. Just come early as 10 am.

      PS I’m planning to renew mine in DFA Robinsons. Once I did, I will tell everyone here how it goes ;)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      No need to get a new NSO BC as long as it is authenticated you can use it. If your NBI clearance is still valid, you can still use it. Check its validity. Thanks and God bless..

    • sheryl 4 years ago

      OMG thank u so much for the info...this whole thing is driving me nuts and i thought i'll be heading to DFA manila just for my renewal,,thank god i bump in u'r blog,it's really nice of u for posting this up, it did really help a lot of people like me who's in so much stress figuring this whole thing out..again thank u and god bless u...

    • dolly 4 years ago

      god bless!!tanong lng po, kailangan pa po ba ng nso BC para sa pag renew ng passport ng mga anak, ages 11 and 13..o pwede na po yung dating BC lng?dun po kase sa list ng requirements copy of BC lng di ko alam kung NSO copy ba yun...meron na po kaming appointment sa May9..thanks!!!!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Sheryl Chillax renewing passport is the easiest way coz you can process it anywhere, in the POEA, malls and DFA. The DFA is my last choice if I’m renewing since there are so many people lined up hehe It’s a pleasure. Thanks for dropping by here. Bless ya!

      @Dolly as long as your BC are authenticated by NSO, it’s not a problem. BC don’t have expiration date naman.

      @Marie You’re welcome dear anytime :) Bless ya!

      @Prettielyn Online appointment schedules to provinces are matagal talaga. Since Online appointments are launched officially only for DFA Oceana.. You better make a schedule personally. If you are renewing, just go to Robinsons Pampanga, less hassles.

    • prettielyn 4 years ago

      thanks! are they taking passport pictures in Robinson Starmills? :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Passport pictures are taken in the DFA directly. I think it's the last step in passport processing - the photo capture and signature scan. You will be asked to sit down and their camera will capture your photo. You need to wear decent attire in processing your passport by the way. Thanks!

    • erick 4 years ago

      tanong ko lang po, tinatawagan ko pa at eni email ko po yung dfa tacloban, di ko po macontact yung office nila, at yung email peke kasi umaaper yung mailerdaemon, kasi di pa poh dumarating yung passport ko, supposed to be last april 26 pa dadating yung passport ko, pero di pa poh dumating may 7 na poh ngayon, sayang lang bayad ko, 20 working days pa naman yung inaply ko para madali ko makuha. sana po matulungan nyo ako

    • Patrickdeane 4 years ago

      hi po, magrerenew po ako ng passport, tnx po dito at nabasa ko po na di pa ok ung online appointment sa ngayun :)

      kaya di ko n nisend, nkita ko din po kanina sa robinsons kaso past 5 n, kaya search ako bout dito, try ko n lng po bukas para sa appointment..

    • ram 4 years ago

      pwede n po bng mg p apoint s robinson pampanga s online?

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      hello po. Tanong ko lang po if makakakuha na ako ng passport kahit may aberya dun sa details ko. Kasi yung marriage date ng parents ko na nakasulat sa Birth certificate ko is not the same dun sa dadalhin kong Marriage contract ng parents ko. May impact po ba yun dun sa pagkuha ko ng passport? Please reply. Thanks

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @PinoysaBarko I haven’t seen any official announcement about LBC serving Passport renewal. DFA only use LBC to deliver the passport once we processed them.

      @Erick Please call their official hotline because the email address can be changed anytime by the DFA province branches. Did you pay for LBC delivery for that? Or you are personally claiming it?

      @Patrick I will apply my renewal in Robinsons next month. My passport will expire on February hehe Better renew earlier.

      @Ram In the moment, online appointment in Pampanga is not responding. Go make a schedule personally.

      @Anonymous don’t bring your parent’s marriage contract if you are applying for yourself. You bring your BC, your marriage certificate (if female and married), your valid IDs plus the supporting documents in case you don’t have enough proof.

    • redrose 4 years ago

      is personal appearance required for my 6 months old? ganu katagal ang process sa robinsons pampanga.tnx much!

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      Hello again. I was the one who asked about the marriage contract thingy. I'm a minor applicant yet so it's required, right? I just afraid that they will not accept me because the details dont jibe in the marriage contract, will they browse the marriage date and the like? (minor applicant)

    • charisse 4 years ago

      nawala yung passport reciept ko makukuha ko pa rin po bha yung passport ko even without a reciept?

    • shayne 4 years ago

      hi ask ko lang po im planning to have vacation for 3 weeks and another plan is to bring mu daughters to disneylnd ages 7 the problem is their passport ..if i going to show my ticket taht im leaving soon is ther any possible that i can process their passport within 2 weks??tnx

    • April Mac 4 years ago

      Hello po!Ask ko lang po sana kung tatanggapin ba ang old school ID ko for passport, I have two old school ID's.The one I have was when I was in high school,andd I graduated March 2010, the second one is yung ID ko nung nag aaral ako sa ALternative Learning System Basic Health Course,last year 2011..nag graduate ako nung december.. Yun lang ang ID na meron ako, will they accept it? Thanks for the upcoming answer.. GOD bless.

    • YSAI 4 years ago

      Hi! ask koh lang poh kung tinatanggap poh bah sah DFA ung Non-professional driver's license pra sah male???thankz for your reply poh. . .^_^

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Hi guys. I’m sorry for late reply, I’ve been to Ilocos for a holiday..

      @redrose Yes I know it is. I think they will gave priority for you and you won’t need to fall in line anymore. Processing of passport in the DFA is currently accepting renewal of passport only. Will keep you all posted if they changed it. Thank you for dropping by. God bless.. ?

      @Anonymous you mean you are married and you’re a minor? I’m sorry your question is not so clear. Yes they always look over the BC and the details if they are consistent with each other.

      @Charise you need the receipt to claim the passport. Go to the DFA customer’s assistance for that matter so they will assist you.

      @Shayne 2 weeks is not an assurance. You better set up more days allowance to be totally sure. I suggest, wait for the passports of your children before you book their tickets to go abroad. Thank you and take care.

      @April old schoold IDs will be accepted if you cant show more proofs. Bring your yearbook too. Just make sure your birth certificate is there and authenticate and the details agree with each other, together with your baptismal, NBI clearance and the IDs you have mentioned.

      @Ysa if it is valid they might count is as supporting doc. You still need to bring the other docs and requirements.

    • ann 4 years ago

      my appointment is on may29,, will apply for rush processing of renewal of passport. makukuha ko ba passport ko by june 8?,, be returning abroad june10 and i already have my round trip ticket. dating ko sa pinas may28. thanks

    • Allain 4 years ago

      Hi! I really salute you in answering all questions here. I hope for your answer also to mine.

      I actually have PhilHealth and TIN IDs but they are not digitized but laminated only. I have my PhilHealth Digital Card but I don't think it will serve as an ID. It doesn't even have the address there. Anyway, in that case, can it still be considered as a primary ID or secondary? Well, for that, just to make sure, I am already working on my supporting documents.

      I am sorry, I haven't read all the comments above because they are a lot. I don't know either if the same question was asked already. Your response will really mean a lot. Thank you twentyfive! :)

    • Allain 4 years ago

      Hey, I'm sorry. I'm not sure but you've answered part of my question long time ago. Sorry for that stupid question. What is important is that I get the essence of each of the requirements here. Just need to prepare all those. Thanks twentyfive! You are a hero.

      Last, are you, by any chance, related to DFA? Sorry if you may have said that above (Hindi ko siguro nabasa.).

    • camil 4 years ago

      hi..regarding renewal of minor's they require personal appearance of the child when renewing..tnx..

    • shane 4 years ago

      hi poh. ask ko lang i want tour in turkey, needed po ba VISA in there.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Ann I can’t say you will get it due to unforeseen circumstance..

      @Allain You are welcome. Yah Philhealth and TIN ID cards are not considered since they don’t show the birthdate and address. Just bring your old school IDs if you have some. Make sure your signatures are all the same. Bring your yearbook too. Then, I’m sure you will have no problem. No I’m not related to the DFA and never said I was. I don’t ask names or anything here but share info and tips. That’s all.

      @Camil yes, they need to appear. No worries, you will surely be prioritized and you wont need to fall in line anymore.

      @Shane Yes, Turkey requires Filipinos to have visa prior to arrival. See the visa exemptions for Filipino on search. Thanks!

    • tsitsiee_ 4 years ago

      wow! your such an angel to all of us here! thank you for this informative blog :)

      I just want to ask about my situation. I recently got married last feb this year.. i need to renew my passport. However, the NSO authenticated marriage contract will be release by next week.. my questions are:

      1. can i ask someone to do an appointment for me and my husband (my dad) since we dont have the luxury of time to go there in dfa robinsons pampanga..

      2. can they give us a schedule even if we dont have our nso marriage contract yet? moreover, i cannot get NBI clearance because of the same reason we dont have the marriage contract yet.

      3. If i choose to pay for the rush processing, how many days do they really finish it?

      4. is the LBC company reliable in sending me the passport after it will be release? do the LBC add another day for that?

      Thank you in advance and I would love to see your reply soon. Godbless :D

    • ME 4 years ago

      ask ko lang ok lang ba kung mali ang NSO ko??... mali kasi ang father's name eh...

    • linda2200 4 years ago

      was given a scheduled appointment at RCO Pampanga (Robinsons) My question is aren't they supposed to attached a downloadable form with my referrence number? they did not this time. so is it okey to download the form and present it without a referrence number?

    • maricel u jarito 4 years ago

      hi! po gdam po ano pa bang requiment ang kailagan bago makauha ng passport c po lahat ng importanting papael ko na washout noong bamaha sa samar..reply po asap kailangan ko po kc ng passport.salamat po

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Tsitsiee You’re welcome. As to your questions, here are my answers:

      1. In the DFA Regional Office, they only allow us to make schedule for our spouse, children and parents but not siblings. In DFA Robinsons, IDK yet if same rules apply.

      2. Yes they give sched once you have the form and filled it out and your IDs even without the requirements.

      3. Rush processing is now faster, takes 7 working days.

      4. DFA partnered with LBC. Means they won’t break their reputation for that. LOL Delivery time at LBC depends upon different circumstances no one could tell and reason out.

      @ME what is written on your NSO authenticated BC is always what the DFA follows. Either you follow it too.

      @Linda As long as you have a reference number, you are good. Just download the form and fill it out and bring it with you on the date of your appointment together with the other requirements in passport processing.

      @Maricel please read the article. They are all listed there. Thanks and good luck.

    • noenhulk profile image

      noenhulk 4 years ago

      I will apply for a new passport soon. I haven't applied anyone yet. At least now I know what to do. Thanks for the useful information. I voted your hub up.

    • Marilou 4 years ago

      Hi, ask ko lang po if we will file our application at the end of this month and avail rush application, is it possible if we can get our passport before July 10? Thanks for the favorable response. God bless you!

    • sky 4 years ago

      hi can i use my current passport to book a flight while waiting for my new passport to arrive? thanks!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Noenhulk You are welcome and it’s a pleasure.

      @Marilou if you will process it at the end of May for rush processing, yes it will surely be there before July 10. ;)

      @Sky Yes you can as long as it’s still not expired.

    • mctonz 4 years ago

      ask lang many days na poh ang renewal sa passport.?ung rush poh?

    • shane 4 years ago

      hello sa lahat, thanks tlga twentyfive ntpoz din passport ko. i need to wait 10 days just. , grave super kaba ko kc dala ko ducuments.NSO BC AND BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE with dry seal, and voters certification with recpt,and 1 valid id AND 2 school id.. ung lang.. , happy tlga ako.. so guys go na, mas madali pala self aply, VISA nman ako when i get my passport. nakaka stress..,

    • Ime Fletcher 4 years ago

      Good day,

      Hello po miss tweentyfive,ask ko lng po sana about sa passport ko,ung expiration date is on September 2014 pa po..but I got married to a US army stationed in Korea.My husband want me to visit him(in Korea). Do I still need to renew my passport and change my family name? thank you.

    • rizza 4 years ago

      hello pho ma tanung ko lng pho sana f anu pho ang mga requirements sa pag kuha ng passport isa lng pho ang id ko school id anu pho ang kailangan kung gawin pra mka kuha ng passport....salamat

    • jemuil 4 years ago

      hello pho mgandang araw sau misz twentyfive ma tanung ko lng pho if pwede tong mga requirements ko mag apply ng passport bago lng pho aqo 1 OLD SCHOOL ID,NSO BIRTH CERTIFACATE,NBI CLEARANCE,TANUNG KO DIN PHO IF PWEDE ANG POSTAL ID tnx pho God bless :)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @mcton if you read the article, rush processing takes about 7 days

      @Shane wow I’m happy you processed yours successfully. Now you can fly anywhere :) Yup, it’s much cool and cheap to self apply. Visa are easy too if you have a regular job and savings here. Where are you going?

      @Ime Going to Korea requires visa. I suggest you renew your passport and use your new surname so your papers in Korea and visa will be smoothly settled easily. Consistency is still the best. Ingat.

      @Rizza please read the article above.

      @Jemuil Bring valid IDs like old school IDs or yearbook to show more proofs. If you have baptismal certificate, bring it too. Please read the article completely. Thank you.

    • RAmel 4 years ago

      hi po,,ask ko lang po kung bibigyan ako ng priority kapag kasama ko 2kids ko na ikkuha ko din ng passport,,renewal kmi nung eldest ko which is 8yrs old na,,at ung bunso ko 5 yrs old,,thanks and god bless..

    • shane 4 years ago

      hi twentyfive thank alot 4 your advice turkey ponta ko. nope wala ako regular job.. savings just. needed ba tlaga with job twentyfive.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Ramel priorities are for little babies only, senior citizens and disabled.. God bless..

      @Shane Not really needed as long as the embassy was convinced you are returning hehe

    • deanne1006 4 years ago

      i thought passport releasing is faster now pero i still dont have my daughter's passport. we applied apr26 and release should be may18 but until now it has not been delivered. i dont know who to call na, airspeed said its not with them and i am having a hard time calling DFA. actually wala sumasagot. haist!!!

    • shane 4 years ago

      ahaha of course twentyfive. well wish me lock i hope i can convinced them.

    • pearl 4 years ago

      ok lng po ba na ang purpose in getting passport is for work? khit d pa nman talaga aq magwowork? may effect po ba un sa tagal at bilis ng processing? tnx :)

    • pearl 4 years ago

      di q po kc alam na pde pla ung choice na others- for identification...ok lng po ba yun?

    • RAmel 4 years ago

      sa proper attire po sa apperance sir,,ok lang po ba bright striped polo shirt basta may collar o ung plain light color lng po,,thanks and god bless..

    • migz08 4 years ago

      hello po@ms twenty tanong lang po ako,.natagalan pagkuha nang passport dahil sa kaartehan sa pag hingi nang ids specially the nso,.malabo daw so pabalik2 ako,.ngayun nung na process they gave me 20 days to process my application starting may30 to june 20 2012.but i paid for rush.ngayon problem ko.hinihingi na sakin nung employer ko passport ko this 2nd wik of june,.panu po yan,.is there any way para makuha ko nang mas maaga yung passport ko kasi paalis ako this 2nd wik of june eh sa 20 pa release.,.pwede bang magbayad ako nang extra para mapadali.?o san ba ako hihingi nang help,..?sana po reply kayo,..thanks po

    • Mar 4 years ago

      Hi..ask ko Lang po do I still need visa going to Australia since my boyfriend is fixing/processing it already( australian visa)thank po,,

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Deanne yes DFA announced rush processing of passport takes about 7 days now. Though we must be so sanay na to government transactions, when they say 7 days, it may likely mean 10 days. In fairness, I got mine exactly after 10 days when the rush processing before takes 10 working days. I think since a third party is involved (ie. LBC and other freight services…) passport arrival may be delayed. Just be patient and it will come at your door. :)

      @Shane Good luck then. :)

      @Pearl yes it’s ok. You will get your passport anyway.

      @Ramel you will look more decent if you wear light color polo like white, beige, light blue. When you apply overseas, looking decent is important remember that.

      @Migz You have to tell your employer about the releasing date of your passport. They will understand naman. You cannot request DFA about changing the date of it.

      @Mar Yes all Filipinos need visa in travelling to Australia. If your boyfriend is processing it, you don’t need to process it anymore. Just give him your passport and other documents needed in your visa processing. Maybe he’s processing for fiancé visa right?

    • Ricky Eran 4 years ago

      wow, twentyfive! galing mo!

      recently, is there a trend of "delay" sa passport processing? (like what happened in 2011)

      i live in cambodia and renewed my passport thru our embassy here. it's been more than 6 weeks na pero di pa rin dumadating.

    • bella 4 years ago

      hi,,gud day,,ask ko lang po kung pwede na po ang polo shirt sa appearance para sa babae,,yung plain light color lang like pink,,white and yellow,,thanks,

    • lilac 4 years ago

      hi, just wanna ask if pwede b mgrenew ng passport s poea khit hindi k ofw?i min ako dating ofw, pero right now im not working anymore.. bka kc strictly ofw lng pd dun mgparenew.nbsa ko kc hahanapan k nila ng oec ska employment contract,before they will entertain you. gusto ko lng mk sure.. mabilis din p processing nila dun? ayoko n kc mgpunta ng dfa main.. ska san din pwede magprenew s mall n extension ng dfa, ngopen nb cla s sm baguio?

    • esboy 4 years ago

      Hi all, anyone can help me? my father's surname is chinese but definitely he is a filipino citizen since birth. I think he has all the requirement but we've felt so much harder to get the passport for the very first time. What first step would you advise for us to do? We are so disappointed pls. help us. Thanks.

    • prettynice 4 years ago

      tanong lang po pwde ba mag set ng appointment tru online kahit na sa cebu or manila lng talga pwde? pls texback..pwde ba mag renew kahit,kahit sa next year pa ma expire ang pasport sa janury mag aply kc nag work tas d namn pwde kung d renew ang pasport

    • angel 4 years ago

      ask ko lang po, pwede na ba kumuha ng passport ngayun na walang ng appointment basta pag pumunta dun mag fill-up ng application then I bring all document they San Fernando La Union po ako kukuha,.

    • pearl 4 years ago

      @ twentyfive thank you so much :) at least now wla na po aqng worries...kla q kc may effect un sa pagkuha q ng passport ;))

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Ricky Delay of delivery is a normal scene already in our government hehe But 6 weeks is too much. You better contact your DFA regional office and ask about the delay.

      @Bella Yes as long as your attire is decent.

      @Lilac Yes I heard that too. If you’re an OFW before I think they will still consider you. Just try ok. I’m not sure if they don’t allow it anymore. Yes, Robinsons malls opened their DFA services nationwide. If you have a Robinsons Mall near you, you can process your Philippine passport there. SM doesn’t have DFA services for now.

      @Esboy, no problem if his surname is Chinese as long as he’s a Filipino citizen. Just prepare the requirements listed above together with the following to show proof of his citizenship here:

      Birth certificate

      Bureau of Immigration Identification

      Certificate of Naturalization

      Marriage Certificate of his parents

      @Prettynice hello. As of now, only DFA Aseana in Manila entertains online appointments. There are no official websites that entertain online appointments for the DFA province offices. Yes, you can renew your passport even if its validity is next year. It is advisable to renew it now because some embassies abroad require our passport to be valid at least 6 months on the date of our travel. If you’re working abroad, it must be valid longer..

      @Angel it depends on the DFA office. But due to many applicants, they really require appointment schedules before the exact processing day. Just go there, if they don’t allow it, at least you can make a sched.

      @Pearl You are welcome always.

    • jojomon 4 years ago

      its such a big help to all of us here :) I just want to clear something :

      ---- me and my wife will renew passports, we recently got married last feb of this year, and the nso authenticated marriage contract is having a huge delay, as we already process it... but they promised to release it tomorrow.. finally. = my question is , is it ok if we share our marriage contract in passport renewal? can we just photocopy it and then share the original marriage contract? thanks and more power :)

    • vanessa noval07 4 years ago


      share ko lng experience ko...galing kami khapon sa appointment namen with DFA.. We went to an appointment agency sa taas ng MCdo ung tpat nung nasa jollibee... Sila ang ng schedule smen.. One week lng ang hnintany nmen.. So yun nga balik tau sa appointment nmen.. 3 30 ung nkuha nmen...late kami ng 20mins pero pnapasok pa rin kami unlike dun sa cnasabi ng iba na hindi na kau ieentertain kpag late na kau...mbilis lng ung pila sa labas..wala kming ngng problema except dun sa kpatid ng asawa ko...actually dpende.. un kung sang window ka mtatapat...knkabahan nga ko nun kc ang dala ko lng school id and VRR..So ntapat ako sa window 5...ksama ko ung anak ko na three years old...since d pa kami ksal ksama ko xa sa window ko...ok went smooth...ung school id ko lng ang hningi skin...regarding din sa pila ppunta sa window mbilis din nman...then aakyat kna sa taas para mgbayad and then punta kna sa encoding...mbilis din dun kc mdaming mga less then 3 hours tpos na kami...considering na lima pa kami...payo ko sa inyo kpag nreject kau lipat kau sa ibang window...hahaha...ganun gnawa nmen e...nreject kc ung kpatid ng asawa ko pero nung nlipat nmen sa kbilang counter tnanggap nman ung company ID nya..

      payo ko lng dalhin nyo na lhat ng id na pwede nyong dalhin para if ever mgagawan nila ng praan...

    • kc. 4 years ago

      hi po to all specialy to u TWENTYFIVE.

      ask ko lng po sana if mag get ng TOURIST VISA WHAT NEED PO. AND HOW MUCH IT COST ALL..

      pls answer nman poh. para sana bagu ako ponta manila dina ako pa balik balik sa province nmin malayo kc.

      thanks alot poh.

      i hope this site can help me...

      dme nyo na po natutulongan ehh sana ako don.

    • Ruf 4 years ago

      Hello po..balak po nang boyfriend ko na bisitahin ko sya sa Australia, may passport na po ako.. Kailangn ko pa po nang visa?? Anong klaseng visa po miss twentyfive.. ? At San po ako pwedeng mag apply nang visa that nearest to Iloilo...Thank you po..

    • prettynice 4 years ago



    • prettynice 4 years ago

      me philhealth id card dn me kaso d pa laminated tsaka la pang id then...

    • cath 4 years ago

      hi..ask q lng poh if i emailed using d right format dey have provided,does it apply also sa new dfa office sa robinson's???or dun lng un sa old office nila sa central terminal?thnz

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Jojo Nope, you can’t share one document in passport processing since you will be entertained individually. You need each a copy of per document. For male, it is not necessary to surrender your marriage certificate as long as your other requirements are there. For females, MC is required to be surrendered.

      @Vanessa thanks for sharing your experience with us. That is so very much appreciated :) God bless you and your family.

      @KC what country are you going to visit?

      @Ruf yes you need a visa in going to Australia. If you are visiting, just apply for a tourist visa. If you and your boyfriend want to get married in Australia, you can apply for a fiancé visa. It is advisable if you have met in person already and your relationship is almost 2 years na. You can apply visa online at the official website of the Australian embassy or apply personally at the Australian embassy in Makaki. I will write an article about that soon. I hope you wait.

      @Prettynice I think enough naman as long as your docs are consistent and contains similar details about you. Philhealth ID card is not accepted as government ID

      @Cath Robinsons only accepts personal appointments as of now. Go there and make a schedule. It’s easy naman.

    • prettynice 4 years ago

      maraming salamat poh twentyfive....godbless you

    • heartjhemz 4 years ago

      @ twentyfive, ok lng po ba kahit walng baptismal cert.? ito lng po ang meron aq:



      3.driver's license


      kc po ung baptismal q iba po ung birth place instead of Pampanga... Quezon City po ang nkalagay,,

      what to do?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Prettynice you are always welcome

      @Heartjhemz yes I think your docs are ok already as long they bear similar accurate info about you. make sure your ID and NBI Clearance are not expired too.

    • kc 4 years ago




      1 WEEK LNG SIYA D2.





    • hazel 4 years ago

      hi po. ask ko lang po kasi kakakuha ko lang last year ng passport ko kaso ang purpose of travel is tour. eh nagkaroon now ng opportunity to work abroad. need ko pa ba ipa change yung purpose from tour to work? paano po ang gagawin? thanks

    • Hearty 4 years ago

      Hi! Ask ko lng po. Ano pong requirements if ipacancel ang old passport from naturalization and mgapply ng phil. passport? Do i need to go to Manila mgaply or pwd d2 lng s davao? And how much time needed pra mkuha? Magkano po dn ang fees?How about kng rush? Thank u po so much...

    • aissa 4 years ago

      hello! ask ko lang ano lang mga requirements kung pagagawan ng passport anak ko (3yrs. old)?

    • janice 4 years ago

      ask lang poh ang nso kelangan me receipt bah talga ?pls answer me naman

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @KC You can file a tourist visa or fiancé visa since you and your boyfriend have met in person already. O don’t know the exact details on application for visa to Turkey but you can visit the Turkey Embassy official website for that. I think the requirements and steps in processing are there plus the visa fees.

      @Hazel Nope, you don’t need to change that purpose. It’s not necessary. :)

      @Hearty Are you dual citizen?

      @Aissa the same requirements listed in the article above. Please read it.

      @Janice Since there are fake NSO BC nowadays, yes most government offices like DFA now require the NSO receipts to be attached in the document as a proof it was from NSO

    • janice 4 years ago

      ah! nawla poh kac ang receipt online poh ako nag kuha from manila oki po yun kkuha nalng ako ulit...tru online oki po bah?

    • Ruf 4 years ago

      Hello po..San po pwedeng mag apply na visa?sa Manila po ba Talaga?may brach po ba sila sa Iloilo?at Anu po young nga requirements?salamat po..

    • april.louise 4 years ago

      hello po., tatanong ko lang po, ilang beses po ba pede magpa-appoinment?? kasi nakaka-5times na ko and d ko na nappuntahan., and d ko po nccancel kase everytime na iccancel ko, laging nasisisra ang server ng DFA., pano po un? may possibility po ba na ma-blocked ako from getting a passport??

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Janice you can get another one online but the old one will be disregarded.

      @Ruf What visa are you applying? What country are you going?

      @April Oh, make sure you’ll attend your appointment na or the system may think you are not serious. Hehe

    • bless 4 years ago

      @twenty five.. may contact no. ka po ba sa releasing sa robinson dfa pampanga? nag papassport kc ako d2 sa tarlac, kaso di na-release nagkaroon ng technical problem, ang sabi sken by monday or tuesday daw call ako bka ok na, pinagbayad ako ng pampa-LBC, ang problema ko di ko matawagan ung contact no. n binigay.. so ask ko lng din sana if they will release my passport khit di na ko tatawag sknila? kc nakabayad nmn na ko pati pamapa-LBC .. please reply.. nag woworry lng kc ako,, many thanks

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Yes they will release it within the date you paid (rush or regular passport processing) Just wait within this week and it will come in your doorstep.

    • kriss 4 years ago

      hi just want to ask if ok na requirements ko.. wait nlng kasi ako sched ng appointment.

      NSO BC

      form 137

      transcript of records

      old school idelementary and vocational

      highschool year book

      2 old highschool library card

      philippine national redcross card for basic life support

      smart money card

      do i need more? im planning to bring all my diplomas and certificate

      i need your help and advice

      thank you so much:))

    • im babe 4 years ago

      hi kukuha kasi ako ng passport kaya lang wla akong valid id.. hndi nmn kasi ako nag ttrabaho hndi rin nag aaral kaya wla akong student id kung voters naman ka paparehestro ko plang at sabi nila years daw bago ko yon makuha ih urgent po kasi kaylangan ko mkakuha ng passport for travel ano po kaya ang pwede kung gawin? help nmn po

    • rhej lopez 4 years ago

      hello po gusto ko lang po malaman ano po bang requirements ang dapat kong dalhin para sa isang LATE REGISTERED na Birth Certificate..yung form 137 ko po xerox lang galing sa old school ko pero may tatak po na certified copy..pwede na po kaya yun??wala po akong trabaho at hindi na po ako nagaaral kaya wala akong valid id kundi postal id lang at home owners id na galing sa village na tinutuluyan ko..

      ang mga meron lang po ako

      *NSO bc & Certified True Copy ng BC na galing sa Local Civil Registrar

      *Baptismal Certificate

      *NBI,POLICE & Barangay Clearance


      *Certificate of Registration from COMELEC

      *Form 137 elementary & high school

      *High School Diploma

      *High School Year Book

      *Postal ID

      *2 old High School ID

      *3 old elementary ID

      *2 homeowners association ID

      * at meron din po akong Certificate of no marriage

      --pwede na po kaya itong mga documents ko para sa isang late registered na Birth Certificate???

    • rhej lopez 4 years ago

      meron din po akong id nung college and yung library id kaya lang matagal na po yun eh..pwede pa kaya yun??thank you po..sana po matulungan nyo ko..

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Kriss I think you’re fine with those papers as long as they show the same info and details about you including your signature

      @im babe Try submitting your old school IDs like your school registration, ID and yearbook. You must show proof of your identification so you really need some IDs dear.

      @Rhej Don’t worry, since you have much proof of identification, I think they will approve you. Just bring all those docs you have mentioned and have them photocopied too. Make sure your signatures in the IDs are all the same. good luck!

    • kriss 4 years ago

      thanks twentyfive.. i had my appointment on monday.. wish me luck:)

      anyway... do you know anything about trveling as a tourist?? ive been hearing a lot of negative feedbacks sa immigration eh.. i mean sa immig. officer sa airport..

      some said, di ka daw makalabas sa bansa even if you have complete requirements.. "unless my supporting pesos" ka? im a bit scared.. what if i got offload? i dont have anywork just a family business.. im planning a vacation to vietnam for 3 days.. any advice:(

    • im babe 4 years ago

      omg! i lost my old id...wla pa rin kming year book.....wala na bang ibang way?? may NSO nmn ako tska yong ibang requirements like NBI Clearance and my form 137........

      papano yan kung kailangan ko ng passport ng madalian..nka pag set pa naman ako ng appointment yon lng nmn kulang ko... :(

    • im babe 4 years ago

      meron akong id dto pero postal id. pwede ba to?? sabi nila hndi daw to valid id....

    • Belen 4 years ago

      Thanks for posting these details. I am planning to get a passport via travel agency here in pampanga. Any advices or referrals?


    • heartjhemz 4 years ago

      Thanks 25.

    • kriss 4 years ago

      just got home from DFA manila.. wala ko valid id pero no questions asked.. ill just have to wait 10days para mkuha passport ko^_^ yipeee!! thanks 25.. wala pa 1hour tapos na pp application ko.. very solid evidence ang yearbook:)

    • xaszy 4 years ago

      hello guys, i have an appointment later, ano ba kaylangan gawin pgnasa loob na ng DFA? Kinakabahan kc ko.

    • kenzu 4 years ago

      hi,..i just want to many days will i able to get my new passport after applying for d renewal,..d earliest??? coz im here in saudi and my passport will xpire april 22 next yir and im planning to have my vacation next yir march...but my fear is i only have one month b4 coming back here in saudi,..i need an assurance,..tnx.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Kriss I’m happy you have processed your passport easily without questions. You can now go abroad dear. :) Yes, lots of people are saying some immigration officers are asking money or are so strict but I hope it’s not so true. I never experienced anything yet like that so I can’t tell if it’s true or not.

      If your docs are complete – passport, valid IDs, itinerary and other required docs, you will be fine, no questions or whatsoever. Immigration officers are only strict to people who tour for longer days and without hotel accommodation and round trip tickets. If you’re only going for 3D2N and you have all proofs of going back, you will be fine. Also it helps if you have employment certificate here. If government employee, you might need a travel order.

      @im babe look for some more identifications like yearbook and school registration.

      @Belen I don’t know any specific travel agency in Pampanga since I always get my passport personally. It’s so easy and fast nowadays especially you can process them in Robinsons Starmills. Makakatipid kapa

      @Heartjemz you’re welcome

      @Xaszy Relax. You won’t need to do anything, just present your requirements and you will finish it smoothly. They won’t ask you or interview you naman as long as your documents are complete and tally with each other

      @Kenzu rush is 7 days, regular processing 15 days. You better ask your family here to make an early schedule for you so that when you came home, you will be able to process it and have it released before you leave the country. The 7-day release often extends to few more days due to delivery factors

    • tanongtanong 4 years ago

      Good day sir.

      Ask ko lang po kung bukas ba any DFA branches ng saturdays and sundays? TIA and Godbless. :)

    • kriss 4 years ago

      youre really amazing 25:) glad to found your blog.. anyway, certificate of employment is a problem for me.. i dont have work- i dont work.. im managing our family business in philippines and its not under my name.. do you think dti original permit and mayor's permit will be fine.. im planning to bring my aunts nso bc for supporting documents.. do u think its necessary??

      i just want to travel for 3days in vietnam to shop.. i will buy a return ticket and book a hotel.. and i dont have large bags to bring just a backpack and a travel money.. do you think its enough?

      do you think they will let me through coz that might be my only available day to travel..

      thanks for the infos 25:)

    • justine 4 years ago

      hi pagpupunta ka ba ng pampanga anu dapat dalhin mo sa dfa po...en kailangan ba talaga mag paapointment pa?

    • kriss 4 years ago

      hey 25.. do u have any suggestion what or where to buy tickets?? i heard that if you buy tickets from cebu air they will offload you? how about when i avail one of the tour packages? is there any chance of being offloaded??

      need your advice.. thank you..

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Tanong I’m a Ma’am. :) Nope, only during working days, Mon-Fri except holidays

      @Kriss It’s a pleasure. :) Just show your roundtrip tickets and tell them you’re only going for a tour. I don’t’ think it’s gonna be an issue since you’re only gonna be there for 3 days. Besides, Vietnam is a nice country, they need more tourists hehehe

      @Justine Appliaction form and the requirements discussed in the article. Please read it.

      @Kriss Vietnam packages might be cool coz they have hotel plus airfare included. However, I don’t know any airline offering such package..Cebu Pacific has been so nice so far (for me) I don’t know for international route. Try Philippine Airlines. :)

    • kriss 4 years ago

      ay maam pala c 25:) thanks for the info maam:) ill just go for the cebu pacific.. panget mAN SA phil. airlines wala rebooking if na offload.. looking forward to be your travel buddy ma'am.. hehe.. punta ko end of july viet.. sama ka ma'am:)

      thanks ulit hehe.. very helpful po itong blog mo since first time ko magtravel abroad..

      more power ma'am 25:) godbless always...

    • grace 4 years ago

      helo po..pwede po bang gamitin ang passport ng kamag anak po?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Kriss You are welcome always. :) Bon Voyage. Enjoy your tour. I wish I could go to Vietnam someday..My month is so busy and hectic. Pasalubong nalang hehehe God bless..

      @Grace Nope, a passport is exclusive for only the person who owns it. It is a very important identification booklet

    • Cath 4 years ago

      Hi, pede po ba magrenew ng passport sa Robinson Pampanga? plano ko po magrenew sa july 9, Monday, kaso im not sure how.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Yes, Robinsons Pampanga now accepts passport renewal processing. Just go there and list yourself to have an appointment. It's located at the second floor Arayat Gate

    • Mec 4 years ago

      Hi. Ask ko lang po. Nawawala po kasi yung 2 school ids ko i only have nso, baptismal cert, and an old elementary school id. Im not studying now. Anyways, Im a minor. Pwede na ba ako kumuha nang nbi clearance? Pano po kaya yon? Pano po kaya ako makakakuha nang Valid ID?

    • Alel 4 years ago

      Goodam po miss twentyfive! Magaapply po kasi sana kami nang passport para sa mga anak ko 2 po sila 16, 17. Yung isa ko pong anak eh walang id. Nawawala po meron lang nso. Ako naman nawawala ang ID at drivers license. Paano po kaya yun? Pano po ako mgkakaron nang valid id? Any suggestions po? Thanks po! Reply po asap! GB :)

    • sarah 4 years ago

      tanong ko lang po nanakuha po ako ang appointment ng saturday nagseserve ba sila during saturday?? tnx

    • lynn 4 years ago

      hi 25

    • rizza 4 years ago

      hello pho misz tweety five tanung ko lng pho if pwede vah tong mga requirments ko....ONE OLD HIGH SCHOOL ID....ELEM YEARBOOK...CARD...NSO...BAPTISMAL...tanung ko rin pho if POSTAL ID IS ACCEPTED....IM 18 AND MY FIANCEE want's me to get a passport ACCEPTED pho vah lahat ng requirments ko i have only 1 VALID ID AND THTS MY OLD HIGH SCHOLL ID.......tnx u pho Godbless.....

    • rizza 4 years ago

      ay wala pho pla akong yearbook nung grade 6 misz tweenty five DIPLOMA lng pwede pho vah yun...........?

    • Henz 4 years ago

      Uhmm good day miss 25, just want to ask id i need to set an online appointment if im going to go to Robinsons pampanga ung starmill...? If yes may you please give me a link, im so confused poh kasi thank you

    • yeng 4 years ago

      @henz, i read that robinsons only accepts personal applications. but

      @twentyfive, does that personal application mean having to set an appointment only or will i be entertained for passport renewal on the same day?

    • Henz 4 years ago

      @yeng tnx for the info...i would also want to know about that thing ur asking...if u could already process ur passport or would it just be for appointment?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Mec I think you will be ok as long as your docs are consistent and bear the same info. Make sure your signatures are the same too/. If you can bring your yearbook, bring it to show more proof of your identity

      @Alel you can try getting SSS ID or GSIS or company ID. Better yet, get another driver’s license. You have more choice of supporting docs, just read the article above. God bless!

      @Sarah they only serve during office hours.

      @Rizza postal ID is not an accepted ID. Bring your yearbook to show more proof and also read the previous comments as they have shared their experiences you can relate to

      @Henz hello there! You can make an appointment by going there personally. Online appointment is not so convincing in our case at Pampanga.

      @Yeng yes personal application applies both for

      passport processing for new and renewal

      and making an appointment and schedule prior to processing

      You will have to attend the date schedule for you once you made an appointment. You cannot process there same day you are making a schedule. You have to wait for the day you are scheduled. Haba ng pila for processing, haba din ng pila for scheduling

    • Henz 4 years ago

      @25 tnx maam for helping us

      @eveybody didnt went to sm pampanga anymore....went to marquee...only took me an hour, didnt even went to the appointment section...straight to processing and paying

    • Henz 4 years ago mga malapit lang poh sa marquee sa dau ba un or angeles...basta ung marquee dun...i suggest doon na kau instead of robinsons or dfa pamp....may 2 weeks dry run appointment will be held for two weeks daw...agad ng just took me 1hour to finish everything...pero if u insist na sa pamp dfa or robinsons go lang po, suggestion lang naman sayang ung no appointment ^^

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Henz you are welcome. Thanks for sharing us the tip to go to Marquee Mall instead of Robinsons Pampanga. Never heard of that until you mentioned it here. I wonder if that DFA service will be active continuously in Marquee?

    • Sheila 4 years ago

      Hi Ms 25! :D Would you know kung until when ung dry run at Marquee? Also, is the email add for the Regional Consular office ( for the appointment system still working? So is there a total of 3 possible outlets (Marquee, Robinsons and DFA Office (City Central Transport Terminal) where we could get a new passport? Thank you!

    • dhez 4 years ago

      Gud day po,ask q lng qng okey po b ung IDs na ippresent q s DFA,, ID,BIR ID,at College ID q po b valid p b un kc kaggraduate q plang nmn s college.plz responce..tnx

    • sJ 4 years ago

      maam talaga po bang 7 working days lang ang rush? kasi ang sabi pag rush 15 working days at pag regular e 30 working days?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Sheila I don’t know up to when yung dry-run at Marquee. I know DFA schedules such activities to municipal offices, too. Make a request at your Mayor’s Office :) Yes, passport services are as of now in 2 locations in our region (DFA Main Regional Office at City Transport Terminal and DFA Robinsons) I think sa Marquee is not permanent. Online appointments for Pampanga is blurred. I made my sched but they don’t reply at all.

      @Dhez Good day! :) Student ID are accepted if you’re a student and a fresh grad. Make sure you have the primary documents though

      @SJ Yes, now DFA change the rush processing into 7 working days, 15 for regular processing

    • jovey 4 years ago

      gud day po.. gusto ko lang po inquire sa mga ducuments ng son ko. he is 4 years old. kuha po ako ng passporrt for him

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      Good morning! The same requirements for a newbie. He could bring his NSO BC, school ID, baptismal and he'll be good.

    • gi 4 years ago

      Hi, is it safe that when I applied for passport renewal, the DFA assessment staff got all the printed copies of the inside pages of my passport? I didnt know that it was only the first few pages and the last page. To be sure, I photocopied the whole thing and then the staff keep it.

    • gi 4 years ago

      thanks again

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      good day sir!paano po makakauha ng passport kahit mali ang gender sa NSO BC yung pinaka best and easy way???

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Gi not a problem if they did since they will only store it at reference of your past records

      @Kenneth you must fix the wrong gender first before processing your passport because the DFA only use what it's written on the the BC

    • clang.. 4 years ago

      mam may i have the contact no. of dfa located at sn frnando pampanga at robinson starmills..thank you.

    • Joanne Santos 4 years ago

      just want to ask if ok na requirements ko..

      i have here:

      NSO birth certificate

      2 valid id's(PRC and voter's id)

      NBI,POLice and BRgy. clearance

      baptismal certificate

      old id's


    • rhej lopez 4 years ago

      Hi guys...ang laking tulong nitong blog na toh kaya gusto ko narin magbigay ng konting advice sa mga kukuha ng passport..

      kakagaling ko lang dun yesterday and salamat kay lord APRUBADO ako..

      LATE REGISTERED po ang birth certificate ko kaya maraming hininging reqiurements..wala po akong valid id kundi POSTAL ID na hindi naman nila tinatanggap..important po ang mga old id kahit luma na..gaya ko,ang id lang na tinanggap nila yung college id ko at yung library id..yung high school id ko sinabihan pa ako na pinagawa ko lang daw po yata yun dahil nahulog sa baha yun nung TYPHOON ONDOY kaya hindi na presentable..Birth Certificate under NSO (Kinukuha po nila yun kaya kahit di nyo na ipa-xerox) Baptismal certificate, NBI Clearance,Form 137 nung elementary at high school po ang dala ko pero kinuha lang nila yung high school form137 ko..Masusungit po talaga ang mga tao sa WINDOW na nagchecheck ng mga documents..KALMA LANG po kasi kayo ang talo dun ^_^

      pag aprubado na mga documents nyo madali lang po ang step 2 pupunta lang kayo ng cashier para magbayad make sure po na ang ibibigay nyo lang ay yung resibo yung mga documents eh hawakan nyo nalang po muna..step 3 kukuha kayo ng number hihintayin nyo lang po yung number nyo mag flash sa tv screen para malaman nyo kung anong booth kayo pupunta..PICTURE AND ENCODE po kaya tanggalin ang mga earing o headband kung meron..KONTING SMILE PERO DI LABAS NGIPIN..hehehe ^_^ after po ng step 3 depende na po sa inyo kung ipapadeliver nyo ang passport nyo worth 120 lang naman..



      paalala lang po lahat ng documents nyo ay ipa xerox nyo na po kasi sa DFA AY GINTO ANG PRESYO AT MAHABA PILA ^_^



    • gabs 4 years ago

      kelangan po b ng pic?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Clang I don’t know DFA Contact numbers at Starmills but you can contact DFA Region 3 along OG Road in City Transport Terminal at 455-2470 or 2475

      @Joanne yes I think you will be fine with those requirements

      @Rhej thank you very much for sharing your tips with us. God bless you :) We are happy you processed your passport suceessfully

      @Gabs no need to bring passport size photos anymore since your photo will be captured by the DFA cam and computers

    • pittpumps 4 years ago

      Hi,, tanong ko lang kung kailangan ko pang ipaprint at dalhin yung email na pinadala ng dfa pampanga on my scheduled date?? tnx

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      I think no need na since your name is stored in their database schedule

    • joann 4 years ago

      paano po kung isa lng ang i.d ko ? pwde po ba un?

    • janice88 4 years ago

      hello po, gus2 q po kumuha ng passport kaso po ung birthday sa birth certificate ko ay july 29, 1989.. Pero sa baptismal ko, january 29, 1988. At yan ang gamit ko na brthdate in all my d0cuments like school, voters id.. Jan.29,88 gamit q.. What do i do? Help po,tanx...

    • mymy 4 years ago

      do i still need nbi eventhough i already have sss id, philhealth id, company id and nso birth certificate?

    • lhab 4 years ago

      hi.. tatanong ko lang po kung pwde ba akong kumuha ng appointment through online tapos un na lang ang dadalhin ko sa Robinsons pampanga for new passport? or do i need to email the one u have given for DfA Pampanga? thanks so much....

    • lhab 4 years ago

      kc po nakakuha na ako ng appointment through online, hnd ko lang alam kung pwede na un sa DFA sa Rob Pampanga, kaya inemail ko rin ung para sure... hindi po kaya ma doble un? salamat po.. need to know asap kasi poh ung nakuha kong appointment sa online sa sept 3 na po, baka madoble kc nag email pako just now sa email add na yan... thanks so much

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Joann you can add your supporting documents for that matter

      @Janice in all government records, they follow the details on your birth certificate. It is much better if you request your school to follow the same so your information will all tally and will be consistent. It’s gonna be hard for you when you work kc offices will all follow your NSO BC like when you apply for TIN, SSS, Philhealth, Passport, visa and others. Fix your info now before getting your passport.

      @Mymy nope, as long as those documents you have mentioned bear same info about you

      @Lhab DFA Robinsons in Pampanga I think they only allow personal scheduling of appointment in the moment. I tried scheduling via email at DFA Region 3 but they never replied so I had to it personally. DFA R3 allows scheds every morning from 8-11. You can make sched for your parents, children or spouse but for sister and brothers, they didn’t allow me.

    • mymy 4 years ago

      ok ma'am.i have an appointment on aug 30 and i will not bring any nbi clearance. thanks

    • Gracegabata 4 years ago

      Helo po, just want to confirm if we need to go to dfa pampanga for appointment, magrerenew po ako (green passport), want to know how and what are requirements, and hindi po ba puede walk in pag renew? How? Thanks a lot

    • ahaalawilma 4 years ago

      Hi twentyfive,

      Thank you for your very informative page, keep it up. Gusto ko lang i ask kung ano ung Certificate from CFO? if your maried to a foreigner?( color green) kailangan ba bago ka magpalit ng passport or pwede passport muna bago magpunta ng CFO for the counseling etc.?

      will be waiting for your kind reply. thanks.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @mymy basta make sure you have the documents you have mentioned

      @Grace hi there. Yes, appointment schedules are done first before the main processing. The requirements for passport renewal are listed in the article above. Just read them. Walk in on-the spot? Not nowadays. Try having one-time-passport processing by DFA to some municipalities. They do that sometimes. But really madalang.

      @Wilma You are welcome. You need Certificate of Attendance from CFO (Commission of Filipino Overseas) if you are married to a foreigner and you want to use his surname in your passport. You need this certificate in getting a passport so you need it before getting one.

    • 4 years ago


      thank you for your quick response, do you know where to get this CFO?

      any suggestion?

    • Waxsae 4 years ago

      What if I already have my passport, but was using a wrong name due to incorrect entry from my birth certificate. Now, I have already the birth certificate corrected and got it from NSO with annotation. What will I be doing on applying a passport? Will it be a new passport or renewal? Thanks

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      @Wilma I really don't know yet but you may try at the Bureau of Immigration

      @Wax you can go t DFA Aseana. They have a special department there catering services like that if you have corrections for passport. Bring your new NSO authenticated birth certificate with annotation

    • Waxsae 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 4 years ago

      No problem :)

    • shanelup 4 years ago

      huhuhu appointment ko na next week i have read all the comments here,i guess di talaga sapat mga requirements ko,still waiting for my sss id.nbi,postalphilhealth id old company ids and nso birthcertificate lang meron ako,and since matagal na ko dito sa manila nakatira di ko alam kung mahahanap ko yung mga old id's ko nung highschool sa bahay namin sa pangasinan baka inagos na ng baha yun yearbook naman,try ko manghiram sa mga classmates ko nung highschool,whew!!hirap naman..

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