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Brexit and the mating of elephants


Brexit, the mating of UKIP and the insane wing of the Tory party ( assuming there is a non-differently-sane wing) is like elephants mating> there is a lot of noise and fuss, with trees knocked over grass trampled and the earth shaking then everything goes quiet for two and a half years.

Some of the trees getting knocked over include the pound, universities, academic research and the UK finance Industry - which is getting its running shoes on, listening to seductive overtures from France, Germany and other places and deciding which countries have enough money to bail them out when they cause the next recession (in about two years time if the historic cycle that started in the the 90s and continued to 2008 repeats itself). It is time for the YES movement to start hinking how to exploit the chaos and the quiet pause


Brexit Plans

Theresa the Unelected gave away a major advantage when she said Article 50 would be triggered in March 2017 and one leading academic has said the UK’s negotiating position is extremely weak. This may explain why things have gone quiet and why the unelected one persists in refusing to share details of the Brexit Plan except with Nissan and the foreign press. A quick retuning of my crystal ball revealed the plan, which is above right

But The Unelected One, with the almighty UKIP pulling her strings, is crystal clear that “Brexit Means Brexit” and there is no need for crystal balls. To be fair though there IS a plan for Brexit, in fact there are perhaps 273 and a quarter competing plans from various departments and these will be amalgamated into one super and unbeatable plan involving selling tea and biscuits to Africa and India. After which there will be 274 and a quarter competing plans and, having been sold the Bible and lost their land once Africa is unlikely to buy anything more from England. Nor, after her visit to India, is the former Jewel in the Crown of Empire likely to buy anything from England. Indeed they are more likely to sell to England.

This is what the Unionist Opposition Oppose

This is what the Unionist Opposition Oppose

Does Westminster think Independence is coming?

The Government’s prayers for a miracle were answered when the tally of unemployed people fell while the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s allowance and the number of people without a job rose significantly.

Meanwhile the Red Tory party formerly known as Labour continues to abstain for Britain as they would rather have a Tory Government than work with the SNP. Scottish Labour is beginning to fragment, which is rather hard to do while imploding, with the deputy leader trying to deniably distance themselves from hardline opposition to Independence

Westminster is cutting military bases in Scotland claiming they are not needed as the days of Highland rebellions are over. This reson is suspect as the last time Scottish regiments were removed wholesale from Scotland they were regarded as potential threats and eventually sent to what were then the British Colonies. Perhaps Westminster feels Independence, whether by Referendum, UDI or the ejection of Scotland from the UK, is inevitable and is trying to remove any military who might be able to effectively oppose an attempt to impose Martial Law. Or they want all assets other than Trident out of Scotland before Independence. The second theory is supported by the loss of 2300 tax jobs in Scotland and the creation of 2800 such jobs in England.

The big question is can the mating of elephants be used to bring about, or better accelerate Independence?

Conservatism in a nutshell

Conservatism in a nutshell

Ways to become independent

There are three main ways Scotland could become independent.

A decisive vote in a second referendum – High Risk

UDI – High social risks and a hard time for all with the possibility of Westminster trying to invade. It worked for Ireland but was not easy and the circumstances then were different.

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Westminster dissolving the Act of Union 1707, possibly reinstating the Aliens Act of 1705 and ejecting Scotland from the United Kingdom.

If we hear the Unelected One reminding us the Unionist part of the Conservative and Unionist Party is dedicated to the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the third option becomes more likely. And one part of the YES strategy should be to pursue the interests of Scotland in such a way as to irritate the Unelected One and here Bumbling Buffoon Brexiteers. Another part should be to increase support for Independence thus making a second referendum win more likely.

How to win independence?

Looking at the electoral surprises of 2014, 2015, the EWU Referendum and the US election we see politicians playing on emotions. In 2014 the emotion was fear. Since people fear a loss more than they welcome a gain this proved more successful than the rational and upbeat message of the YES movement. The same thing happened, it would seem in 2015 with the media promoting the fear that Mr Bacon Sandwich would be in the pocket of the SNP. The Leave campaign in the EU referendum pandered to some of the basest emotions humanity possess including Xenophobia, Racism and fear for their livelihood together with subliminal appeals to a lost empire in which the brown and balck skinned people knew their place. The US election similarly traded on nostalgia for past greatness, xenophobia and fear of loss of jobs. In each case emotion triumphed over reason.

And here is what the YES movement must learn and use in its campaigning

If reason and emotion conflict emotion will win

If reason and emotion conflict emotion will win

If reason and emotion conflict emotion will win

If reason and emotion conflict emotion will win

The appeal must be to emotion, since that will render the lies of the anti-independence crowd powerless.

Fear is more powerful than most other emotions: anger can overcome it for a while but only when fear has pushed people to a limit just as a scared animal will eventually attack. We need to make people more afraid of staying in the UK than of leaving. A lot more afraid. And more afraid of keeping the pound than of a new currency. At the same time the triggers of fear need to be based on facts, preferably facts supplied by the Unionists and MSM and presented in such a way that the Mainstream Media cannot avoid publishing them and cannot twist them.

Currently however a significant number of those who voted NO in 2014 must be feeling like the Malaysian man who spent a large amount of money ordering a penis enlarger online only to receive a magnifying glass with the instruction “Do not use in sunlight” and what ever you call it, this is the best emotion to stir up at this time.

A possible strategy

Generally this period when Brexit has subsided to an empty silence preceding the emergence of a white elephant is perhaps the best time to start with slow patient and subtle planting of mental seeds in the NO voters and in the English electorate.

And at the same time we must create a case for England throwing Scotland out of the UK. Without increasing anti Scottish racism. This must be taken up by the English as a whole, and championed by their mainstream media.

This twin track strategy is likely to work but may stick in the gullet of squeamish yessers. The choice is clear: Use the dirty tricks of the unionist against them or forget about independence but keep your integrity and be proud of how well you lost.

Lets take our country back, make Scotland great again and march forward into the light of a new era.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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