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Updated on August 15, 2016
Egypts El Shehaby refuses handshake with Israels Or Sasson
Egypts El Shehaby refuses handshake with Israels Or Sasson

Egyptian Judo Athlete Refuses Handshake After Competing with Israeli

What's interesting about the Olympics is that cultures have no where to hide. You can observe the different events and notice respect among the different groups of athletes, which are reflective of how they were brought up and the culture they surround themselves with. Some displays of respect might be cold and others more warm but it's respect nonetheless.

Unfortunately Israeli's seem to be getting the cold shoulder pretty often by athletes from other nations. Specifically, those that are anti-semitic in nature. In this case, after an Israeli Judo fighter defeated an Egyptian competitor he went and attempted to shake his hand. The Egyptian man walked away in what appeared to be disgust refuting the gesture. Of course, I might be upset too if I worked so hard just to lose at the Olympics. But someone has to win, that's the name of the game. But having a case of "sore loser syndrome" isn't appropriate here. Then the Israeli man walked back and gave the appropriate bow and left the mat, The Egyptian man then returned to the mat and gave a feeble bow that would have most likely upset Judo instructors. This is motivated due to the fact one man is an Israeli and the other is a Muslim. Muslims aren't supposed to respect Jews.

I've been around martial arts myself for little awhile and its a wonderful and proud community. It's a community that may be spiritual depending on the art, but is practiced outside of the realm of religion and politics. As a matter of fact, some people practice martial arts just to forget the rest of the world. To some of the most serious practitioners of the marital arts, practicing their art IS their world and everything else tends to revolve around it.

But unfortunately this guy isn't a loser because he lost the match. But rather he's a loser for allowing hate to be involved in an event that's suppose to promote unity.


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    • aasl profile image

      The General Conservative 20 months ago from New Hampshire

      That's a good point

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 20 months ago from Corona, California.

      Maybe that's why the Egyptian lost. He didn't put his whole jeart into the sport. Just my opinion, Greg.