A Massive Boost for Jeremy Corbyn and the Left

Updated on September 21, 2017
Jeremy Corbyn knocking on doors during the 2017 General Election
Jeremy Corbyn knocking on doors during the 2017 General Election | Source
Dame Margaret Beckett MP:  Regrets voting for Corbyn now
Dame Margaret Beckett MP: Regrets voting for Corbyn now | Source
Angela Rayner:  Could succeed Corbyn
Angela Rayner: Could succeed Corbyn | Source
Rebecca Long-Bailey:  Could succeed Corbyn
Rebecca Long-Bailey: Could succeed Corbyn | Source

'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' as the chant goes from his supporters

Jeremy Corbyn performed far better in the general election this year than many gave him credit for. He galvanised the young vote and created interest enough to vote for him from people fed up with austerity and the May government. May called an early general election to strengthen her hand at Brexit talks instead she barely clung on to power and had to do a deal with the Northern Irish right-wing party the DUP and bribe them with a billion Pounds so she could cling on to power.

Jeremy Corbyn was voted Labour leader against three other right-wing Blairite MP's and stunned everyone when he won. Then he was challenged again for the leadership of the Labour party and he won that too. Corbyn and Labour did not have much time to prepare when May called a snap election but he did remarkably well. His performances as he toured the country and engaged with the electorate seemed warm and human compared to the wooden performances of Theresa May.

In the Grenfell disaster for example when he visited the area he hugged and spoke to victims of this awful tower block fire as opposed to May being escorted by police and bodyguards aloof from the general public.

Corbyn is in election mode all the time he says ready at any moment to go to battle stations should another general election be called. Corbyn, when he was on the backbenches, was a thorn in the side of the right wing Tony Blair. He himself has faced rebellion from his own MP's and yet for all this, the man has survived and thrived holding Theresa May to account at Prime Minister's Question Time.

When Corbyn first became the leader he was mocked for not singing the national anthem and for his dress sense. However, since then he has smartened up his act with a neat haircut, trimmed beard and sharp suits. 68 years of age and in many ways though politically apart from Trump he mirrors the American President in being a maverick and sticking to his beliefs. There are issues surrounding Mr Corbyn where he said he would scrap Trident and never be the first to use nuclear weapons. He agreed to keep Trident though with party members but when appearing at the Glastonbury Festival this year he said the opposite of that when speaking to concert goers on the Pyramid Stage.

Now Corbyn's grip has been strengthened by the NEC or National Executive Committee agreeing to sweeping reforms of the party. The NEC is the panel that votes on issues affecting the Labour party and Corbyn has managed to get three party members to sit on the panel and one union member. Something both he and the group within the Labour party that supports him Momentum wanted.

This will make it easier for Corbyn's preferred successors Angela Rayner and Rebecca Long-Bailey to succeed him.

Right and left of the Labour party bitterly divided.

Within Labour, since Corbyn and the hard left took over there is now a very serious schism between the right of the party known as Blairites and Corbyn followers known as Corbynistas.

The right has tried on many occasions to unseat him and cause him problems but his hard left following have protected him and made sure he has stayed at the helm no matter what the right has thrown at him.

It is easy to say there is no love lost between the right and left of the party but even Tony Blair has admitted Corbyn could be the next occupant of Number 10 one day. To be a right winger in the Labour party these days must be like being a grouse with a shooting party after you. Many on the hard left have openly called for the removal of Blairite Labour MP's and also to get rid of right-leaning supporters at the grassroots level too.

It is possible the right wing will survive this current domination by the left of the Labour party and make a comeback but for now, as a group within the party, they are on the retreat.

It could though they will never make a comeback if Corbynistas are in control of the party and if Corbyn does not make it to be Prime Minister one of his left-leaning colleagues would probably succeed him.

So right now there is a battle for the very soul of the Labour party but right now it seems the left is dominant and probably will be for a long time.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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    • profile image

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago

      I have voted many ways in my 52 years on planet earth. I am right wing on somethings and a lefty on others I guess.

      However, May and Cameron have proved worse than Thatcher ever was. This country is in deep, deep trouble and it needs a change of direction because otherwise the good ship Britannia is going down like the 'Titanic'.

      JC is far from perfect however he seems to have the policies to fix this nation. I am prepared to give him a go!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      2 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      And a year on the fighting continues Nick. Thanks for a good sum up. I would disagree with hard left though which is bandied about by msm. Supporters of Corbyn come in many shapes and sizes politically. If the Bitterites had played a different hand maybe JC would have won the last GE.

    • profile image

      Dr P Ambikapathy 

      3 years ago

      It is only Labour with Corbyn leadership that could salvage UK and maintain a FAIR society!


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