Politically Correct

Updated on December 13, 2016

What is the Problem?

In the world today, we see many changes in the way that personal actions are perceived by the public at large. This does not mean that all the changes are to the detriment of society but still they exist. This has gone on for ages, that is, the changes that take place within society, however, it is the reactions of the populous that are different now.

What part does the church play in the changes that are taking place? Should the Church take a leading role in the changes, or in opposition to them? There are many varying opinions on this subject and many presuppositions that need to be dispelled before this can be honestly, and openly discussed. I will attempt to address some of these issues from the Christian perspective, and from a secular perspective as well. While I will admit it will be hard to put my Christianity aside, I believe it is necessary for an honest discussion of the subject matter.

Some of the changes that are taking place in society include the absolute moral shift in the country or at least perceived moral shift that we are witnessing. These changes range from the acceptance and absolute glorification of perverse behavior that at one time, not long ago, was perceived as wrong. Can part of these changes be due to the total lack of teaching on moral issues in many churches? Both of these problems stem from the same root, in my opinion, the root of political correctness.

Riots in Charlotte

What Sense Does This Make?

Political correctness is a hot topic and has been for quite some time. Just as social justice is on most people's minds as well, these two topics run hand in hand for many today. Each day we are inundated with news of a social injustice and political unrest all over the world. When the new day comes and we check our newsfeed, wherever we get it, we see people protesting and looting over the President-elect for fear of what his policies will bring. Now the government is even engaging in political correctness for fear of causing more riots. They know that enforcing civil law and arresting people for breaking the law, not people peacefully protesting, but looters who are pillaging the country and taking advantage of the civil unrest would only cause more riots. The police of today have to walk a fine line to avoid offense to anyone, you never know where the next riot might break out, or for what reason.

Halls of Power

Missouri State House Floor During Session
Missouri State House Floor During Session | Source


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What Can We Do?

There are many issues that seem to spark hatred and divisiveness in the culture today. Issues that should unify us as a country and that should help us have the resolve to make things better in our country for the sake of our children and grandchildren. This resolve could take several forms, the first form that it should take is to be informed on the issues of the day, and to be sure that if we vote that we are informed on the candidates. The second form it should take is engagement, we should be engaged in the culture, and the government, the country that we live in allows us to be part of the government, which people in other countries around the world would love to have the opportunity to do. The third way that we should be engaged is in charity and in the community after all these are the people groups that make up the “crowd” of our lives. Other ways that we should engage is personally, we should not depend upon our leaders alone to lead, we should faithfully give our input on the legislation that they are facing coming through the channels of the legislature.

Our Obligation

We as free citizens of a free Democratic Republic have an obligation to ourselves, our children, and our countrymen to do our homework on each candidate that is running for office. This homework consists of several principles that should govern each decision that we make.


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Action Steps

The first and most obligatory principle of choosing how that we need to vote in an election should be what is the moral character of the person seeking election? This principle should not only be asked of the people who are seeking election but of every decision that we make in life especially if it will affect anyone other than ourselves. This does not have to do with a party at all, although the party platform will tell you an immense amount of information about the candidate, each candidate is their own person and may not hold to all the tenets of the party platform. While it is unlikely that this will happen in the system that we have today, because of the way that the parties are organized, it does occasionally happen that a candidate may slip by the party bosses who are in control.

The second principle that should consider when we are doing our homework is on what policies are supported by the candidate or ballot measure that is being voted on. This is not only a political issue, many people ascribe policy to politics alone and do not see the impact on the rest of our lives, but each policy affects each of our lives, so they must be judged by the same principles as the people who are running for office. There is a moral disconnect in many people's minds when it comes to public policy. There is the crowd that believes that government must be amoral. If this were true then the government would not have any authority to prosecute criminals. The government by necessity must be a moral entity because it is in place to enforce, at least to some degree, morality. There are people that would argue that this statement is flawed. I simply ask those in disagreement if it is morally right to murder? If the answer is no then why do we prosecute murderers? We prosecute murder because it is morally wrong, and we prosecute thieves because stealing is morally wrong. Now if morality cannot be legislated then why do we intervene in these situations? Keep in mind that these things affect someone outside the one committing the immoral act, and therefore it is necessary for the government to intervein, but in areas where the immorality that occurs is between two consenting adults the government is not involved, and it should stay that way.

The third principle is we should strive to avoid disconnect from politics when the election season is over. This is the hardest because we all have lives, but it is the most important of all because this is when the people in the legislature need our input the most. For us to elect a representative or a senator and then never give feedback to them about the way they vote, or how we think they should vote on a particular bill is to ask for them to fail. When I say that it is asking for them to fail what I mean is without guidance from those who elected them how are they going to know the will of the public on each issue. This is a complicated matter and requires research, sometimes quite extensive research, to find out just what a bill is about and what way your representative, or senator plans to vote. It also requires some commitment to stay on top of all the goings-on in the legislature and to call faithfully and let your senator and representative know what you think.



The form of engagement in the political process takes can be varied depending upon the subject. There are some subjects that we can engage at the level of community action, and some we must engage through the legislative process. On the level of community as citizens, we should be informed of the issues that our community faces, both economically and ethically. We should be involved in some way to effect change for the better in our community, whether that be through a church or another civic organization. Whatever route that we choose to use we should be active in the community and engage the culture involving ourselves in work to improve the city in which we live. To be active in the community can also mean attending city council meetings, and knowing the issues facing the community, voicing your opinion when the opportunity arises, and helping to hold the city accountable for things that are happening.

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The bottom Line is that if we want the right to voice our opinion, then we need to use our right to be involved because an opinion without action is like a bullet without gunpowder, it will not affect anything. Be engaged, be vocal, and do something about the wrongs that you see in society. Be the best American that you can be.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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