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Mitt Romney's Political Views

Updated on March 07, 2016

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Republican Candidate for President in 2012
Republican Candidate for President in 2012

Mitt Romney Biography

The unsuccessful Republican nominee for President in 2012 (along with Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan), Mitt Romney ends a long career in the public eye with a close election. The son of former Michigan governor and American Motors Company CEO George Romney, Mitt's ascension to the nomination marked the culmination of a long career that began with his work as a consultant and founder of private equity firm Bain Capital in the early 1980s, continued with his time as head of the Salt Lake City Olympics (1999-2002) and Massachusetts governor (2003-2007), and persevered through his unsuccessful run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008. Recently, Romney has been back in the news for his criticism of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and some have even suggested that Romney could end up being the eventual nominee if no candidate reaches a majority of delegates after the primaries and caucuses are over.

Now that the election is over, many have wondered what Romney's political positions were, especially considering the amount of criticism he has received for the ways in which his political views have evolved over his ten year political career.This hub will attempt to cut through the political rhetoric to look at Romney's stated political positions on the key issues that determined the 2012 Presidential election. In cases where Romney has made conflicting and/or ambiguous statements about an issue in recent years, it will present both positions, allowing voters to decide for themselves what Romney believed.

A future partnership?
A future partnership?

Romney on the Issues

1. Romney on Health Care: Romney has made strong statements against the Health Care Reform bill passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2009, stating that "American has witnessed an unconscionable abuse of power." During the campaign for the Republican nomination, Romney has repeatedly expressed support for repealing the bill, stating in December 2011, "If I'm President, we're going to get rid of ObamaCare and return, under our Constitution--the 10th Amendment--the responsibility of health care to the people in the states." However, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney passed a bill that was largely similar to the national model ultimately included in the health care bill passed by Congress in 2009. Indeed, in 2009, Romney stated that "We need to advance a conservative plan--one based on free choice, personal responsibility, and private medicine; one that doesn't add massive new federal spending. I like what I proposed in Massachusetts when I was governor..." while speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Romney has clarified this past support by suggesting that the Massachusetts model may not be appropriate for every state.

2. Romney on Taxes: Romney supports eliminating the estate tax (currently applied only to those inheriting more than $3.5 million) and eliminating all capital gains taxes for those who earn less than $200,000 a year. Romney has proposed a balance budget amendment requiring Congress to submit a balanced budget each fiscal year to help contain the current budget deficit. In early 2009, Romney came out against the stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, calling for increased tax cuts over increased spending. Romney also strong endorsed the plan put forward by Congressman Paul Ryan in early 2012 that proposes to solve the budget deficit by cutting nearly $5.3 trillion in federal spending while simultaneously slashing tax rates for Americans earning over $150,000 a year, calling it "simply marvelous" and a "bold and exciting effort" in March, 2012. In September, 2012, video surfaced of Mitt Romney telling a crowd at a fundraiser: "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

3. Romney on Foreign Policy: In March of 2010, Romney expressed support for President Obama's decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, calling it "the right course to take." During the 2008 presidential campaign, Romney repeatedly called for no fixed timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq, and expressed support for the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq in 2002. Throughout most of the presidential campaign, Romney has criticized the President's policy towards Iran, and has said that if elected President, he would "take every measure necessary to check the evil regime of the ayatollahs" and "buttress my diplomacy with a military option that will persuade the ayatollahs to abandon their nuclear ambitions." It is unclear how this differs from President Obama's policy, as the President stated in a recent interview "all options are on the table," and that the final option is the "military component."

4. Romney on Education: Romney is a supporter of the No Child Left Behind program started under the Bush administration. Romney generally supports increased funding of charter schools and school voucher programs. He is also a strong supporter of abstinence education in schools.

5. Romney on Gun Control: Romney is a relative moderate on most gun issues as compared with many other Republicans, signing a ban on assault weapons as governor of Massachusetts in 2004. Romney received a B rating from the NRA while running for President in 2008, indicating a pro-gun stance on most issues. Romney's views on guns have shifted over time, in 1994, he stated "I don't line up with the NRA" in defending his support for the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun sales and a ban on semi-automatic rifles. However, Romney joined the NRA in 2008, and has since called himself a "lifelong" hunter of "small varmints."

6. Romney on Social Issues: Romney has generally drifted to the right on social issues in recent years. He came out strongly against the Obama administration's decision to mandate that employers (including religious organizations) provide birth control coverage to employees who wanted it, stating in February 2012, "I don't think we've seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious conscience, religious freedom, religious tolerance that we've seen under Barack Obama." In recent years, Romney has spoken out against abortion and called for overturning Roe vs. Wade, however, while governor of Massachusetts, Romney repeatedly described himself as pro-choice. He explained the evolution of his beliefs on abortion in an interview with the Des Moines Register in 2007, stating, "I was effectively pro-choice when I ran for office. When I became governor of Massachusetts, the first time a bill came to my life that dealt with life, I simply could not side with--with taking a life, and I came on the side of life. Every bill that came to my desk, every issue that related to protecting the sanctity of life, I came down on the side of life." Romney also has expressed opposition to gay marriage, stating "I believe we should have a federal amendment in the constitution that defines marriage as a relationship between a man and woman, because I believe the ideal place to raise a child is in a home with a mom and a dad." He reiterated this opposition to gay marriage after President Obama offered support for gay rights in May 2012, stating "I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman."

7. Romney on Disaster Relief. In one of the GOP presidential debates in June, 2011, Romney responded to a question about whether FEMA (the federal agency in charge of disaster recovery) should be shuttered by stating "Absolutely...Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. And if you can go even further, and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. Instead of thinking, in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask the opposite question, what should we keep?" This statements seems to suggest that Romney is in favor of closing FEMA and making the private sector responsible for disaster recovery, however, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012, Romney has clarified his position. As one of his campaign staff told reporters: "Gov. Romney believes that states should be in charge of emergency management in responding to storms and other natural disasters in their jurisdictions."


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    • Georzetta profile image

      Georzetta Ratcliffe 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Very interesting. I appreciate you listing other sources for information.

    • sir slave profile image

      sir slave 6 years ago from Trinity county CA.

      i appreciate the list of positions since the piece I just wrote on Mitt focuses mostly on his bio and a bit of political commentary about the election coming up.

      I will follow you on this issue. I will be writing more on mitt if he becomes the nominee, since I am from mass, and actually moved in down the street from him in 71'(i was 2)

      at the same time(roughly) he was just starting harvard grad school.

      this is what you find out by writing a hub!

      visit " a quick profile of mitt romney"

    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 5 years ago from New England

      A LDS president - I doubt it - Here is why -

    • jonathannatural2 profile image

      Dustin Thompson 5 years ago

      Mitt would be a strong choice for the economy because of his Bain and Company experience. Philosophically though, Ron Paul is right on. Limited government, bring the troops home and stop the industrial military complex.

    • rosemary 5 years ago

      no mention of his interest in green issues, saving the planet, solar energy, pollution. Don't like the way he seems to change his mind about issues. And he's Pisces. Pisces men are hopeless.

    • Etwaun Moore 5 years ago

      Romney is a supporter of alternative fuel sources.

    • Mike Ghazi 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info, learned a lot.

    • Hailee 4 years ago

      Thanks for this information really useful and helped with my project!

    • DevilsCreed AOF 4 years ago

      Thank you guys for the info!!!!!!!!!

    • annonyms 4 years ago

      Mitt Romney won't be the president in 2012.

    • Concerned in ms 4 years ago

      Your info would be more helpful if u compared apples to apples. What's Newts stance on gun control? Is Romney in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts? A simple pro/

      con list for each would be better, but it's a start. Thanks for the info.

    • George Bush 4 years ago

      Well I like pie

    • Joe H. 4 years ago

      Ron Paul.

    • shahreyar hasan 4 years ago

      My view is that we should do such political alliances with other countries such as Pakistan etc. A s of Ron Paul statements i agree with his thoughts of bringing the US army back to their country and starting trade delegations with other countries.

    • kate 4 years ago

      i dont like this

    • Sam 4 years ago

      Romney is very intelligent especially when it comes to business and how to have it thrive. I think he could help the USA thrive as well... Not everyone knows how money works inside and out but I think he does.

    • J Harris 4 years ago

      He does understand money ,I hope when he's president he will unite our country! No more dividing ,meet in the middle,we need A leader not a political .Roll up there sleeves focus we have a lot of problems ,no more democrat republican election will be over then maybe we become Americans Put America first Admit our mistakes learn from them move forward or we will fall

    • raul 4 years ago

      Ron Paul 2012............

    • adagio4639 profile image

      adagio4639 4 years ago from Brattleboro Vermont

      Mitt Romney knows how to make a profit. He's very good at that. But why is that a qualification for being president? The United States Government is a non-profit. What's his experience in running one of those? I know he was a governor but he's avoiding his record as Governor because it reveals him as a moderate and not the "severely conservative governor" he claims to have been. So...he knows how to make money, but that really isn't the Presidents job.

      The other day he claims that he'll have unemployment down to 6% after his first term. That's not a very bold projection since the CBO has already projected that figure for 2016 based on where things are headed right now. Romney said anything above 4% is terrible, but he's saying he could get it down to 6? If anything above 4 is terrible, why should I be impressed with his claiming he'll get it down to 6?

    • Joe 4 years ago

      Humans cannot accomplish peace on earth. Thousands of years of wars and turmoil have proven that.

    • Cat 4 years ago

      I wanna know what give a man a right to tell a women whatshe can do and cant do with her body

    • Susie 4 years ago

      The issue over picking a president is no longer who is the BEST but who is the LESSER of evils. We live in a highly opinionated nation, which is both good and bad, there is no one president that matches everything I agree with so for me I'm forced into compromise when it comes to voting. If people were less selfish and less demanding our politicians would have the opportunity to lead the nation with "the people" in mind instead of the person individually

    • RayParker 4 years ago

      We must stop Obama, Mitt is the one for the job. Mitt WILL be our next President. All you goofy liberals(socialists)are going to love that!

    • Nora 4 years ago

      My first choice was Newt but I will vote for Mitt because he does share my views on bigger government, aportion and strong military. I would love to see more passion on his deliverly during his speeches. I am very concern about the Musslims wanted to infiltrate our government and schools.

    • rinerk4545 4 years ago

      The spelling errors and poor grammar in this article are so bad, it is difficult for me to read and comprehend what you are trying to say without being distracted by yet, another error. Nevertheless, after having read the article several times over. I seem to be in agreement with your point. Mitt Romney has spent many years "dancing around" issues, leaning left and then right to suit his immediate purpose and basically, is a "wishy-washy" politician. Too bad. I am of the same faith, from Michigan, hunt and fish, admired his dad and wanted to vote for him. Not now.

    • Rob the Slob 4 years ago

      I agree... it is now about getting the lesser of two evils.

      Newt would have changed the country and our world for the better for decades, but Romney will have to do. The lying unconstitutional Obama does not deserve the job nor does he have the morality or backbone of a decent human being. It baffles me that he has managed to fool so many people.

    • david r in ohio 4 years ago

      please mr romney and the people running your campaign attack the president on those lies he states about you do it now aggressively he is a chicago thug and the liberals around him are no more than selfish idealogs sir if you go after obama like you did the others in your own party you will win easily if you dont you will loose in a close election i am a certified psychic you have less than 6 weeks to do him in attack him for his failures his lies his record and his un american stances he is a very dangerous man you have to win to save our nation please do what i say a beg you for my children and yours and all other true americans god bless you please you must do as i say and quickly

    • pen 4 years ago

      why are SOME people RACIST. it dosent make sense. Obama was the only black man to try his hardest to get in the white house and that is an acheviement. why would to push that person out the white house. HE TRIED!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

    • pen 4 years ago

      why are SOME people RACIST . Obama was the ONLY black man to try to become president.That is an achivment . so why push him out the white house HE TRIED!!! COME ON PEOPLE. it makes me so mad that people can't accept that it is not just them out there. it is alot more people different than you tring to make our nation different. AND MOST PEOPLE CAN'T STAND THEY ARE NOT THE ONES DOING IT!

    • Tom 4 years ago

      I am not racist. I truly believe Obama did good things for the middle and lower middle class Americans. He got a nation that was at rock bottom from Bush. I am still for Obama I think he will continue to get us on track. By the way I am white.

    • Lkk158 4 years ago

      God help us if Romney/Ryan get in. Women especially !

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      Know the candidate.


      Obama chief strategist David Axelrod

      Live and uncut, scare tactics?

      Paul Ryan on 'Hannity'

      vision for the future

      Character matters when running for President


      Hope and Change?

    • jc 4 years ago

      Lets go Barack Obama :D

    • bo 4 years ago

      im not a fan of obama.. i am a supporter of my president but i dont like some of his views and ideas.. obama care is a joke. his family and about every deciding persons in the hovernment are exempt.. he wants to re wright the constatuion? what? tax will build the econ not trade? what? im by no means book smart or a good speller or gramaticly correct but i know when i srll something i make money. when its taken from me im broke.. too much tax is like living with a theif..the family will be broke and the theif will spend and than also have no money. eventualy every ones broke.. loans? how many people are in debt? how debilitating is it paying that back?the money china loaned us origionaly came from us through trade hello?? look at the objects in your home. how many say made in china? even vitamins... they wont sat made in china only a distrobution center.. ther from cjina sorry..

    • Greeneyzs 4 years ago

      This man Mitt will be the one to bring the next WW3, he already attacked Russia sayn tht he will confront Russia and Iran, it has been written in the book tht the next WW3 will be with the Russia and its friends, he is the AntiChrist, I believe it and he has signs. If u dont believe what God has said then thats on u, but he is showing the signs. Obama is being bashed by Mitt and his party but Obama was handed a big pile of doo doo when he was seated in the White House, thanks to BUSH. He has been doing the best he can, and another thing Mitt tonight did not bother to mention WHAT HIS REAL VIEWS ARE, what about tax cuts, getting rid of free school lunches, illegal immigrants, his view on gay marriage, he saying only what is needed to be said to try to get the voters on his side. GOD HELP US!!!!!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      Willard Mitt Romney

      You be the judge.

    • Jessary 4 years ago

      Unbiased? I think not

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      What about our "Silent Minority"? Indeed, many of us are so "dedicated" to fight abortion and contraception that we neglect those that are suffering and dying, yes suffering and dying, due to inadequate medical services. That situation is going to get more gruesome should Obama not be re-elected. Entitlement is a dirty word when it comes to helping the less fortunate or perhaps a better term would be those with "below-poverty-level-income" (I hate the word "poor", because it has all sorts of negative implications). LBJ tried to address that issue in the "Great Society" but without success. So did Clinton, having Hillary carry the ball, but also without success. We complain about Obama not having kept all his election promises, so we are going to kick him out. But he did manage to address the healthcare issues that many of us are hell-bent to throw away. Obamacare is not perfect, not by a long stretch, but it is a good start. It is a good start that neither LBJ nor Clinton managed to accomplish. Our religious convictions can be settled in courts, but let us not carry our religious baggage to the ballot box, please. Let us keep state and church separate without all sorts of innuendoes.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      The people must face reality, Obama has not done the job. Blaming others is not leadership, the fact that the Democrats have had a 2/3s majority control of our government since 2007 and that Reid and Pelosi are still leading the Democrats leaves the people no choice but to clean up Washington in Nov.2012


      Obama Blame Game on 60 Minutes ‘’ fairshare ‘’ Vote for me

      The name of the game is COMPROMISE

      House passed 30 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

      ,Obama or Reid telling the truth?

    • Boogie9 4 years ago


      Comments have a funny way of avoiding what one does not want to admit and pile things up that support the speaker's view. While George W had a rubberstamping Congress, Obama had the Republican naysayers regardless what the issue was. Although Democrats had a majority in the Senate, it was only by a couple of votes and always stood a chance of filibuster. Republicans had no intent to compromise, it was clear from the beginning that their objective was to bring down Obama, no matter what. Is that not why Olympia chose not to run for another term, because of the gridlock?!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      ''Republicans had no intent to compromise''

      House passed 30 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

      ,Obama or Reid telling the truth?

      Holding up a vote on the bills , compromise?

      maybe you missed the speech, check it out.

      Rep. Artur Davis RNC Full Speech 2012,

      Appeals To Independents ‘’ REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE ‘’ To Correct Mistake Of 2008

    • Boogie9 4 years ago


      We are getting side tracked. The primary question has not been settled. Do we or don't we keep "Obamacare"? The healthcare system that both LBJ and Clinton did not succeeded in initiating yet the present administration did. The rest is politics and changes with each administration with each generation with each new challenge. There is always two steps forward and one step back with some sideways. So what is your answer? Either it is yes or no. Let's stop dancing around each other.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      The President said that if Obamacare was passed.

      you can see your own doctor. Healthcare costs will go down. Unions would not be exempt from the law. There are some good thing in the bill that when Obamacare is repealed will most likely be included in a truly BIPARTISAN BILL that will not have $ 500 billion in new taxes. The joke is on us. Obama said he has not raised taxes. UNTRUE. Businesses and suppliers have been taxed with regulation that increase costs. Those costs end with we the people paying more. check this link and listen closely.

      June3.2011 Ryan and Van Hollen Debate Medicare Proposals 6/3/11 '' THE TRUTH ''

      the aswer is NO NO NO HELL NO!

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      Fair enough. Anything that is off the table is off the table and Romeny intends to change all. Anything that Romney promissed yesterday is changed tomorrow. I can't relay on Romney!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      Try to understand that Romney don't make law. Legislation comes from Congress only when the House and Senate agree to pass legislation. Last step in the process normaly ends with the President's signature.


      House passed 30 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

      ,Obama or Reid telling the truth?

      Until Senator Reid permits the Senators to vote on Ryan's House budget, it is in limbo, meaning that the President won't be forced to make a decision to sign.

      Therefore be it known that the Senate is shamefully the problem with why the nation isn't moving forward. The President standing on the sidelines is part of the reason he lacks leadership.

    • Barbie 4 years ago

      What's wrong with you obama people!!! He's the one you should be worried about. He doesn't want the American people to succeed , if he did he would have done something 4 years ago. All he does is blame everyone else but himself. If he was a decent man he would have acted like a man and said he didn't have the experience to get the country back on track. Mitt will get us going again believe in him because he is honest and has the experience. Wake up America if you don't we all will be in the bread lines!!

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      Some Republicans have voiced their opinion that should Obama be re-elected, there will be a civil unrest. Such rhetoric is deplorable, but should it intensify, it is important to remember, as NRA likes to point out, we all have guns. Should an armed conflict occur, bragging about our "Democracy" is nothing but a sham.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      An Obama campaign ad

      ’The Life Of Julia’’ a clenched black hand symbol

      The Life of Julia,’ Corrected

      Obama campaign false or dubious assumptions

      You can be the judge.

    • ajc ^^ 4 years ago

      well i am young and not all well thought out but it isn't really the president that matters what you people need to look into is how well the entire government will work out with it self and elect the next president vp and all lower things on how well they will work together and actualy get things done dont just focus on one pole in the entire election there is more than one person running so dont focus all your attention on that one man focus it on the entire government look into most of there backgrounds and see how well each person will work out from president to senator all the way down to the mayor of a town cause all this worthless energy you people are waisting arguing with each other over one man you could be looking into more issues

    • jen 4 years ago

      There is nothing of change or substance here. This man wants to keep america american, a slogan the kkk pretty much came up with. And for those for him, well you're either ignorant or selfishly rich.

    • Al 4 years ago

      sry but its not ignorant...the more people that keep coming to this country with little money and nothing to offer but kids and wanting hand outs and support from our government! the worse our economy has gotten. Are u kidding me, stop being selfish, we need to focus on our country and work on our problems rather than help all these people who feel like mooching off our government..America should be American and Russia should be Russian and France should be french..forein trade is far as war..we should bring our troops home and let the middle east fight eachother and not get involved with them whatso yea America should be American...makes perfect sense..if u want to come here and live..u need to have something to offer our country for letting u convert to an American rather than come here looking for help when were not in good status ourselves..

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      I wrote the following hub in 2010, to my dismay not much has changed to fix the economy and put people back to work. The missing link is ''COMPROMISE''.

      President Obama and Members of the 112th Congress Credit Rating

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      Politics of Israel and US are the cause of great concern to most Americans regardless of Mitt Romney's assurances. Israel is a sovereign country and therefore has its policies while US has its own. The problem is that the two nations are too closely associated and whenever Israel perceives dangerous situation US may not and vice versa. Policies generated in the US are not necessarily welcome in Israel and opposite is true. We do know that Israel has "spies" or intelligence gathering individuals in the US and the reverse is also probably true. Yet whenever Israel is in trouble, US government is committed to the hilt to provide assistance which in turn can cause havoc in our set policies. It seems that a logical solution to provide adequate protection to Israelites is that they hold a plebiscite deciding whether they want to be the 51st State of US and be protected under the US law or they want to be independent and be satisfied with the assistance that US offers to every NATO member nation. The current interaction just does not work. The Jewish lobby in DC can obviously continue its work as any ethnic lobby does in our country.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      ‘’Mitt Romney's Political Views’’ 1. Romney on Health Care

      2. Romney on the Economy:

      The Romney / Ryan ticket , check these hubs

      June 03.2011 Ryan and Van Hollen Debate Medicare Proposals 6/3/11 '' THE TRUTH ''

      Paul Ryan Rejecting the President's Path of Debt, Doubt, and Decline

      Paul Ryan Responds to Fact-Checkers Who Took Him to Task on RNC Speech

      The President's Speech Distorts the Truth to Distract From His Failed Record

      Fact-checkers find exaggerations in Obama, Biden conventions speeches

      Obamacare – Anatomy of Government Fraud

      Mark your calendar, Oct. 03,2012 will be the first Presidential debate.

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      JON EWAL

      To put it simply, your quotes are BS. Perhaps I should quote the Bible, the Koran, Karl Marx, Kant or others to make you understand. The current situation does not work!!! Lately Netanyahu has inserted himself into our presidential elections?! Wonderful!!!

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      Here is something that perhaps you will understand.

      "Israeli Fallout"

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      ‘’To put it simply, your quotes are BS’’ Apparently you didn’t take time to read or understand the truth. Maybe these links will help you to understand the other side of the issues. A Good Reason to Vote For Change in November !

      The Senator Coburn report '' WASTE IN GOVERNMENT'' Story time with President Obama: ‘We tried our plan — and it worked.’ 8.2% unemployment not working ( FANTASY in the land of OZ)

      U.S. families lost 39% of net worth in three years (2007-2010)

      Fact-checkers find exaggerations in Obama, Biden conventions speeches

      The List Of Documented Lies That Obama Has Told? President's Speech Distorts the Truth From His Failed Record

      The truth ‘’ Friend or Foe?

      ‘’"Israeli Fallout"

      He ( Romney) appears unable or unwilling to understand the responsibilities of a President trying to deal with a volatile situation while Americans are in harm’s way.

      Romney shows no respect for diplomacy in general. President Obama needs to accept full responsibility for his actions in not providing protection for our government officials.

      Now I know why the other side despises Fox News, the only place for ‘’ fair and balanced ’’ reporting.

      FOX NEWS SHOWED CLIPS OF OBAMA’S criticism of President Bush’s decisions and acts during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in 2006,2007 and 2008, Romney’s remarks were not even close to what Obama was saying back then. By the way, which of the links were BS?

    • Boogie9 4 years ago

      I appreciate your remarks rather than quotes of others. Thanks.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      Some of my links are being Redirected, it appears that a type of censorship is in effect. be on alert.

    • Jes 4 years ago

      Obama tried to change things for the better but with the republicans in the house of reprecenitives they have voted against them. It's not always his fault. He doesn't have a right to just change everything he only has 1/3 of the power. So don't blame everything possible on him.

    • lydia stephens 4 years ago

      Mitt Romney is the one that im doing on my project in school this year

      the reason why is because i love his work and i wish i can meet him


      Mitt Romney if you read this just to let you know that im in 4 grade and i go to Baldwyn Elementary School in Mississippi and i am 11 years old and i hope that you love this pasege of you oh i am going to make 100 because of your hard wor you've done ROCK ON YOUR THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER THAT LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      ''republicans in the house of reprecenitives they have voted against them.''A distorted fact by Obama and the Democrats in the Senate.

      Aug. 2, 2012 Bush-Era Tax Cuts- Obama Deals

      House passed 38 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

      ,Obama or Reid telling the truth?

      May 17, 2012

      Senator questions $18B for job training, as study suggests rampant waste, abuse

      Potential impact of Obama's 'Buffett rule ' President Obama’s

      2011 tax returns rate was . 20.5 % , a lot less than his secretary

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Romney is a narcissist and like all narcissists he is able to manipulate his audience by talking in circles to confuse the issues and gain control. I'm from Canada and if you check the poll that was taken here you'd find out that we love Obama and would vote for him over any politician that we have in this country. I started following the politics in the U.S. because from the moment that I heard Romney speak for the first time he frightened me; I truly believe that if he thought that the circumstances required it, he would start a 3'rd World War. The fact that our country is so close to yours, I know that we would be dragged into it. I watched the debate tonight and it actually upset me to hear that anyone could possibly think that Romney won-being a big mouth that talks over people does not make him a winner! Think about what he said. He'd allow parents to choose the school that their children attend. How? What if every student decided they wanted to go the the same school? How will they get there? Provide more buses at additional costs? I could go on and on just about this one issue. He also had the nerve to state that he wanted to get rid of Obamacare care. First of all I suggest that all of you watch Michael Moore's documentary: Sicko". Secondly Romney has a form of Obamacare in his state.; which he didn't put in until he was pressured by Obama. Now what are Romney's plans-get rid of it? If you think that running a business is a great endorsement for running a country then you're pretty naïve. Look back through history! When has any wealthy big business man done anything for the average worker if he wouldn't benefit as well? In fact, if the shareholders of a company would make more money by moving a company elsewhere that's exactly what they do. This is Romney's mentality! Think of what he said about 47% of the country and who his friends are-Donald Trump, etc. Speaking of looking at history; maybe you should look back at who caused the economic crisis-wealthy business men, like Romney, on Wall Street. Not to mention Bush who happens to be a republican. Now because Obama hasn't been able to clean up their mess as fast as they claim he should have they have the nerve to fault him for it-meanwhile they also fought him at every turn in his attempts to clean up their mess. Bush was bad but if you vote for Romney it'll be as if you went from the frying pan into the fire!

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      The different directions the two candidates would lead us is clear, four more years of Obama will lead to four years worse than his first... while Romney offers us an economic turn around that can only come from a candidate like himself that holds vastly different views and ways of invigorating the economy.

      I have written plenty about it in my own hubs, and will continue to do so until Nov 6th, hoping that some people will take the time to read and become aware of the perils we face should we not vote for change in this election.

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      I have followed and read everything I could with regards to both presidents; as a psycholgy major Romney fascinated me. (As an aside, I also followed the Casey Anthony case for the same reason)

      If you've never dealt with a manipulative narcissist like Romney, it can be very difficult to recognize. They're very adept at presenting themselves, and their ideas, as genuine; they are usually very likeable on the service. The only surprise for me was that Obama was not prepared for this type of personality during the debate. Romney changed his ideas midstream (after a full year of saying something totally different), talked in circles, neglected to give details, presented numerous ideas and issues at one time in order to confuse the president on what lie or half truth to address first, and he took the offensive in order to put the president on the defensive. I'm sure that you've at least come across a person that has done the latter; they do something wrong and yet they take the offensive in order to place you on the defensive. The most recent example of what I'm talking about is what Romney has done today. For the past couple of weeks he has stated that he stands behind what he said about the 47% of the population and yet today he stated that he was totally wrong; he was caught, he tried to whitewash it, but that didn't work, and so now he's decided that it's best to admit to it. People like Romney are very good at twisting the facts in order to benefit themselves; the facts you've heard from Romney will have very few elements of truth in them ; if any at all. My suggestion to you is to read up on narcisstic personality disorder.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa

      Jes 2

      ''he only has 1/3 of the power. So don't blame everything possible on him.'' Don't be a fool. Obama and the Democrats control 2/3s of the government . Senator Reid not allowing debate and a vote on the 40 jobs bills passed by the House is a sad story. The Democrats had 100% control for Obama's first 2 years, Republicans had zero power as a minority, that's a fact.

      House passed 40 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

      ,Obama or Reid telling the truth?

      Paul Ryan VP nominee previews first presidential debate

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Perhaps you deem your adherance to the Republican party, and Romney, as a sign of loyalty? Again, I urge you to read everything you can on narcissistic personality disorder. In addition to the flawed character traits previously mentioned, they have a multitude of manipulation techniques that they rely on; e.g. making false (impossible) promises. They also love to take credit for another person's work. Romney instilled a "form" of what is being called Obamacare in the state that he governed, took full credit for it, however he also states he wants to abolish Obamacare. In his mind, and perhaps yours, this sounds perfectly reasonable? Another example of this personality type is that they love to accuse others of the very things that they have done, or are doing. There's a big difference between bailing out a company during a crisis (as Obama did in order to save jobs) and running a trickle-down government. In actuality, it's Romney that plans to run a trickle-down government. Myself , and other Canadians , recognize Obama as a man of great character and the total opposite of Romney. Perhaps personality and character doesn't mean anything to you?

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      I regret that you will not have a vote in the USA elections, personality and character have a value.

      Barak Obama Campaign Promises

      The Obama's don't want this video to be seen in 2012

      Untold story


      Barak Obama 44th President of the United States Government


      A $2 million George Soros donation to the Obama Presidential

      Who are the progressives in the government?

      Willard Mitt Romney

      Paul Ryan VP nominee previews first presidential debate

      Romney: Redistribution does not get people back to work

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      I wish that I could vote. From what I've read about Mitt Romney's father, I believe that George Romney was a man of great integrity. Mitt Romney is 2'nd generation and making a poor attempt at following in his father's footsteps. George did not come from money, Mitt was born into money. George worked hard to save jobs, appealed to the Federal Housing Admininstration to make housing available to black workers near the Ford Willow Run plant, fought against and criticized racial segregation (even against his own church); he saw "big labor" and "big business" as twin evils. Mitt ran Bain Capital-a large corporation. George worked hard to raise enough money to do missionary work; Mitt also did missionary work (without the working hard to raise the money in order to do so). George did not have a higher level of education, whereas Mitt has an MBA. A major component of business and marketing is to take and use what was discovered in psychology about people's behavior with regards to compliance (how can a person be manipulated into doing another person's bidding). Some compliance techniques are as follows: Foot in the Door, Low-Ball, etc. The documentary "Philanthropy Inc." is a good example of the mindset of big business. George was a governor; Mitt also became a governor. George ran to be president (however he would not compromise his beliefs and principles). George worked for Nixon; however he always fought with him (when you take Watergate into consideration, I'm sure that George would have made a much better president than Nixon). As stated , I believe that Mitt is trying to follow in his father's foosteps; however, when you take everything into consideration (including what he said about 47% of the population) I don't believe that Mitt is half the man that his father George was.

    • 4 years ago

      The thought of Mitt Romney becoming the president of the United States actually makes me cry. He will destroy this country : (

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      g Obama is destroying the country, even if it doesn't seem like he is to you.

      Massive Welfare, or Entitlement, or whatever you want to label large Central Governments ALWAYS... ALWAYS take away freedoms and eventually collapse in on themselves causing great turmoil and suffering (IE - see the collapse of the USSR in the 1990s).

      Canada is thriving these days, it used to be more of a Welfare state, 17% of its GDP went to its Welfare system, they cut it back to 11% and they thrived. Last I heard people in Canada were doing better than ever. Right now, Obama has grown our Welfare state to 25% of our GDP... and if he is elected for four more years, it will only get worse.

      He also has no grasp of how businesses and the economy work hand in hand... he thinks creating a million new teachers is creating jobs, he is wrong, that is GOVERNMENT... you want a healthy economy, it comes from the private sector, businesses, businesses, large and small.

      His not allowing any new Oil drilling, and his regulations that are shutting down Coal Mines and not allowing new ones, will have a crippling effect on energy prices in the near future... coal is 50% of our National energy production, its the cheapest, best option we have available right now.

      We will suffer a lot more in the next four years, than we did in the last four, if Obama is re-elected... millions more will lose their jobs, and businesses will flee from our country faster than ever.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      @knowing is power, you said "Secondly Romney has a form of Obamacare in his state; which he didn't put in until he was pressured by Obama. "

      That is one example of how your point of views, and your facts, are very, very inaccurate. Obama based his Obamacare on what Romney created in Massachusetts... you do realize that Obama was a nobody, until he became President, he didn't even serve one full term as Senator... as soon as he was elected Senator he was running for President.

    • Texansfan 4 years ago

      JJ Watt for president!!!

    • mike 4 years ago


    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Obviously you don't know anything about Canada and the turmoil that we're experiencing; especially here in Ontario. We have a premier (which is equivalent to a governor) that reminds me of Romney; he's also a very good liar. (I'd like to let it be known that I did not vote for him). Do not believe everything that you read in the newspapers.

      The healthcare system that Obama created for your country is similar to what Romney created-that's the point I was making. What Romney is calling Obamacare, which he condemns and states that he wants to eliminate, is the same healthcare system that he created. It's nonsensical!

      I'd also like to make it clear that we do have a great healthcare system here in Canada (and I believe that Obama would have liked to create a system that was more similar to ours). However everyone that was opposed to it used every propagada trick imaginable to frighten the Americans into believing our healthcare system was a bad thing. Propaganda was also used here in Canada in an attempt to put a stop to our healthcare system. If you truly want to learn something about Canada then you can read about Tommy Douglas from the province of Saskatchewan in the 1960's. During this time period , that he was trying to get our healthcare system going, he was feared and hated; now he's considered one of our Canadian heroes.

      As far as the coal and oil situation goes, you obviously have a knack for ignoring everything the scientists have been trying to tell people-the need for alternative fuel sources.

      If you don't understand why Obama would like to create more jobs for teachers then perhaps you should question someone who does. One reason is the fact that the fewer students there are in a classroom the more time a teacher has to spend with an individual student when they require help; hence they will achieve higher grades. This is a good thing for all children; including yours!

      You seem to strongly believe in Romney's capabilities and intentions. I've heard people state that he has an MBA and he was the CEO of a company that he ran. Now let me ask you why is it that his financial goal for the country was proven to be mathematically impossible? Either he's not as smart as you think he is (and therefore has no business running the country when he can't figure out the math that everyone-else can do), or he is as smart as you think he is, but knowingly lied when he stated his financial goal for the country.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      @Kowingispower " What Romney is calling Obamacare, which he condemns and states that he wants to eliminate, is the same healthcare system that he created. It's nonsensical!"

      Not at all, Romney is entirely correct when he says, that it should be a STATE program, NOT a Federal one. The state can tailor it to suit their needs, and they can fund it as they like, if they mess up, the Feds are their to bail them out.

      At the Federal level, it will be left to Washington to control, and they will ABUSE it just like they do Social Security money, they will ABUSE their ability to control 1/6th of our economy, and all but the richest of us will suffer for it.

      This "affordable healthcare" will be anything but, it is a monstrosity that is already adding to our taxes, and once it really gets going, they will continue to add more deductions and taxes onto those of us who work to keep it funded... how people can't see this is beyond me, anyone over 35 should KNOW just how badly things are run at the Federal level, and just how wasteful they are with our taxes.

      At the state level it is fine, an excellent program if the people in the state want it... at the federal level it will cause a lot of grief, and we will lose more of what little we have to taxes... and to higher Insurance costs (or penalty fees, which will also go up).

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      I couldn't believe it-shortly after I finished writing in this blog last night it was announced that our Premier resigned, (of course the real reasons weren't mentioned by the media). I'm not sorry to see him go, however the problems he created will have to wait for months before they can be resolved-when someone takes his place. I also doubt if he'll be held accountable for anything he's done.

      It's no wonder that you believe that Obamacare will be harmful to your country. When I tried to find the propaganda that was endured by the Canadians in the 1960's (when it was founded by Tommy Douglas), primarily all I found was the propaganda about our healthcare system written by the republicans from your country. The republicans even had the nerve to state that it's Michael Moore's documentary : "Sicko" that is full of propaganda. It's almost (not quite) as bad as what the Canadians experienced in the 1960's. They were told that under the new healthcare system they'd be thrown in an insane asylum and forgotten if there wasn't enough money to cover their medical expenses. Our healthcare system is great; the only thing that isn't covered is cosmetic surgeries. I was born in 1956 and my parents remember how difficult it was for them to even cover the hospital expenses for my birth (my father worked 2 jobs and they lived with my grandparents). I can also tell you that many more Canadians would like to visit your country more often; however it can be costly paying for the medical coverage while we're in your country. I'd like to go over just for a day of shopping, but I'm afraid I might get sick or injured while I'm there. All I can conclude is that I really am blown away by all the propaganda that you have to weed through.

    • eric 4 years ago

      everyone keeps saying mitt is this strong business person who can help the economy out, but lets look at reality on this. bush couldn't do anything about it. obama couldn't do anything about it. so what's this miracle plan mitt has to stimulate the economy

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      An American citizen named Willard Mitt Romney

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      As one of the majority of Canadians that love Obama (moreso than any of our own politicians) there are questions that have loomed in the back of my mind: why doesn't the majority of Americans see what we see and why can't they see the plan that Obama has had, and continues to have, for their country. Writing in this blog has helped me reach some conclusions, (but far too many to write about at one time).

      For now I'll just talk about the attitude that some of you have regarding healthcare. Most of you loved the Kennedys and yet as hard as they fought, and as much as you loved them, they were not able to develop a healthcare system for you that was similar to ours and other countries. Then Obama came along and he's been willing to fight for this healthcare system; against some very powerful people and in spite of the fact that he was criticized for doing it by many of the citizens he was attemping to help. It would have been much easier for him to cave in to the pressure; but he didn't. This is one (of many) of the reasons that we believe he's a great man.

      We haven't been able to understand where you're coming from. A few days ago however, I discovered that you're up against a lot of propaganda. I also found out that those that are in opposition to Obama have stated that it's Michael Moore's documentary: "Sicko", that is propaganda. I don't understand why this type of thing is allowed? The teachers in our schools (starting in grades 7 or 8 and to the end of high school) use this documentary, as well as many others, as teaching tools; they serve the purpose of providing the visuals. In other words, the information from these documentaries is used to support what they are reading in the text books. I realize that anyone can make a documentary, however there are ways to distinguish whether/or not a documentary is based on fact or fiction. One of the first questions that I ask is if the documentary is supported by scholarly papers; if not, then I would question if it's just an opinion piece of work.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      Knowingispower... this is the deal, those of us in the "Middle Class" are getting screwed by Obamacare... our costs only go UP, and our Healthcare system which is the best in the world will only get worse because of this Government Oversight of 1/6th our economy...

      Obamacare does NOTHING to lower costs it does NOTHING to address the malpractice suits which help costs skyrocket ... it is just one new Big TAX that will allow them to steal more of our money for their own designs and one giant step towards Big Brother controlling everything.

      Sure a good portion of Americans think its good, because they are dupes who believe everything the media tells them... that same portion of Americans believe what happened on 9/11/12 was because of a youtube video too!

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      If you don't believe that Michael Moore's documentary is true because it's a secondary resource, then why don't you conduct your own research? While you're at it you should conduct some research to see whether or not your claim that you have the best healthcare system in the world can be substantiated. Your police, fireman, teachers, etc. are publicly funded by tax dollars; this is no different then what we have for our healthcare. If you truly thought about it, you would realize that it would be terrible to be sent an outrageous bill from the fire department because you've had the misfortune of having a fire and required their services. In Canada, this way of thinking extends to our healthcare system-we take care of our own. The last thing that a person needs when they are dealing with an illness or an injury is to be sent an outrageous bill from the hospital. There are a lot more people than you think in your country that do not have any kind of coverage because they can't afford it. You may not know about it-as long as they luck out and don't require extensive medical care why would you hear about it? My sister's job requires her to travel to the US. Recently, a few of her friends were driving a golf cart (in your country) and they didn't realize that the speed bumps were as high as what they were; when they hit the bump, one of her friends was thrown out and she hit her head. This woman suffered extensive damages and the hospital has informed her father that the hospital bill will be in the area of one million dollars (by the time everything is done). The father is devastated and he doesn't know where to begin to try and pay this bill; he doesn't know whether/or not he can sue the golf course, or whether he should try to go after the driver of the golf cart, (so far the other 3 passengers in the golf cart have denied that they were driving; probably because they fear the idea that they might be sued). This one incident is tearing these people apart! Is this what you want for your fellow Americans? From what I've read, Obamacare is not as good as what we have here in Canada, but it's a start. When you take into consideration all of the opposition that he's endured, (and is enduring), as previously stated, I'm inspired by Obama's perserverance.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      knowingispower... but YOU don't get it. YOU are just as ignorant about Obamacare as most Americans... we didn't create a Health Care System like YOU have in Canada...

      What we created was a way for Government to stick its nose into 1/6th of our economy and TAX the heck out of hard working Americans.

      They gave SOME benefits along with it... coverage for those who are already ill... coverage for adults until they are 26 (god forbid people in their mid-20s learn to take care of themselves)... and coverage for SOME others who couldn't afford it in the past (not many, as those who were in the Welfare system had a form of coverage already)...

      So... for a few people who fell through the cracks because they were already ill, and adults who want to remain kids and bet taken care of by mommy and daddy until they are past their mid-20s... we gave the Government the right to TAX us 21 new ways, and TAX us when we sell a home taking a good chunk out of what we need to go buy another home or retirement, and the Insurance companies continue to INCREASE what we have to pay for insurance or we have to pay a penalty tax to the government for not having any.

      And that is ONLY the beginning, once they start monkeying around with the system, it will only get worse, more red tape, more taxes, longer waits... REFUSALS of treatment because of age (and YES its in there, I read it) or because of the seriousness of the illness... that system that you say will take better care of us will leave people to DIE.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 4 years ago from Florida

      Page 272, section 1145. Cancer treatment, hospitals will RATION care according to patient's age.

      Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every five years. (Death counseling..)

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Who's plan does Obamacare more closely resemble-Romney's! This is not what Obama wanted for you, but as I stated, it's a beginning. You've actually just proven to yourself that Romney is not who you think he is; you don't like Obamacare-well that's actually Romney care.

      I've read the propaganda that states that we have long waits, etc.; it's a bunch of crap! Perhaps if you had done some research to find out the truth about what ours (and other countries) healthcare consists of, you could have listened to Obama and not ended up with Romney care.

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Obama is a progressive thinker, whereas Romney would like things to remain as they have always been. Obama has been criticized for not developing a pipeline from Alberta to the US. First of all, what makes you assume that Canadians want to sell off our resources? This is one of the reasons that we get upset with our politicians.

      Secondly, we want our politicians to start concentrating more on energy sources for the future such as wind turbines; as Obama has done. We pay attention when the scientists warn us about a future energy crisis. Romney would like you to strictly rely on oil and coal production, whereas Obama wants to concentrate on the present and the future.

      Thirdly, oil production can be very detrimental. Insurance companies in Alberta have changed their coverages for all property owners-if there is an oil spill it could take years to sue the oil company and/or the government for damages. Production of the tar sands oil requires an abudant amount of water and because of this the water level of the St. L awrence River is being lowered. 50% of the population of Quebec rely on the St. Lawrence River for their drinking water. The oil is also being shipped along the St Lawrence River; if there is ever an oil spill, then all of these people will be without water. As stated, we want a politician (like Obama) that will address the issues regarding energy for the future, as well as the present. If our government is going to invest millions of dollars for the development of energy resources , we don't want all of those tax dollars being spent on things like pipelines (that will eventually become redundant); we want the money to be spent on future technologies.

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Like it or not, everything changes and in today's day and age it happens more quickly-that's what Obama is trying to tell you. You already know that; for example, there's constant changes in technological developments, (cell phones, etc.). All of these changes require constant changes in the skills required to find employment and how do you get those skills-school. This is the reality of the situation. The average number of careers that a person will have during their life time is seven, (it may be even higher now). I do not mean changing from one job to another (for example from one sales job to another sales job for a different company), I mean totally different careers. You can either keep up or get left behind. Obama would like you to keep up; that's why he's pushing for education.

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      I don't know how you could possibly believe that Romney will be better at creating jobs for the middle class than Obama. As I stated before, Romney always has, and will continue, to work toward the best interests of the group that he identifies with-the wealthy.

      Walmart is one of the companies of Bain Capital; as you know, Romney was the CEO of Bain Capital. The only thing that Walmart and the other Big Box stores have done is put the smaller businesses out of business. They've forced their way into Canada, even when the citizens of a city have petitioned against it. Stratford, Ontario (home of the Shakespeare Stratford festival) recently lost their battle to keep Walmart out. It's a quaint city of small business owners; Walmart will destroy these businesses and it will also destroy what this city represents. Do you really think they're going to be happy giving up their own business to work for minimum wage at Walmart?

      For years the Walmarts and other large corporations have worked hard at eliminating the competition from the small business owners. The worst thing about it, is that once they have eliminated a small business they no longer care whether/or not they carry that product. For example, when the Big Box stores were first established here in our city they carried fresh baked goods. Once they put our bakeries out of business, they closed their bakery department and started to only carry pre-packaged goods (like Hostess). Whenever I want to buy freshly baked goods, I have to drive to the other end of the city (to one of the few bakeries that are remaining). Think of all the products that a store like Walmart carries and that will give you an idea of all the small businesses they've destroyed. Romney would rationalize this by saying "look at all the people that Walmart employs". Terrible jobs for terrible wages!

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Sorry Ken Burgess but I couldn't resist; this is a direct quote from you: "Obama based his Obamacare on what Romney created in Massachusetts".

      Watch the Channel 33 CNN news from today at 1:oo pm; hosted by Fareed Zakaria. He is talking about the education in the U.S. (sadly to say your country has been ranked at 25 in the world).

      You should also read the book: "A Look At The Super-Rich Plutocrats" written by Chrystia Freeland.

      I talked about the documentary "Philanthropy Inc."; hopefully you had a chance to watch it (it demonstrates the mentality of people like the Romneys). Ann Romney herself was a good example of what I'm trying to say about these types of people. She did something nice by participating in the run for breast cancer, but she couldn't just do it for the sake of the cause-she wore the pink T shirt but on the front she wrote: "Vote for Romney"!

      I told you about our Premier (equivalent to a Governor) resigning. What I didn't tell you was that he has attacked our education system; he wants to pay off the debts that he incurred (for nothing but his own benefit) by decreasing the budget for education. Well, the teachers of Ontario are taking (the Liberals) his political party to the Supreme Court; what he has done is directly against our constitution. Naturally, the Liberals dropped to the bottom of the political poll; so what did they do to try and regain favour with the people? Two days after the poll was taken, they announced that the son of one our favorite Prime Ministers (Pierre Trudeau) would be running for office for the Liberals. This manipulation tactic will not work!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


      A lot of information, how about another opinion?

      2009-2012 Administration Oil Strategy Contributes to Price Increasesses

      Billions of Dollars Are in Play Over Health Care Law

      largest share of the money to date, about $5 billion, has gone to employers, public

      Ryan and Van Hollen Debate Medicare Proposals 6/3/11 '' THE TRUTH ''

      Obamacare, Taxing jobs out of existence

      WHY are companies not hiring?

      Obama’s False Attacks on GST steel

      Obamacare – Anatomy of Government Fraud


      New study shows ObamaCare increases deficit, knocking down president's vow

      Who are the progressives in the government?

      There is a big difference between the two candidates.

      Watch the last Presidential debate on Mon. 10/22/2012

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      Articles can be written (and have been written) that are slanted to one side or another. For example, I've watched your commercial that states all of the reasons you should vote NO on proposal 3, and another commercial that states all of the reasons you should vote YES on proposal 3; both are very compelling. Everything in the media is slanted to one side or the other and yet each is stated as if it's the true facts. A few months ago I had an online conversation with someone from the US and we were discussing this; as well as propaganda in general. The one thing that I do like about all of the media coverage that you have in the US is that you have the opportunity to read between the lines when you watch your candidates-their true characters emerge; especially when they don't know they're in front of a camera. I did watch the debate last night. Romney changed his mind again-what he says depends on popular opinion (and varies again depending on the particular group he's talking to and the opinions of that group). Some people have called him a chameleon; this is a narcissistic trait. As you know, he has revealed his true character many different times, but some people would like to downplay these revelations as negative talk, (e.g. what he's said about 47% of the population, binders full of women, etc.). He did it again last night in his response to hiring more teachers, (I don't understand why people didn't pick up on it). He said something about how "he loves women". First of all that's very patronizing toward women. Secondly, it demonstrates that he is at least 70 years behind the times. It was a sexist comment; or perhaps in the US you don't have any male teachers?

    • knowingispower 4 years ago

      From the beginning I stated one of the reasons that I began responding in this hub-my fascination with narcissism. Now, I'd like to tell you my other reasons. Here in Canada we have our own problems with narcissistic politicians, (like Romney). Right now we are experiencing greed and scandal at the Provincial level (which I already mentioned), and we are also experiencing greed and scandal at the Federal level and the Municipal level (the city that I live in). Canadians are tired of the politicians that work for their own greed and/or the greed of the wealthy 1%. As you can see we have enough crap to deal with. This leads me to my second reason for writing in this hub page. Our politicians are already unduly influenced by everything that takes place in the US; the last thing we want is for these already greedy politicians to listen to anything that Romney says and does. Which leads me to my last reason for writing in this hub; when I sign out today, I plan to copy everything from the time I joined to the end into a document. Then I'm going to email that document to every politician and news station I can; hopefully it will give our politicians a better insite to everything we know and everything we want changed.

      You'll be happy to know that this will be the last time you'll be reading anything from me. I'll leave you with a last statement:

      Government "IS ":

      Of the people for the people


      Of the wealthy for their own greed!

    • Abby 4 years ago

      After doing my own research and watching the presidential debates, I was able to come up with my own opinion(because sadly some teens don't take the time to think for themselves). I realized that I totally agree with Obama; but the main reason is that I constantly see Romney jump around questions and never exactly explain his plans. Also, it looks as if he is always changing his opinions on things just to get an extra vote when he's actually making himself less suitable to be our president.

    • Bonnie 4 years ago

      When will our country learn that it's not the president who is the problem; it's the people. This country is so full of people who disagree just to disagree. Remember the song "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"? Well everyone is so quick to say "NO!" but nobody wants to come up with a valid solution for anything. Nobody has any fight in them - we want to elect the "perfect president" who will make it all better again. Well, news flash - President Obama doesn't have a magic wand to change everything that's happened throughout American history. Neither does Romney.

      I wish we could stop worrying about who is Republican or Democrat and start realizing that party isn't the issue. Honestly, I don't know if I like Obama or Romney better; they might both suck. But you have to give credit where credit is due, and Romney is better with domestic policy than Obama, and Obama is better with foreign policy than Romney.

      Regardless, whomever is elected in a few weeks, we really need to support him and stop being so divided as a country. If we want things to change, we need to inform our congress of what needs to change and act like we're united. If we are united as a people, then the government must fall in line or they face a serious overhaul. Our people should be stronger than this, and constantly bickering is making it so much worse...

    • KT 4 years ago

      "So...he knows how to make money, but that really isn't the Presidents job." ....

      It really isn't the President's job to take billions in taxpayer's money and spend it either but he did anyway. If one person could be so irresponsible with so much money, then he needs to know how to replenish it without costing you and me our hard earned dollars.

    • kelly 4 years ago

      Bottom line. Obama is a liar. There is still investigation as to whether he was even born in the United States. His father has political views regarding colonization that are unamerican and so does his WHITE mother so he is not the first black president he is biracial. Morgan Freeman made a point a few weeks back of letting Americans know that. Obama is not a true american. He has gone against the congress, senate performed unconstitutionally to push his own agendas. He has lied and whenever anything falls back on his desk he blames someone else. Who is the narcissist here. Certainly not Romney. This is not to mention the new 6 trillion in debt, 19,000,000 unemployed and you can't even get an accurate number because some people have just given up looking for work and their unemployment ran out so they are no longer counted. He has not addressed the export/import ratio with China (they import 80% of their products here and we import 20% of our products there) then they steal our ideas and create the same item sometimes actually putting american identification numbers on an item and selling it back to us for much less. Unemployment, although it has gone down to 7.8% I don't agree with that number because I know alot of people in NJ who are out of work or have to work at McDonalds or Wawas part time just to make a little bit of money. The only field in this state that secures your job is education and healthcare or be someone like my husband who is an expert in his field, arborculture and landscaping. Not to mention the most recent coverup of the Benghazi attack. Everything points back to the Administration and lack of leadership both presidentially and in the military sector. 4 americans that were serving our country overseas are DEAD, DEAD do you understand that, and Obama lied when he said Al Quaeda is weak and disassembled. Then he went on to say several times that it was being investigated but there those in the administration that are leaking out the truth that it fall upon the Oval office who refused to send reinforcements. Well I think this proves he is wrong and not even aware how vulnerable we as a country are at this point. The Muslim brotherhood wants us dead, they see us as satan, the evil ones and look at how they treat their women. I am sorry but this BS about Obama being a good president has to go.

      Now about Romney, he is a self proclaimed christian who believes in the values and principles that started this country to begin with. We are now under a dictatorship under Obama and Romney wants to go back to the constitutional values that made us a strong and free entity as a country. There was a time when everyone came here and prospered no matter how poor they were. My Greatgrandfather and Greatgrandmother were from Poland and had nothing and were peasants, uneducated but they understood hard work and were able to buy a small farmhouse in what was known as Cabbage Patch now called Garfield NJ. It was three rooms and they had three children. That property remained in my family for almost 100 years until my uncle who bought out my mom and two aunts built a huge house on the property so we could all live there sold it a few years back. THe market was still good then before the real estate bubble blew. Romney is not a narcissist in the least and the person who made that analysis must be new in his field. I am 45 years old and have lived through many presidencies. THis election is the most important one to me because if Obama gets in again America is doomed and the middle class or what's left of it will become poor and dependent on the government which is exactly his intention. Romney wants to bring back opportunity to this country. Deregulate for small business that make up 2/3's of the jobs in this country. Remember it is the private sector that needs to grow not the government. I am not an extremist of any kind but I am not an idiot either I have lived through these past 4 years and have seen him fail again and again. Obama does not have the best interest of the american people's welfare. Romney does. If you are a true american and want an opportunity to succeed and not be dependent upon government programs just to feed your family not to mention all the foreclosures going on in my development alone vote for Romney. If you are a taker and don't want things to change but get worse then vote for Obama, in the long run there will be people homeless and starving in the streets. I have two disabled children to think of and it breaks my heart that the mainstream media gives Obama a pass on all his failed policies and what he has created in this country over the last 4 years. Think about it and if you believe in God look at both men and tell me who has America's best interest at heart. After all President Obama's yearly income as president is $250,000 a year. Since he has become president he is a multimillionaire, where did he earn that money if he was supposed to be our leader. Michelle Obama used to make around 160,000 a year. Her company was awareded a government contract signed by her husband himself and her salary went up to 360,000 per year. Look it up. You will be appalled by the truth of my words. Vote with your conscious and true beliefs in this country as we could be once again.

    • ....... 4 years ago


    • fan boy 4 years ago

      vote mitt Romney

    • Michael Kovac 4 years ago

      I think everything he stands for is taking us away from freedom an turning this country into a dictatorship or a monarcy i mean its a womens chose wether or noft they want have a kid or not i mean what if they were raped you just guna say well it sucks to b you and what happens if a state needs help you gunna tell them sucks to be you your plans a discrace

    • RevMichael C Newsome 4 years ago

      Hi mitt I do beleave u need to reconsider if u. Can there more vote for u than was said an we do need u for pres 5hanks an godbless

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