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My Personalized Letter to Representatives on Gun Control

Updated on October 5, 2017

Dear Senator (Insert Name Here),

I am writing you today to express my concerns about gun regulations after the horrific events that unfolded in Las Vegas Sunday night. This is not meant to push any certain political opinion or "agenda." This is meant to bring attention to the fact that the lack of gun laws and reforms in this country places an extraordinary threat on its citizens. We can not take a sincere concern for human life and equate it to politics.

Regardless of your personal stance on the right to bear arms, it has long been time to bridge the divide on this topic. We all should be able to agree that we need to make this country safer for everyone.

I think it is very important to place emphasis on the fact that, at this point, most of us are not trying to take anyone’s guns away. Aside from my personal beliefs on this topic, I currently find it ineffective and counterproductive to even bring up the battle of banning guns altogether. So, again, emphasis on the fact that a great deal of us (as I can not speak for everyone) are not trying to take guns away. We only seek to make America safer by making guns safer and warranting practical conceal carry laws.

It's Basic Common Sense

Former President, Barack Obama, once used the example of having to implement driving and traffic laws after the motor vehicle was invented. If we look back on this time period, there weren’t even stop signs or traffic lights, and the idea of having specific lanes to drive in had not yet occurred. After cars took to the streets, chaos unfolded, and we discovered it was necessary to provide some form of structure to make driving safer.

The same applies to guns and the need to improve our gun laws. We need to come to terms with the fact that we need to provide a structured system of gun ownership, in order to make purchasing and owning guns safer.

It is our duty to help keep America safe! We must start by encouraging others to understand the dangers associated with the lack of gun regulation. We must start by bringing light to the issues that need to be revised.

Horrifying Footage of Vegas Shooting

This Is Not Okay

The events that occurred in the above video are not acceptable, by any means. There is absolutely no way to justify allowing weapons of war in the hands of our citizens. There is no reason for it. Period. The only need or intent behind having such weapons is to cause fatal harm to others. The only people who have a need or purpose for these weapons are domestic terrorists. Period.

We have to start taking steps towards keeping America safe.

Some Main Points Include:

  • Acknowledging how the lack of gun reform is KILLING American citizens.
  • Banning weapons of war. There is absolutely no need for citizens to own these military-grade, automatic weapons of mass destruction. Unless we are personally fighting on the battlefield, we have no business possessing these weapons!
  • Voting NO on the SHARE Act. This law would not only make it easier to purchase silencers without a background check, it would make it incredibly difficult for law enforcement to locate active shooters. We do not need to eliminate restrictions on these deadly weapons! Again, we need to limit access to them, as there is no need for them to be in the hands of the American people!
  • Voting AGAINST Senate bill 446, which would allow individuals to carry concealed firearms in any state, regardless of that state’s gun laws. This bill does not provide any additional protections, and only increases the potential to harm other citizens.
  • Focusing on the need for background checks and mental health assessments during the process of purchasing firearms.
  • Understanding that the NRA has been, and continues to be, a domestic security threat. Their attitude and rhetoric surrounding this topic has only increased the threat they pose on America under 45. We can not continue to allow them to lead the conversation on gun access and legislature! We have to start talking common sense with the American people!

The Time to Act is NOW

It is time to start taking a stand on these issues! Standing idly by and refusing to act is a crime against your constituents! You might as well put the weapon in the hands of domestic terrorists if you choose to stay silent on this issue!

I highly doubt that any person wants their loved ones to be shot down by a military-style automatic weapon, especially while they’re just out trying to have a good time with friends.

The victims of the Vegas shooting didn’t even see it coming, and they certainly didn’t have a fighting chance!!! And they certainly did not deserve to die!!!

So I want to ask this of you, can we just be human for a few seconds and think about these victims and their families? Can we stop being a desensitized, political robot for just a few tiny little seconds and put ourselves in their shoes?

Would you honestly want this to happen to someone you love? Your mother? Your child? Your partner? Can you imagine how these families are feeling, having lost someone to such a violent crime? A crime that could have been prevented with better gun control laws?

Would you honestly want your loved one to be shot down, by a military-grade automatic weapon, in the middle of a concert, while simply enjoying the music and the company of their friends?

If the answer is "no", you need to do your part in putting an end to tragic events like Vegas! The time to act is NOW!

I'll say it again for the people in the back:

You might as well put the weapon in the hands of domestic terrorists if you choose to stay silent on this issue!


A very concerned American citizen

© 2017 Robin Zielinski


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