Wounded Las Vegas Witness Claims "100% Multiple Shooters," Says All Other Witnesses He Knows Say Same

Updated on October 11, 2017

After being interviewed by CNN soon after the shooting in Las Vegas, Rocky Palermo, who now has many pieces of shrapnel in his pelvis from being hit by gunfire, has told an independent media outlet that "I really do believe that it was 100% more than one shooters," and that "every other person that I've talked to, who unfortunately got hit as well, all said the same thing."

Palermo said he has been interviewed by the FBI and that he gave them this account, but there has been no follow up.

Palermo, who is an avid concert goer and fan of the band which was playing, said that exits on Las Vegas Boulevard which were open every other night when the band performed, were inexplicably blocked by chain link fence on the night of the shooting. Palermo said that police were directing people to only a small number of exits, back in the direction of the gunfire.

Palermo gave the interview to The Blast on Thursday, October 5th.

Palermo joins other concert participants who say they are convinced that there was more than one shooter, including an unidentified woman interviewed by a local news station right after the shooting (below.)

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo left open the question of multiple shooters in a press conference last week, when he said:

"Do you think this was all just self-facing individuals, without talking to somebody, it was sequestered amongst themselves, I mean come on folks..."

Soon after the shooting a flood of video taken from smartphones began to be posted on the Internet, raising questions in many peoples' minds. One of the most widely seen was taken by a taxi driver, who is very proximate to a source of what appears to be gunfire and muzzle flashes from the fourth floor of the Madalay Bay casino. The person identified by the news media as the lone shooter, Stephen Paddock, was on the 32nd floor of the casino.

In the video long, sustained burst of automatic fire can be heard from a location much farther away as well. Although some of the sound is an echo, analysis of the video shows that some of the far-off gunfire cannot be an echo, because it stands alone, not in answer to any fire coming from the casino ("taxi driver" video below followed by analysis.)

Police scanner audio which was recorded during the shooting clearly shows police speaking of "confirmed" at least two shooters, as well as an "elderly man in fatigues."

"Taxi driver" video

Sound analysis of taxi driver video.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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