Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election from a New Age Perspective

Updated on November 24, 2016
Think of the universe as a genie...be careful what you wish for!
Think of the universe as a genie...be careful what you wish for!

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. I am a libertarian leaning person who as a member of multiple minority groups understands the frustrations and fears of many people on both sides of the political spectrum. My hope is not to advocate for one candidate or the other but to provide a perspective I feel has been missing from these debates.

There have been plenty of articles offering a variety of perspectives on the outcome of the election, and for one reason or another, many people are experiencing genuine fear, depression and anxiety as a result of the 2016 election. It is my hope to present an analysis of the 2016 election through a "new age" lens, and to help those who are interested in this new perspective find a productive way to process this information and move forward with their lives in a positive way.

Donald Trump and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the most poorly understood force in the universe, and yet it is a fundamental truth that underpins absolutely every aspect of our collective and individual realities. I go into more depth on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you on a personal level in my book A Real Witch's Guide to the Law of Attraction, but for the sake of this article, let's go over the basics.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the universal principle that like attracts like. As a human being, as a witch, as a creator, you have the ability and the birthright to create your own reality.

That's it! The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with what you want or even what you need. It's all about what you focus on, and that holds true for the collective reality. Once you understand that what you dwell on is what you manifest, in one form or another, you can better understand how a result that so many people were adamantly set against came to be.

Donald Trump is very much like debt, in a sense. So many people get half the equation right by deciding that they can get out of debt by focusing on getting out of debt. The problem with this line of thinking is that the universe knows no negatives. The universe and its delivery system, AKA the Law of Attraction, only works with positives. You can think about cutting down your debt for years on end, but the universe only receives those vibrations of debt and sends them back to you. In order to climb out of debt, you have to begin thinking thoughts of abundance. In doing so, you are now on a frequency that exudes and receives new opportunities that generate the income it takes to pay down your debt. Same desired result, very different means.

Now, back to the election. Even if you think Donald Trump is the worst thing since the payroll tax, dwelling on his negative qualities still brings you to his vibrational frequency. In this sense, the "Never Trump" crowd worked as ardently as the "MAGA" crowd to get him elected. To put it in less fruity new agey terms, no press is bad press!

The Law of Resistance

A fundamental aspect of the Law of Attraction is resistance. In fact, when someone isn't able to succeed in manifesting what they desire, 9 times out of 10 resistance is the reason. You can't attract a negative, and you can't remove something from your reality if you are in resistance to it. Resistance is a drawing rather than a repelling force. When you resist something, you acknowledge and welcome it as part of your reality. You feed into it, and nothing can exist in your reality without being fed. For all the strategizing pundits and analysts like to do during an election, the results are really quite predictable for anyone who understands the law of resistance.

Let's take a look at the two campaigns, shall we? Much like Obama in 2008, Trump ran on a platform of change. Whether you believed him or not, you knew what he stood for because he shouted it at every opportunity he got! Change. Jobs. Freedom. Greatness. These were all things Trump supporters and detractors alike could associate with his campaign promises. On the other hand, the strongest message coming from the Clinton campaign and its supporters was, "I'm not Trump." "You can't elect a madman." "The stakes are too high for a protest vote."

From a new age perspective, the Clinton campaign was bound to fail. To be fair, it doesn't take any metaphysical leanings to see these results coming from a mile away. A basic grasp of human psychology and marketing should be enough to understand why Trump won and Clinton lost. Why? Because Trump gave people something to vote for while Hillary gave them something to vote against. It's that simple.

As above, so below. What you think you create.
As above, so below. What you think you create.

Hunger for Change

Another major factor in this election that the general public likes to ignore is the fact that the two-party system in American government overwhelmingly favors the election of the non-incumbent after two successive terms of the presidency. In other words, there is a historical pattern of alternating the presidency between Republican and Democratic presidents. George H. Bush had a rare 4-year "transitional" presidency and lost to Bill Clinton the following election, but the pattern holds in general. It is incredibly difficult for one party to stay in the White House for longer than 8 years, and again, there's no real need to get metaphysical with this one. When things aren't going well, the easiest person to blame is the leader of the free world--and his party. People work themselves into a political tizzy, convinced that this election will bring change through the same old system and the guard changes accordingly. Rinse and repeat in 4-12 years and you have an abridged version of American presidential history.

Collective Desire and Manifestation

I believe in the Law of Attraction for a number of reasons, not the least of which it rings true to that intrinsic part of me that knows without knowing. No matter what you call it, every culture around the world has a basic understanding of the concept behind it. All great thinkers and leaders have used it to their advantage, whether consciously or unconsciously (ironically enough.) That said, the biggest perk of understanding and living your life with this "secret" of the universe is the empowerment that comes with a life lived intentionally. You can spend your whole life struggling upstream, or you can live in alignment with the universe--with reality--and use that reality to your advantage.

As frightening as this election can and has been to many people who already feel that they lack a proper voice or representation in society, there is another way to look at things. For those willing, this can be seen as an opportunity to embrace the change that we've all been collectively calling for on one level or another. Even those who voted against Trump participated in the collective shift towards a new era, a move away from the existing establishment. What the President Elect and his administration do is irrelevant to the shift that is taking place in the collective consciousness. Awareness is no longer a choice, and we can either be victims to the current or use it to power our own success and personal growth. Whether the results of this election have left you feeling hopeless or triumphant, take heart in the fact that the world will no longer be able to claim that "voting doesn't matter" or "the system is what it is." Good or bad, the system will never be the same, and hopefully the millions of people who were shocked by the outcome of the election will now be awakened to the fact that you, as an individual and as part of the collective consciousness of humanity, control your own reality. Your thoughts matter, and what you think is drawn to you, good or bad. Make every thought count, and live consciously because while what you do with your knowledge of the Law of Attraction is up to you, there is no turning it off.

Do you believe the Law of Attraction played a role in the 2016 elections?

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    • profile image

      rick rock 10 months ago

      I feel that the baggage that you have with you from past whatever - karma/vasanas, tendencies, undigested past events, ancestral and the like makes up most of the underside of the iceberg - not to mention the tendency to respond to memes, the collective unconscious, other's thought patterns etc. makes up most of the so called attraction principles. I wouldn't exactly call it the Law of Attraction. Basically a marketing gimmick of a repackaged aspect of the golden rule. Jesus said similar things too. It's old school, repurposed via marketing. It's not just your thinking in other words. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Mizbejabbers 12 months ago

      You pretty well nailed it with the Law of Attraction, but there another metaphysical element at play. The Alice A. Bailey studies of Tibetan Ascended Master Dhwal Kuhl (DK) says preparation for the return of the Christ requires a one-world government. (Horrors, that's an anathema to the average Christian!) In order to accomplish this one-world government, the United States must become a Third World Country. (That's an anathema to the average American.) If this were to be true, in metaphysics the election of George W. Bush was the beginning of the downgrading of the U.S., and Donald Trump will finish us off.

      A lot of people don't like the studies of DK because he calls a spade a spade with no regard to peoples' feelings. I do think about it like this: humans are given free will and psychically we are still primitive. It is very easy to see humans misuse the Law of Attraction to help DK's prediction along. That is why I think you nailed it with this superb hub.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 12 months ago from New Jersey

      That wouldn't have worked well! I'm still hurting, but am reading, and her staff realized that she was such a policy wonk, she wasn't telling the crowds what they needed to hear.

      Cory Booker from NJ is one to watch, his enthusiasm and charisma (not to mention good works) will get him far. Thanks for reminding me about the Law of Attraction, I should be using it more in my own life.

    • modernalchemyst profile image

      Josephine 12 months ago from New England

      Exactly, Jean Bakula! It's the very same reason love is always more powerful than hate. Can you imagine the warriors of old had ridden into battle "for the king we don't really like but who's better than the other king I guess."

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 12 months ago from New Jersey

      Very good article. I love metaphysical subjects but in my desire to see Hillary win, didn't realize about the law of attraction. She was too dull and it is always better to be for something than against something. Well done!