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Who Will Be Trump's VP?


With the Stop Trump movement all but stopped, the next big question is, who will the Donald pick for a vice presidential running mate? Here's a look at some mentioned names - from the ridiculous to the sublime:

Sarah Palin: Pluses: Attack dog mentality, could peel off some of the women's vote. Washington outsider. Minuses: Often perceived as not the sharpest crayon in the box; Probable factor in John McCain's '08 presidential loss. Trump doesn't really need another Washington outsider.

Ben Carson: Pluses: May attract some black support; strong support early in '16 campaign. Minuses: Prone to making bizarre statements, lethargic campaigner, '16 campaign fizzled.

Ted Cruz: Pluses: May shore up conservative support, may bring some Hispanics on board, last standing candidate against Trump in primaries. Minuses: Universally loathed by fellow legislators, many of whom already distrust and/or withholding support from Trump. Likely to alienate moderate undecideds. Texas should already be in GOP column or Trump may as well give up now. Birth in Canada may become issue. May be eyeing another run in '20.

Nikki Haley: Pluses: Rising GOP star. Female/minority two fer. .Minuses: thoroughly dissed Trump during primaries. GOP unlikely to need additional help to carry Louisiana.

Chris Christie: Pluses: Good in attack dog role. Early Trump supporter.Minuses: Noo Yawk/Noo Joisey ticket may alienate some regional voters. Bridge-gate. Failed '16 campaign.

Condoleeza Rice: Pluses: Another female/minority two-fer. Minuses: Untested campaigner. Tied to Bush/Cheney administration and Iraq war.

Rick Scott: Pluses: Could tip Florida to GOP. Shores up ticket's conservative cred. Minuses: Ticket may be too conservative for moderate leaners to swallow. Creepy looking.

Newt Gingrich: Pluses: Fairly strong '12 campaign. Knows the Washington ropes. Minuses: Polarizing figure. GOP should not need additional help to carry Georgia. May be thought of as "old news". Own marital history may backfire on Clinton attacks.

John Kasich: Pluses: Attractive to moderates. Could secure Ohio for GOP. Minuses: '16 campaign flopped, seemed to hang in any way to thwart Trump.Refuses to endorse Trump, says he won't be his VP.

Marco Rubio: Pluses: Young. GOP badly needs to cut into Hispanic vote, Rising GOP star. Minuses: Possible bad blood between "Little Marco" and Trump, may have ambitions for '20.

My money's on Marco, but as we've seen, anything can happen in this topsy turvy campaign.

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Robert Carbery from Seattle, WA on May 16, 2016:

Gotta go with Rubio or Kasich to help him win FL or OH, two states Trump would need if he is to defeat HRC.