Who Will Win the Election in 2020?

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Alex is a political commentator. He has served a term as the secretary of the E.Q.

Will We Feel The Burn?

Bernie Sanders has already begun his run for the 2020 United States presidential election. Unfortunately, the Democrats in charge (not all nor most, of course) seem to continue to ignore what is one of their greatest assets at the moment. I doubt that Bernie will be our first Hebraic president this coming year. I do not make this comment because of a lack of potential votes were he nominated, but because I am relatively certain that he will not receive the Democratic nomination. Said nomination is crucial to the left's ability to succeed in the coming election.


Did Warren Warn Us?

Despite her criticisms, Elizabeth Ann Warren is still running for president. I suspect that how seriously she takes herself will be her downfall. She could have defended the Native American thing in a number of ways. DNA tests cannot (yet anyway) prove all racial relations. Thus, a lack of such heritage on a DNA exam is not evidence against one's race - it can only provide evidence for one's racial background. She could have made a stereotypical sound with her hand and mouth, whilst showing disregard for any backlash. After all, such tactics obviously work - have we not been paying attention to our current president? She could have even ignored the situation almost completely. It is not our circumstances that make us who we are in the eyes of the world, but our actions to those circumstances that define our self images.

Will The Obama Family Return?

I cannot make any certain statements here. I do think that, if she were to run this time around, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama would probably gain much support and a good many votes from leftists and some on the right. However, I doubt that she will try this cycle. I haven't heard anything about this successful woman going for it. Although, I have spoken to a great many people who desire to vote for her should she decide to run for president at some point in time. I very much disagree with a number of her husband's (President Barack Hussein Obama II) plans, but I also recognize the charm that seems to stand with their family. And, I don't hate them. Trying to accomplish a good thing the wrong way is not treated by abuse; it is treated best by education and direct experience. I honest believe that the Obama family has their heart in the right place, even if the methodologies are problematic in my opinion.

Will President Trump Win Again?

I believe that President Trump has a quantity of advantages. For one, his foot is now already in the door. Moreover, he is in the possession of a huge and massive following. His greatest fanatics love him to an extreme not witnessed so much in my younger days. Let us also consider that he already won once. So did President George Walker Bush. President Bush also won a second term. This phenomenon is not, altogether, unprecedented. Just look at presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. I will also note that President Trump has already been in the spotlight of actions far more concerning than that silly adultery issue directed at President Wiliam Jefferson Clinton. No one cares. Well, some do. But, so many who do don't vote. The thing is, is that everyone who voted for him will still vote for President Trump no matter what the news agencies say. In fact, it was partially the negative press that got President Donald Trump elected. The world is getting smarter. Those in severe power cannot always control the narratives anymore. That isn't to say that they're always wrong, but no one is always right. I am almost completely certain that President Trump will win a second term in office.

Who Do You Think Will Win In 2020?

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Your Thoughts Matter

You are important. Whether you're Liberal, Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian - your voice and thoughts do matter. Don't be angered by the opinions of others; apply your own reason to the arguments of others. I'm not always correct, and nor are you. But, we are fortunate to have the freedom to talk about almost anything that we want. This is so important; that we do exercise our freedoms and accept our differences as unique qualities that help to support the foundation of what the noble believe our country to stand for. Please tell the world what you fee;, think, and believe in the comment section below.

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      • Guckenberger profile imageAUTHOR

        Alexander James Guckenberger 

        15 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

        It's true that Biden definitely has a chance. I don't think that Bernie does much at all.

      • jo miller profile image

        Jo Miller 

        15 months ago from Tennessee

        My bet right now would be on Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. He has said if he runs he'll agree to only serve one term and pick someone as his running mate who could take over the reigns in four years. I have heard rumors that he might thus pick his running mate when he announces, i.e. Biden and O'Rouke, Biden and Harris, Biden and Klobuchar. All of those sound good to me. The Democrats have a wealth of talent.

        I'm glad Bernie is in the race because he articulates the issues so well. He has only one speech, though, and it might all begin to sound too repetitious. I like him a lot. Just don't think he can win.

        I don't think there's any chance Michelle Obama will run.

        Trump will run to stay out of prison for the next four years.

      • Guckenberger profile imageAUTHOR

        Alexander James Guckenberger 

        15 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

        John, you're probably right about Bernie.

      • Rock_nj profile image

        John Coviello 

        15 months ago from New Jersey

        I don't think Bernie will win the Democratic nomination this time around. He was the only viable alternative to Hillary last time around and became the rallying point for the anti-Hillary vote in the Democratic party. He upset the party establishment in the process, so he will be facing them again this time around. This election cycle there is no anointed leader to rally against. Bernie is just one of many running, and many of them have co-opted some of his platform. I don't know who will ultimately face Trump in 2020, but I really doubt it will be Bernie. If I had to guess, I'd say probably Kamala Harris. She is a former prosecutor and seems likely to pick up the centrist vote in the Democratic party, but it's early, so who really knows?


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