Who Should We Vote for in 2020 to Build Unity in the US?

Updated on February 13, 2020
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Amanda is an Independent voter and free-thinking citizen of the USA.


Our country is being torn apart from within as political issues divide friends, family, and neighbors. A divided America is a weak America. We need a president in 2020 who will instill a spirit of reunification, who will help bring us back from polar extremes to a more balanced middle. We need a strong, united America.

United We Stood

It was the summer of 2016. Several friends and I sat around a picnic table at a local park. We each had very different political and religious views, but we could talk about politics and religion and still be friends. Each person’s views were respected and when things did get a bit heated, we would laugh it off and change the subject. Even leading up to the election, we could share our differing political viewpoints. But something suddenly and drastically changed following that 2016 election. Friends became polarized and intolerance set in. Our little group split, friends no more.

Divided We Fall

Every subject these days seems to be a hot button and people are set in their opinions, unwilling to entertain other ideas. Being neutral on a subject is even worse because the prevailing thought seems to be, “if you are not 100% with me, then you are my enemy.” So, being neutral effectively makes you the enemy of both sides of the spectrum! Americans are polarized. We are divided. Our country was built on unity. United we stand, and divided we shall surely fall.

Fighting amongst ourselves makes us vulnerable as a nation, giving our enemies an inroad to destroy us from within. If we are to remedy this situation, we need to come back from the far ends of the political spectrum and reunite as friends, as neighbors, as a country, and as a world. We need a president who will help make that happen. Right now, tensions are running very high. The 2020 election has the potential to drive tensions to a breaking point, erupting in civil war, or to simmer tensions down and instill a spirit of reunification. What kind of president would lead us toward reunification?

Pendulum | Source

Avoid the Pendulum Effect

The pendulum effect is a common occurrence, as all life seeks to be in balance. When the pendulum is pulled to one side and released, it will swing equally as far to the opposite side. This is something that we should try to avoid, as it will not bring unity, but will serve to divide us further. Voting for the opposite extreme will not bring us back to center, to balance, to reunification. If you have ever used a pendulum, you know that it can take a long time for it to swing back and forth, round and round, until it finally comes to rest at the center. If we can avoid creating the pendulum effect, we should.

Turn Around

If the current president wins the election, then we continue in the same path we are currently on for another four years. As we have seen, that path does not lead to reunification, but would serve to further divide us. We need to turn back from our current trajectory and head the other way. But this needs to be done gently to avoid the pendulum effect mentioned above. We want to avoid a revolt.

Turn Around
Turn Around | Source

Who Will Bring Us Together in 2020?

A Republican

To avoid the pendulum effect and a revolt, the least inflammitory situation for now, would probably be to have a Republican president who is closer to bi-partisanship. One who is willing to reach across party lines and work toward reunification. This POTUS would engender a spirit of unity and help bridge the divide between all citizens, resulting in a stronger America. We need a strong America. Of the candidates running at this time, Bill Weld most accurately fits this description.

A Democrat

The next best scenario would be a Democrat who is Bi-partisan and works toward reunification. There are many Democrats running at this time, a good choice would be one who is not so extreme in their views as to create the pendulum effect or cause revolt. One who is level-headed, forward-thinking and progress-oriented. One who will do more than just un-do everything that the prior administration did.

Another Option

A third and interesting option would be to shake things up and vote for someone who is totally different. Breaking the two-party system by having a POTUS from the Libertarian party (for example) would be a welcome change. Additionally, some of the Democratic candidates have unique views that would serve to shake up Washington for sure, such as Andrew Yang’s plan for a universal basic income. (Yang dropped out of the race Feburary 12th.)

A big change might serve to sweep us out of the bipolar rut we are currently in. In our pendulum analogy, a change of this kind would add a new input, changing the direction of the pendulum. Instead of swinging back and forth along the same path, the pendulum would change direction and likely start to swing in a circle.

Reunite | Source

At this time, there are still many candidates in the race. As things boil down, our options as voters will be more limited. I will update this article as the presidential race progresses. But for now, as you listen to the candidates campaign, ask yourself, “will this person lead us toward reunification, or serve to further divide us?” Are they campaigning just to oppose the current state of affairs (the pendulum effect)? Or are they level-headed, forward-thinking, and progress-oriented? Let’s choose a president who will bring us together and move us forward in 2020.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Amanda Buck


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    • Amanda Buck profile imageAUTHOR

      Amanda Buck 

      5 months ago from Rural South Central Indiana

      Thank you both for your comments. I am happy to see respectful and well though out commentary. Keep them coming!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I agree about Bill Weld! He has already said his whole admn would be people from all parties.

      I think he would consider a Dem veep, just as Biden said he would consider Repub.

      I consider Libertarians another version of the far right....and Indies just not happy with either big party.

      What’s really missing is a truly liberal party.....truly believes live and let live...helping each other, but not by force.....

      And I think the UBI is a great idea.....can you imagine the freedom that would offer.....

      But, at this time, we seem to be given the choice of far right or far left.....and more of this great divide.

      Maybe we’ll have a miracle.....who knows. But I agree....we need a unifier, not a “my way or the highway” type.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      5 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      "When the pendulum is pulled to one side and released, it will swing equally as far to the opposite side." - I smiled when I read this. I am happy to see that others know about the pendulum effect. I wrote an article on this some years ago. It was in reference to the rich getting richer and the poor scrambling for crumbs. If things continue this way, we'll eat the rich eventually, since the fridges will be fully empty.

      "Bill Weld most accurately fits this description" - I'm sorry, I read that and I thought: "Bill who?" I had to stop and read-up on him. FInding out he ran in the last presidential election with the "I'm having an Allepo moment" guy (Gary Johnson) is not encouraging. Not that I do not like Gary Johnson, he seems like a really nice person, just not made for politics.

      "forward-thinking and progress-oriented" does not mean "middle of the ground" and/or "bi-partisan". Conservatives want at best to mantain the status quo and at worse, to bring America back to the 1950s, or maybe even the 1590s. That's not "forward-thinking", or "progress-oriented". Can we not just come out and be honest? Rebuplicans are a special breed of dinosaurs on their way to extinction. They can see that and they understandingly upset thus, creating a lot of stir and commotion. I'm just gonna sit here a decade ... they can't live more than another decade I don't think. Look at them, they're mostly so old they're about to go buy a walker soon just to make it to the House and/or Senate floor.

      "changing the direction of the pendulum" - I'm going to be pretty blunt here and say that many people do not understand the political spectrum. For example, Bernie Sanders is not a radical leftist. If someone thinks Sanders is radical then, I must have fallen off the political spectrum into non-existence because my political-economic standing is much more to the left than Sanders. Many North Americans are sheltered though, when it comes to politics. They think CNN is a leftist organization, haha!! Sigh ...

      "will this person lead us toward reunification, or serve to further divide us" - We're only majorily divided until the boomers die-off and it's happening already. Gen X, Z and Millenials understand that automation is killing off jobs quicker than we are creating new ones. They understand that climate change is indeed a climate emergency and that we have to change the way we live. We're not dinosaurs unable to adapt. We will and we'll live on. The ones who cannot adapt will die-off. I am not saying this with any grief, or anger. It is simply the way the cookie crumbles.

      Okay, now vote for Bernie (the least worse one) and we'll be somewhat on the right path. Haha! ; )


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