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When Your Own World Views Prevent You From Living in Actual Reality

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I was just surfing some forums online and came across this post from a hardcore Trump sycophant that made me think I needed to respond. (The "guy," "chap," "Prez" referred to below, is, of course, Joe Biden.)

Suspension of Disbelief

There's an expression, in regards to movies, called "suspension of disbelief." The audience sits in a dark theater, and they know they're not actually involved in what they see on the screen, but they choose to experience it as if it's really happening. They choose to suspend their disbelief.

Similarly, no one on planet Earth really believes that a guy with no following, no actual accomplishments, no likable characteristics, a history of creepy behavior toward women and children, substantial evidence of selling his influence to foreign interests, who campaigned from his basement and of course, showing strong signs of onset dementia, actually pulled 8o+ million votes in a recent contest, the most in U.S history.

Yet we have otherwise bright people who will jump at the opportunity to declare this odd chap a legitimate Prez, all the while hurling insults at any who see it for what it is. That is a suspension of disbelief taken to an extreme. They've left the theater and are driving home, still thinking the movie is real. And they're not even on drugs. I haven't popped acid in decades.

Voters in Georgia

Voters in Georgia

No Following, No Accomplishments

So let's take a look at what kind of disbelief this person must have suspended to reach such conclusions.

The first disbelief one must have suspended is in the fact that there are more registered Democrats nationally than Republicans according to data supplied by the Pew Research Center. Taking into account leanings, around 49% of the country is either registered with the Democrats or leans that way versus just 44% for the Republicans.

So when this person says Biden 'had no following', she clearly had to suspend disbelief in previous voting trends to make such a ridiculous statement.

The second false claim made was that Biden had no accomplishments. Many see that being part of an administration that led the recovery from a GOP president who ran our economy into the ground as an accomplishment. Having experience as a Vice President and member of Congress who worked across the aisle is definitely a needed accomplishment as opposed to someone who attacks their own government and sows mistrust in its intelligence services, attacks their own military, and attacks all members of the opposing party with angry rhetoric that led to racist violence (El Paso, New Zealand Shooting) and bomb threats to elected officials (Cesar Sayoc Jr).

Having a leader of our nation who understands that rhetoric steeped in racism such as calling a virus the 'China Virus' will lead to an increase in violence against Asian Americans is definitely an accomplishment.

No Likeable Characteristics and a Candidate with Inappropriate Issues Women

It must take some amazing suspension of disbelief to see that Biden was the more devout man between himself and Trump. A practicing Catholic who actually attends church as opposed to a man who flies himself to his own properties on the weekends to golf and enrich himself by charging his protection detail exorbitant amounts of money for housing and transportation.

One must be in a huge state of denial to think that someone Mitch McConnell, a man who hates all things Democrat, can go public and state, 'I think Biden is a first-rate person' and 'I consider him a personal friend.'

And realizing that the country was hungry for a leader with any sort of empathy after dealing with Trump's self-obsession for the past four years doesn't take a rocket scientist.

All of these would be considered likeable characteristics to someone living on planet Earth.

In terms of dealings with women and children, the level of disbelief to think Biden's creepiness is worse than a man who was heard admitting that he sexually assaults women by 'grabbing them by the pussy' without receiving consent, just because he's famous and thinks he can get away with it.

Well, the problem with that is that Trump has been accused of inappropriate sexual contact by no less than 26 women and 43 counts of inappropriate behavior as noted in the book, Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator.

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Being able to ignore that there was a court case filed by a 13-year old girl alleging that Donald J. Trump had raped her takes much disbelief to think that Biden is on the same horrific level of sexual deviance.


Did We Really Just Bring Up Foreign Influence?

The next conspiracy theory this Trump sycophant clings to is the debunked Ukraine and China lines that Biden acted inappropriately in regards to foreign influence. This is where the acceptance of Russian propaganda, as noted by known Russian agent Andrei Derkach who was supplying this information to Rudy Giuliani publicly - and which Giuliani is now under federal investigation for - becomes treasonous.

That Trump supporters can rescind their patriotism to listen to the Russians over our own intelligence services and career officials in the State Department who testified under oath in hearings during Trump's first impeachment is such a betrayal to our country that the only choice is to meet them with complete disdain.

After suspending their own senses to ignore GOP Senate confirmation that the Trump Campaign did actually collude with members of Russian Intelligence during the 2016 Presidential election, perhaps this kind of treasonous behavior should actually be expected from those in the red hats.


Biden, Both a Master Coordinator of Fraud and One with Onset Dementia

The single greatest suspension of disbelief though has to be that from his basement, as this member of an alternate reality claims Biden campaigned from, Joseph R. Biden was able to coordinate such fraud in the 2020 election that he convinced GOP elected election officials in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania to swing those states to him.

Then, he had the FBI and Trump's appointee Christopher Wray state that no fraud existed. Biden masterfully, from his basement mind you, got all of the Trump appointed judges in sixty of sixty-one cases to rule against Trump. Bill Barr, the single most partisan Attorney General in the last one hundred years was also convinced to state there was no fraud. Add Homeland Security to the people Biden, a person that they claim has signs of onset dementia, was able to lure into the ruse.

Despite so many assuring Trump supporters that the election was devoid of fraud, and one man telling them the opposite - they chose to side with the one. That makes it painfully clear that Trump's supporters are more akin to a cult than a political party.

2020 Wasn't About Biden, It Was All About Trump

The amount of disbelief it must take to fail to understand that the 2020 election was a referendum on Donald J. Trump and his mismanagement of a pandemic that led directly to over 400,000 Americans losing their lives as he made false claims such as 'it'll just go away on its own' or 'it's all under control.'

That people were sick of someone who was actively working against his own CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of this deadly virus by refusing to wear a mask, holding large indoor campaign rallies, and ignoring social distancing guidelines at every turn which led to himself and many members of the government getting the virus.

To realize that many Americans would have elected anyone with a pulse who promised not to violate our laws that would lead to an impeachment, or flaunt ignoring them such as holding a campaign event on the White House lawn in flagrant violation of the Hatch Act, or placing family members in government posts in a way to violate the nepotism laws of the United States.

Americans can recognize horrible leadership when in just 32 months, the rate of turnover had already exceeded his five predecessors full first terms, and not by a small margin. Some 85% of top tier appointees had left their posts or been replaced.

It was not disbelief to know that Biden, a career official who knows how government should function, would bring stability to a government in absolute chaos.

Worst Fraudsters Ever?

No one on the right has yet to explain why if the election was rigged, that the GOP picked up so many seats in the House of Representatives. If the case is being made that Biden is illegitimate, shouldn't all those other elected representatives also be illegitimate?

The same goes for the states that were contested based on adjustments made to voting procedures in order to keep their constituents safe during a pandemic. The right has argued that this violates the Constitution in a handful of swing states. Changes were made in thirty different states, including many that Trump won. If you're going to argue in the swing states, at least be consistent and include ALL of the states that did similar things such as Arkansas and Texas.

I've tried repeatedly to get an answer to those inconsistencies, but always get met with a changing of the topic because the right has no answer to those logical questions.

This is what domestic terror now looks like in America

This is what domestic terror now looks like in America

The original post made the claim, 'I haven't even popped acid in decades.' After reading what was written, I definitely want to see the results of a drug test because the level of disconnect from reality might only be achieved through hallucination.

Believing the 'Big Lie' about the 2020 election, despite the courts, the FBI, Bill Barr, GOP election officials and a complete lack of evidence really does take someone willing to leave reality far, far behind.

What January 6 proved was that those that continue to believe such fabrication must be seen as a danger to the United States. They were convinced to commit an act of insurrection against their own government and cause the injury and death of police officers in an attempt to seek out and hang the Vice President of their own political party.

The thing that they do not realize by continuing to believe Trump's lies is that they are becoming the single greatest domestic terror threat our country has seen since 9/11, and they are so brainwashed by one man's personality, that they are too blind to see it.

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