"What Do You Have To Lose?" Donald Trump Asks. The Answer Is Scary.

Updated on August 20, 2016
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I am a mom of two awesome children who teach me more daily than I ever thought possible. I love writing, exercise, movies, & LGBT advocacy.

Politics Scare Me On A Good Day, But Trump Is Just Too Much

When a political candidate asks you "what do you have to lose?" by voting for them, immediately turn and run away.

Donald Trump actually put that question to African American voters at a recent rally where the majority of those in attendance were actually white. Trump has been raising more than a few eyebrows, especially lately, between tangling with the family of a deceased American soldier and ongoing shuffling of the people involved in his campaign.

His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, recently resigned, and one has to wonder exactly why. He fired Corey Lewandowski, who tried adopting a "Let Trump be Trump" mindset (nothing else would really work with the egomaniacal businessman anyhow), and has famously struggled to allow any sort of guidance work for his campaign. Effectively, Trump's policy when it comes to his campaign appears to be speak first, and if anyone has any questions, tough because goodness knows he's better than "Crooked Hillary."

But what do Americans, in general, have to lose by voting for Trump?

While for some people, the alternative of voting for another Clinton may cause them to recoil in horror, it is important to realize just what Americans could lose by voting for Trump.

For starters, there are already plenty of barriers in America. Racial tensions have never been higher than they are already; the income gap is significant, and everyone is looking at everyone else with an eye of suspicion for any number of perceived offences.

That attitude is not going to get any better under "President Trump." The man who proposed that a wall go up at the borders of the United States, suggested that there was at least one race known for their criminal activity and has used lines like "ask the gays" and "look at my African American" (emphasis added) is not going to do anything to further the reputation of the United States. In fact, the States may very well see its international reputation tarnished for centuries because of Trump's blatant attitudes towards race and sex.

Though he has claimed the contrary, Trump also has implied that Second Amendment activists could possibly take care of any issues that Hillary Clinton might cause should she become president. He has also made a range of comments that range from mildly disparaging to incredibly insulting, all of which have been heavily documented by the world's media.

Vanity Fair writer Graydon Carter has also mentioned one issue which has plagued Trump throughout his campaign - accusations that the would-be president is far too temperamental to sit in the Oval Office. He mentioned in a 2015 article that in an article he wrote for Spy over a quarter century ago, he referred to Trump as a "short-fingered vulgarian," and Trump has never forgotten it. Reportedly, Trump has on occasion written to Carter with a range of photographs and highlighted with a gold Sharpie how he doesn't have short fingers as the writer suggested.

This is a man who has seemingly held a grudge for 25 years over something as trite as the length of his fingers. Really?

So, when Trump asks the questions like, "what do you have to lose?" by voting for him, there's a whole lot to lose.

Dignity is a powerful thing, and in voting for Donald J. Trump, I fear that Americans are potentially going to be losing everything.

Donald Trump - America Is What Will Be Lost


Are Trump's Supporters Wanting What's Best?

The Atlantic surveyed some of Donald Trump's supporters and while there were those who genuinely supported Trump in his campaign, there were those who some may expect were truly bizarre in their desire to see Donald Trump ascend to the presidency.

“Like the joker from The Dark Knight, I just want to see the world burn,” one said.

“I'm a young guy who is immature, a bit antisocial, and with no plans for kids or a wife ever," said another. "At some level, I don’t really care how things go with America as long as it’s fun to watch.”

“I’d vote for the candidate purely for the comedic value,” yet another said.

These are the reasons people have actually given for supporting Trump. Seriously. While I don't expect that all eligible voters have reasons that make sense for voting for someone, voting for someone for the sake of the comedy, or just to watch the country burn is insanity at best.

There is too much at stake for people to look at a candidate and think he's a good person to vote for because he's a good laugh. Is this what people really want to see America reduced to?

Hillary Clinton's offerings as the first female president may be equally sketchy, but at the very least, reasons to vote for her don't border on a desire to watch the world burn or to see America the butt of a cosmic joke of sorts.

And your decision is?

Who would you vote for?

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Trump vs Clinton


A Bit Of Musical Political Stylings

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      • profile image


        7 weeks ago

        My response to Trump’s question “What do you have to lose?” Is “Lives.” Trump had called the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 a “hoax” which was the same word he used during the Russian investigation. Trump is promoting medication that may cure COVID-19 without letting the scientists and doctors complete clinical trials. Trump is haughty and always deflecting. I did not vote for him in the year 2016 and I’m not going to vote for him this year 2020.

      • profile image

        Wild Bill 

        3 years ago

        Every vote counts if you vote your conscience. Check out Thomas Swan's hub on the subject.

      • AshleyWright835 profile image

        Ashley W 

        3 years ago

        No thank you, Austin Star, but I appreciate your concern. I hope you have a fantastic Saturday evening!

      • Austinstar profile image


        3 years ago from Somewhere near the heart of Texas

        Ashley - There are only 2 teams in the super bowl for a reason. They have become arguably the best two candidates. Your vote for a '3rd' party will not even count.

        Your vote would count if there were actually three strong candidates, but there are only two.

        No 3rd party candidate will even win one electoral vote. So, give it up and vote for Hillary.

      • AshleyWright835 profile image

        Ashley W 

        3 years ago

        Great article. I agree, I think we have a lot to lose with Trump. I, however, feel that we also have a lot to lose if we were to vote Clinton into office. It is my humble opinion that collectively voting third party would be our wisest course of action as a nation at this time.

        May I recommend changing your poll to reflect a "neither" choice? If I truly had to choose between the two, I wouldn't vote at all... Not even in a poll.

        Thank you for your thoughts!


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