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What Do Republicans Believe? 15 Things a Republican Stands For

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A List of Things Republicans Believe In

A List of Things Republicans Believe In

What Do Republicans Believe In?

Do all Republicans believe the same things? Of course not. Rarely do members of a single political group agree on all issues. Even among Republicans, there are differences of opinion. As a group, they do not agree on every issue.

Some folks vote Republican because of fiscal concerns. Often, that trumps concerns they may have about social issues. Others are less interested in the fiscal position of the party. They vote they way they do because of religion. They believe Republicans are the party of morality. Some simply want less government. They believe only Republicans can solve the problem of big government. Republicans spend less (except on military). They lower taxes: some people vote for that alone.

However, the Republican Party does stand for certain things. So I'm answering with regard to the party as a whole. Call it a platform. Call them core beliefs. The vast majority of Republicans adhere to certain ideas.

So what do Republicans believe? Here are their basic tenets:

1. Government is not the solution to domestic social problems.

This is pretty universal among Republicans. Government should not be providing solutions to problems that confront people (like health issues or paying bills). Those problems should be solved by the people themselves. A Republican would say that relying on the government to solve problems is a crutch that makes people lazy and feel entitled to receive things without working for them.

2. State control should trump federal control.

A Republican believes that decision-making should be as local as possible and if there's something important that needs solving on a social level, the state's decision should trump any federal decisions. The federal government should not have control over state decisions, generally speaking.

3. The free market should control all financial decisions.

The free market is the perfect decision-maker. There need be no interference in the market because ultimately, the needs and desires of manufacturers and consumers will resolve themselves correctly in an unregulated market.

4. Religion and the belief in God is vital to a strong nation.

Republicans are generally accepting only of the Judeo-Christian belief system. For most Republicans, religion is absolutely vital in their political beliefs and the two cannot be separated. Therefore, separation of church and state is not that important to them. In fact, they believe that much of what is wrong has been caused by too much secularism.

5. Lower taxes.

No matter what the situation, Republicans believe in lowering taxes across the board, for both individuals and businesses. As far as they are concerned, the more money that stays in the hands of the private sector, the better. They think people and businesses should be able to determine how and when they spend their money.

6. A strong military.

Republicans favor a strong military . . . and using that military. Republicans are usually hawks where Democrats are doves. The strong military stance demonstrates how Republicans use the power of the federal government, though they believe that a strong military spurs innovation and directs tax dollars as investments into businesses they support.

7. Privatize everything.

Republicans are more likely to argue for the privatization of things than Democrats, even going so far as to advocate for privatizing fire departments and the police in some cases. This goes for Social Security, healthcare, medicare, and virtually anything else that's linked to the government in any way. No matter what it is, they think that private industry can always do a better job than government.

8. Homosexuals do not deserve equal rights.

This comes from their religious beliefs, which form the basis for a lot of policy. Republicans believe that homosexuality is a choice and, as such, gay people should not be acknowledged in the same way as other groups. Therefore, according to a Republican, homosexuals should not be allowed to marry, nor should they be allowed to adopt children.

9. Gun control violates the 2nd Amendment.

Republicans support the position of the NRA and do not believe in gun control. They believe in the right of all citizens to own guns as detailed in the Constitution.

10. Abortion is murder.

Republicans are fundamentally against abortion and do not support the idea that a woman should be able to choose whether to end a pregnancy no matter the reason, though some Republicans make exceptions for rape and incest. Although Republicans believe abortion is murder and believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, they do not usually explain what punishment should befall those who get or give abortions should it become illegal.

11. Global warming is not a thing.

Generally, Republicans question the conclusions scientists have come to regarding global warming. At best, they believe that the effects of global warming have been overstated and that regulating emissions should not be done; at worst, they believe global warming is a hoax.

12. Evolution is not a legitimate theory.

Republicans reject the theory of evolution and believe in creationism, the idea that God created man the way he is. They believe creationism should be taught in public schools.

13. America should deport illegal immigrants.

Republicans believe that illegal immigrants, no matter the reason they are in this country, should be forcibly removed from the U.S. Although illegal immigrants are often motivated to come to the U.S. by companies who hire them, Republicans generally believe that the focus of the law should be on the illegal immigrants and not on the corporations that hire them.

14. Poverty must solve itself.

Republicans believe that poor people are usually poor for a reason, be it laziness, choice or whatever. Unless we demand that people pull themselves up by the bootstraps and solve their own problems, people will not be motivated to do things. Therefore, the issue of poverty cannot be solved by the government. Charity should be the choice of individuals.

15. Capital punishment is good.

Republicans believe in the death penalty and support its use in cases where violent crimes have been committed.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Who is the leader of the Republican Party?

Answer: Donald Trump.

Question: Why doesn't Donald Trump believe in most of the typical Republican things besides immigration stances?

Answer: Donald Trump is not a typical Republican.

Question: Who is the the leader of the Green Party?

Answer: Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry have been elected as new joint leaders of the Green Party.

Question: Why do people want to get rid of guns when it's against the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution?

Answer: People probably want to get rid of guns because they are so often used to kill people and they think that will help.

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dav2149 on January 30, 2020:

Re "... single political position ,,,most important to Republicans" you left out the most important: Adherence to the U.S. Constitution and therefore the belief in the dignity, freedom and self-reliance of the individual

dav2149 on January 30, 2020:

Re: the answer to the question "Why do people want to get rid of guns...".is that some powerful power-hungry elitists want to insure that the people will be unable to resist the tyranny that could be imposed on them by despots. The 2nd amendment is sacred to our free republic. Sadly, some people will abuse this right, but it is fundamental to our freedom.

Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker from Old Bridge, New Jersey on August 31, 2019:

I joined the Republican Party in 1966 only because my Mom insisted I had to exercise my patriotic duty to vote. Being a rebellious 60s Boomer and the fact she was a Democratic, when the clerk asked which party I wanted to become registered with, I said, "Republican" in defiance knowing my Mom had non control over that.

But, by 2004, I began to realize that over the years my post teen rebellion was foolish since I rarely voted Republican. I simply had to face the reality that the entire Republican Party was what a Boomer woman loathed most, "Male Dominated."

Every GOP meeting I ever attended was 95% males, ALL white I might add and the few women who did attend were there because they were wives of the men.

But, the real reason for leaving was Cheney. I loathed the fact that Republicans had pulled off the biggest scam since Reagan. They knew and so did half of CA that as governor Reagan was in the first stages of Alzheimers. They wanted someone in the WH who was controllable so the big cheeses of the GOP could run the country into the ground. And boy did they ever.

Reagan joined the Republican 2nd Term Recession Club in his 2nd term causing GHWB to lose his 2nd term while his one term carried over the Reagan Republican Recession.

Cheney wanted to be president since his Nixon days as Nixon's chief adviser. But, when he wanted to run against Clinton, the GOP feared that Cheney would be the same kind of authoritarian Nixon had been which forced Nixon's resignation to the utter disgrace of the GOP. They weren't about to let that happen again.

So Cheney masterminded a plan. He made a deal with Halliburton to hand them a no bid contract for war in Iraq which had not even been on the radar at that time, in return for his being CEO of Halliburton and their donations to the 2000 Republican campaign. So, in 1988, Cheney became CEO. 2 years later the GOP allowed Cheney to be a back room president to GWB's front man position. GWB had the name. Cheney did not being from Wyoming.

In order to make sure GWB won, Clinton had to be scandalized and impeached to make room in 2000 for a Republican president.

This was only one of the dirty scams the RNC and GOP play. When it came down to Trump, they feel for his bribes, exaggerations and lies. Ask yourself. How did the RNC or GOP miss the fact that Trump had already gotten a $10 million fine for money laundering at his NJ casinos?

How did they miss those numerous previous business scams for which his Trump Organization had been fined or banned?

Now they own the mess this country is in thanks to allowing a world class grifter to do as he pleases on our tax dollars.

teamrn from Chicago on December 24, 2014:

Peter Lumetta, of course that is not what they really think! This is the spin put on things to make you believe that Republicans think this way and that Republicans are at the 'bottom' of all the ills of this earth.

Then the premise of FOR THE PEOPLE of which you so highly speak, do you feel that high taxes, high unemployment, are FOR THE PEOPLE items? Do your OWN thinking and don't regurgitate, like I'm sure you have by now-3 years later- someone else's INTERPRETATION of what the Republican platform is.

Why not read the platform FOR YOURSELF and determine if YOU, Peter Lumetta agree with the platform. But, it's easier to drink the pablum that someone else has pre-digested for you, rather than to do your own homework.

Brad on December 23, 2014:

It doesn't matter what the republicans or the democrats believe. It is only important to know that they have opposite beliefs, and this has caused gridlock in the congress.

When a voter votes for his party's candidate and they lose, then those voters also lost their representation for the office in congress because the other party will not advance the legislation important to the other party.

The democrats and republicans only have moved the country to the left and the right but not forward. The loyal party voter needs to change from faith in their party to voting for the best candidate regardless of party.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on June 11, 2013:

Thanks for the comments, teamrn. I don't believe that the conclusions you are drawing from the piece are actually declarative statements in the piece. The statement about laziness and poverty, for instance, isn't an all-encompassing, conclusive statement. It's part of an overall statement that claims that Republicans believe people are poor for a reason. Laziness is one of those factors, but may not be the only one or one at all. That's how that sentence is constructed. I believe that drawing incorrect conclusions based on misunderstandings is a serious problem.

teamrn from Chicago on June 10, 2013:

I just saw this well written hub, but a few, inconstancies.

Republicans state that this is a Christian nation. Where was that little tidbit obtained and what part of Republican schooling did I miss, that I didn't learn that essential FALSEHOOD? On the TRUTH-O-METER: FALSE.

Also, in the beginning of the hub, there is a lot of discussion about differences in the Republican party; difference with a common belief is good ( common belief: small government. The difference lies in HOW we're going to get to that goal).

I can't and won't and there's too much evidence that states that the Democratic party isn't on homogeneous party of kum-bay-ah folks, though enough Dems AND Republicans vote strict party tickets. People can do what they desire. But, please, none we ALL love one-another in the Democratic Party and there's divisiveness in the Republican Party, so they must be evil; evil incarnate!

"Relying on the government to solve problems is a crutch that makes people lazy and feel entitled to receive things without working for them." The Republican party believes that that can (AND DOES) foster dependence where it does not need to be.

They don't feel that dependence=laziness. Those are someone else's words. The dependence becomes a way of life, sort of like "my father worked in a mill and his father before him and his father. We've always worked in a mill and anyone who thinks outside that box (of not working in a mill, is looked upon differently, askance.")

There's not a Repulican alive who feels that every recipient of a social program is lazy. Where's that FACT CHECK and TRUTH-O-METER? Republicans believe that government serves a purpose of GOVERNING, hence the name.

There are some Republicans who believe that GOVERNMENT should only govern. Other's believe that government should take care of people who can't take care of themselves; like the Medicare act of 1965 or SS act of 1938-9.

"Homosexuals do not deserve equal rights " This belief is shared by many. Not all Republicans, not all Democrats believe this.

Peter Kimetta, it is not necessary to believe that WE'RE IN DEEP SHIT because of solely Republican ideology. The USA took it's eye's off the prize: EVERYONE did and they didn't allow themselves to be guided every step of the way by the Constitution. There's a reason that document has survived since 1789 and has only been amended a handful of times. No need to progress (to what-keep up with the times) when we have a guidebook that will provide the backbone of nearly every situation. If it doesn't, then we revise the Constitution, BY AMENDMENT. Pretty dang hard to do.

"Illegal Immigrants must be deported" Lord, could that be further from the truth. As recently as John McCain, he was not for deporting grandma, whose life had been here. She lived, married, had children, had jobs, was illegal. They recognize the implauseibility of rousing everyone up and the in compassion of so doing, and sending them packing. I don't know where you get this swill; probably from the 'grapevine.' Marco Rubio comes to mind.

So, as far as may of the thoughts promoted by the hub (social programs result in lazy people and republicans hate gays). The Federal government has no business in these areas, nor the arts and I question education, either.

Powers were granted, ALL THE POWERS THAT WERE NOT GRANTED TO THE FEDS were granted to state, regional and local government. Our central government has no business in my church, unless FEDERAL law is being broken or compromised. (like ADA).

"Republican leadership has shown they actually believe in a powerful and robust government capable of effectively controlling the decisions of citizens and non-citizens" HOW have they shown this?

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 24, 2012:


I'm not sure what part of the article you're taking issue with, but what's in there is hardly controversial. If you're arguing that it's incorrect, then feel free to provide data to the contrary. As I pointed out in the opening paragraph, it's likely not all Republicans believe everything here, but these concepts are certainly what the Republican Party represents.

JD Farrell from Picayune, Mississippi/Tulsa OK on October 22, 2012:

you went a little off the deep end on that one. I Understand why you believe that (R) believe that way. It would have something to do with Edward Bernays the father of propaganda. It looks like you are getting all your info from one place. If you were spreading out where you get your information from it wouldn't be so sharp. Check some of my stuff out. I am not the best writer, but it will give you an idea of what a disabled conservative looks like. Good write though!

John-Rose from USA on October 18, 2012:

Great hub! I don't feel that these beliefs are from Republicans of yesteryear. They are still held and loved by people. I think that the news media has moved so far too the left that they are distorting what people think. Once again great hub. Voted up.


crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 10, 2012:

A couple of interesting links from Republican leaders:



There are plenty more I could post, but I happened to come across both of these today.

Ryan Meyers from Dunmore PA on October 10, 2012:

Although I am not a Democrat, your breakdown has helped me understand why I have been voting Democratic for many years. I especially love the “free market is the perfect decision-maker”!

I guess a half-decade has slipped your mind when assessing the perfection of free market. Don’t get me wrong, too much regulation is definitely no good but regulations obviously weren’t strong enough to sway the banks from lending ridiculous amounts of money to people who could not afford to pay the money back.

Then the banks, in search of more perfection, packaged the mortgages as “guaranteed” low-to-no risk investments.

It’s funny how you separate religion and helping your fellow man. I’m pretty sure the bible is NOT in line with your sink or swim mentality. What you don’t understand is plenty of hardworking people who never took a handout in their lives are completely dependent on “Government help” for the first time and believe me; they do not feel comfortable in their position!

That’s why these programs are essential. There will always be people taking advantage of every situation. That doesn’t mean we should get rid of them. It means we should refine them and make it extremely hard to take advantage.

The Judicial system is “Government help” keeping society in order but there are people taking advantage of that too especially the wealthy!

Some people are born without boot straps to “pull up”!

Republicans don’t understand being poor now and being poor when their grandparents first came to this country are two totally different things. Nowadays if you don’t have a strong education you have NO chance of scaling the obstacles in front of a prosperous life.

Some people are born to circumstance. Do you think a young African child would scoff at a chance to be educated? Never! They would work their A off to earn an education! Do you believe it is the child’s fault for not having the means to an end?

That’s right there are many people in the good ol United States who have the same problem and all though I am NOT a conservative Christian, I believe God wants us who have the means to lend a helping hand.

I do not believe that help should be considered a hindrance and I can’t for the life of me figure out how a self-proclaimed fine Christian can possibly turn their back on people in need. That part of the bible does not need translating.

Nepotism and favoritism are rampant in my overwhelmingly Republican town, but who needs handouts from the Government when daddy can get you the job… right!

Since just, moral Republicans don’t agree with smoking pot I’m guessing you don’t agree with the many States allowing the use of medical marijuana.

If I’m correct with my assessment we’ll have to “chalk one up” for hypocrisy and only allow the states to make decisions that are “perfect”, like banning gay marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand why Gay people would want to get married in the traditional way but I completely understand why they should get the same benefits. Maybe it’s because I could NEVER be naïve enough to believe they decided to be attracted to the same sex. I guess the people who believe this hogwash must have some pretty weird thoughts running through their heads because I don’t care how many beautiful woman walk by me in my life, there is no way in HELL, no pun intended, I would stop looking at that and start lustfully looking at a hairy man-chest.

Mathematics is universal and “deciding” to be gay does not add up. Faith shouldn’t be completely blind and definitely not devoid of heart.

It will NEVER feel right for me to ostracize a sect simply because they are different than me… must be the tolerance Jesus taught me and lest we forget the Father will be the ultimate Judger.

I’m not even addressing the Global Warming thing. Oh yeah, it’s probably God damning us with the craziest weather in modern time because the gays are taking over.

Wow… it feels good to put the responsibility on God and not on us!

I hope I didn’t offend, I’m simply passionate about humanity!!!

RavenBiker from Pittsburgh, PA. on October 10, 2012:

Hello crankliscious!

I don't want to shoot the messanger, you, but I feel many of those points are Republicans of yesteryear and not current. You had me think and consider some other points, however, and perhaps will inspire me to write a hub about it myself.


Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on October 10, 2012:

Regarding the poll, I am tempted to say opposition to abortion, but that really isn't it. Republicans stop being anti abortion when they are faced with the topic of contraception for minors. That is when they jump ship and climb on board the "Abstinence or Bust." They are more interested in controlling sexual behavior than in reducing the number of abortions.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:

And of course I don't think Republicans as a group support either the KKK or Nazis.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:

Whatever conclusions you have come to are the result of extreme extrapolation. Much of what I have written is in the party platform. The religion stuff is mostly the result of the hyperbole used by Republican standard-bearers. Does it apply to all Republicans? Of course not. That's why it's a generalization. But generally, this is what a lot of Republicans believe and what the Republican Party stands for. Generally, if you're a Republican, you support the Republican Party and its platform either directly or indirectly.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

I would also like to add this from Wikipedia rerading Reagan:

On February 25, 1984, in his [Reagan] weekly radio address, he said, "Sometimes I can't help but feel the first amendment is being turned on its head. Because ask yourselves: Can it really be true that the first amendment can permit Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen to march on public property, advocate the extermination of people of the Jewish faith and the subjugation of blacks, while the same amendment forbids our children from saying a prayer in school?"[47]

However, President Reagan did not pursue a Constitutional amendment requiring school prayer in public schools.[48]

This counters your perception of republicans drastically as I assume you believe that most republicans would be in support of the KKK and the natzis.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

I Googled this and found this as one of the first hits. It seems very factual.


I think it is an error to accuse the entire republican party of thinking that that people who do not have the same beliefs as them will go to hell. I also think that there is way too much fear and loathing based on mis-represented statements by both parties. And this is my point. I think it is sad that every time someone says they are a republican you immediately assume that they think you should burn in hell. That is just absurd.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 09, 2012:


Republicans state over and over again that this is a Christian nation. While that is not in their platform, this is generally the attitude they seem to have. Republicans tend to favor laws that break the separation of Church and State, like prayer in public schools (sanctioned prayer, not voluntary, which is perfectly legal). However, I wrote that they are generally accepting only of the Judeo-Christian belief system, which is true. I did not say they are intolerant of other religions necessarily, though it is true that part of that belief system necessarily implies that those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior are going to hell.

xpydder on October 09, 2012:

So you believe that intolerance to non-christians is stated and documented in the republican platform? So you are basically accusing the republicans of wanting a Theocracy and you believe that this aim is in their platform? And that this is how they plan to get votes? And you believe that the people who vote for republicans want a Theocracy because they dislike people who do not share their religious beliefs? Wow! So what you are telling people is that republicans do not like anyone who is Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist? So are you going to accuse the republicans of being nazis also? You may as well drive your point home as this is obviously the next logical conclusion to your premise.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 07, 2012:


Not sure what you're talking about in terms of hatred, but most of the stuff I point out about Republicans are in the party platform in one way or another.

xpydder on October 05, 2012:


If you really believe these things and feel so much anger and hatred for other people perhaps you should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Chris Mathews, turn off the TV and computer, and walk outside and shake hands with your neighbors. You really need to get out more. There are great people all over this great country. It is bad enough that we are misunderstood and hated by people in other countries who are lied to by their dictators because they hope to destroy our us and our freedoms - It is absolutely tragic that we have people in this country trying to divide us for political gain using the same dreadful tactics.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 05, 2012:


if you are a Republican and more Republicans were like you, the world would be a better place.

xpydder on October 05, 2012:

Most of this confuses republicans and conservatives, which are not necessarily the same. after roe vs wade many democrats crossed party lines and this was a necessary political stunt by the republicans because they obviously need the votes.

I disagree with most of what is being said here and I do not think that republicans are very complicated. You can scrap most of what is said here because it is absurd. You can sum up what the republicans believe very quickly in a couple of sentences. Number 1) republicans believe that the economy is important and that the path to a strong economy is to reward those who do well and do not reward those who do nothing. republicans do not believe in wealth distribution. republicans also do not believe in high taxes because they do not want to keep giving more and more money to what they believe to be a non-working and non-functioning government. republicans would rather decide how the money they give away is spent.

Democracy is important to republicans and this is the reason why each and every religion and atheists (no cults) is important. Republicans absolutely believe in and cherish separation of church and state because they believe in religious freedom. The entire reason our founding fathers came here is because they were escaping religious persecution. You cannot have a democracy if people are not free to believe what they want to believe. The first thing dictators do is either get rid of religion altogether and make it illegal or create a Theocracy. Where exactly do you get that republicans only want christianity and reject all else? This is a really derogatory stereotype of republicans that is designed to make them seem inhuman and evil and either you have been tricked into believing this or you are attempting to trick others.

The debate regarding Global Warming is not whether or not it is real it is to what degree it is man made. This is where the scientific debate resides and continues. Al Gore's movie made much of the science look suspicious because it was so exaggerated. Had he stuck to the facts this debate might already be over. Every scientist knows Global Warming is real it is the facts and studies that are being questioned.

Your point about evolution is really nonsensical. Do you really believe that a person who does not believe in big government must therefore also not believe in the evolution that we are all taught in elementary school?

I can go on about many of these other points, but what is the use. If you believe that republicans hate other religions outside of christianity, hate gay people and hate the environment. This is the sort of propaganda that is dividing our country. It is meant to make democrats believe that all republicans are evil and hateful.

I think you forgot to say something about how republicans hate black people as this is another popular diatribe by propagandists.

The Republican from USA on June 26, 2012:

The 'lowering taxes' caught my eye. I wrote a article about taxes on the wealthy, could you please read it?

Thank you,

-The Republican

Hamdog on January 22, 2012:

Republicans (conservatives) worship conformity combined with the concept of strong "leadership." or "A" leader. Rush Limbaugh's "dittoheads" come to mind. Rush's "dittoheads" view pronouncing themselves to be so, a badge of honor, rather than an admission that they generally lack the ability to become fully fulfilled, free individuals. To refer to myself as a "dittohead" would be demeaning and against my nature. My nature is to think freely, and to not succumb to the will of any individual or group. People left of center view conservatives in this light. It's difficult to respect someone who lacks the simple capacity to be aware how sad and pathetic they really are as a conformist and follower – a sheep.. Conservatives keep their sheep in line through admonishment for "bad" thinking. Try that with someone left of center and you'll get nothing back but contempt. Admonishment by a "group" is a vacant concept to people like me. I saw what group conformity in practice can do during my military service. It is necessary for a fighting force, but not for a free society. Conservatives are paternalistic and dictate from the top down. People at the bottom are fearful that if they do not conform, they will be ousted from the group, and left to fend for themselves.

American Romance from America on December 14, 2011:

No Peter, we are in deep shit because of people like you! The conservatives built something great and now your kind want it destroyed and believe somehow things will get better! We want to take our country back to the goodness and the willingness it had that brought it to greatness!

When I was young I remember parents bragging on their kids achievements, now I wonder what they say about little timmy or suzy down at the OWStreet camps bitching to get at others hard work and sacrifice!

By the way Peter I got your number, I have been thinking about why you don't live in this country and believe I have it figured out.

American Romance from America on December 14, 2011:

Well you hit most of them on the head! ........and for the record Decemeber the 7th one of the top dogs over the national weather center said they went back and studied 20 years of weather patterns and hurrican predictions only to find out their predictions and computer patterns meant nothing and had zero positive effect on predicting weather! Now if this is true and hurricanes are a direct result of global warming them this means that hurricanes cannot be predicted only weeks or months ahead of time!......still with me? Ok then how in the hell can anyone predict weather 50 years from now!.............we don't believe global warming exist........for a reason!

PETER LUMETTA from KENAI, ALAKSA on September 25, 2011:

Jon I am really getting tired of that same old refrain of yours, "Democrats had 2/3 control of our government since Jan2007 blah, blah, blah,". And since when is the "for the People" not deocratic ? And according to your rationale Conservatives are not for the people? If I'm not Mistaken doesn't the Declaration of Independence start out "We the People"? So your are admitting that you are not gor the People your for your party line first as long as the people don't get in the way. Were you standing cheering when the folks in the audience were yelling "let him die!" at the Republican debate last week? I you are a Social Darwinist just admit, I admit I am a liberal not a conservative. Just tellus what your trying to say in plain english Jon and stop spouting the party line.


JON EWALL from usa on September 25, 2011:


said ''general they have omitted the main concern of government, "for the People". If they had that as a premise I thinke things would have come out different.''

From your comment, it appears that you support a progressive type of government rather than a democratic or conservative government.?

‘’These are some of the reasons we are in deep shit and they still want to go further?


Take note that Democrats have had 2/3’s control of our government since Jan. 2007 -2011.Prior to 2007, Republicans had 100% control of the government. In Jan. 2009, the Democrats had 100% control of the government under the leadership of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Senator Reid.

Surely one ideology has been better than the other? To be fair, it is a fact that the Democrats have had 2/3’s control of the government since 2007 -2011. In Congress today, the progressive caucus members have been challenged by the tea party members as to how Congress will be voting on legislation.

crankalicious (author) from Colorado on September 24, 2011:


I love your response and everybody should read it because I believe you make lots of good points.

I will just say that I would use "they" if/when I write the same article about Democrats.

I made some small changes in the hub to focus a bit more, but do believe that the positions I have stated are held by the majority of Republicans. You do not sound like the typical Republican.

Anarchos from Texas on September 24, 2011:

I have to question your authority to declare what Republicans believe. Since you use "they" rather than "we" I must assume you are not a Republican and, therefore, at best have only an outside perspective on their beliefs and at worst are determining those beliefs from a position of opposition to them.

(I am little better qualified as I am a grudging Republican at best and am forced into the party simply because only the Republicans and Democrats have real influence and my ideas have no place in the Democratic Party)

As for the substance, I see little evidence that Republicans believe "Government is not the solution to our problems". It is the stated position of many Republicans in leadership positions that the US Federal government should violently impose its will on the world. Protecting "American interests" and spreading "American values" as those things are defined by Republican leadership.

Furthermore, they believe the government (whether state or Federal) should define something as intimate as marriage, in many cases dictating sexual practices between consenting adults (anti-sodomy laws). They also strongly believe in regulating the practices of individuals in many private areas of their lives (drug policy springs to mind).

Republicans wholeheartedly supported the creation of the Homeland Security Department and TSA. They supported TARP and the various schemes to increase home "ownership". They supported the expansion of Medicare and innumerable "bridges-to-nowhere". They have supported a myriad of subsidies and trade restrictions designed to prop up certain sectors of the economy no matter how it harms others (steel and ethanol probably top the list). Their biggest argument against Obamacare was that it would threaten other forms of government subsidized healthcare.

Despite their rhetoric Republican leadership has shown they actually believe in a powerful and robust government capable of effectively controlling the decisions of citizens and non-citizens. Able to project American power (really their power) across the globe.

True, a few who really do believe in limiting the scope and power of government breakthrough from time-to-time (some elements of the Tea Party have hastened this) but they are still the insurgency not the majority.

I wish you were right about much of the above but you are not as far as the leadership is concerned. I do enjoy the Hub though and I your perspective on our only alternative to Democrats.

James A Watkins from Chicago on September 23, 2011:

Yes, there is much truth in your descriptions of the worldview of Conservative persons. I might add that such persons are only "Republicans" by default.

You are right that conservative people realize that government entitlements shatter the family unit and make for more and more dependents upon the government teet.

You are correct that Conseratives believe in the Declaration of Indepedence concept that our individual rights come from God and not from the the State. \

You are right that Conservatives believe that States have the rights accorded by the Tenth Amendment to control their own affairs which are not specically enumerated in the Constitution.

You are correct in assuming that Conservatives correctly understand that all prosperity that mankind has gained in the last hundreds of years has been because of Free Enterprise.

You are right in your proposition that any government should not tax its people more than ten percent of its wages. After all, even God Himself never demanded anything more.

You are correct that the private sector has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that only it produces prosperity in any society on earth.

You are right to realize that ONLY the free market has ever lifted mankind above daily drudgery.

You are wrong that Conservatives believe in denying "equal rights" to people who enjoy homosexual behaviors.

You are right to assume that to Conservative people killing your babies is always bad.

PETER LUMETTA from KENAI, ALAKSA on September 23, 2011:

Scary! Is this what they really think? Somewhere back in time someone really got it mixed up. These are some of the reasons we are in deep shit and they still want to go further? There are a few (very few) good points but in general they have omitted the main concern of government, "for the People". If they had that as a premise I thinke things would have come out different.


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