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Trump’s Propaganda Appeals to the Hate-Filled Underbelly of America's Baser Instincts

Ex-social worker, progressive and writer. I've been following politics since "Tricky Dick" announced his secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

  • Trump’s propaganda appeals to his hate-filled underbelly of the U.S.’ baser instincts.
  • Trump’s stance of not respecting the results of the election is dangerous to the U.S. How could the election system be geared against the GOP when they control the Senate and the House and the majority of Governorships?
  • Trump’s campaign is geared to developing an Alt-Right media empire, might lead to a 3rd alt-right party, and may destroy the GOP.
  • Trump listed his goals for his first 100 days in a speech replete with hypocrisy and hatred.

The poor souls who support Trump are angry with their lots in life and long for the 1950s. Why don’t Trump supporters hate his duplicity?

Trump’s Disrespect of the Results of the Election Is Dangerous to the U.S.

The article “Why Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous” states “But Trump's claim three weeks before Election Day—as many voters are already going to the polls—that the race is being deliberately stacked against him by a fearful political establishment flies in the face of historical precedent. And should he lose, it threatens the legitimacy of those left to govern after the most anarchic election in modern history.”

Regarding how the GOP controls the election apparatus in the majority of states the article states “Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted told CNN's Carol Costello on Monday that his state makes it easy to vote but hard to cheat.

"I can assure Donald Trump that I am in charge of elections in Ohio, and they're not going to be rigged. I'll make sure of that," Husted said.

Regarding the most influential GOP politician the article states “House Speaker Paul Ryan released a statement through a spokeswoman on Saturday saying that he is fully confident "the states will carry out this election with integrity."

Trump Instigates Violence

Will Trump’s statements lead to violence? The article states ”Trump has also raised doubts about the integrity of the election in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, and has several times urged supporters to show up at polling places to ensure no fraud is perpetrated—an order that appears to risk voter intimidation.”

The article states “Several recent academic and government studies have also shown infinitesimal levels of electoral fraud, despite claims by Republicans that it is widespread—an effort liberals say is part of a widespread campaign to restrict poll access that could disproportionately disqualify minority voters who tend to back Democrats.”

Trump’s Campaign Is Geared to Developing an Alt-Right Media Empire

The article “Donald Berlusconi: What If Trump News Network, Not The White House, Is The Real Goal?” describes that Trump can model his media empire after that of former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.

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The article states “The Financial Times reports that Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kushner, has been making confidential overtures to investors about funding a new startup Trump News Network."

As a serious attempt to build an election-winning coalition of voters or persuade a majority to abandon their doubts and embrace his “ideology,” Trump’s continued behaviour has been entirely counterproductive. But as a strategy to enthuse his most ardent supporters and drive a further wedge between them and all mainstream sources of news (even including Fox News) it has been a masterpiece. Journalists are now routinely booed at Trump rallies, while the candidate himself accuses the media of being part of an organised establishment plot to swing the election for Hillary Clinton.

Currently these voters are served only by the more fringe conservative media—sites such as World Net Daily, Breitbart, InfoWars and alt-right personalities like Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich.”

Trump’s Campaign Might Lead to a 3rd Alt-Right Party and Destroy the GOP

The article “After Trump: The Republican Party’s Future” states “The Alt-Right or Trump-variety of Republican is governed, if at all, by a nationalistic, fascistic view that should concern more rational Americans….

Only with the rise of a new third party will conservatives be heard again in America. They have been shouted down in every Republican venue left. As these destructive forces overtake the party and the election, this new party will rise from the destruction the Alt-Right and the Establishment have created.”

Trump Listed His Goals for His First 100 Days in a Speech Replete With Hypocrisy and Hatred

The article “In historic Gettysburg, Lincoln spoke of unity; Trump complained of a ‘totally rigged’ system” describes how Trump had a chance to delineate positive platforms for our 99%, but engaged in divisive propaganda once again as it states “But instead of laying out his vision for uniting the country, as President Abraham Lincoln once did here, Trump declared that the system is rigged against him, that election results cannot be trusted, that Hillary Clinton should have been barred from running for president, that the media is 'corrupt' and that he will sue all of the women who have accused him of sexual assault.”

The Poor Souls Who Support Trump Are Angry With Their Lots in Life and Long for the 1950s

The article “Donald Trump and the Twilight of White America” states “Racial resentment and economic anxiety are not separate forces. For many Trump supporters, they are inextricably linked….

But the specter of America's all-minority future has stalked his campaign. Trump’s core constituency is clear: Republican whites, particularly men, and especially those who didn’t go to college, who feel their American whiteness like a second skin. Many of these first beneficiaries of the franchise now feel disenfranchised. The original middle class feels cut out of the American Dream….

For white American middle-class men, especially those without a college degree, it was the best of times. What happened? The road from there to Trump is long and punctuated with many markers. But here are three significant turns: the 1968 election; the 1979 peak in manufacturing employment, and the 2008 election of Barack Obama. Together, these episodes made economic anxiety and promoted racial resentment a dual-headed political weapon, and Donald Trump grabbed it.”

Why Don’t Trump Supporters Hate His Duplicity?

Shouldn’t Trump’s supporters hate him for not paying taxes for over 20 years and his admission of being guilty of sexual assault? They should hate Trump as nothing he says is truthful.

Trump realized what the Alt-Right community stood for. Trump, the master-salesman, realized he could get their votes by appealing to their anger. This election will show what the percentage of our population is full of rage. When Secretary Clinton wins she has to be their president also.

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