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Trump, Billy Bush, and Reality

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Why Has Trump Continued to Question Reality?


Who Knew Reality Could Be "Faked?"

“People will just believe you. You just tell them and they believe you.”

Per disgraced Access Hollywood star Billy Bush's recent op-ed, "Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That," the 45th president of the United States effectively told Billy Bush that people will believe just about anything you tell them, even if it's untrue.

While very frequently people will pretty much buy into what you tell them, there's a distinct difference between telling them a story with no prior history and then trying to dismiss something as never having happened after the fact. When news broke in October 2016—days before the election that rocked America, if not the world—that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had been caught on a hot mic telling Billy Bush that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted with women with little to no consequence, people were horrified, and some probably even more so when Trump dismissed his words as "locker room talk." The fact that someone who wanted to be the next president of the United States would use such deplorable talk about how he behaves around women was repugnant, and no doubt, any one of the several women who have since come forward and said that Trump engaged in various acts of sexual misconduct felt as though they'd been slapped in the face because he spoke about that behavior in such a cavalier way.

However, given the response to the recording, there were some glimmers of hope. Surely, Trump's campaign would be derailed by this recording, right? Surely, these women stating that they'd either been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by Trump would be vindicated—they would be listened to and the former host of The Apprentice would be brought to justice.


As we all know, Billy Bush was axed by NBC, while Trump went on to the highest seat in the United States, where he seemingly continues to support demeaning and debasing behavior towards women (think about his support of Roy Moore...). At the time, it seemed as though he figured his dismissal of his words with Billy Bush as locker room banter was enough, and he was home free.

Well, Trump has never been accused of being the brightest crayon in the box. He casted doubt on the authenticity of the Access Hollywood recording, as though he was fighting for ratings, or something, and needed to speak out about it. Thankfully, Billy Bush decided to confront Trump, at least on paper, and tell the current president of the United States that the recording was plenty real—that Bush himself was there, had been through hell as a result of the fallout from said recording, and that he actually believed Trump either was capable of the sexual misconduct he'd been accused of by some 20 women or that he believed these incidents occurred.

Trump has even gone so far as to question the authenticity of his voice on the recording, suggesting that although he'd previously copped to the conversation, it was somehow another brand of the "fake news" that he's talked about for so long.

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Reality is not "fake news."

Trump is the leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet, and there are children looking to him as some sort of a role model, no doubt (may whatever religious deity you believe in help us all). What message is the president sending to kids by denying the veracity of reality itself?

Billy Bush Now


Reopening Old Wounds, Old Questions - Just Why Hasn't Trump Been Held Accountable?

When is it going to be time for someone—anyone—in the White House to look at Trump's erratic behavior and finally get him out of there? I mean, we have certainly seen outrageous behavior from him for years—it's practically defined him—but he's not hosting a reality show anymore; he's running a country and he needs to be held to a greater standard than what's currently occurring.

With the current climate regarding sexual misconduct, why has no one stopped and actually investigated whether Trump has done something criminal to some 20 women?

I realize that his administration has serious issues at play regarding the ongoing issues of potential collusion with Russia, and maybe that is what the politicos in Washington are hoping will take Trump out. I am also fairly certain he is not the only world leader in the last century to have very poor conduct with women, though I'm sure Trump will say otherwise.

Billy Bush did the right thing in penning the op-ed for the New York Times. He's right when he said that Trump's new denial of what really happened on that recording, to the extent where he virtually suggests that the recording isn't even real, only serves to open old wounds for Trump's accusers. We needed to see someone step up and slap Donald Trump with the one thing he's often denied—the truth.

But this denial of reality—a reality he admitted to and attempted to dismiss just prior to the election—should be of significant, serious concern to more than just those in the White House. The world is watching. As a leader, Trump has become a laughingstock, and these recent denials of reality, simply because he says it now never happened, further illustrates just how out of touch with life he's actually become.

Thanks Billy Bush, for stepping up and saying that you believe the women now, and for underlining the fact that you, as well as several other millions of individuals worldwide, want Trump to be held accountable. Enough is enough.

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