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This Has Always Been About Guns


The insanity of it all!

Another school shooting and all the GOP can offer is thoughts and prayers. Kids are dying. There have been 18 guns discharged in schools this year. There have been 30 shootings of two or more people

The latest perpetrator was known by the FBI. They had credible information that Nikolas Cruz was thinking about shooting up a school. They admitted they dropped the proverbial protocol ball. He also got his weapon legally despite a history of mental illness.

Now the Russian bots and the GOP propaganda machine are rolling out all of their canned arguments to protect their gun lobby.

It's time to dispute their propaganda.

In 1996, a mentally ill man, Martin Bryant, killed 35 people and wounded 28 more in a shooting on Tasmania, Australia. The government bought back 650,000 private weapons and got rid of them. Australia has not had a mass shooting since.

Now, does Australia still have Mental Illness? Yes! As a matter of fact, 1-in-5 Australians suffer some form of mental illness. 4 million people per year suffer mental problems in Australia. Why haven't there been more mass shootings?

  • This is because of bad parenting and entitled kids.

Germany, Switzerland, France, and England have entitled kids and they don't have the mass shootings we do. I'm a gun person too. I grew up with guns. I've been shooting since I was five. No one needs an AR-15 for home defense. No one uses them for hunting because they are useless. They are meant for one purpose and that is killing humans. I'm happy that you may use yours to shoot in a safe environment, but please tell me why I don't have a right to be safe from insane people buying these weapons and why you need a 100 round clip.

  • Guns don't kill people.

Something I never thought I would say, but let me quote Ozzie Osbourne: "I keep hearing this thing that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Then why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people." Or better yet, let's just send the guns. Why not? Because guns make it easier to kill people. 38,000 people die in the US by guns per year. Those are war numbers.

  • Criminals will always find a way.

Let them! Let them try hurling rocks or using a machete. Let them continue to try to use cars. Let them try to stab 17 people with a knife. But let's stop making excuses for senseless gun violence. Stop allowing them access to military grade weapons.

  • Let's arm teachers.

I'm a teacher. Schools have resource officers. We have security guards. Every police officer ever shot was carrying a weapon. What am I going to do with 35 frightened kids and a Glock against body-armor and an assault rifle? Not to mention the liability of having a firearm around volatile teens.

If you want to help me, give me the resources so school counselors and psychiatrist can actually counsel kids.

I'm just another talking head though. Let's listen to the gunshots. Let's hear the screams of OUR children. Let's experience their TERROR.

Let's read the text messages of those who were trapped in this nightmare.

This is about the guns. It has always been about guns. It's time to stop it.

Children under fire

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