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4 Things GOP Voters Trust More Than Liberals

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Today's GOP Under Trump

Today's GOP Under Trump

Based on recent events and the comments that many of the base of the current GOP have been making, it's about time that we compiled a list of all the things that conservatives trust more than a liberal politician. So here we go...

1. Pedophiles

When coming up with the first thing that GOP voters favor over liberals, look no further than the Alabama run-off election. Judge Roy Moore, accused of inappropriate relations with minors, still garnered enough support to make it a close race with Doug Jones.

Jones defeated Moore in votes 673,891 to 651,969. The big story in that is that 91% of GOP-registered voters went for Moore, even with the allegations against him. Even the Republican National Committee backed Moore with financing in his failed bid.

This example goes to show which side the two parties now stand on when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct. The GOP stands with those accused of the offense, even when multiple cases are presented with credible evidence.

Corfman in 1979 at 14, Miller age 16, Gibson around 17, and Deason at 18.

Corfman in 1979 at 14, Miller age 16, Gibson around 17, and Deason at 18.

2. Adulterers

With the recent news that the Trump campaign paid off a porn star to keep an affair quiet prior to the election, and the subsequent indifference shown by the GOP base to condemn the relationship that took place while he was married to Melania, the party of "family values" has shown its true colors.

As Evangelical leaders come out in support of Trump and claim he deserves 'a mulligan' for the affair, the rest of the country wonders about the total lack of morality in today's GOP. One mulligan might be excusable, but this is a guy who cheated on wife #1, got wife #2 pregnant while still married to wife #1, and sleeps with porn stars while wife #3 is home with their newborn.

The GOP, as well as Evangelicals, might need some different morality standards. Can anyone imagine how the GOP would have reacted if Barack Obama had done these things? They got offended when he wore a tan suit.

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Trump's Mistress: Pornstar Stormy Daniels

Trump's Mistress: Pornstar Stormy Daniels

3. Convicted Criminals

With Joe Arpaio's announcement that he's going to make a run at Congress, does anyone have a doubt that Trump would come out and endorse him? Arpaio was found guilty of contempt of court for failing to shut down his discriminatory practices pertaining to latinos in Arizona. In accepting a pardon by Mr. Trump, Arpaio was admitting guilt to that charge. Arpaio seemed unaware of this when questioned about it after he had announced his intention to run for Congress.

Many observe that someone who violates the civil liberties of people of color might just be the ideal politician in a Trump Senate.

Trump and Arpaio

Trump and Arpaio

4. Russians

When Donald Trump says he believes Putin, who says he didn't interfere in the latest election, what he means is that he believes him over the consensus of the United States Intelligence Services. If it were just one branch of the intelligence services saying it, you might be able to shrug it off. But it's literally all of them.

The denial by Trump and siding with a hostile foreign nation over Americans is borderline treasonous. It's one of a multitude of questionable decisions Trump has made in regards to Russia.

There's the changing of the RNC platform toward a softer view on Ukraine around the time of the DNC e-mail releases. There's the attempt to soften sanctions imposed by the Obama administration after Russian interference was discovered and give Putin back his two compounds that were stripped away. There's also numerous meetings that were either forgotten or lied about during the campaign between Russians and Trump campaign staff, including his campaign manager, son, and son-in-law. There's the potential Obstruction of Justice charge facing Mr. Trump for removing James Comey during an active investigation.

Everything Trump has done has been to favor Putin and make the American people doubt the work done by their own law enforcement officials. It's a sad attempt at despotism.

Mr. Honesty

Mr. Honesty

If Liberalism does turn out to be a mental disease, it still might be better than the hypocritical, traitorous, and pedophile supporting opposition. Based on how previous presidents have acted, it gets harder and harder to understand how people continue to support Mr. Trump.

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