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6 Things Donald Trump Promised to Do as President

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Before Trump became president, he made several bold statements on many things that he would achieve while in office. His slogan "Make America Great Again" is one of those bold statements, along with many others.

The world wants to know if Donald kept his promises. This article will analyze some of the campaign promises Trump made, to see if he stayed true to his word or at least made some progress.

1. Build a Border Wall Between Mexico and the US

One of his biggest campaign promises was the Mexico-United States border wall. Some people saw this promise as a joke, but it seems as president, Trump is very keen on making sure that the wall is built. He even said that the wall would be constructed and Mexico would pay for it.

However, Mexico lashed back at the claims saying that they will not be involved in any payment for the wall. The border wall has been estimated to value around two billion to thirteen billion dollars in order to complete which is no small amount of money. His fascination with building the wall is due to the problems associated with Mexico and illegal immigration as well as drug smuggling and other aspects. He has called the Mexicans "criminals" and would like that their migration into the country is limited. There has been little progress made on the wall thus far as they have not figured out how they would fund the project.

Trump himself has admitted that the US would have to pay for the wall first and then seek payment from Mexico. We must wait to see if this promise is fulfilled or at least if there is progress made with it.

2. Completely Ban Muslims From Entering the US

Another one of his most controversial promises was to ban the Muslims from entering the United States of America. Not many people were happy to hear this, and it got Trump a lot of criticism from many places around the world who felt the ban is not needed. He wanted a total complete shut down of all Muslims entering the country until the authorities discovered the problem with the Muslims. He introduced two temporary travel bans as President which have been both debunked by the legal authorities as they believed that barring Muslims from six countries would violate constitutional laws that are against religious and racial discrimination.

It does not seem as if Trump will get his way and get a total shutdown of Muslims entering the US, but we will have to see if he does eventually get his way.

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3. Lock Hillary Clinton in Jail

During the campaign rivalry between Donald Trump and the Democratic Party representative, Hillary Clinton, both persons threw claims at each other on what they thought was best for the country. The arguments got very heated with both of them as seen in all of the debates which they participated in. One of the most notable aspects of the debates is the fact that Donald Trump stated that he would like to lock up Hillary Clinton. In fact, he said clearly "If I Win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation". Trump wanted her to be investigated due to the fact she used a private email server while she was the secretary of state of the country. Thus far, there has been no news or rumblings about this promise progressing and Trump himself has said after he won the election, that the country owes Hillary a debt of gratitude and he will not look into the situation further as he wants to see Hillary heal and get better. Maybe, Donald and Hillary were not the fiery enemies we all thought they were maybe it was just the pressure of running for President driving their hatred towards each other.

4. Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Obamacare created under the Obama administration. Trump made it clear in his campaign that he had plans to repeal and replace the Obamacare act. He said Obamacare was a disaster and he would like to destroy it and replace it with a better plan that would extend it so the 15 percent of the country that does not receive Obamacare would get a good health care plan. The Obamacare plan is widely hated by the Republican Party as they believe it is too costly and ineffective. There has been a talk of a new Republican healthcare system, however the plans came to a stop after Senate turned down the plans as it did not have enough support. Many hospitals, doctors, and parts of the medical industry shot down the new plan with fear that millions of people would lose their health insurance and would interfere with Medicaid which is the health programme for the poverty.

5. Quit the Paris Climate Deal

Another one of his campaign promises deals with Climate Change, a topic Mr.Trump is very passionate about. He debunked the claims that Climate Change science is a hoax and believes the regulations of Paris are bad for the growth of the United States Of America as climate change restrictions make businesses less competitive in the global market. He does not think that the restrictions will work and they cost too much money. After having several back to back meetings about the Paris deal, Trump came to a conclusion to quit the Paris deal which was signed by over two hundred countries. The deal will take several years to be finalized but this one of Trump's campaign promises in which we can say he actually kept.

6. Deport Every Illegal Immigrant in the Country

His promise to build the Mexico-United States border wall was not his only plan to get rid of illegal immigrants in the country when he was campaigning. In fact, Trump has stated before that he would like to deport all of the documented illegal immigrants in the country which sum up to approximately 11.3 million. This promise has received a lot of criticism from media and persons in the country as it seen as xenophobic, which is the irrational or intense dislike of persons hailing from other countries. The idea has been estimated to cost over one hundred and fourteen billion dollars to fully complete which is extremely expensive and quite likely impossible. Thus far, his promise has been scaled back a bit as he stated he would only deport the persons who have are criminals and have criminal records in the country. Any persons who have migrated to the country and are undocumented in the system would also face the possibility of being deported.

These were six promises Trump made before he stepped into office. Some of these promises have seen a bit of progress since then, but some have not seen any progress yet.

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