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The Trump Family Has Been Lying for Generations

The Trumps have been found to be nothing more than a family that lies, uses, and manipulates others.

Three Generations of Liars. Frederich Trump Sr., Frederick Trump, Jr. Donald John Trump.

Three Generations of Liars. Frederich Trump Sr., Frederick Trump, Jr. Donald John Trump.

The Trump Family Tree

The Trump family would have us believe that Frederick Trump II, father of Donald John Trump, said he was Swedish. Frederick Trump immigrated to America from Germany and found his fortune and stayed in America. Fred Trump, Jr., never lived at the address of a Klan member. Donald John Trump became a billionaire on his own. These are all lies coming from the Trumps.

In this world, there is no such thing as a perfect family, but as dysfunctional families go, the Trumps may have won the first-place trophy. Their lies and their treatment of each other show how one drank himself to death, another was critical in creating the lineage of racism, while another has never been able to achieve enough to make his father proud.

Elizabeth Christ and Friedrich "Fred" Trump

Elizabeth Christ and Friedrich "Fred" Trump

This is a letter from Fred Trump to the Prince of Regent of Bavaria, pleading to be allowed to remain in Germany.

This is a letter from Fred Trump to the Prince of Regent of Bavaria, pleading to be allowed to remain in Germany.

Naturalization papers for Fred Trump

Naturalization papers for Fred Trump

An Immigrant and a Pimp Without a Country

The story begins in 1885, when Friedrich Trump was just 16 years old and came to America as a "steerage immigrant" from Kallstadt Germany, a small village near Mannheim, Germany. He became a barber in New York and moved from New York to Seattle where he opened a restaurant with $600. In 1885, that sum is the equivalent of $15,162.00 today.

That was a lot of money for a barber to make in such a short time and still be able to live and eat. Since he left home in "steerage," he was starting with nothing. The mystery of how he earned so much money has not been answered.

In 1892, Fred Trump's occupation is listed only as "restaurant," with no other description. When word of a booming mining town in Monte Cristo, Washington got around, Fred Trump pulled up roots and relocated, opening a bar and restaurant. By 1897, he had relocated again, to Alaska, where opened the Arctic Restaurant, which was rumored to also have been a bar and brothel.

It would make sense that Trump left his businesses behind in Alaska as the people of Alaska had grown tired of the drinking and prostitution and started a crusade to rid themselves of men who made a living off of women. Many were jailed and others fled. By early 1902, a judge ruled that Alaska must suppress gambling and stop flaunting prostitution if they wanted a territorial government.

With newfound wealth in hand, in mid-1902 he returned to Germany, where he married Elizabeth Christ. According to family tales, he had made his wealth in America and was going home to find a wife. A typical Trump trade, it seems—marrying women from other countries and in what today would be called an "anchor baby" or "chain migration" strategy.

  • Anchor baby refers to a child born to a non-citizen mother in a country that has birthright citizenship, especially when viewed as providing an advantage to family members seeking to secure citizenship or legal residency.
  • Chain migration is a term used to refer to the social process by which migrants from a particular town follow others from that town to a particular destination. The destination may be in another country or in a new location within the same country.

34-year-old Fred Trump returned to the United States with his 17-year-old bride in 1902, shortly after their summer marriage. They began a family, a daughter Elizabeth was born in 1905, Frederick C., Jr., was born in 1906, and John G. was born in 1908. Fred Trump was not listed as employed in 1910, but he had money in his own account.

Elizabeth grew homesick and so they returned to Kallstadt, Germany to live only that when they returned, Fred Trump had lost his citizenship. He wrote a letter to the Prince of Regent of Bavaria and plead to have them let him remain in Germany. They had taken away his citizenship because they felt that he had left the country to avoid military service to his country. Yet another Trump family trade.

They returned to New York when Fred Trump, Jr., was 13 years old. His father took ill on his way home, went to bed, and passed away. It was later determined that the cause was the Spanish Flu.

His widow inherited $31,642.54 after his will was probated after his death on May 30, 1918—quite a large sum of money for that time.

Fred Trump marched as a member of the KKK.

Fred Trump marched as a member of the KKK.

Donald John Trump and his father Fred Trump II

Donald John Trump and his father Fred Trump II

A Second Generation Continues the Family Tradition

In 1923, Fred C. Trump, Jr., graduated from high school and began building houses in Queens. He also became involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Some will contradict this, but when they picked him up in Queens in 1927, he was wearing a robe.

That was a fact in the paper about the police arrest, and while he was released without charge, it does not negate the first fact. It could have been for any number of reasons that he was not charged, such as his father's wealthy political and local connections.

After the arrest, the Trumps took a trip to Germany. Donald Trump denies the arrest happened and calls it "totally false" because "he hadn't ever heard about it," but it doesn't make his denial true.

To deny the fact of the arrest which clearly stated that he lived at 175-24 Devonshire Rd, which was indeed the family home, the same home that Fred had grown up in and moved in with his Scottish wife and began a family in during the 1940s, simply says that Donald Trump has lied about it every time he's been asked.

A few short years later, Fred Trump began building small apartment complexes. When the Depression hit the United States, Fred Trump stopped building houses and opened up a supermarket.

As World War II began, so did Fred Trump's building empire. He changed his ancestral background from German to Swedish because of the war with Nazi Germany and possibly his connections with the Ku Klux Klan; which he held onto until his death.

He began building large housing complexes, and after the war, with government FHA liberal financing, he began constructing Brooklyn apartments and quickly learned how to cut costs to increase his profits.

Unlike his son Donald, Fred Trump used gimmicks that seemed like benefits to lure tenants. He had shuttles that ran the tenants to the beach and back. He worked with the school district and he provided classrooms for the toddlers in the basement, the district provided the teachers.

This helped the children get an early start. He even rented furnished apartments where the tenants got to keep their furniture after 3 years if they chose to move. Of course, this was not really free; his rates were higher than average, but they got more than the other apartments provided.

Donald Trump has said he studied and learned from his father and he did it well. His father was all about advertising and selling the Trump name. He once hired two yachts to sail around Coney Island and the beaches with huge signs on their sides advertising his properties. He was fined for illegally having the yachts in the area without getting clearance or a permit.

Donald Trump said his father "rarely offered praise and freely criticized his children. I watched him and learned from him."

At the time of Fred Trump's death in June of 1999, his family was still lying about his ancestral background. His obituary said he was of Swedish descent, then the rest of it was more about Donald Trump's accomplishments than anything else—such as taking on Manhattan when Fred thought it was too risky.

It went on to say that Donald learned the Art of the Deal from his hard-charging dad and that Fred said, "Donald was the smartest person I know."

Trump's return from Germany, 1928

Trump's return from Germany, 1928

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