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The Trumps: Generations of Lies and Revisionist History

The Trumps have been found to be nothing more than a family that lies, uses, and manipulates others.

Robert Trump, the worker bee behind the scenes

Robert Trump, the worker bee behind the scenes

Robert Trump: Working Behind the Scenes

Robert Trump was Donald's younger brother whom we don't hear much about. Why? Because Donald Trump is known for taking all the credit for everything and sucking the air out of a room. Robert started his career in corporate finance, then moved into real estate finance until he joined the family business. Robert had been a part of the family business since 1979, and yet Donald Trump says that he's done it all without anyone.

In 1985, Robert Trump was the Vice-President of the Trump Organization. He told Donald not to open a casino because it was risky, after which he applied for and received a casino license. The casino was nearly completed when they purchased it from Hilton Hotels. This move saved them two years of planning and construction costs and oversaw the operations and opening of the new casino, even finalizing their deals.

After Trump's three executives were killed in a helicopter crash, it was Robert who opened and ran the Taj Mahal Casino and Resort. It was also Robert Trump who sat as the top inside advisor in the Trump Organization, and who sat on the board of directors for Trump's Shuttle Company.

It was also Robert that went looking for investors to fund Donald Trump's casino projects. In 1990, Robert sat on the board of directors for Boston University, which invested endowment funds in the Trump casinos in New Jersey. The school lost money in its investment.

It was Robert Trump who came to the rescue, even as recently as 2018, when an article disclosed the fact that Fred Trump, Sr., with the help of Donald Trump, had funneled money illegally into his children's accounts. Robert claimed that the appropriate taxes were paid and asked for respect of the privacy of his parents, who had, by the way, passed away over 20 years ago. Robert Trump had been the man behind the scenes, taking care of business for his brother.

Robert Trump passed away in August 2020 following a period of ill-health and a stroke.

Fred Trump, Jr: The Forgotten Son

Fred Christ Trump, Jr. was the eldest son of Fred and Maryanne Trump and the oldest brother of Donald John Trump. He was the one in line to take over the family business, but he didn't want it.

When Fred entered college, he joined a Jewish fraternity to spite his father. According to members of the fraternity, he didn't want to be in the family business; he wanted to do something completely different. Fred wanted to fly planes. He left the family business to do just that, but by then he had become an alcoholic.

As Donald said, his father criticized his children freely. One can only imagine what was heaped on the back of Fred C. Trump, Jr., for not being "loyal" to the family—one of the traits that Donald J Trump holds dear.

With Fred, Jr., out of the way, Donald Trump quickly stepped in and took control. So much so that when his father died and his will, which Donald helped him write, was probated, Fred's family was written out of the will to exclude Fred's son who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Fred Trump, Sr., had been taking care of medical bills for his grandson, but when they were written out of the will, Fred's widow filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump and within a week he canceled all payments for medical expenses. The only excuse this grown man had was that "they made me angry because they sued me."

Donald John Trump, Military Academy

Donald John Trump, Military Academy

Donald Trump, not the genius he claims to be

Donald Trump, not the genius he claims to be

Donald Trump: The Biggest Ego in the Bunch

Donald John Trump, the middle son of Fred C. and Maryanne Trump and the former President of the United States has never done anything the right way. Taken under the wing of his father to learn how to cut corners, use government programs, and use politicians, the student quickly surpassed his master.

As President, he has told over 10,000 lies, and looking into his life reveals many more. Lying comes naturally to him. Donald Trump calls himself a genius with a very high IQ, but it has been shown that he struggled just to get through high school, and when it came to college, he had a 1.28 GPA.

He repeats that his father said, "Donald is the smartest person I know." What he doesn't say is that his father also said, "Donald was rough and wild, at age 14 he was sent off to the New York Military Academy." Or that in grade school, Donald Trump punched his teacher. Even when Fred Trump said, "As long as he has this great energy in abundance, I'm glad to let him do it" when talking about Donald running the company, Donald Trump had to produce to keep in his father's good graces and hold on to his job.

Donald Trump wants everyone to know that he's the best, he owns the best, and no one compares to how great he is. His yacht is the greatest in the "world". Trump Towers is the "hottest" building in the world. No one has a building that compares.

Donald Trump Is Cut From the Same Cloth as His Father, With One Exception

Donald Trump says his father taught him the art of the deal. He paid attention to his father and learned. He learned to bully really well when his father sent him out with two "brawny" thugs to learn how to collect rents. As a reporter in 1973 who was covering Trump for a story put it, "he talked non-stop until we got to his father's office to consult with him, face to face with his father he appeared intimidated by him".

Donald J. Trump: "I Did It on My Own."

A quote from the man himself: "Nobody concentrates on the hard work to get the possessions. I built this company by myself."

Another untruth, from the mouth of Donald John Trump. Trump started out with $400 million that his father had funneled into an account for him as a child. He used his father's political contacts as well as his financial standing to help him get into the business. He joined the Le Club, where people went to make connections and where he solidified a relationship with Roy Cohn, a one-time aid to Republican Senator McCarthy. The 1970s have come full circle.

There are so many, many times in Donald Trump's history that show he didn't do it on his own. With his history of building with his father and his ties, he managed to buy the old Penn Central Railroad and freight yards, along with the old Commodore Hotel with almost none of his own money.

The Trump organization was made up of 60 partnerships and corporations. And since it has come out that Donald Trump, is known for starting sham companies to cover his illegal projects, it is no surprise that he purchased a New Jersey casino through a corporation where he was the only shareholder.

In 1985, Donald Trump lost his casino license, the state Attorney General would approve re-licensing provided Trump would not collect any management fees until the hotel/casino opened for business, the state Attorney General's office helped him get his license back.

Then, in 1990, the banks helped bail out Donald Trump. They offered him a deal that allowed him to suspend interest payments on $2 Billion in outstanding debt with $60 million loans with Citi Corp, Bankers Trust, Japanese banks, and 10 additional banks.

Donald Trump was still having financial problems in 1991 and his 85-year-old father, Fred Trump bails out his son, illegally by purchasing $3.5M in chips to help save Donald Trump's Castle Casino venture. Costing him an additional $30,000 fine. Donald had a pending bond payment of $41.1 million due. Trump plaza as well had $41.1 million due as well. Donald had failed to meet the bond payment on the Castle Casino the year before and had restructured and was now in trouble again, his father bailed him out.

The government stepped in once again to help out Donald Trump if he would agree to their demands. The Taj Mahal casino was planning on filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but before he could do that he had to reduce his debt by selling his casinos, his Trump airline, and some of his New York real estate. In the end, his casino could not get over the $1.3 million a day needed to break even and he lost the casino altogether.

Trump's feeling of always having to be right all the time and the best at everything can be unstabilizing to him as a person, but more so to America and its people. When we make mistakes, we learn from them and fix them and grow. When you think you're perfect and never do anything wrong, you can't grow and learn, and it puts everyone in danger.

Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump

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