Is Donald J. Trump a Leftist?

Updated on February 27, 2017


It is amazing to many of us, just how far our current governments -- the world over -- have strayed from the unique vision of liberty. How they pay homage to it, but pound its bones into the sand. Bury it, like the pirates of old, and run rough over honest patriots. The ones who fight, not for land, flag and welfare, but for the cause of the ages. A cause so alien to many that its acknowledgment brings ridicule, even shame. As if freedom was a quaint memory, dreamed by peasants, hated by kings and forgotten by the living dead.


Placing Trump under a microscope. What do you see?

The Determination

Is Donald J. Trump a Communist? Is he a Socialist? A Fascist? Populist?

Just what is he, politically?

Let's gauge him in the traditional perspective, striping out the non-essentials. Right, Middle or Left.

Leftist or Leftism, simply put, is when a government violates the rights of its own citizens. 'The Donald' has advocated such violations, but so did Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton and others. Few presidents throughout history have stuck by their guns. In some small way, most of them thought of citizens, at least in part, as subjects.

The assessment of a newly developing and Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” in Germany calls Trump a Right-Wing nut, essentially. A populist of the bad kind, having not fallen too far from the Bernie Sanders tree.

'The Donald,' Dearest Germany, has taken a page form your play book. Your label is off the mark. In fact, Germany, you are looking at a spitting image of your newest politic.


But how can this be? Surely we've all listened to Trump's many repetitive speeches. His touted “Make America Great Again” sound-bite-slogan. What purpose does this serve?

President Trump is more of the same, albeit with a twist. He is simply Bill Clinton's or Barack Obama's political cousin. A family of Leftists. He actually outdoes Hillary's Leftist polices – by outspending her. At least, that is what he has implied that he wants to do.

Individual Rights

So many of us and our universities, become tangled in the wrappings – the names – of governmental sub-types that we can no longer judge their substance. Rhetoric becomes spin and smears become media commonplace. Retractions are offered by way of false apology.

This is all a smoke screen. We are after the bones of the thing. Its naked self.

Keep it relative. Argue the essential. Relate the type of government to what most of us are concerned about. That is of course: “human rights.” But more specifically, your individual rights.

With the help of Craig Biddle its easy to understand the Left, Middle, Right mechanism.

Here is a representation of Biddle's Diagram in a different format.

The Political Spectrum (Essentialized)


The Left

So to begin with, Leftists can be categorized as “rights violators.” Their systems and ideologies revolve, not around liberties, but the restriction of them. They generally apply force to accomplish their goals. Meaning high taxation, inflation, jail, fines, and executions.

In order to accomplish a purely communist system, for example, one would need to force compliance. Certainly, all would not go willingly. It is not a voluntary system, but an alleged natural progression of Socialism.

This has always been the “dirty little secret” of the Left. Hence their reliance upon slogans and propaganda (Fake News), and “alternative facts.” They do not want to admit that your rights must be violated in order to accomplish their goals.

Many will not believe that Leftism is synonymous with involuntary servitude, however. They cannot grasp that systems which rely upon dictatorial edicts are “rights violators.”

There are many reasons for this, but to make it hit home, in Leftist countries, the citizen is ordered to work for the common good. A "good" defined not by what is right for individual liberties, but what is most pragmatic.

The common good is indefinable, however, and that is purposeful. In this way the "good" becomes a fluid ideology and can be used to create any rule, edict or ban, in the name of the majority. It is immoral for this reason.

Think on this when you see those words, "the common good."


A Closet Leftist?

The honest Leftist might also concede that people must be controlled, the economy planned and wealth redistributed. So our definition of Leftism will remain fixed, using historically or more traditional methods to help the reader comprehend where he or she might be on the spectrum of individual rights.

And determine if President Trump is, and has been for many years, a “Closet Leftist.”

Types of Leftism include Fascism, Socialism, Anarchy (Gang Rule), Democracy (Majority Rule) and even Theocracy. But this list is not all inclusive. One needs only apply the Left, Middle, Right filter to determine if the named system or ideology is Leftist.

Once it is determined that extreme force is required for the given system to operate, you know what to call it.

The Middle

Next comes the "compromising" Middle. More of a muddle, actually, but without a spine when it comes to individual rights. Like the Leftists, those of the Middle are still “rights violators.” However, their ideologies and systems are not as extreme as the Leftist.

In the Middle, you have the compromise. The ones who say a little pragmatism, a little slavery, is necessary if we desire a functioning social structure. There must be some subjugation. How else can we function?

To their credit, those of the Middle only use degrees of force to accomplish compliance, thankfully. Unfortunately, they use the idea of “gray.” That there are no absolutes. Black and white are myths. Gray is truth. Never mind that black and white makes gray.

Let's just be pragmatic about the whole thing.

Those of the Middle are perhaps the most dishonest. Where a Leftist will usually be straight forward about his plans to violate your rights, a man from the Middle will shy away from "judging." Perhaps because of his religious leanings, and then making a stand becomes problematic.

Witness the "Conscientious Objector." A tried and true person just ripe for the Middle. He/she may not kill, even if the bad guy is busily killing their family. It is a dilemma based on the belief that all life is sacred, even the thug taking yours. In other words, you must hold that even the worst of men have a mortgage on your existence, not because they are bad or good, but because they breathe.

The Middle group has labels like Liberals (today's version), Progressives, Conservatives, and some of the Tea Party – because they are all over the place. Really, I could place Tea Partiers in all the three spots – Left, Middle, and Right. They are philosophical fluid.

We've briefly explored the Left and Middle, but what about the Right? Is it an evil place as many a Leftist and Middler have told you or have you been fooled? I say you have been hoodwinked.

The Right. What is it really?

The Right

Rightist ideologies or systems declare that rights must never be violated. Let me repeat that: you are not allowed to violate anyone's rights. Ever.

So where is everybody? Why are there millions, perhaps billions of people on this earth clamoring to “live off of each other?” Why do Leftist and Middlers resort to the “law of the jungle” mentality – those in power roll over those not in power?

Rightists do not believe society has any rights. After all, group rights are again, indefinable. Instead, Rightists, support the rights of real individual people. They do not initiate force in human relationships, as do Leftists or Middlers.

Rightists only use retaliatory force and that can be of the preemptive type, if necessary. Capitalism, Constitutional Republicanism and Classical Liberalism fall in this category, but not The Donald. Trump is not a Rightist, nor was Hitler. Both fall under the banner of the Left.

With this metric in mind, Left, Middle, Right, we can now dispense with the argument of labels and apply our filter. Let's do a little of that now.


Conservatism is a Middle system of governance often associated with a religious values, rather than individual liberties.

Are you shocked? You thought you were Right? Why is a conservative from the Middle? It's self-evident.

A Conservative generally supports compulsory schools, often government run, and welfare. Enforced retirement a compulsory healthcare are also hallmarks of the Middle. Businessmen are referred to as greedy, immigration is restricted and gays are often punished. Conservatism is not Capitalism. It is not of the Right.




Fascism is often associated with Capitalism. Again, it is not Capitalism. In fact, Fascism has more in common with Communism and Socialism. The difference being that it does not call for the outright abolition of private property.

Fascism instead, is a bit of a cooperative. Some private property is allowed, but you'd better comply with whatever rule is deemed necessary. Production quotas, types of products, wage levels, where you can own property, how much and so on. These are just a few examples.


Size does not matter either. Whether a government is large or small, it can still be Leftist or Rightist.


Capitalism of the laissez-faire type, is of the Right, in our Left, Middle, Right metric. It does not allow physical force in social relationships. Rights violations are against its core principles. Its fundamental design is to protect individual rights, to allow people to make their own decisions, to own private property, to trade freely. In short, it is the pursuit of happiness.

In this sense then, a Capitalist believes that he owns his own body and the fruit of his labor does not belong to others. A Capitalist uses his own mind, makes his own decisions and cooperates with others.

Constitutional Republics reflect the same mentality. That is why you will often see the two together. Capitalism itself is not a governing system, it is merely a trading system or ideology and requires moral laws to make it work. Constitutional Republics can provide the bedrock for such free trade to function.

The Donald

So where is President Donald J. Trump?

Is he a Rightest? Middler? Leftist?

Trump advocates for the restriction of liberties. There is no doubt about it.

Here are some glaring examples I've taken shamelessly from Craig Bittle, CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Washington Times, YouTube and others; and added a little more meat.

Hey Big Spender!

Trump wants to spend more money, possibly a trillion dollars on infrastructure. How will he pay for it? There are two tried and true ways. Taxation or inflation. In either case, he will need to appropriate monies from citizens to fund his projects.

This is a Leftist policy.


Trump wants to set wages. Low or high, is not the point. The fact that anyone wants to order free Americans pay or not pay a certain wage in the very essence of Leftism.

In a Capitalist system, a Right system, individuals voluntarily agree on wages and businesses compete for employees.

As a side note, coercive monopolies don't exist in Rightest systems, because the systems disallow force in social relationships. Meaning governments can never hand out favors to the Robber Barons – they are prohibited from stopping competition on the Right.


Trump wants to keep Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

All of these programs are traditionally Leftist. But here the priorities of the Trump camp are unclear.

In the past, Trump appeared indicate that he would keep these programs. Now, however, he may seek to privatize certain parts, such as Medicare or Medicaid. In any event, if the government promulgates the rules, the entitlement would still be government manipulated. In this sense, Trump remains clearly Leftist, for his continued involvement in healthcare.

Free Speech

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about “hate speech,” a form of censorship the Left utilizes to silence what it feels threatens its existence or perhaps, hurts feelings.

As I implied previously, it now appears that Germany is backsliding into this quagmire of anti-populism. Their solution? Leftism of the Nazi flavor.

Don't criticize the government. Don't speak out against immigration policies. Shut down websites that seek to investigate the truth. Why? Because Germany is now working on the Ministry of Truth. I'm not kidding. Thought Police to be hired shortly.

And I thought George Orwell was nuts...

Are we seeing the rebirth of a New Axis?

And now Trump. Does he really want to curb free speech? Should we take him at his word or wait until he spins it?

Based upon suspicious comments to the media, we should take note.

What kind of President, for example, would imply that the media was doing a “hit piece.” Are reporters not allowed to bring to the forefront all allegations, no matter how insane? If not, why not? Because they might be sued for slander? Isn't that the chance they take?

Enter soft Censorship and intimidation by the one of the most powerful men on earth, with the ego to match?

Witness Trump's black-out of information at the EPA and National Parks. Sure, he can run his own executive branch. If these departments are providing controversial assessments, then they should not release statements which tend to be accepted as facts.

This is not related to the curtailment of free speech, however. Employees can either follow the employers rules or quit. But if it turns out that Trump is deliberately hiding important climate information, even if the data are not perfect, what would you call that?

It is when acting as a private citizen that your speech rights should not be curbed, however.

And should the media not be mean?

Sean Spicer made a comment during a White House Press briefing. He implied that reports can praise as well as criticize. The Trump team is working hard, after all.

The act of asking for certain types of news, even recommending such, is a potential attempt to browbeat the press, not by direct litigation, although that could be next, but by subtle hints from the power broker himself.

Do you think many media outlets will dare stand up to a man of means who could send in the lawyer squads, FBI, CIA and IRS, all for a perceived slight against The Donald?

Remember, even a Leftist media should be allowed free speech.

If Trump feels an investigative report is Fake News or "mean," things could become rather hateful, however.

Just what kind of stage is Trump setting? The obvious implication, given other comments about opening up the libel laws is: be very careful what you say about Trump.

But they are Right of course, people should be nice, not mean. No, friend, they are Left, and seek to curb your “hate speech” with subtle innuendos; not yet supplying an “Executive Order of Truth” to further their program. Not yet drifting backward, like Germany.

The Media, however Leftist it has become, CNN, CNBC, The Young Turks, RT – must not back down.

Even the Middle Media. FOX News for example, must not coddle the President, but take him to task. Given their mixed politics, however, it is doubtful they will step up. They, like many of those in the Middle, are currently blinded by Trump's “audacity.”


Trump talks of Tariffs. As much as 45%.

Tariffs curb international trade and force Americans to pay higher prices. This is market manipulation. Purely Leftist.

Naturally, if another country uses slave labor to reduce productions costs, boycotts may be necessary. But the idea that Trump must plan the economy falls right into Red Square. A Putinistic Paradise, much colder than the Paradise of Cuba to our south.

And, by the way, Trump has made very nice comments about that despot (Putin). Go figure. But he has made similar comments before, about worse "rights violators."

Tiananmen Square

Trump made odd comments about Tiananmen Square. Foolish ones actually. If nothing else concerns you about Trump, this should make your veins run cold.

The Chinese government almost “blew it” but then recovered when “they put it down with strength.” That was Trump.

So it's okay to kill protesters when they rail against Leftism? Pretty strong-arm words for a President, who thankfully, is not a dictator.

I suppose Trump would refer to these words as “mean.” No sir, Mr. Trump, such a statement is what it is. I'll let the readers be the judge.

American Protesters beware? How would Trump have handled Martin Luther King Jr.?

In any event, Trump does not own the monopoly of the Left. Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau, of Canada, our strange neighbor, has chimed in as well. He praised the bloody dictator of Cuba, the thankfully deceased Fidel Castro. "Remarkable leader" and a "larger than life leader who served his people." Many Cubans, even the ones rolling in their graves or whose bones still litter the Florida Straits have pointed out the foolishness of Trudeau's statements.

Do you ever wonder if these guys pick up an investigative news piece? Or is it all just propaganda to them? All just "fake news." How convenient.

Eminent Domain

Trump used Eminent Domain to obtain property. He called it a “necessary evil.”

Many a fellow might label the process of taking land or homes, even if a fair price is given, when the owner never wanted to sell, a Leftist program. It is theft in the name of progress, often motivated by a new tax revenue stream, provided by some business.

Trump used governments to push Americans from their homes, violating their rights -- to enrich himself. To, allegedly, make the place or city, more beautiful. Hence, the right of The Donald, trumps the rights of Americans.


In short, President Trump is not currently a Rightist. Not even close to the Middle. If he uses the power of his pen, signs Executive Orders to open up oil pipeline projects or muzzles the EPA, he does not even earn the Middle merit badge.

Trump is a Leftist. A right leaning one, but not quite to the Middle as of yet – and you know what they say about leopards.

And I'm certain Trump and his staff would consider this a “hit piece.” It really isn't. Just a brief assessment, based on articles from the Objective Standard and elsewhere, to include what Trump himself has stated, repeatedly. Did I say repeatedly?

Taken one statement at a time, at the “sound bite level,” you may conclude that Trump is going to bat for you, and “saying it like it is.” But you need to look and listen a bit more carefully. Leftism is lurking in the details.

...and yet, is there something else to this man? Something we are missing? Is it all an act? Is he really a Rightest in disguise? No. Stop dreaming.

© 2017 Jack Shorebird


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      18 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Interesting dialogue. His parental dictum that "there are winners, and all the rest are losers" is a possible goad to excellence, or a dismissive canon of elitism. Freedom is perishable. Many dictators have promised freedom and given slavery. The watchword? Watch carefully while encouraging the best our form of government has to offer: checks and balances.

    • jgshorebird profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Shorebird 

      18 months ago from Southeastern U.S.


      Only time we tell. Thankfully, we have checks and balances, unless he continues to use the Executive Orders strengthened under Obama.

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      Perhaps a National Socialist?

    • jgshorebird profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Shorebird 

      18 months ago from Southeastern U.S.


      I agree that Trump is not a "pure" Socialist, if there is such a thing. However, oligarchs are Leftist, as is Trump, given traditional definitions. Any "rights violators" of Trump's caliber, must be moved into that category. Like I mentioned above, Trump is not far left, but neither is he 'Middle.'

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      He is no socialist and he is not left wing. He is an oligarch and a want to be dictator. He has even stomped on the powers of both houses regardless of political parties with his executive orders and they will soon have no choice but to tell him how things will work or have no reason to exist.


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