The Shame of Trump

Updated on October 26, 2016

Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy

This presidential campaign has definetly been a one of a kind event. We have two of your most unliked candidates in our country's history. But what truly befuddles me is that even with all of the scandal that has followed Hillary, she still is unable to get a slam dunk win over her opponent. Her policies like those about border security and illegal immigrants aren't in the best interest for this country's citizens. Donald Trump has promised to make border control one of his main tasks to fix. I will say that this sounds absolutley wonderful to me. Also the fact that he is calling for term limits with D.C. politicians is amazing! They absolutely should not be able to hold the same position for decades at a time. Same politicians will render the same broken policies. Now don't get me wrong, there are policies that I do not agree with Trump on that I find important to me. For instance systemic racism and police brutality. But I also do not agree with Hillary on these same policies or issues. If it were up to just policy alone I might be tempted to vote for someone who had the same ideas as Trump. But notice I said someone who had ideas LIKE Trump. Now the reason I say this is because even though Trump has good ideas, he has no idea how to implement those ideas. And his track record proves just that.

Trump has over the years had a history of being outspoken. Being outspoken can be a good thing if you think before you speak. This is something that Trump has yet to learn. And being that he is a senior citizen, he should now have this trait down pat. His outspoken behaviour has caused some serious grief with others. It is evident even when he is on the campaign trail, that he is unable to stay focused on the issues and policies long enough to make an impact. If more people heard his policies he probably would gain more voters. But because of his temperment they are moving towards a more disciplined politician. Even the infighting within the Republican Party is not a smart move on his part. If he truly wanted to shake up Washington, then he should realize he needs his party's support to pass laws that would coincide with his policies. This is the real reason Trump could never qualify to hold the highest position in the country. He does not work well with others. He can't do it by himself and it is very arrogant for him to act as if he can. Trump is probably running against one of the most crooked candidates in history but he won't pull off a win. He has done his supporters a great disservice because he can't get away from his adolescent ways long enough to be a leader.


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