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The Left Absolutely Does Want Trump to Run in 2024

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I am a freelance writer who enjoys writing opinions on the political climate in the United States, with a left-leaning focus.

The potential options for 2024

The potential options for 2024

Trump supporters keep saying that the government is coming after Donald Trump to stop him from being able to run in the 2024 Presidential election. That this is political persecution to keep him off the ballot.

The left just has to laugh when they make this claim because nothing would please the Democratic Party more than if Trump chooses to run and is the Republican nominee for the Oval Office in 2024.

The Ever-Shifting Political Environment

In terms of the environment, a series of missteps by Biden starting with the passage of legislation aimed at helping America that might have just overheated the economy and stoked inflation instead, as well as an Afghanistan withdrawal that cost the lives of American soldiers, got the Delaware native off to a rough beginning to his term.

To make matters worse, his agenda had been relatively stymied by an evenly-split Senate. And there are now clear signs that Biden's age is starting to show, even to Democrats that once gave him the benefit of the doubt on that front.

All of those factors made it a great political environment for whoever would become the Republican frontrunner, to have a decent chance to win the Oval Office in 2024.

That is, until August of 2022. What had been a flagging presidency, that had actually achieved two significant wins with the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, suddenly got a boost with five more major victories for America.

First, the Democrats got enough Republicans on board to pass the CHIPS Act in an effort to strengthen the manufacturing of microchips in the United States, something that helps the economy and national security.

Almost immediately afterwards, in a deft display of political prowess, the Democrats announced an agreement on legislation regarding inflation reduction, climate change, and the closing of tax loopholes for wealthy corporations. After some minor changes, the Inflation Reduction Act was passed in the Senate and is expected to be signed into law.

In a double whammy for the Republican Party, they held up legislation (PACT Act) to help veterans in a move clearly seen as petty retribution for the Democrats' successful agreement on inflation and the climate. The GOP took a beating by the media for their preference to put politics ahead of America's heroes.

When the same bill they had previously approved of passed a week later, the Democrats got to claim a major victory and show that they are the party that would stand with America's veterans.

The country has also seen good news on the inflation front as gas prices have come down nearly a dollar in the last two months and the inflation figures are started to show improvement with the latest report. These changes can help Biden point to some success in helping to slow down that overheated economy.

Lastly, the military, with Biden's approval, was able to target and eliminate a major Al-Qaeda leader who took part in the 9/11 attack on our country. The attack had no collateral damage and gave Biden a win against terrorism.

Combine those wins with a far-right Supreme Court verdict attacking women's body autonomy and signaling a desire to attack marriage equality and what once looked like a ripe political environment for the Republican Party has shifted dramatically in the last two months.

The Republican Party has done themselves no favors by being on the wrong side of popular legislation (with the exception of the CHIPS Act) and completely derelict in the duty to support America's veterans.

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There was one party clearly standing by our veterans in 2022

There was one party clearly standing by our veterans in 2022

Accountability for Trump

After watching the series of riveting January 6 Committee hearings, there is a growing desire in the Democratic Party to see Donald Trump held to account for his obvious attempt to overturn a free and fair election.

It's easy to paint the target on Trump because none of the people who attacked the Capitol would have even been there had it not been for Trump organizing the date, his campaign committee organizing the rally, and then Trump himself directing a crowd he knew was armed to the Capitol despite there being no permit or public plan in place for that to happen.

On top of Trump being the main reason for his supporters being at the Capitol on January 6, the committee investigating the violent attack has clearly shown that Trump was aware that he lost the 2020 election and that the whole premise behind the reason to have a rally was a lie. One Big Lie.

There are plenty of Americans who want to see the Department of Justice level charges against Trump and his minions that were involved in trying to illegally remain in power by using a fake elector scheme and political pressure on election's officials.

These obvious examples of crimes against democracy are the reasons for the government being involved with Donald Trump. That the left gets to delight in a lawless person getting their comeuppance is an added bonus.

Disqualification of Trump From Future Office

What Trump supporters inevitably get wrong about people wanting Trump disqualified from holding any future office isn't about fear. It's about the dereliction of the man to hold the office.

This dereliction was first on display during the Covid pandemic where he railed against simple preventative measures such as masks and social distancing while attacking his own experts and undermining them. When he pushed outlandish cures that led to his supporters ingesting bleach, the public lost all faith in the man to handle such a crisis.

When it was discovered in a private, but taped, interview with Bob Woodward that Trump knew of the dangers of the virus, but openly lied to the American people and said the exact opposite, the loss of faith was joined by a loss of trust. No American likes to be lied to about a life-or-death virus that can kill them.

Reports have noted that up to 40 percent of the deaths in the United States from Covid could have been prevented if we didn't have Trump's interference.

A second instance of dereliction came during the 187 minutes of the insurrection at the Capitol by his supporters on January 6. Members of this own staff and administration have testified to his inaction and gleeful support as the attack was taking place.

Many in America have publicly noted that Trump is completely unfit for holding any public office in the future because he is derelict in his duties as you can see from the many video links: retired military, members of Congress, and the current President.

One of the brave former Trump staffers testifying to his dereliction

One of the brave former Trump staffers testifying to his dereliction

Run, Trump, Run!

The left desperately wants Donald Trump to run, and to announce that run as soon as possible. While the recent raid of his Mar-a-Lago home has motivated his base (with plenty of domestic terror threats in there) and likely even some small-government moderates that were looking at other options, the January 6 findings have increased the number of people that consider themselves "never-Trumpers."

In 2020, that was clearly the main motivator for many voters in the United States. Which incidentally is also something the right always gets wrong when they say, "there is no way Joe Biden got eighty-one million votes."

That's partly true in that Biden had some support, but the denialism to understand that millions more came out to vote against the failures of Donald Trump's single term of office was the cause of his loss.

Since that loss, that motivation has only grown stronger as Trump proves daily that he has had a break from the same realities that many American recognize as true. And not only has he broken free from those realities, he has convinced about half of the Republican Party to join him.

The two main factual events that Trump cannot seem to mentally grasp are that his campaign did, as confirmed by a bipartisan Senate Report, collude with Russia during the 2016 election, and that he lost the 2020 election, which he was told by many of the members of his administration.

When a delusional man inspires his followers to commit acts of domestic terror (threats against the FBI, threats against election's officials, attacking their own Capitol) based on breaks from reality, the motivation to see that that mentally ill person not elected will be through the roof.

What the Democrats are banking on is that the sane half of the Republican Party, the majority of Independents, and the vast majority of the Democratic Party will band together to defeat the clear and obvious dangers of Trump and all who support Trumpist lies.

It already occurred in the 2020 election, with many turning out to vote against someone who endangers American lives by lying about a deadly pandemic. Now tying candidates to the Big Lie that endangers police, election workers and the entire democratic process that this country was founded upon is an ongoing strategy in many races for 2022 and beyond to pit Trump's base against members of the GOP who can recognize such obvious and dangerous falsehoods.

Trump's Big Lie has split the Republican Party

Trump's Big Lie has split the Republican Party

No One Fears Trump the Candidate

It's not fear of Trump the candidate that is the reason for the government actions we are seeing. It's purely about upholding the rule of law. Trump broke many laws during his time in office, and this is about sending a message to the next president that tries to be this lawless in office.

The Democrats showed their mettle when they impeached Trump twice during his term and the Republicans showed their lack of spines when they cowered to his base voters in allowing him to escape culpability.

While that kind of "party-over-country" mentality will work to get you your party's nomination for office and might be successful in some deep red states, the country is showing that in purple states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia, aligning yourself to the Big Lie and a derelict former President will not be tolerated.

So please, Donald, go ahead and run. A divided Republican Party is exactly what the left wants to see heading into the 2022 midterms and the 2024 Presidential election. Because if you're on the ballot, as long as Russian interference can be removed from the race like it was in 2020, even a mediocre, has-been like Joe Biden can beat you.

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