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Was the 2020 Presidential Election Our Last Stand?

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

The Alamo

The Alamo

Growing Support for the Republican Party

Why would New Jerseyans brave the cold of a January night in order to get their foot in the door of a Trump rally?

Why did Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ) switch sides?

Why did Floridians and Texans camp out in the hot summer sun for the same reason Pennsylvanians and New Jerseyans braved the cold of winter?

Why did so many black Americans break ranks with the Democratic Party and join forces with Donald Trump and the Republican Party? Black Americans not only left the Democratic Party {in droves} they are more engaged in politics than they have been for a long, long time.

Why would a liberal Democrat, a Professor by the name of Alan Dershowitz, stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump's defense team and defend Trump's name over and over again?

Why would a staunch conservative like myself, who just four short years ago was definitely not singing the praises of Donald J. Trump, be singing such a different tune now?

Well, I can and have explained that last question, and will attempt to take a wild stab at the rest.

Could it have anything to do with what today's Democratic Party stands for..or rather no longer stands for?

Let's do a little review of the 2020 Democratic candidates:

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren made the statement that if she were to become President, she would "work to undo and do away with the *Electoral College".

When someone, not just anyone, but a person running to be the President of the United States of America, makes such a remark, they are basically saying; forget you middle America, get lost flyover States. If given the choice, their preference is that you no longer have a voice. (please read again and let it sink in) They think elections should be decided by the city dwellers, not you!

Forget all of you who prefer to live your lives in wide open spaces, outside of tall city buildings and of overcrowded, group think, carbon-copy type places...this mindset, Elizabeth Warren and those who cheered this comment, do not think you deserve to have a say.

{*see more on the Electoral College below}

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, a never-employed, self-avowed socialist for his entire political life, in recent years has had to stop condemning millionaires, for you see, somehow, along the way, the never-employed, anti-wealth crusader Bernie Sanders, became a millionaire!

He still rants and rages against the man, the money, the machine...but now it is limited to, billionaires.

The thought of a Sanders Administration, had me and many others, seeing visions of what once was; the demise of the celebrated American entrepreneurial spirit, of living your American dream, setting goals, learning a trade, studying hard and working tirelessly to see it all through. He was the first to have me thinking about The United States of America, in the past tense! Think about it.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg couldn't budge a degree with his stance on abortion, when a fellow Democrat asked him if there's room for her, in today's Democratic Party. "Is there a place, under the tent, for pro-life democrats like her", which she insisted, are many? Mayor Pete, couldn't meet her halfway, a part of the way, nor slightly pivot and judging by his body language, he didn't even want to give her the time of day. It was so awkward and must have been so uncomfortable for this woman, who had asked a simple question and was left hanging, out to dry so to speak.

The answer to your question, which he never gave, no ma'am, there is no room, there isn't a place for you under the modern day Democratic tent. Be sure to tell all of those friends, who think like you.

Which leads me to.....

Joe Biden

Joe Biden who seemed to have a little substance going for him in year's past, can't seem to find his path nowadays.

He doesn't know what he believes from one day to the next.

He can't keep things straight in his head, he can't even keep up with today's Democratic Party.

Does he now support socialism?

It would depend on the day and the crowd and the mood and the teleprompter and yet...he, Joe Biden, was the leader throughout the 2020 campaign.

I've often wondered if those {such as the woman left hanging by Mr. Buttigieg} saw Biden as the safest, least radical, bet and so, they went with him rather than outright switching over to the Republican Party as many others had done -

just me, pondering.

He led in the polls and would eventually go on to be named the 46th President of the United States.

Did he win the battle fair and square?

Will we ever know?

The Socialist, Leftist, Progressive Democratic Party

The recent crop of Democratic candidates who ran for President, were not telling us how they could do a better job than President Trump, because they couldn't and they, along with everyone else, knew it.

But that's not the point, the point is...they've no desire to

They do not like our form of government. More precisely, they do not like that our form of government, via the U.S. Constitution, limits them!

They may not be telling us, as bluntly or as boldly as Bernie, but with their actions {and inaction} their vision, their philosophy and because they are members of today's Democratic Party, if they aren't leaning toward communism, they are being pushed in that direction.

As we all know, {or should know} that lean, that push, that move...leaves no room for government of, by and for the people; in fact, it leaves the people enslaved to government!

Why are they more brazen about it today than ever before and why are these radical changes within their party happening now?

Do they feel as if they've won over enough of our youth, through media, through education (or lack of), through indoctrination?

Do their closest confidants and comrades, have their ear...or worse?

Have they been instructed, that the time is now?

Is it because we had a popular sitting President in Donald J. Trump, one who managed to hold on to our American values, who without question loves this Country as much as the majority of us do and through his actions, showed the world that our form of government, works just fine for the people, as intended, every time?

The people's biggest enemy, the left, could not argue the economy or the effect that Trump had both here in the States and abroad. They could not compete with a strong leader; one who saw good policy through, one who got the work of the people done, one who stayed true to his constituency and one who appreciated and understood the limits place on him, via the U.S. Constitution.

He had to be stopped, one way or the other

Foreign leaders, for the most part, liked President Trump. Many of them, as has always been the case, seek to emulate us, because we have always, and with a Trump Administration it was never more evident...uniquely, stood apart!

We do not stand apart, attract those who want to be like us, because we initially got it wrong or because we sought to be like everyone else who got it wrong, but rather because we got it so very right, nearly 250 years ago!

The time was put in because history already had a story to tell about various forms of government.

The Founders knew this.

They knew what worked, what didn't work and once written, they didn't stop there -

Those things which needed tweaking or amending...were resolved.

They did not take their role lightly and knew that a form of government, of the People, would have to be worded to withstand the test of time!

It is being tested, as it has been throughout our history, but has there ever been more traction?

Waiting for Trump in Houston

Waiting for Trump in Houston

Is it too late for us?

How we came to be, what sets us apart, what drives us, why so many from many different parts of the world seek us out, isn't just a great story, it is what defines us.

Today, no matter that capitalism, via a President that understood it, brought us an economy which was on a good way!

No matter that unemployment was virtually extinct, for those seeking employment, the opportunities were galore! Every small business in my area, either by word of mouth, sticky notes at the laundromat or a sign out front of their business, was advertising, Help Wanted.

No matter that new job creation, via manufacturing jobs, ignited small-town economies and brought them back all across the country. Not just blue-collar jobs, everyone was hiring...all across the fruited plain!

No matter that handshakes were taking place regularly with leaders from all around the world...

The opposition, the enemy of the people, the left, wanted no part of anything that was happening, it is not what defines them, that's why Donald Trump had to be stopped...and was!

Do we give up?

Do we take another stand?

Is it too late for us?

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