The Downfall Is Triggered – Infowars’ Alex Jones in Epic Meltdown as Viewers and Guests Turn on Him for Trump Support

Updated on August 30, 2017
Mr Bueno profile image

Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

"Whoa, stop making me look like an idiot." Alex Jones under fire during his interview with Steve Pieczenik
"Whoa, stop making me look like an idiot." Alex Jones under fire during his interview with Steve Pieczenik

Writing On the Wall for Infowars' Alex Jones

It appears the writing is on the wall for Infowars’ Alex Jones, as his legion of previously fawning followers appear to be waking up and smelling the coffee regarding his unquestioning support for President Donald Trump, as he continues to break campaign promise after promise.

Trump Promises No More Foreign Wars on the Campaign Trail - Guess what? He lied

Alex Jones is Bats.....Hits Crazy!

One of Jones favourite topics over recent years has been to lambast consecutive U.S. administrations for their ‘nation building’ wars, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars, being a consequence of what he terms the ‘false-flag’ terror attacks of 9/11 have been easy pickings for Jones in his bid to convince the world that it is being controlled by a shadowy group of satanic paedophiles, who plan to destroy the economy, start a race war, destroy the earth and then blast off, leaving planet Earth for Alpha-Centauri where they will merge with aliens and spend their days having ten times the best orgasms that you have ever had. Just in case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a clip of Jones turning up the crazy alien dial to 11…..

10X The Best Orgasm You've Ever Had!

All Lies Aren't Equal

Of course, many of us are still scratching our heads about the events of 9/11, what led up to it and the massive power grab and clamp down on civil liberties that followed it. Jones was one of the originators of the false-flag theory and there are enough loose ends to the story to help him convince the guileless that the events of that day must mean that all the other bat shit crazy theories that Jones has about the world at large must be true too.

And so it was, that President Donald Trump announced on Monday, 21st August 2017 he would be sending an extra 4000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan to apparently finish the job that wasn’t finished after 9/11.

To hear Donald Trump mention 9/11 at the same time as he announced a troop surge in Afghanistan, was just too much for the many members of the truth-movement who still support Jones and his hawk-a-fear Infowars brainwashing operation. Many listeners must have been asking themselves how Jones could be supporting a president who was justifying yet more American death and carnage on the back of a terrorist attack that Jones had convinced his listeners was but a step along the path by the New World Order to implementing a permanent state of martial law.

I Wont Tell My Listeners That - The Noble Lie (Again!)

Chickens Home To Roost

Trump tried to justify his plans to step up the war in Afghanistan by saying that the U.S. was going back to kill terrorists, not to nation build, but there is obviously enough brain function in many of Jones listeners to realise that killing the terrorists was the original reason to attack Afghanistan back in October 2001. It didn’t work then and it probably won’t now, and didn’t Alex Jones’ fans and guests let him know?

Jones was desperate to find a spin on the Afghanistan story to prevent patriots and truthers - who must now be realising that Jones has just been spinning them a yarn with his support of Trump in a bid to increase ratings and affiliate sales – from descending on Infowars HQ with pitchforks and semi-automatic rifles, of which Jones has been a vocal proponent on his show (more of that another time!)

The spin he chose was just too much for his audience and even his guest Steve Pieczenik, who has previously appeared on Jones’ show many times, including one occasion when he told Jones audience that the shooting at Sandy Hook never happened and was a staged, false-flag event. For those of us who are aware of Donald Trump’s limitations the headline Jones chose will cause much mirth, his previously loyal fan base, however, choked on their Infowars male vitality pills…..

Alex Jones Explains Donald Trump's Genius 6D Chess Afghanistan Strategy


“The latest announcement on Afghanistan might be another deceptive move by Trump”

Below the headline, was a video of Jones himself explaining what the Trump strategy is for Afghanistan that he had come by from ‘inside intel,’ (now, if Jones does have some ‘inside intel’ on what the Trump strategy is, Jeff Sessions and the U.S. Department of Justice may be interested to find out just who is providing the leaks). Jones opening salvo in the video will set the minds at rest of anyone who was thinking of challenging him to a game of Risk.

“When massive military comes in, it looks like military is expanding but really it’s the main force to pull the other force out. Like there is more people at your house when you move, than were probably ever there ‘cause you're packing stuff up, neighbours are coming over to say bye, er and you got the movers coming in to load the truck. But it looks like when the movers pull up, there are more people at your house, until you re, re o, recognise it’s a moving truck, well they don’t want it to look like that, so it’s going to look like a build-up but it’s really going to be a pull out.”

Yes, folks, you read that right, not only did Alex Jones compare Donald Trump’s military strategy to a house move, he also told you that Donald Trump’s proposed troop surge is actually a pull-out. Of course, black is really white, up is really down and there is a hole that goes right through the centre of the earth.

Is Your Village Missing an Idiot?

Didn't Alex Jones Say He Wasn't Fake News?

Jones’ house moving strategy starts to fail when you realise that the neighbours wouldn’t be coming over to say goodbye when part of the moving process includes destroying your house with bunker busting missiles. No siree, I’ll save that apple pie I’ve baked for when the house has been rebuilt and the new neighbours move in.

Condemnation of both Jones’ explanation for the troop surge and of Donald Trump’s proposals in the Infowars comments section, were both swift and sharp….

“Did he say that no fake news [sic]” noted one respondent.

Of course he said that, but he is a liar
Of course he said that, but he is a liar

True Conservatives Tune Up Their Weapons

Another was slightly (though not much) more verbose….

“Let’s face it. Trump only won because he got a lot of people who thought he was different than the RINO globalist pukes to get out and vote. I don’t care what AJ (Alex Jones) says, what Savage says, what anyone says, unless things do a 180 degree turn here soon, Trump will be a one and done and the patriots and true conservatives will tune out, tune up (their weapons) and get ready for civil unrest and whatever they throw our way and forget about politics or patronizing the MSM or wasting one second on politics. Also, if they pull another 9/11 under Trump, good luck getting the right to stand down and pretend it wasn’t an inside job.”

The Patriots Are Coming!
The Patriots Are Coming!

You're Full Of Sh*t, But I Like You

The comments slating Jones and Trump came thick and fast as the patriot worms turned as they finally realised they’d been taken for a ride by Jones on his Trump support all along

And what came when Jones interviewed collaborator and erstwhile supporter of much of Jones’ crazy, Steve Pieczenik, was an even bigger slap in the face for him. Pieczenik just swatted away Jones opening shot at what Trump is up to in Afghanistan…..

Infowars' Alex Jones Waterloo

Be Seeing You!

Jones : “So I think what we are seeing here is real presidential strategy here and my gut is the exit is, a very strong victory, pulling out with an economic deal, not giving the extremists a safe haven and cutting off the globalist operation, uh playing footsie uh, with Al-Qaida slash ISIS thugs, Dr. Pieczenik, that’s a mouth full but is that somewhat accurate or is it wrong?”

Pieczenik: “It’s completely wrong. Not only has the president lied to the American public but more importantly the generals, Mattis, McMasters are people we helped to put in have lied to themselves and to the American public.”

Piecznik then goes on to destroy every fawning reason that Jones can think of as to why the troop surge in Afghanistan is a good thing and not a brazen lie and broken promise to the American public.

Looks like the Alex Jones and Infowars empire is on the run.

Keep chasing.

Be seeing you!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2017 Mr Bueno


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    • Duane Townsend profile image

      Duane Townsend 

      2 years ago from Detroit

      This is a good read. It's not anything I've witnessed, it seems Jones' followers are even more supportive of him. Lying sacks of chit like Jones' know how to cement their support by claiming to be the victim of persecution and conspiracy.

      It gives his herd the undeserved self-perception of being rebellious 'patriots'.

      When in reality they're nothing more than a field of mushrooms having fecal matter shoveled onto them.

      Great Hub, I hope you're right.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      LOL...Ken & I could probably go back & forth for some time, simply agreeing with one another (and in this case, you too, Mr. Bueno)...Beck (Mr. crybaby) Jones (Cuckoo) O'Reilly (Oops, I got fired) national news, cable news, so many independent pundits, we're over-run with all the crap we can possibly handle ( & rarely tolerate.)

      Frankly, I want to be like the Trio of monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil....the only place we can feel safe or sane is within our own minds, hanging on to what few rational thoughts we can cling save ourselves!

      Seriously, aren't more and more Americans sick & tired? Overwhelmed? Don't each of us have a saturation point where enough is more than enough? Good grief. I do, I have for quite a while now and all my efforts have been directed toward any way, any place to escape what has become so unbearable.

      As for the huge & perpetual war between BOTH corrupt sides of politics, IMHO, I see no winners, no Heros & no innocents. Just a country filled with Losers...and those losers would be US, folks, you and me. Can we all wake up soon?

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      3 years ago from Florida

      I am with Paula on this, Jones and Infowars is not something I could watch, as she said his voice and delivery was something I found intolerable.

      I have a tendency to dislike anyone who comes across as a lunatic in their delivery, I don't care what brand of politics they are pushing... guys like Jones and Glenn Beck, they go off on emotional rants too often, they go so far off the ranch they give every sane and decent conservative a bad name.

      Of course, its not like CNN or MSNBC is any better. Really isn't very many places for rational, down the middle, balanced, news these days.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      Mr. Bueno....I truly enjoy your writing style. The fabulous talents here at HP & the endless education available, are 2 of the reasons I have remained active here for 6+ years. I'm seriously into continuing education throughout our lifetime & I've learned so much here from my fellow-writers.

      Today, you've taught me that I need to get out a bit more! To put Alex Jones to rest, first of all.....I'm not very familiar with him. I listened to one of his rantings for a while and frankly, (silly reason or not) I couldn't tolerate the annoying sound of his voice. Once I got somewhat past it, most of his gibberish, merely made me laugh.

      However, per the videos you included, I had to google 2 terms. 1.) DMT....If I have ever previously known anything about this, the info quickly left my head. Now that I know what it is, I'm still not sure it's anything I choose to store.

      2.) Bohemiam Club/Garden? I gave myself an OK on not being informed of this.....I mean, why would I be? Sure, it's good to know, but not info that I can't survive without. LOL

      If Jones is having meltdowns due to what he perceives as mutiny.....perhaps this is a GOOD thing.

      Very fascinating article, Mr. Bueno.....In fact, "Bueno!" Thank you. Paula

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Its interesting that some trump fans are 9/11 i am as well, but wouldnt support trump in a million years of sundays.

      Odd too. These same trump fans call me an america hater for believing 9/11 was an inside job.

      And all this time theyve been quoting jones, using his hillary and obama-hate, and never once did i see them say he hates usa!!

      The hypocricy is endless.

      Anyway, i agree the downfall has triggered. Not just of jones, but trump as well.

      There is a renowned man on twitter who has been keeping track of trumpco since he took office.

      Every misstep and atrocity has garnered a "tic tic."

      Months and months of "tic tic."

      When it became public that manafort spilled the beans on trump jr and kushner meeting w russians to get dirt on hillary, it became "tic tic BOOM!"

      This national nightmare will soon be ending.

      But it will take aeons to undo the damage.

      Good thing we have eternity.....and healing starts NOW

      And these people should have sussed out alex jones after y2k....back when art bell hosted coast to coast am.


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