Terrorized Lawyer in DNC Lawsuit Pleads for Public Awareness

Updated on February 27, 2019
Elizabeth Lee Beck
Elizabeth Lee Beck

Losing her composure in a widely-viewed interview, a clearly terrorized lawyer representing a class-action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee today pleaded for the audience to investigate for themselves the recent deaths of a number of figures associated with possible actions and research regarding the Clinton Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, and the DNC.

The lawsuit in which Elizabeth Lee Beck is a lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Wilding et al vs. DNC and Deborah Wasserman-Schultz, alleges that the DNC did not maintain a neutral posture between the campaigns of Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries. The plaintiffs, who are Bernie Sanders supporters, say the DNC was committed to helping Clinton win the nomination.

Beck began the broadcast by reading a factual summary of links between the Clinton Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, and the recent, mystery-shrouded deaths of Peter W. Smith, Florida federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., and former Haitian official Klaus Oberwein. Then, as if suddenly seized with fear and struggling with tears as the interviewer probed further about the deaths, Beck broke down saying:

"I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going on."

Beck noted that a friend who had bid her and her husband to "be safe" recently was also a friend of Beranton J. Whisenant, who washed up on a Florida shore last May, with what police say is trauma to the head, possibly a gunshot, according to the Miami Herald. Whisenant was an attorney in the South Florida District's Federal Prosecutor office working on visa fraud and illegal immigration cases.

The body was found a few miles from Beck's office, in the district represented by one of the defendants in the lawsuit, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Beck mentioned speculation that Whisenant was doing work concerning the DNC, although so far there is no public record of this.

The interviewer mused that no major law enforcement agency was attempting to discern any links between the sudden deaths, or investigate them further beyond rulings of suicide or unconnected, unsolved murders. Beck told the audience that her and her husband's motion to the judge in the DNC case, to grant them some sort of protection under a witness protection program, was denied, after they had received many threats.

Beck's husband, Harvard-trained attorney Jared Beck, last month also cited the unsolved murder of DNC data expert Seth Rich in a request for federal protection, and the death of Shawn Lucas, an activist and the process server for the lawsuit..

In the interview, although not saying so, Beck clearly betrayed fear for her life.

Beck in company photo.
Beck in company photo.

As the interview host waited long moments for Beck to gather herself, the Yale Law School-trained attorney, who has in the past taken on and won class action lawsuits against corporations such Unilever and major airlines, stared wide-eyed into the camera, speaking slowly and deliberately, at one point insisting "these are facts."

The remark possibly referred to the major media's immediate reaction to those not accepting multiple political deaths as separate, unlinked events as "conspiracy theorists."

Last summer, the process server for Beck's lawsuit, who had made a viral Youtube video of himself serving the DNC with the lawsuit, was found dead of a fentanyl overdose, although he was not known to use drugs. Thirty eight year-old Shawn Lucas was found dead in the bathroom of his girlfriend's apartment on August 2, 2016, almost exactly a month after he served the DNC with the lawsuit, on July 3.

The interview host noted that here has been no major media television coverage of the DNC lawsuit.

Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas

In her recitation Beck described "connections" as if trying to piece together parts of a web, at the center of which are the many deceased people she named.

Other names which came up as Beck detailed "connections" that she wanted to put on-record were State's Attorney Jay Plotkin, a son-in-law of Judge Harvey Schlesinger, a judge who recently dismissed an organ transplant lawsuit against the Mayo Clinic.

Plotkin supervised the Florida State's Attorney's Office. Beck also mentioned a pantheon of power players who are trustees of the Mayo Clinic including broadcaster Tom Brokaw, Barbara Bush, Richard B. Cheney, Senator Tom Daschle, and Paul A. Volker.

In the somber interview, at on point Beck recited a quote: "Sometimes the forces of evil are so great, that there is really nothing we can do to fight them."

It is not clear what the connection between Klaus Eberwein and the DNC or the Clinton Foundation is. The Miami Herald reports that Eberwein, the former director of the Haitian General of Fund for Economic and Social Assistance, was set to testify in the Haitian Senate on the misappropriation of funds from Petrocaribe, the Venezuelan oil assistance program to Haiti.

A Haitian news site reported Eberwein as a "good friend of former Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe."

In 2011, in an unrelated matter, Hillary Clinton ran contrary to State Department policy by interfering in the Haitian criminal justice process by securing the release of a convicted child smuggler, Laura Silsby.

One of the deceased people named by Beck and implied as possibly linked with other deaths, Peter W. Smith, was a GOP operative who recently had been on a search for copies of the 33,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton in her recent email server controversy, concerning emails sent and received while she was Secretary of State.

Smith's death was ruled a suicide by police, when he was found with a bag filled with helium over his head in a Minnesota hotel, across the street from the Mayo Clinic where he was being treated for heart disease.

Police say Smith was found with a note, which they say was written by him, which read, in all capital letters, "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER."

After Yale Law School, Beck practiced law in Los Angeles at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, LLP. Her clients included Samsung Electronics, KB Home, Mattel, and K-Mart. She has also worked in the Compton office of the Los Angeles Public Defender.


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    • profile image

      christine l 

      3 years ago

      Virginia Allain, I am so amazed that so many are unaware of the heinous behavior of the Clintons (bty, I am left of liberal). Please research using quality sites such as counterpunch.org, theintercept.org, globalresearch.org, yournewswire.org ..google: Clintons, corruption, Clinton foundation money laundering..Whitewater case (Bobby Seals, Meno Airport drug smuggling).

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Clowns to the left of me (democrats) jokers to the right (republicans) or vice a Versa and here I am stuck in the middle with you DSA provides a way forward

    • profile image

      Lulu Kerr 

      3 years ago

      Oh my God, poor woman, she look terrified, I am sure she has no sleep, emotional strain and probably by death threats constantly...she's on to it, and in hope she stays safe...so very sad the evil lives around us, and we have not a clue what's really going down...

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      3 years ago from Central Florida

      I just don't know what to think on the suspicious deaths that people think relate to the Clintons. There are certainly high stakes in these political issues. I worried a great deal about Bernie's safety during the campaign, because big banks, big pharma, and the insurance industry feared and hated his cause.

      One even wonders if Putin, who has no qualms bumping off people left and right, might set up some of these in an effort to frame Clinton.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My Blood is Boiling, the clinton cartel is the evil Mrs. Beck is quoting. WE clients of hers vs dnc are Well Aware of their evil doings and KNOW she needs PROTECTION from soros/clinton...WE Know! cause we all need protection from them.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      And mainstream media ignores the story. What a country we've become.


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