Stop Telling Us to Respect Trump!

Updated on January 23, 2019

There's Nothing to Respect this man for...

Long before the obscene election results that made a racist president of our country. I'd grown disgusted by the media and their biased twisting of events to manipulate viewers into believing their version of the truth. Now in the wake of the biggest national tragedy to ever happen to this country [yes, bigger than 911, because that brought us together as a nation, and this is tearing us apart as friends and families are turning on each other and people are being victimized by racists who think because a racist has been elected they have carte blanche to commit hate acts against people and they won't be punished for it.] What makes this worse is this is something people in our own country have done to us and who obviously couldn't be trusted to do the right thing for our country and its people when it came time to vote. The talking heads on TV who helped create this tragedy are now telling us to stop protesting the results of the election and to show Trump respect because he's now our president and to stop saying he isn't my president. I generally respect Bill Mahrer [there's that word again] but I have little respect for him telling people they have to respect Trump because of an antiquated electoral college that no longer works says he's the president even though he didn't win the popular vote. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely not one thing to respect about this swine of a man.

I know the media has been careful not to anger the people who voted for Trump by calling them racists and clarify that not all of them are racists, but that doesn't wash anymore than you have to respect Trump. If you vote for someone you know is a racist who you know will enact racist actions on a group of people YOU ARE A RACIST. You are an accomplice to every act of racism that occurs because you helped the racist gain the power to harm others.

And look at who the racist is appointing to his cabinet? A known white supremacist. He wants to appoint a justice to the supreme court who is another hater, only this time towards gays. That's who these racists have helped get elected as the president of this country. And the sad thing is Trump doesn't even care for them. He has no respect for them. He once said he could shoot someone in the street and these people would still vote for him. That's how little he thinks of the people who voted for him. He doesn't respect you and neither do we.

Trump isn't just a racist, he's also a self-admitted sexual predator. He thinks he's a star and because of that it gives him the privilege to grab any woman's crotch he has a mind to and they should be flattered because he doesn't grab the crotch of a woman he considers to be a dog. That's how he views women. They're either women worthy of having him want to grab their crotch or women he declares are dogs. That's who these Trump women voted for. A guy that has absolutely no respect for women and doesn't judge them on their brains and if their a good person, he only judges them on their physical appearance.

I also doubt anyone could forget that memorable moment when Trump mocked a disabled man. That's scum of the earth territory. The disabled didn't ask to be disabled. Each and every one of them do the best they can to have the best quality of life they can. They don't need some rich thug making fun of them and trying to make them feel less than they are.

And that's who these talking heads on TV are demanding we show respect to. A man there is absolutely nothing to respect about. He was given a title that people like himself gave him. There are a lot of loathsome people with titles. Are we also supposed to respect them? Should we respect the racist leader of the Klu Klux Klan? Should we respect a sexual predator if he's got a fancy title? Should we respect a bully with a title? That's basically what these media types are telling us to do. Because Trump is all of those things and a whole lot more.

And that's after years of preaching to the public that we have to fight bullies who pick on people and make fun of them and demean them. That everyone is considered equal and racism is evil. And if a woman doesn't want to be touched a man is a criminal for forcing his attention on her against her will. But now that a rich thug they helped to get elected with their biased reporting has been given the title of President we're supposed to forget all that and now give him the respect he's due because he's been named President.

In short, we're supposed to forget what right and wrong. What's decent and indecent. We're supposed to respect a sub-human troll with no redeeming qualities. A man who will surely burn in the fires of hell when he dies. We're supposed to forget about good and embrace evil. We're supposed to sit by while a racist goes after what ever race he wants to and preys on the female sex and be fine with it. That's what the media is telling us we have to do. And that makes them, like the people who voted for Trump, just as rotten and corrupt as he is.

This man has no business being named president. The president of this country should have some kind of morality and goodness about him. Some kind of decency. He shouldn't be rotten to the core. It's absolutely obscene for this man to live in the White House where so many great and decent presidents have lived before him that helped to make our country great. To have him soil one of our national treasures. The place will need to be fumigated once he's finally ejected from it and even then the stench of him living in it will never be totally erased. Just like this country will never be able to remove the damage he's already done to it and its people.

We didn't live in a perfect society, but Trump during his campaign tried to make racism the new norm. He released such ugliness in people it's hard to recognize our country as the United States. Our president is supposed to make our country and it's people better. To inspire them to be good to each other. Not to bring such hatred out in people. Since this man has been elected there has been untold amounts of racist incidents and the amount keeps going up. This is what this monster has wrought in our country. So far no one has been physically hurt or killed, but how much longer will we be able to say that.

To the protesters keep on protesting against this monster the media created. Never accept him and his twisted values as as the values Americans should embrace. Our forefathers came to this country to get away from people like Trump. And to the media here's me flashing you my middle finger. I will never respect this monster just as I will never respect or trust a word out of any of your mouths ever again.

You betrayed this country just as much, or maybe even more, than the people that voted for Trump.

Now the rest of us decent people who haven't thrown our values and integrity out the window will have to try to find a way to survive this nightmare. Trumpsters didn't think Trump was as bad as having a woman that deleted some emails [something plenty of Republicans have done and not been vilified for] as president so they voted for a racist, sexist bully to be in control of our country. Already his attack dog, Paul Ryan, is going after every social program that helps the poor and middle class and is trying to strip them bare. And Trump hasn't even been sworn in. Will anyone aside the rich white Republicans survive what's about to be visited down upon our country?

Don't you dare ask us to sell out our integrity and values and respect this monster. It's never going to happen, because if we do what you ask all truly will be lost.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      3 years ago from > California

      It doesn't really matter who U were ADDRESSING, what U said is NONSENSE Period ~

      Furthermore, everything I've said is "Based in FACT" & That's what I'm known for, my Reputation Speaks 4 itself ~

      U should try staying away from "PSEUDO-Newz" Peddlers like FOX Loser Channel, Breitbart etc who PUSH "Fake Propaganda" ~

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      3 years ago

      It's not all about you AP, I was talking about the hub page, never addressed you, although since you mentioned it we all know you don't know how to tell a fact from fiction so who even reads your comments? I certainly don't.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      3 years ago from > California

      In REALITY, my comment contains a "GREAT Demonstration of the FACTs" ~

      Considering there is No MANDATE, Trump LOST the VOTE of "WE the People", Communist Russian Operatives "INTERFERED" with our process, and of course "Dark Elements" of the FBI Sabotaged the Election Results, there will indeed be "Gargantuan RESISTANCE" to the Trump Admin. if he becomes a "Paul Ryan PUPPET" and tries to implement his SCAM of "REFORMING" or "MODERNIZING" Medicare & Social Security, which really means REDUCING Benefits or Raising the Retirement AGE, or Exhibits Signs of DEGRADING the "Quality of LIFE" of "WE the PEOPLE" in any other way ~

      Perhaps we'll see a much needed "SPECIAL Prosecutor" Asssigned to INVESTIGATE the FBI, Comey, Giuliani, Communist Operatives etc who "GIFTED" the Presidency to Trump ~

      "Special Prosecutor" notwithstanding, if any of the above occur there will be a "MOBILIZATION of MILLIONs" Attorneys, Citizens etc to Defend the United States from COMMUNIST Influence and or Facist Infiltration of OUR White House, Racism, Bigotry, INTERNAL FBI Spies & Subversives etc ~

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      3 years ago

      LOL Great demonstration of

      Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder.

      Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder [TARD] is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th and increasing in severity with passing time.

      Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme sadness."

      Learn more:

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      3 years ago from > California

      NICE Article ~ Unless he begins sending "Clear Signals" of his INTENT to be an ADVOCATE for Senior Citizens, Working Americans, Minorities & Young Adults, Most Americans will NEVER Respect him ~ He's Exhibited Subversive Abnormalities such as OVERT ANTI-Americanism, he Sympathizes with Communists & has placed Racists & Communists in OUR White House, and has Committed so many "Unethical, Immoral & UNLAWFUL" Acts throughout his lifetime ~ He LOST the VOTE by Millions which means he has no mandate and the pending petitions in circulation will "TEST the Authenticity" of OUR "Electoral COLLEGE" ~

      Will they RESPECT the "WILL of the PEOPLE" who Overwhelmingly Voted 4 Hillary as our next president, or IGNORE it & AFFIRM Trump ?? We'll soon find OUT ~

      I hope everyone is keeping an EYE on "Little Corporate PUPPET" Republican Paul Ryan who is "Desperately Trying to PEDDLE" his SCAM to Privatize Medicare ~ I wonder how AMERICANs feel about that, especially the "RUST Belters" who were PROMISED by Trump that he'd "STRENGTHEN Medicare", not Dismantle & ABOLISH it with a Longstanding Republican SCHEME, a scam which would only ENRICH Wall Street ~


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