No Moore in Alabama

Updated on December 13, 2017

I was fortunate enough to drive through southern Alabama during the early morning hours on a coast-to-coast trip back in the mid-nineties. It was one of the highlights of my journey. The scenery was beautiful. The dawning sun shone through the trees and a slight mist hung over the land and it seemed odd how a place that lovely was also home just decades before to racial bigots and domestic terrorists who proudly exhibited such mean and repugnant spirits, with impunity. I thought then, naively, that those ugly days were disappearing into a progressive future.


All of the gains over the past decades have recently been challenged, under severe attack, and it seemed possible that hope would be abandoned.

However, the fine people of the state of Alabama have avoided turning to the Devil; Oh, Happy Day for Alabama! Proud she should be of the compassionate decision her voters have made, showing us that the sun still shines and Hope remains alive.

America says "Thank you, Alabamians", for standing up for what is right!

To those who voted, you have saved Alabama from becoming famous for being Hell on Earth.

To those who didn't vote, we missed you, but others made the most intelligent decision without your help.


To those who voted for Roy Moore, you ignored your morals and voted for an undisciplined, lecherous, self-serving, perhaps mildly psychopathic, weak-willed political con man (IMO). May your misplaced values and extremely questionable and inconsiderate judgment find you joining Roy Moore in the eternal flames where you all deserve to be. You have shown nothing but hypocrisy for your faith and for America's core values. Shame on each and every one of you! It is hard to believe that your minds are so lacking and your hearts and souls really that selfish and perverted. Admit you were wrong, grow up and act mature, and join the righteous in recognizing how real evil presents itself.


Today, the beauty of the land, and in the people of Alabama, is a joy to appreciate.

Smart home, Alabama!



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  • John Frawley profile image

    John Frawley 4 months ago from Southern California

    Yes, CJ, some folks just refuse to leave the past behind.

    Thank you for your comment!


  • lions44 profile image

    CJ Kelly 4 months ago from Auburn, WA

    I'm glad Jones won, but it was a very tight win. It should have been more. But maybe some of those Moore folks will have turned a corner in four years. Just don't understand those people. Generations behind everyone else.