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Shouldn't Your Loyalty Be to the Constitution?

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I recently read Ellan Batavick's post called, "If Trump is the 'great MAGA king,' I'm a loyal subject" and wanted to respond as any patriotic American should.

Loyalty to a Tyrant

That anyone would readily admit that their loyalty lies with a President, and not with the Constitution of the United States, is the major problem with members of the Trump base. Those that gave him their loyalty felt at peace while the rest of the country that sided with the laws of the land saw a dangerous tyrant, unfit for office.

Trump's loyal subject claimed that they thrived during his four-year reign, but that was not true as the entirety of his final year was marred by a global pandemic brought on by a MAGA worldview that led to his State Department ignoring 2018 warnings about the very Wuhan Lab where the virus originated.

What Trump proved to have accomplished was giving his base the motivation to attack law enforcement, border policies that put the United States in legal jeopardy based on violations of human rights, a net negative job gain, and the obliteration of the record for national debt over a four-year period.


Backwards Policies

The Trump base is so loyal that they can ignore the causation that Trump's April 2020 negotiation with the Russians and Saudis to cut global oil production by 20% would have on energy prices once America's economy reopened in 2021. As Biden rolled out vaccines and demand for oil and gas resumed, the supply was just not there any longer thanks to Trump's failed policies. Low supply and huge demand equals high prices, according to Economics 101.

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Calling inflation and supply chain issues a Biden problem, when most developed nations are facing the exact same figures, is the blind loyalty the rest of the country sees from Trump's base and not those that understand that countries like China, where many supply chain issues originate, are still dealing with Covid lockdowns. Even mentioning the high crime that began in June of 2020 after Trump's mishandling of the pandemic is laughable.



The MAGA worldview can be seen as a failed experiment when it so clearly ignores global health issues and a U.S. economy tied to so many imported goods. In fact, each of the last two Republican Presidents has left a complete decimation of America in their wake.

The GOP strategy to regain power by blocking the Democrats' ability to fix what those failed administrations broke, and then criticize them for how long it takes to bring America back to a functional country, worked in 2016 and is being run again beginning right away in early 2021.

Many who see the causation of these problems, as well as the complete obstruction of a Republican Party to fix them, as the major issue. What many see is a party more interested in attacking fellow Americans, suppressing minority votes, and willingness to live in the clearly fake reality of a dangerous and mentally ill former President who tramples Constitutional norms.

Why on Earth should anyone trust people like that to govern?

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