Deceased Wasserman-Schultz/DNC Process Server, Shawn Lucas, Was Not Drug User, Says Lawyer, Was Face of DNC Lawsuit

Updated on November 28, 2018

A civil process server who was found dead of an atypical drug overdose last summer, after serving the DNC and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz with a lawsuit, did not seem to be a drug user, says the lawyer for the plaintiffs who hired him. Shawn Lucas, age 38, died of an overdose of fentanyl, a powerful opiate which is 50 - 100 more potent than morphine, and cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant. The two are not known as a common recreational cocktail.

Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor by his girlfriend on Tuesday, August 2nd, weeks after he had posted a wildly popular Youtube video of him serving the lawsuit on the DNC at its Washington, DC headquarters.

Lucas said in the video: "That is probably the most satisfying thing I've ever done."

The video "You Got Served!" made Lucas the face of the DNC lawsuit, which involved hundreds of plaintiffs, and alleged that Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC had violated their covenant to be impartial in the contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The plaintiffs allege that the defendants acted to ensure that Clinton was the winner of the Democratic nomination for president. The video racked up hundreds of thousands of hits, and can still be viewed.

The plaintiffs' attorney, Jared Beck, told news host Tim Black last month:

"He was found on his bathroom floor, with a mix of 3 different drugs in his body, the death has been ruled an accident by the DC coroner but to my knowledge no real investigation has been done into what exactly happened, here he was a young man, by accounts I've heard he wasn't a drug user, and he was very healthy..."

Lucas' parents told the UK Daily Mail last August, before the cause of death had been released:

'He was a young man — 38. He was in good health...But these things happen when people in seemingly good health suddenly die."

Jared Beck, of Beck and Lee, said he was in the process of attempting to reach Lucas in order to obtain an affidavit to counter an upcoming motion to dismiss which had been filed by the defendants. The DNC based that motion on improper service. It was then that Beck learned that Lucas was dead.

Beck told Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio last month:

"We hired a process serving company in the Washington DC area...and the process server turned out to be a young man named Shawn Lucas....The DNC's lawyers made an appearance in the case and their first motion to dismiss was based on the claim that that Shawn Lucas had not served process correctly....we were a basically in the process of reaching out to Shawn's process firm in DC to get a affidavit from him to counter the DNC's allegations in their motion, when we learned through social media that he had suddenly died."

Jared Beck Interview with Tim Black

The motion to dismiss was not granted and the case is still moving forward. The lawsuit was filed by supporters of US Senator Bernie Sanders against the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz, then-chairwoman of the DNC, alleging that the DNC had colluded to ensure Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination.

The Metropolitan DC Medical Examiner told the online Wall Street on Parade that Lucas' death was a result of the:

"Combined adverse effects of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine."

Lucas' cause of death was not released for months, until just before the general presidential election.

The drugs found in Lucas' body are not usually found in combination. Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant, which also causes drowsiness. Fentanyl is a deadly opiate more powerful than heroin, used by heroin addicts as the next step in obtaining the "high" they seek.

Although heroin is sometimes laced with fentanyl, causing many deaths, it is not common to find fentanyl and cyclobenzaprine used together. In fact, according to drug interaction information websites, they are dangerous when mixed, and may induce coma or death. Mitragynine is a very mild opiate.

Skeptics of the accidental cause of death determination in Internet discussions have noted that the combination of a muscle relaxant and a more deadly drug is similar to the protocol used in lethal injections for death row prisoners.

The official website for the process firm Lucas worked for, a national company with offices in all 50 states, One Source Process, says of its employee hiring practices:

"Before hired, our process servers receive an extensive background check followed by a training program designed to put each of our employees in the best position to exceed client standards."

Lucas was a martial artist who had traveled to Brazil numerous times to study Jujutsu.

In his interview with Tim Black, attorney Beck admits to sometimes being fearful himself, given the strange pattern of deaths last summer of persons with affiliations with, or in contention, with the DNC. Beck then raises the case of Seth Rich, the young data guru employee of the DNC who is thought by some to be the source of leaked DNC emails published by Wikileaks. The emails bore out that many of the plaintiffs' allegations in the DNC lawsuit were correct, and that the DNC was committed to seeing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president regardless of strong inroads made by Bernie Sanders.


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        6 months ago

        As a Professional Civil Process Server for 30 years, I find the whole matter of fellow process server Shawn Lucas dying from a drug overdose a few hours after his service upon the DNC was completed to be highly suspicious. Working in this line of work our person and lives are in danger every time we travel upon private property to deliver our clients documents, and just for the record we can ill afford to be altered or disabled by any kind of drug with the processes involved for completing the work we do.


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