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Sexual Affairs by US Presidents

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List of presidents who have had affairs

List of presidents who have had affairs

Presidents Who Had Affairs

Not all presidents have had upstanding marriages even though they always wanted and hoped the American public would believe so. There are some that have had illicit affairs and strayed from their marriages both prior to and during their time in office.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801-1809. The impartial nobleman from Virginia was supposedly against slavery, but he still owned a large group of slaves on his plantation at Monticello. He was quite attracted to one of them in particular. Sally Hemings, a slave he met in Paris and took back with him to Monticello, was a very light-skinned black slave and could actually pass for a tanned white person. They had five children together from the affair, but only one of them survived to adulthood. As children, they all passed as white people in the community with little trouble. When Jefferson died, he had clearly stated in his will that Hemings and the children be freed from slavery. They were freed, and their one surviving child, a son named Madison, looked very much like Jefferson himself.

Warren Harding

Warren Harding, who was president from 1921-1923, is remembered as one of the most inept presidents in United States history. He was so indiscreet concerning his extramarital affairs that it is believed that his wife poisoned him while he was still in office, although official records state he died of a heart attack.

Harding had long affairs with at least two different women. One was Nan Britton, who claims to have given birth to his daughter, Elizabeth Ann, in a book that she wrote in 1927. Historians feel that the claim by Britton is true. The other long affair was with Carrie Fulton Phillips, the wife of a department store owner in Ohio. Once Harding was nominated for president by the Republican party, Phillips threatened to come forward if she wasn't paid for her silence. With the fear of an immense scandal prior to the election, the Republican National Committee paid her $50,000, an enormous amount at the time, and shipped her and her family off to Japan. She also received monthly payments after the original $50,000 as well, making her the first and only person to ever successfully extort money from the Republican party.

Even though they were strictly rumors for many years, Harding wrote poetry letters to Phillips during the illicit affair with her. In 1968, those letters were brought forward. Here is an excerpt; "I love you more than all the world. Possession wholly imploring. Mid passion I am oftimes whirled, oftimes admire-adoring. Oh God! If fate would only give Us privilege to love and live!"

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was president from 1933-1945. Contrary to popular belief, Eleanor was not the love of his life. It was Lucy Mercer, Eleanor's social secretary at one point. Lucy was a tall and beautiful young woman with thick blonde hair. Eleanor discovered the affair when she found some love letters that Lucy had sent to her husband. She confronted her husband with the letters and told him that she wanted a divorce. FDR in no way wanted to sacrifice his political standing or career with a divorce, so he promised Eleanor that he would never see Mercer again. Unknown to Eleanor though, whenever he was in the Washington D.C. area, FDR continued to see Mercer on the sly. Mercer was with him when he died, almost 30 years after the affair was started.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president from 1953-1961. During World War II, Dwight gave in to the temptations of a young woman named Kay Summersby, who happened to be his personal driver. While his wife, Mamie, was in the states and Dwight was overseas, the affair blossomed. Summersby was a former British model and was quite attractive. She wrote a book in 1977, after Eisenhower had died in 1969, titled Past Forgetting: My Love Affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the book, she describes that she and Dwight had tried on many numerous occasions to consummate their relationship, but there was no such thing as Viagra at the time; Dwight supposedly had issues in that area. Being in an unhappy marriage had taken the libido away from the five-star general. His work was his substitute for his inability in the bedroom. But it has been said that his inabilities in the bedroom were untrue and just a fabrication on the part of the publisher to save face for Eisenhower's history. In 1945, Eisenhower actually asked permission from General George Marshall to divorce his wife Mamie in order to marry Summersby, but permission was refused by Marshall.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was president from 1961-1963. JFK chased women as a man possessed. His numerous sexual encounters are so plentiful that there are just too many to mention here. He has had affairs with White House workers, gangsters' girlfriends, staff members, reporters, and movie stars. There was always a swarm of girls being secretly admitted into the White House for Jack's personal pleasures. And he used the Secret Service to cover his tracks and make sure there was no "evidence" of the affair left behind for his wife Jackie to find. It is even said that he had often participated in threesomes as well with two women at the same time. Kennedy had the type of penetrating lifestyle that any man would be jealous over.

Some of his more famous affairs were with Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, and the most famous of all, Marilyn Monroe. JFK also had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington's Mayflower Hotel at his beck and call for any of his extramarital affairs.

During his presidential race with Nixon, Jack inquired if there were any girls waiting for him before one of their debates. An hour and a half before they were supposed to go on the air, Kennedy was in a hotel room with a hooker. He was also involved with a woman who was suspected of being a German spy at the time named Inga Arvad, who was being watched by the FBI.

In February 2008, newspaper reports came forward about an illegitimate son of JFK found living in Canada. He was allegedly the outcome of an affair he had had with a Texas woman. Supposedly, the child was conceived in February 1961, about one month after Kennedy's inauguration as president. The mother was introduced to the president by Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson was president from 1963-1969. Johnson's former press secretary commented in a Johnson biography that "LBJ had the instincts of a Turkish sultan in Istanbul." This basically meant that he had his own little harem of women. Although, he was much better at keeping his extramarital affairs more discreet than his predecessor, JFK. One of his many sexual partners became pregnant in 1950, prior to him being in the White House. Her name was Madeline Brown and she gave birth to LBJ's son, who was named Steven. Johnson did take care of Brown and his son financially, both before and after Steven was born. The illicit affair lasted for 21 years and Johnson set her up in an apartment for their discreet rendezvous.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was president from 1993-2001. Being the most recent president with public knowledge of cheating on his wife, these affairs are still fresh in our minds. Hillary Clinton has remained married to Bill regardless of his indiscretions.

In 1994, two Arkansas state troopers who assisted in Clinton's extramarital affairs when he was governor said that they saw him in delicate positions with dozens of different women. One trooper said that there were many long-term hookups with women for seven years. One of these hookups was with the now well-known Gennifer Flowers. Other affairs during this time included a staff member in Clinton's office, a lawyer who was a Clinton appointee to a judgeship, a prominent judge's wife, a reporter, an employee at an Arkansas Power company, and a sales clerk at a Little Rock department store.

There were many other one-time encounters that Clinton had with many different women. State troopers said they were often called upon to arrange these extramarital affairs and keep them a secret.

Then there was the story of Sally Perdue, who came forward of having an affair with Clinton in 1983 when he was governor. Right after her story appeared in the press, she says, a man claiming to represent the local Democratic Party offered her a lifetime federal job if she would be silent and threatened her with physical harm if she refused to cooperate. And there was the sexual harassment case with Paula Jones, a state employee.

Then once he was in the White House, his promiscuousness didn't stop. There she was, Monica Lewinsky, a young, good-looking 21-year-old intern. She performed oral sex on Clinton in the oval office. She had a dress with a Clinton sperm stain on it. And Clinton took a cigar tube and inserted it into Lewinsky's vagina.

Once the news broke, Clinton adamantly denied any sexual activity with Lewinsky, later rebutting his story and admitting that it did in fact happen.

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