Scorched Earth, a Book Review

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


“Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama”, written by Michael Savage, is intended as a plan to restore the United States after the Obama Presidency. How do you restore the economy after 1 in 6 men dropped out of the workforce? How do you undo the social engineering that has destroyed race relations and caused crime to go up?

The book also details how we got to this point, the dangers of continuing on this path and the groups working to continue the unsustainable status quo. What are the pros and cons of “Scorched Earth”, and how is it different from the wave of conservative political books being published today? And how is it different from Michael Savage’s other political works like “Government Zero”?

Back cover of the book "Scorched Earth" by Michael Savage
Back cover of the book "Scorched Earth" by Michael Savage | Source

Pros of the Book Scorched Earth

Many conservative books on economic decline of the US fall into the “end the Fed, bring back gold” arguments that won’t go anywhere. Savage gives much more realistic, actionable advice from closing the border and deporting those “here to work” to free up jobs for American natives to loosening regulations that stifle business. Lowering our corporate income tax rate from the highest in the world to a more reasonable level will encourage companies to move earnings back to the U.S. and expand here instead of moving more jobs abroad.

Too many conservative books on how to revitalize America call for an evangelical revolution, ignoring the fact that many people are neither politically conservative nor conservative Christians. Michael Savage gives better solutions for social change, such as changing social entitlement programs to end rules that discourage marriage and then phasing out said programs to reduce the burden of the welfare state.

How do we fight Islamic terrorism from the constant string of violent lone wolf attacks to cyber-welfare? While Savage says we need to fight an ideological war, he offers realistic and implementable solutions like drafting tech gurus to fight ISIS’ online recruitment. It involves far fewer people than sending in an army while cutting off the Muslim fundamentalists’ outreach to new recruits and ability to radicalize those in the West to become suicide bombers. Removing CAIR and similar terrorist linked groups from Arabic training programs and approval of military imams is another. Signing executive orders that undo the restrictions political correctness puts on our intelligence agencies is yet another.

Michael Savage details the cultural and economic decline of the United States over the past generation in surprisingly few pages while explaining how it happened. Charles Murray takes an entire book, “Coming Apart”, to do the same.

While there are many discussions on the transgender issue, the biggest one as to whether biologically intact men who identify as women should use showers and locker rooms regardless of women’s desires for privacy and the real risk that sexual predators will claim this classification to gain access to women, only Savage tells the story of Bella Azbug’s hypocrisy of calling for gender fluidity and then getting upset that both her daughters became lesbian.

Michael Savage has brought up the major problem of liberal censorship through tech companies like Google, Youtube and Twitter. In this book, he brings up the valid concerns of liberals who are looking for ways to jail those who express contrary opinions to politically correct views on topics from climate change to race relations. Think this isn’t possible? Look at Germany arresting people criticizing Muslim migrants and the mass sexual assaults New Year’s Eve 2016 in Cologne (and across the EU) instead of the Muslim rapists. They do this using their hate speech statutes. And the worst part of this? They aren’t doing nearly enough to find and arrest the Muslim rapists, though political correctness hindering the hunt for Muslim rape gangs isn’t new. Look at the Rotherham rape scandal in the UK.

Michael Savage is unique for bringing up questions about how our soldiers were captured by the Iranian navy and one of the few challenging the corruption involved in paying a ransom of hundreds of millions of dollars for the four soldiers. Likewise, he’s the only person asking how we managed to have nearly all of Seal Team 6 killed in a slow, old helicopter downed in Afghanistan without cover.

He links many small details into a cogent whole such as the liberal bias in the news affecting all aspects of reporting. These range from the refusal to report the race of black assailants in horrific news reports of murder or minimizing the ties to Islam of Islamic terrorists, because they are ideologically motivated not to let anything bad be associated with those groups.

Cons of the Book Scorched Earth

Michael Savage lists organizations he considers responsible for many of today’s problems, from the ACLU to Catholic Charities to the National Lawyers Guild and the American Bar Association. ACLU, American Bar Association and National Lawyers Guild have long taken cases and fought for victory on the basis of far left political agendas, which is how a homosexual refusing to make a traditional marriage cake or religious group banner can refuse the work and be told this is protected political speech but the Christian refusing to make a homosexual wedding cake is told this is illegal and will be sued both personally and professionally because that is not protected speech. These same groups are why Americans flying the American flag are called racist and students are punished for wearing Old Glory on Cinco de Mayo but Mexican-Americans flying the Mexican flag in the U.S. are celebrated. Where I am concerned is the blanket condemnation of Catholic Charities, though it enables illegal immigration in order to inflate the ranks of Catholics in the U.S.

Savage’s advice on how the average person can fight back in the culture war and the authoritarian state isn’t always practical. For a good guide to civil disobedience against the fourth branch of government, the large un-elected bureaucracy like the EPA and DOJ enforcing regulations with force of law and outside supervision of Congress, Charles Murray’s book “By the People” is better than Savage’s. Murray discusses how individuals and groups can fight back against a regulatory state that passes rules without “public” input except that of interest groups and capricious application of regulations leading to people going to jail for violating obscure foreign laws.

Observations about Michael Savage's Book

Some of the actions Savage says he nation needs like closing the borders, declaring Obamacare null and void and rolling back the regulatory state are only possible if a conservative Republican wins the White House.

Michael Savage’s book “Scorched Earth” calls for conservative unity over purity tests because a Democrat win in 2016 is a disaster for the nation. This is true of the conservative faction is to win and bring about corrective action, but he overlooks the fact that most of those reading his book are his fans, so he is in essence preaching to the choir.

Savage is concerned there will be a Chinese Great Leap Forward type purge. Before Obama’s re-election, this would have sounded insane. Skip forward a few years. When whites can be demonized and actively discriminated against with outright segregation and told to defer to people of color for speech, equality is clearly abandoned for inverting the social pyramid of the 1950s to punish the grandchildren of the supposed offenders.

Diversity training in the workplace and “bias” training in schools where whites are told they are racist, irrational, bigots and can only be tolerated in public by their supposed victims by publicly renouncing their “privilege”, apologizing for the sins of their ancestors and self-flagellating. This is akin to Islam’s routine social depravations of dhimmi, non-Muslims in a Shariah state, where non-Muslims have to dismount their ride when a Muslim passes, can’t be told the equivalent of “good morning”, can never sing hymns where Muslims might hear, and always defer to the Muslim. Failure to do this risks charges of blasphemy and the accompanying violence, as Christian workers in Pakistan routinely see if demanding their pay.

What makes Savage’s expectation of similar violence in the U.S. realistic are the thousands of cases annually of whites, Asians and Hispanics being attacked by blacks in “polar bear hunting” and “knockout games” with impunity, while the DoJ sent a whole team to go after the few proven cases of a white person doing the same to a black. If you can have groups of young blacks assaulting whites for entertainment, not caring or facing punishment for assault at a minimum and occasional deaths that result, pogroms against whites are no longer out of the realm of possibility. Likewise, the deliberate violence by the authoritarian left against conservatives is telling. Trump supporters left a political rally to be pelted with eggs, stones and fists. When one political group can attack members of another with impunity and police do nothing to protect the ones being assaulted, you have fascism.

While Michael Savage admits to owning gold, it is sad that his book stands out for reasonably not retreating to "buy gold, gold standard" as the solution.
While Michael Savage admits to owning gold, it is sad that his book stands out for reasonably not retreating to "buy gold, gold standard" as the solution. | Source

Related Books

Michael Savage sees this book as the bookend to “Government Zero”. “Government Zero” explained why it was bad for the country to elect Obama and how it would hurt the nation. Those things have come to pass, so this book was written to explain how to undo the damage. It isn’t a specific call to vote in the November, 2016 election for Trump over Hillary Clinton. The better book for one trying to encourage others to vote for Trump is “The Conservative Case for Trump” by the late Phyllis Schlafly.

Michael Savage has a chapter on “Hollywood fought fascism; now it must fight Islamfascism”. Dennis Prager’s book “Still the Best Hope” is a good primer on the war of the world-views, Islamo-fascist versus liberal secular versus Judeo-Christian American. He also explains there why so many liberals defend Islam with as much vitriol as the fundamentalist Muslims do, though fundamentalist Islam is utterly contrary to their values. Short explanation – liberals look at Christians as a potential Taliban / ISIS while ignoring Islam’s repeated tendency to create theocratic states from ISIS to Iran. I think Prager's book is where he lifted the term "Islamofascist" to begin with.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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  • Cee-Jay Aurinko profile image

    Cee-Jay Aurinko 

    4 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

    Great review Tamara Wilhite! I think that in the future, people will be less inclined to discriminate against each other. They already are in a way. We can only learn from the past.


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