Salon & AlterNet: Masters of Anti-Libertarian Fake News Hate Speech

Updated on September 19, 2017
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Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career and a passion for all things libertarian to become The Libertarian Opinionizer.

Fanatical Irrational Anti-Libertarian Rage
Fanatical Irrational Anti-Libertarian Rage

Commentary From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

Salon is a website that “covers breaking news, politics, entertainment, culture, and technology through investigative reporting, commentary, criticism, and provocative personal essays.”

AlterNet describes itself as a “news magazine and online community” and a “content provider in the progressive and independent media world.”

Both of these Internet entities harbor a deeply fanatical hatred of all things libertarian. Together they comprise the heartlessness and soulessness of what can only be described as the Ultimate Extremist Alt-Left.

The Antidote to Salon/AlterNet Hate

Libertarian Philosophy in the Real World: The Politics of Natural Rights
Libertarian Philosophy in the Real World: The Politics of Natural Rights
YOUR LIBERTARIAN OPINIONIZER’S PICK: Both left and right alike must reject Natural Rights Libertarianism because – well, it’s just too natural. All mainstream politics is based on control-freak ideologies with their own ruling class masters in control. The antidote is Friedman’s practical analyses, real world measures and rational solutions.

Many of their anti-libertarian fake news hate speech articles appear on both sites. They frequently reprint each other’s articles. Sometimes identical articles appear under slightly different inflammatory headlines (“hatelines”). Some writers write for both sites.

In most cases libertarians should be encouraged to take the high road when dealing with anti-libertarians and refrain from responding to insults with insults, arrogance with arrogance, false accusations with false accusations, and ad hominem attacks with ad hominem attacks.

But it’s hard for libertarians to take the high road in response to fake news and hate speech when the road that Salon and AlterNet obsessively take is the sewer. It makes these two deeply objectionable, obnoxious, obsessively irrational sites the exception.

No Half Measures for Hate Mongers

The utterly mindless ferocity of their war against libertarianism makes them exceptions. They routinely use such slurs as “the walking dead,” “freakshow,” “perverted,” “bizarre”, “clueless,” “phony,” “sham,” “hypocrites” and on and on and on in their screaming over-large grocery store tabloid-style run-on hatelines to unabashedly bash libertarians.

Their favorite defamatory flimflam is to falsely label non-libertarians as libertarians and then prop them up as straw man/straw dog/straw grasping exhibits for what they claim libertarianism “really is.” That’s how they consciously, knowingly, deviously create their own fake news and disguise their own bigoted hate speech.

They’ve been doing this for a very long time. They pretend that right, rightism, rightwing, conservative, Republican, Libertarian Party, Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party, fascist, Donald Trump and many other words like those are all synonyms for “libertarian.”

Hatesites Salon and AlterNet wallow in a certifiably dysfunctional fetishism against anything they can even remotely associate with their pathologically aberrant definition of “libertarianism.” These two sewer pipes are so tightly joined at the anal canal they ought to just merge their twin identities as “Salonernet.”

How’s that for your own chicken chat coming home to roost, Saloneret?

Salon & AlterNet: Exploiting Hate

These people DO run ads on their sites. Apparently they DO like big gov corporatist money!
These people DO run ads on their sites. Apparently they DO like big gov corporatist money!

Backbiter’s Background

Radley Balko, longtime libertarian Investigative Journalist and Reporter/Blogger for the Washington Post offered a long list of heinous headlines from 2012 through July 2015 before finally, apparently, gagging on it. He called this collection of print porn “Portrait of an Obsession.”

Virtually all of their headlines are so idiotically – and ideologically – twisted there’s little reason to place any credibility in the content of the articles themselves. Anyone with an ounce of real understanding of libertarianism can easily refute these headlines since they play so loosely and haphazardly with their definition of “libertarian” that meaninglessness, like “guilty,” is written all over their face.

When rational people remind themselves – following a hot shower after reading these slimy hit pieces – that the moral premise of libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle they can then easily respond to each ugly smugly smarmy smearing hateline exhumed and autopsied below.

To repeat, it is pointless to even attempt to respond to the actual content of the articles. Since most libertarians base their positions on reason and logic and the left, especially the alt left, routinely base theirs on primitive emotionalism and groupthink there is no common ground on which to base a meaningful discussion. Besides, the Salon-AlterNet Axis doesn’t care; their existence is to pander to their base base, the unthinking and the easily manipulated.

Inside the Anti-Libertarian Bobblehead Bubble World

A Half Dozen Hatelines From Salonernet

For what it’s worth here are a few of those “Salonernet” wild-eyed emotion-driven run-on headlines followed by a response for people who genuinely understand and care about libertarianism, meaning that they care about everyone’s freedoms and futures.

“Libertarianism is for white men: The ugly truth about the right’s favorite movement”

Every libertarian easily understands of course that libertarianism is for every honest, peaceful, caring, person of every color, gender and other description. And the real beauty of libertarianism is that it’s not “the right’s” movement, favorite or otherwise. Libertarianism rejects the authoritarianism of the right, the alt-right, the left and the alt-left. But why do so many people believe that the libertarian movement is made up almost exclusively of rightwing white men? Simple: Salon and AlterNet lie.

“You're Not the Boss of Me! Why Libertarianism Is a Childish Sham”

The vast majority of children quickly understand and embrace the basic principles of non-aggression taught to them by their parents: Don’t hit, don’t bully, don’t cheat. Libertarians translate this into their Non-Aggression Principle against coercion (don’t hit), intimidation (don’t bully) and fraud (don’t cheat). So why is it a “sham” that children also reject the illegitimate attempts at domination from other children when they say “You’re not the boss of me”? Apparently Salonernetters think adults should forget the childhood truths they learned from their parents and just knuckle under to the knuckleheaded heads of state – but only to the ones that Salonernet approves of and panders to.

“Grow up, Libertarians!”

This one was clearly already answered by the previous response. Libertarians have grown up as rational, caring, loving, compassionate, morally-oriented adults who genuinely care about everyone’s freedoms and futures – unlike the Salon-AlterNet childlike “adults” who crave Big Mommy-Daddy authoritarians who promise them a Blue Pill Matrix World where no one will ever have to think for themselves, never have to make their own decisions and will never be held answerable for the consequences of their own actions. Everyone can simply keep their heads down and hide out in the Elitist-Run Collectivist Group. Why grow up?

Spoofs of the Goofs

These goons are so good at fabricating fictitious libertarianism they shouldn't mind these mockup mockeries of themselves.
These goons are so good at fabricating fictitious libertarianism they shouldn't mind these mockup mockeries of themselves.

“The True History of Libertarianism in America: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda”

Promoting a corporate agenda? Even Oxi Clean can’t clean up this obviously obnoxious oxymoron; libertarians reject corporatism as nothing more than the incestuous copulation between big government politicians, big business CEOs and big banksters for the benefit of themselves at the expense of everyone else. Libertarians stand for free markets in a free society, not for corporatist statism. Obviously this hateline isn’t “True History” but “True Histrionics.”

“Libertarianism's Amorality”

(This one is on Balko’s list but appears to have been purged from Salonernet archives.) Libertarians, in spite of their unequivocal moral stance against coercion, intimidation and fraud are “amoral?” That word means neither moral nor immoral. Sounds like a case of psychological projection in which clueless people (or websites) attempt to defend themselves from their own superficiality by imposing their own failings onto others. To reject the Non-Aggression Principle is to embrace coercion, intimidation and fraud. That makes Salonernetters not simply “amoral” but blatantly immoral.

“How Libertarianism Would Actually Curtail Human Freedom”

The only way an individual’s freedom can be curtailed in the real world is to curtail – violate – the actual individual, which specifically goes against the Non-Aggression Principle. But of course the left’s idea of “freedom” is always some version of groupism, that everyone can somehow be magically “free” to live at the expensed of everyone else. People who wallow in groupthink by definition cannot think for themselves.

Silly Hatelines

Wow! Simultaneous Christian and Atheist Libertarianism! And that's just the beginning of the SalonyNut silliness.
Wow! Simultaneous Christian and Atheist Libertarianism! And that's just the beginning of the SalonyNut silliness.


This could go on almost endlessly since these two Alt-Lefters go on almost endlessly with their mindless attacks against individual freedom and personal responsibility, but that should give everyone a bad taste of what to expect from these sources.

Perhaps the only way to explain this deeply irrational hatred of libertarianism is that the people at Salon and AlterNet – and those who read and support them – are so deeply terrified of their own freedom and so horrified at the prospect of accepting responsibility for their own choices and the consequences of those choices that they just can’t stand themselves.

It really does get to the point where these people are so far over the cliff that they long ago hit bottom and are still bouncing on the rocks. There’s little sense in even trying to reason with these mushheads. They will only respond with more self-righteous smirks and sneers. They’re gone, and the best libertarians can do is just sigh, shrug, and look for actual rational human beings with whom to converse.

Still Cato’s Gene Healy offers another possible explanation for these Salonernetters: They suffer from a case of raging paranoia. As he put it, "Never before have so many been so intimidated by so few with so little political power."

Fake News Masters Salon & Alternet Would Call This Fake News

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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    • Garry Reed profile imageAUTHOR

      Garry Reed 

      3 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

      Bob you're spot on about their obsession. Did you read my article? I ended it with this:

      "Cato’s Gene Healy offers another possible explanation for these Salonernetters: They suffer from a case of raging paranoia. As he put it, "Never before have so many been so intimidated by so few with so little political power."

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I've also noticed a spate of anti-libertarian articles on Politico and in the Washington Post. What's odd is that the number of anti-libertarian articles on Salon and Politico in particular seems to be out of proportion with the influence that libertarianism has on politics today (i.e. almost none). Certain columnists seem to be obsessed with insulting libertarianism. I dunno; maybe a libertarian stole his girlfriend or something.


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