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Richest Americans: John D Rockefeller, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney

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The Richest Men in the World

Rich people have always fascinated the general public. The interest in rich people is not the same for all average people. I have found that curiosities about the richest men tend to range from wanting to know who the richest man in the world is and wating to know how they spend their time and money. While others simply want to know who the richest people are so that they can ridicule their success and make broad and jealous assumptions about their lifestyles; as kind of a place to direct their bottled up hatred and frustrations.

The final group of people who show great interest and curiosity towards the richest people seek out books to read about the richest men in the world and desire to learn their secrets of success in an effort to improve their own lives.

John D Rockefeller in Later Life

John D Rockefeller in Later Life

John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller was born in 1839 and became the richest man in the world by the 1870's. He retired in 1897, yet he is still talked about in regards to his great accomplishments and achievement of wealth to this day; more than one hundred and twenty years later.

Rockefeller's mother was frugal by nature and necessity, teaching her son that "willful waste makes woeful want." She raised her son with Christian values that would build her young Rockefeller into a powerhouse of creative, intellectual, and moral strength. He built the first oil refinery and incorporated the Standard Oil Company, and always gave at least 10% of his income to charities as his mother taught him to do ever since he earned his first dollar. His large fortune was used to help the needy and improve the country, yet he was plagued by never-ending attacks from reporters who always assumed that he must have been doing something crooked in order to achieve such success.

As Rockefeller's fame grew so did the resentment of those inclined to despise success. Ida Tarbell's, History of Standard Oil in 1901 was based on her famous nineteen-part series in a popular magazine of the day. Ida blasted Rockefeller in her story and her attacks have painted the image of Rockefeller ever since. On further examination, however, Tarbell's story was full of holes and inconsistencies.

John D Rockefeller had a long life and his retirement was almost 40 years long. He donated and financed projects for the benefit of the country and the education of its youth. He died in 1937 at the age of 97.

Mitt Romney


The Romney Family

Mitt Romney attended Bloomfield Hills, a prep school where he was not one of the more privileged boys. Mitt's father was an executive at American Motors Corporation and the family did not live in a structure that extremely wealthy people do. They were in fact not extremely wealthy, but comfortable and rather well off. George Romney did not attend college and was a tradesman. It took him years to achieve his comfort zone, and Mitt always maintained many qualities of life before the wealth. The Romney family photos often showed a casually dressed Mitt and Ann with their kids having hot dogs and camping, while the press painted them out to live the way the Kennedy's lived; a highbrow polo-playing, and yachting group of people who don't know anything beyond servants and fine wine.

Mitt Romney became chief executive officer at Bain & Company in 1977 and saved the company from a financial collapse, and in 1984 he co-founded the spin-off, Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm that became highly profitable and one of the largest firms of its kind in the country. His net worth was estimated at $200–250 million by this time and just as John D Rockefeller experienced in the 1880s, Romney received public attacks about his wealth, though perhaps much more extreme than Rockefeller because it was largely coming from the democratic party in an effort to create resentment toward Romney for his success.

Facts about the Romney family were hard to come by because they were so well buried in media propaganda. The truth is that the family taught the old fashioned values similar to the Rockefeller family qualities that build a solid foundation. It was hard to come by very many family photos of the Romney's even on the internet because on viewing the photos it is easy to see that despite their success, the Romney's always wore simple clothes and appeared very down to earth when not campaigning.

There are some good books that have been published in the few years that are geared towards those who like to learn from successful people. These books are focused on how Mitt has managed businesses and the Olympic games to achieve success.

Romney was the clear choice for the Republican party in 2012 due to his lack of Political Scandals, and strong record of success and achievement. After one term with Barack Obama, the country was upside down in dept and unemployment was at a record high.

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Despite the political propaganda that was used by the democrats during Romney's 2012 campaign for presidency, the fact is that Mitt became successful using his intelligence, willpower and dedication to morality. He is truly an inspiration to those who believe that the only way to succeed is to cheat and abuse people.

Romney was painted by the liberal media as a man who has no respect for women when he was running against Obama. To those who know Mitt and to those who knew how to look beyond the smoke it was clear that a man of Romney's extreme wealth and good looks who has not done a Donald Trump, or Dan Broderick, and dumped his wife for a young sparkling toy is a man of high integrity, and an honest respect for women. The democrats looked deep into Mitt's past only to find zero sleazy females who could claim that Romney had an affair with her. It is unusual indeed these days to see a man who could easily cheat on his wife as Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy did, but chose to take the high road. Mitt took his vows and meant every word of them. Make no mistake, he is a man of his word and his integrity and responsibility have been the force behind his success.

Typical down to earth Romney Photo Long Before His Political Run

Typical down to earth Romney Photo Long Before His Political Run

Donald Trump


Donald Trump; Think Big

Donald Trump is a name that gets people riled up and spitting fire. He is often ridiculed for being "stupid" and those who like to call him names also like to say "he did not create his wealth, his father was rich."

Donald Trump may have learned a few things from his father but he and his father are in no way the same in their business dealings or accomplishments. Fred Trump enjoyed moderate success as a rent collector while Donald indulges in mega commercial projects that his father would never have dreamed of getting into. In his youth, Donald was a very serious and determined man who wanted success in a much different and bigger way than his father had achieved.

He had the same innate attitude towards life that most success-oriented people have built into their chemistry. He did not drink or party, and he remained focused on his ultimate goal. While his college friends were in bars and having a good time, Trump was trying to get his foot in the door with the wealthiest men in New York so that he could be connected to their business deals and be part of the elite circle. Donald Trump has written books about how to achieve success and those who like to learn from rich men rate his first book, The Art of the Deal, as one of the all-time greats in motivation and real estate education. It is no surprise he was able to turn his business success into a successful presidential campaign.

The Richest People in the World

When encountering one of the richest people in the world many of us who are of average means are shocked by how down-to-earth and normal they are. It is also widely believed that rich people are not hard working. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most rich people work a lot harder than the average middle-class person. That is how they become rich.

They can often spend all day long working on their businesses and go home to their computers to continue their work. The image of a rich person sitting around the house and bossing people around is in the overall picture of things, false.

They are not often seen doing hard labor, because once a business becomes successful, it requires thinking and managing more than anything else.

Rich people are getting a bad rap these days because there is an attempt by politicians to create class warfare in which the poor people become resentful of the rich. They are promoting, "Tax the Rich and Redistribute Wealth." Rather than hate those who have achieved success, it is wise to learn from them, and decide if you wish to live your life dedicating as much effort to achieving wealth as they have. The average person would not enjoy the hectic and stressful schedule of Donald Trump. Yes, it all looks glamorous on television, but living in that schedule, with that level of stress, having so much money on the line and meeting deadlines, would scare the average person back to the middle class in a heartbeat.

If the average person could take the place of one of the richest people in the world for a few days, they most often would decide that it's not so bad being middle class, and would have more respect for the rich and their choices in life.

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