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"Q Murrica": A Country Consumed by Conspiracy Theories

This Is Where We Are Now

Conflict Of Interest

We now have conspiracy theory believers serving in our government. Quite the list of them here:

We have a Supreme Court Justice‘s wife as a major supporter of ”the Big Lie”: the conspiracy that Trump won the 202 election!

Apparently, she had vowed to stay out of politics, given who her husband was, but it didn’t last long.

I remember her from Obama’s term. She was giving instructions to Trey Gowdy on the investigations into Obama and Hillary!

“Virginia “Ginni” Thomas has returned to partisan politics as a fully engaged opponent of President Barack Obama, whom she has described as “hard left” and steering the nation “for tyranny.” As founder and president of a think tank and advocacy group called Liberty Central, she quickly established herself in the tea party movement by drawing on her longstanding ties to Washington’s conservative establishment and by landing two big donations — one for $500,000 and another for $50,000 —that put her group on the map.“

Story Broke On Mother Jones

Has Q Anon Been In Bed With Republicans All Along?

The Hate Is Real

This is something that I have been wondering for a long time......

Because, the conspiracies against Bill and Hillary Clinton started way back when he was governor of Arkansas, in 1979.

“From the small Arkansas town of Conway, Larry Nichols has made it his life's goal to bring down Clinton.”

“Nichols was hired by Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton in 1988 as marketing director for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. In 1988, the Associated Press reported he placed 642 long-distance calls at state expense on behalf of the Contras in Nicaragua, either to Nicaragua or to U.S. politicians backing them. At first, Nichols claimed the calls were related to the finance authority. However, when that story did not hold up,Clinton fired him.”

“The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton is a 1994 video produced by Patrick Matrisciana that accuses former president Bill Clinton of crimes in Arkansas. The video, which has been called a propaganda piece, put forward a conspiracy theory, the “Clinton Body Count,” regarding individuals whom Clinton was alleged to have had killed.

The Clinton Chronicles was produced by a group called Citizens for Honest Government of Westminster, California. Partially funded by Arkansan Larry Nichols, its parent organization was Creative Ministries, Inc.”

Nichols filed a lawsuit against Clinton for improper dismissal, and throughout Clinton's presidency, Nichols was a frequent guest on conservative talk radio and promulgated various conspiracy theories about Clinton.These included tales about alleged goings on at Mena Airport in western Arkansas. The New York Times characterized Nichols as one of the "Clinton crazies".”

Same crazy as Q Anon crazies? I certainly think so.

Frequent Guest On Alex Jones

Big Trump supporter

Big Trump supporter

“From 1990 until the present day, a very large proportion of the negative things you hear about the Clintons trace back to Larry Nichols. Troopergate was him, the idea that Chelsea isn’t Bill’s daughter was him, the accusation that they Clintons murdered/engaged in a cover-up about Vince Foster was him, the “Clinton Body Count” was him. There are very real criticisms of Bill and Hillary Clinton, but the most popular stuff is almost all bullshit concocted by a guy who couldn’t stand that Bill fired him in 1988.

He claimed in the 2016 election that Obama was planning to call off the elections so he could stay president, at which point he would declare America a Muslim nation, and thus make himself King of the Muslim World.

With a straight face, he’s argued that once the government collapses, the president immediately becomes King of the country, and everyone in Congress becomes a Duke/Duchess, which is why everyone wants to be in office when that happens, so their family will become part of a new American royalty.

In September 2013, Larry appeared on the Pete Santilli Show and claimed that he had been a literal hit-man for the Clintons, and that he had been sent to foreign countries to kill for them. When asked about it later, he retracted the story and said that he was on drugs during that interview and was lying.”

Sounds like QAnon to me.......

This Was Like Losing Our Son All Over Again

Used by the rightwing for cover

Used by the rightwing for cover

Seth Rich

”The murder of Seth Rich occurred on Sunday, July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The 27-year-old Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and his murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories.

Political conspiracy theories and racially charged comments started to appear on social media the day after Rich's death. Within days, right-wing conspiracy theories began circulating, including false claims that his murder was connected to the leaked DNC emails in 2016.

A post on Twitter before Rich's memorial service spread the idea that his killing was a political assassination. Subsequently, the conspiracy theory was spread on subreddit.

According to British journalist Duncan Campbell, the Russian intelligence agency, GRU, tried to implicate Rich as the source of the stolen DNC emails, in order to draw attention away from themselves as the real perpetrators of the theft.

Rich's family denounced the conspiracy theorists and said that those individuals were exploiting their son's death for political gain, and their spokesperson called the conspiracy theorists "disgusting sociopaths.

The same venues that fomented the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory helped to promulgate the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theories.”

And what was Pizzagate?

The theory that Hillary Clinton ran a paedophile sex ring out of a Pizza joint.

And who was behind Pizzagate?

Q Anon.

Dual Loyalties

We will bury you without firing a shot

We will bury you without firing a shot

The Russia Connection

”In a Yahoo News podcast called "Skullduggery”, reporter Michael Isikoff reports that Russia promoted fake news that ended up on Fox News about the death of a Democratic Party operative named Seth Rich.

Within three days of that murder, a conspiracy theory pops up on an obscure website called alleging that Rich was on his way to talk to the FBI about corruption by the Clintons when he was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for Hillary Clinton.

It turns out that that very same day that that report popped up on this obscure website, the Russian SVR - that's its version of the CIA - circulated a intelligence bulletin making those exact same claims about Seth Rich. So in short, it was the SVR, the Russian intelligence agency, that planted the conspiracy theory about Seth Rich from the get-go.”

Funny how all these people, including Putin, hate Hillary, and who is the biggest target of Qanon? Hillary Clinton.

Is Russia behind Qanon?

Bullets Over Barabinsk

Bang bang bros

Bang bang bros


“The National Rifle Association’s endorsement of two high-profile congressional candidates who support QAnon is not the pro-gun group’s first experience with this dangerous conspiracy theory. Five board members of the group have promoted QAnon or QAnon-related accounts on social media, and its political action committee has also endorsed four state legislative candidates who have expressed support for the conspiracy theory.“

Molon Labe bastardized

Now Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA. 14), who is known for her outlandish QAnon Conspiracy Theories including the theory that school shooting survivor David Hogg is a George Soros funded crisis actor, has brandished a facemask that features those sacred words. In the immediate wake of the January 6th insurrection on Capitol Hill.

This is how both QAnon and the NRA have bastardized and therefore diminished “Molon Labe.” It’s become a cry of rebellion. Of insurrection. It has become a rallying call of utter defiance to anything they disagree with (which they equate to actions of tyranny).

Moose and Squirrel

End Result

Militia groups, QAnon, Capitol rioters and anti-lockdown protesters are all linked by toxic NRA ideology

Too Much For Me To Handle

Hillary Clinton was right in 1998....this right wing conspiracy is vast, it would take years to unravel.

For instance, the links between Larry Nichols, Iran/Contra, Vince Foster‘s murder/ Rush Limbaugh......

Follow one path, it leads to another, and another and another......

One thing is clear all has to do with hatred of the Clintons. That is the glue that binds QAnon, Russia, and Trump supporters......

Trump, pointing at Hillary said, “I can tell you that Putin has no respect for this woman” if that’s supposed to be some kind of insult!

Hillary also worked with Mothers of the Movement......made gun control a key element of her campaign.

I can’t say I’ve figured any of it out, I can only say I have a strong feeling that I’m so close, I can almost taste it.

Q Anon is anti woman, pro gun and pro Russia.

Or maybe I should say anti a certain kind of woman.....the non Tammy Wynette, non cookie making kind.

Every Girl Knew This

The Real Nitty Gritty

The sad truth

The sad truth

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