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"Q Murrica": A Country Consumed by Conspiracy Theories

This Is Where We Are Now

Conflict Of Interest

We now have conspiracy theory believers serving in our government. Quite the list of them here:


We have a Supreme Court Justice‘s wife as a major supporter of ”the Big Lie”: the conspiracy that Trump won the 202 election!

Apparently, she had vowed to stay out of politics, given who her husband was, but it didn’t last long.

I remember her from Obama’s term. She was giving instructions to Trey Gowdy on the investigations into Obama and Hillary!

“Virginia “Ginni” Thomas has returned to partisan politics as a fully engaged opponent of President Barack Obama, whom she has described as “hard left” and steering the nation “for tyranny.” As founder and president of a think tank and advocacy group called Liberty Central, she quickly established herself in the tea party movement by drawing on her longstanding ties to Washington’s conservative establishment and by landing two big donations — one for $500,000 and another for $50,000 —that put her group on the map.“


Story Broke On Mother Jones

Has Q Anon Been In Bed With Republicans All Along?

The Hate Is Real

This is something that I have been wondering for a long time......

Because, the conspiracies against Bill and Hillary Clinton started way back when he was governor of Arkansas, in 1979.

“From the small Arkansas town of Conway, Larry Nichols has made it his life's goal to bring down Clinton.”

“Nichols was hired by Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton in 1988 as marketing director for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. In 1988, the Associated Press reported he placed 642 long-distance calls at state expense on behalf of the Contras in Nicaragua, either to Nicaragua or to U.S. politicians backing them. At first, Nichols claimed the calls were related to the finance authority. However, when that story did not hold up,Clinton fired him.”


“The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton is a 1994 video produced by Patrick Matrisciana that accuses former president Bill Clinton of crimes in Arkansas. The video, which has been called a propaganda piece, put forward a conspiracy theory, the “Clinton Body Count,” regarding individuals whom Clinton was alleged to have had killed.

The Clinton Chronicles was produced by a group called Citizens for Honest Government of Westminster, California. Partially funded by Arkansan Larry Nichols, its parent organization was Creative Ministries, Inc.”


Nichols filed a lawsuit against Clinton for improper dismissal, and throughout Clinton's presidency, Nichols was a frequent guest on conservative talk radio and promulgated various conspiracy theories about Clinton.These included tales about alleged goings on at Mena Airport in western Arkansas. The New York Times characterized Nichols as one of the "Clinton crazies".”

Same crazy as Q Anon crazies? I certainly think so.

Frequent Guest On Alex Jones

Big Trump supporter

Big Trump supporter

“From 1990 until the present day, a very large proportion of the negative things you hear about the Clintons trace back to Larry Nichols. Troopergate was him, the idea that Chelsea isn’t Bill’s daughter was him, the accusation that they Clintons murdered/engaged in a cover-up about Vince Foster was him, the “Clinton Body Count” was him. There are very real criticisms of Bill and Hillary Clinton, but the most popular stuff is almost all bullshit concocted by a guy who couldn’t stand that Bill fired him in 1988.


He claimed in the 2016 election that Obama was planning to call off the elections so he could stay president, at which point he would declare America a Muslim nation, and thus make himself King of the Muslim World.

With a straight face, he’s argued that once the government collapses, the president immediately becomes King of the country, and everyone in Congress becomes a Duke/Duchess, which is why everyone wants to be in office when that happens, so their family will become part of a new American royalty.

In September 2013, Larry appeared on the Pete Santilli Show and claimed that he had been a literal hit-man for the Clintons, and that he had been sent to foreign countries to kill for them. When asked about it later, he retracted the story and said that he was on drugs during that interview and was lying.”

Sounds like QAnon to me.......

This Was Like Losing Our Son All Over Again

Used by the rightwing for cover

Used by the rightwing for cover

Seth Rich

”The murder of Seth Rich occurred on Sunday, July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The 27-year-old Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and his murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories.

Political conspiracy theories and racially charged comments started to appear on social media the day after Rich's death. Within days, right-wing conspiracy theories began circulating, including false claims that his murder was connected to the leaked DNC emails in 2016.

A post on Twitter before Rich's memorial service spread the idea that his killing was a political assassination. Subsequently, the conspiracy theory was spread on subreddit.

According to British journalist Duncan Campbell, the Russian intelligence agency, GRU, tried to implicate Rich as the source of the stolen DNC emails, in order to draw attention away from themselves as the real perpetrators of the theft.

Rich's family denounced the conspiracy theorists and said that those individuals were exploiting their son's death for political gain, and their spokesperson called the conspiracy theorists "disgusting sociopaths.

The same venues that fomented the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory helped to promulgate the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theories.”


And what was Pizzagate?

The theory that Hillary Clinton ran a paedophile sex ring out of a Pizza joint.

And who was behind Pizzagate?

Q Anon.

Dual Loyalties

We will bury you without firing a shot

We will bury you without firing a shot

The Russia Connection

”In a Yahoo News podcast called "Skullduggery”, reporter Michael Isikoff reports that Russia promoted fake news that ended up on Fox News about the death of a Democratic Party operative named Seth Rich.

Within three days of that murder, a conspiracy theory pops up on an obscure website called whatdoesitmean.com alleging that Rich was on his way to talk to the FBI about corruption by the Clintons when he was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for Hillary Clinton.

It turns out that that very same day that that report popped up on this obscure website, the Russian SVR - that's its version of the CIA - circulated a intelligence bulletin making those exact same claims about Seth Rich. So in short, it was the SVR, the Russian intelligence agency, that planted the conspiracy theory about Seth Rich from the get-go.”


Funny how all these people, including Putin, hate Hillary, and who is the biggest target of Qanon? Hillary Clinton.

Is Russia behind Qanon?

Bullets Over Barabinsk

Bang bang bros

Bang bang bros


“The National Rifle Association’s endorsement of two high-profile congressional candidates who support QAnon is not the pro-gun group’s first experience with this dangerous conspiracy theory. Five board members of the group have promoted QAnon or QAnon-related accounts on social media, and its political action committee has also endorsed four state legislative candidates who have expressed support for the conspiracy theory.“

Molon Labe bastardized

Now Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA. 14), who is known for her outlandish QAnon Conspiracy Theories including the theory that school shooting survivor David Hogg is a George Soros funded crisis actor, has brandished a facemask that features those sacred words. In the immediate wake of the January 6th insurrection on Capitol Hill.

This is how both QAnon and the NRA have bastardized and therefore diminished “Molon Labe.” It’s become a cry of rebellion. Of insurrection. It has become a rallying call of utter defiance to anything they disagree with (which they equate to actions of tyranny).


Moose and Squirrel

End Result

Militia groups, QAnon, Capitol rioters and anti-lockdown protesters are all linked by toxic NRA ideology

Too Much For Me To Handle

Hillary Clinton was right in 1998....this right wing conspiracy is vast.....so vast, it would take years to unravel.

For instance, the links between Larry Nichols, Iran/Contra, Vince Foster‘s murder/ Rush Limbaugh......

Follow one path, it leads to another, and another and another......

One thing is clear though......it all has to do with hatred of the Clintons. That is the glue that binds QAnon, Russia, and Trump supporters......

Trump, pointing at Hillary said, “I can tell you that Putin has no respect for this woman”.....as if that’s supposed to be some kind of insult!

Hillary also worked with Mothers of the Movement......made gun control a key element of her campaign.

I can’t say I’ve figured any of it out, I can only say I have a strong feeling that I’m so close, I can almost taste it.

Q Anon is anti woman, pro gun and pro Russia.

Or maybe I should say anti a certain kind of woman.....the non Tammy Wynette, non cookie making kind.

Every Girl Knew This

The Real Nitty Gritty

The sad truth

The sad truth

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Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 25, 2021:

“Katalin Karikó worked for 4 decades at the technology used for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

They didn’t just come out of thin air.”


Not were they created by elite deep state billionaires. That would be the Republican Party.

“My body, my choice”….wow, that sounds familiar. Question: how does my abortion affect you?

Answer: it doesn’t.

Question: how does your refusing the vaccine affect me?

Answer: If I live near you, it very well might.

Sit thee down. And shut thee up.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 25, 2021:

Lot of demagogues being created in the anti vaxx movement….one in the UK wants to hang NHS doctors…..like maga wanted to hang Pence, and put a bullet in Pelosi’s head. Violent much?

It’s in Sweden, too.

It’s world wide.

Our version is trump, who does it for Russia, so I wonder if these others do, too?

I mean, it’s obviously staged, to arouse emotions. Like this guy does:


Trump….he brings out lots of emotion…..mostly hate. I mean, how should you feel about people who “execute babies after they’re born”?

Who, “come to our country bringing rapists and crime”?

All maga politicians demagogue.

And they downplay real violence and terror, like Jan 6.

Because obviously, if they do it, it pure and comes from gawd, and their gawd is supreme, and your gawd is shit and you all not like us are shit and deserve to die!

“We have the right to harm you, because we have a gawd given directive.”

Says all the terrorist everywhere in the world. Maga is not special, it’s just the American version of it.

Typical demagoguery.

Typical outcome.

Typical brainwashing techniques.

“I am the expert because I say so”……

Well I’m an expert on dumbfkery….and maga and anti vaxxers take the cake.

Not because they are maga and anti vaxx….because they think they are gawdly, and supreme!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 23, 2021:

I’m glad we have so many experts on god here.

I mean, what is god, if not a reflection of maga?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 16, 2021:

Ooooh. Hers a little conspiracy for youze!

“The GOP wants fewer people vaccinated so the infection rate will go up, shutdowns will come back, and economic growth will slow down. Then they'll say that it's all Biden's fault and many of their voters will believe them.”


Sounds believable to me. Not a day goes by, they don’t malign Biden. BDS is alive and kicking.

I think I’ll start my own conspiracy group. L-anon.

“I get messages from high up in the gvt…..I’ll tell you all about it”

Stay turned. “Where we go, you can’t follow”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 16, 2021:

Geez maga, you proud of this?



And if they were Muslim, you’d call for retaliation.

Find some principles, why don’t you.

Do you have any?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 14, 2021:

Josh Marshall:

“There's a key part of the Ashli Babbitt martyrdom story. The Trumpers pushing her story are convinced the officer who shot her is a black man.”

But of course. And dumpy says:

Babbitt is “an innocent, wonderful, incredible woman,’ adding, ‘if that were on the other side, the person that did the shooting would be strung up and hung.’”

Like the kkk used to do all them n’ers, eh Chump?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 12, 2021:

I’m more republican than maga!

Charlie Dent, R:

"This CPAC has always been kind of an odd gathering and now it's been taken over by a bunch of radicals, anti-vaxxers," he began. "It's a land of misfit toys, it's a political freak show, it's like the Star Wars bar. This is just bizarre."

Me:”They were tracking menstrual cycles at the border camps. They are freaks.”

We both see them as freaks. Isn’t that something?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 08, 2021:

“The very first word of the First Amendment is "Congress" (as in "shall make no law..."). That means the First Amendment applies to governmental actors, not private companies.”


Oh yeah! That’s what you always tell people like me. Hubpages can do what it wants.

But Twitter and Facebook can’t? Is that it? Or is it they can do what they want to liberals, but not far right extremists?

I’ll bet ever single righty who told me “you deserved it”, will now say “poor trump was persecuted because he’s a rightwinger”

Wait on it! It’s as predictable as night and day.

In. Te. Gri. Ty. Do you have it, or not?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 07, 2021:

“Anyone else think “defund the police” was a Russian active measure? The right sure sucks it up.”


Build that wall

Lock her up

Send them back

……..ALL of it.

All. Of. It.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 04, 2021:

It’s over. You are going to have to accept he’s a crook and a con. And actually, much worse.

Finally, something to celebrate this rainy, cold 4th of July.

“Prosecutors said ledgers themselves showed the size of the fraud, estimating Weisselberg ALONE had avoided paying over $900,000 in taxes. And that concealment showed that the Trump Org knew it was wrong.”

I’m especially happy to see that mean, animal killer Junior get tapped.

Now don’t forget weasel boy Jared.

“Let Covid rage in blue states. It’ll make them look bad politically”

My god! I mean, my god!!!!!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 02, 2021:

What of all the recounts where no fraud was found? Is this part of the deep state enemy, too?

Republicans in Michigan said there was no fraud. Have they been recruited by the deep state?

And will you believe the results from the secret cabin in Montana?

Wow. Just wow.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 29, 2021:

“Donald Trump responded to rising crime by taunting Democratic mayors and vilifying undocumented immigrants. Those on the far-left respond to it by amplifying calls to defund or even dismantle police departments, on the errant belief that social programs are the best short-term way to stop bullets flying.

Acting just before summer when crime typically spikes, President Biden proves yet again that, like Eric Adams, he inhabits the sane middle where most Americans live and fewer Americans die. His prescription for the wave of violence washing over cities is to tighten up insanely porous gun laws and support police, while helping those recently released from prison find a foothold on the outside.”


Far right maga can’t understand why people voted for Biden. Far left says he’s too establishment……..

He’s us! The real America. Not far right, not far left. Not mean, don’t mind paying taxes, try to be kind and helpful to others.

He is us. And you don't like it. Tuff shit. 70% of us identify as liberal. Minority rule is over.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 26, 2021:

Steve Bannon got a haircut.

Isn’t he indicted for stealing money for the “build the wall” scam?

Did he get a trump pardon, too?

His podcast, “the war room”, is up and running.

On a network called Real America’s Voice.

Lol! The arrogance!

He’s real…..Lindell is real…..ain’t THAT a bitch!

Sarah Palin started that crap. Real Americans. Real traitorous. I’ll agree with that.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 24, 2021:

Don trump jr called Biden a doddering old fool.

Want to tell me again how you respect the USA?

Why don’t you ask him what he thinks about Putin, Netanyahu, erdogan, jung un?

You know he’d be singing their praises.

So. Remind me which Obama kid bashed Trump.

I’ll wait.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 23, 2021:

"Fox News is for Murdoch now what the tabloids were 40 years ago, a profit gusher that keeps his business prosperous," wrote columnist Clive Irving. "The latest quarterly numbers for Fox show revenues at $3.22 billion, and growing. Furthermore, the New York Post has become a profitable part of the Murdoch empire, especially as it joins Fox in laundering Murdoch's preferred political agenda."


They say his son Lachlan is more far right than he is!

Extremist propaganda.

And not even American!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 22, 2021:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 21, 2021:

If you don’t want them in your country, maybe you should stop eating.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 20, 2021:

“The Republican Party has turned fascist – it is now the most dangerous threat in the world.”



As Chomsky told you years ago. https://www.democracynow.org/2018/11/5/noam_chomsk...


Keep your fingers in your ears, lalalalala.

When you call people sheeple for wearing masks to save their lives, and that of others…..or say Antifa did 1/6/21…..

Suffice it to say, nothing you say has any credibility.

Right, Mrs russian Deza? Where’s your pal dark one?

“I know someone who went there. To support Trump.”

I just bet you do. HP is crawling with them. And don’t make me laugh that you’re worried about censorship….your crowd runs the forums. You all are safe.

You did use to be quite more nasty, though. You don’t fool me.

Same with the guy who said we should let tunnels should collapse on people…..

Both of you would have been gone already, if you weren’t safe and protected.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 19, 2021:

It figures.

“Republicans are mocking Biden for showing grief over the loss of his dog.”

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows what he is going through.

They’re mocking you, too.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 19, 2021:

Lol! Of course they were.

“BUSTED. Fox News’ 11 “concerned parents” upset about Critical Race Theory were actually all political pundits, lobbyists, and operatives.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 15, 2021:

This is maga. This runs hubpages forums. It’s shameful!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 14, 2021:

“Tickets to ‘Trump’s Second Inauguration’ Being Sold on Facebook for $1200.”

Aug 15.

Starring Ted nugent and kid rock.

The eff America tour. “We are better than you.”

Eternal maga cry.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 13, 2021:

Who me.....pay a living wage? Why should I when the gvt subsidizes me?

Pay taxes? Me? Why should I? Those billions are mine. Let the little people pay.

I have republicans in gvt to protect me.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 13, 2021:

Brian Schatz:

“I think it’s kind of an underrated fact that the animating forces right now on the right are 1) banning certain ideas from being taught 2) overturning elections.”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 12, 2021:

Obedience to a system?

That’s religion.

One party wants to force theirs on us all, the other doesn’t.

A platform which is anti abortion is no respecter of individual Liberty whatsoever.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 11, 2021:

Maga should be banned everywhere.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 11, 2021:

“At least a dozen men at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have histories of domestic violence, sexual assault or child rape and abuse arrests - some were arrested multiple times and repeatedly violated restraining orders.”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 11, 2021:

Maga is blind. And Trump is the blind leading the blind.

Honest you gawd, it’s as if the last 40 years never happened with these people.

Asleep at the wheel, headstrong, and ignorant.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 11, 2021:

“Remember when Trump falsely accused Barack Obama of spying on him - turns out it was Trump’s DOJ who spied on Adam Schiff & other House democrats, their aides, their families & even their children.

Projection & abuse of power.”


It’s the Putin, bum, strong man way. Daddy god approves. He said so!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 10, 2021:

“I believe 75 million or more Americans were already there with you.”

It’s 74. And 81 million are against. You lose! Buck up and be grown ups about it, instead of babies.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 09, 2021:

“Most of what is wrong with American today can be boiled down to:

• Too little Empathy

• Excessive Ego

• Virtually Zero Moral Courage

• Greed”


In other words, maga.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 09, 2021:

“Joe Manchin cosponsored the voting-rights bill in 2019 that he is now blocking on the grounds that the GOP doesn't like it.

Follow the money.”


Koch. He’s joined the cult.

Maga Manchin.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 08, 2021:

Dead end donnie.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 08, 2021:

As long as maga exists, there will be opposition to it.

New members Manchin and Sinema will soon find out.

It’s not about partisanship, it’s survival of this form of gvt.

Trump/ Maga prefer a Putin type of gvt. The rest of us don’t.

And Cheney says many Repubs would oppose maga, but they fear for their lives!

Just take that in. And know it’s true. And realize this is the group you support in the guise of politics: it’s the mob. International. Big money. Human rights optional.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 07, 2021:

Sorry, but no self respecting dem would do this:


And her:



Be associated with Those 2? Trump and Cornyn?


Sold out.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 04, 2021:

“Capitol rioter who accused cops of 'protecting pedophiles',... served prison time for raping a 14-year-old girl.”


And, let’s not forget.....


Ahhh, maga, maga.......you are about to take a big fall.

And you deserve it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 03, 2021:

You think it’s a mistake he held it upside down? I don’t.


It’s like lady Gaga in her video....Alejandro......with the upside down cross on her crotch.

It’s not a mistake, it’s blasphemy.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 02, 2021:

Lol at maga pretending they care what Putin does. They are Russia’s biggest cheerleaders, and Lavrov said Putin is going to chastise Biden for going after the insurrectionists.

Russia and maga are simpatico. Way too late to act otherwise.

When trump goes down, Putin goes down. And vice versa.

It’s all one big rightwing club. Bibi has asked for another billion, and Graham said of course.

I wonder if any maga will ask where the money is coming from? They do when it’s money given to Americans.

Bibi, Putin, bone saw......anything they want, they get from maga. And not one maga complains about “their” money going to foreign nations. They just hate when it’s spent here.

I mean, what do you call that?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2021:

Now I’m starting to feel sorry for him.

"Trump has been telling a number of people he's in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August" - Maggie Haberman

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 31, 2021:

“Our Constitution is based on the Bible. Period.”

Says ignoramus Mikhail Flynn. He doesn’t have a CLUE what America is about.

Go back to RT, shithead. BYE. Can’t go fast enough, traitor!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 30, 2021:


“Capitol rioters are planning to use the ‘Trump lied to us’ defense in their upcoming trial.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 29, 2021:

Gain of function research came straight out of Rand Paul’s mouth.

All of a sudden, maga is an expert.

They don’t even know what it means. They just use it as a bashing point, because they heard it on tv.

And yes, America spoke loudly in the 2020 election. We don’t want Nazis here.

Get used to it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 28, 2021:

A mass shooting daily. And who does nra align with?

“NRA Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals”



If you ever read about the assassins....how the controllers would get men high and describe all the heavenly things awaiting them if they just committed murder....

Mind control, suggestive powers are real.

What did trump tell you? Democrats hate America.

You’re the only Patriots.

And y’all had shirts made saying you’re rather be Russian than democrats.

The 26 yr old reporter Lukashenko grabbed was a Putin sanctioned operation. They were bragging about it on Russian tv.

What did Trump tell you?

It’s all fake news. Reporters are the enemy.

Remember the t shirts of a noose for the reporters?

Jan 6....there was a sign saying kill reporters, or something along those lines.

Here’s a clue:

Trump is the paedophile. Trump is the mob. Trump works for foreign entities.

But y’all want to water the tree of liberty with liberal blood.

Snap out of it, will you? Koch and the libertarians are not your friend.

McConell doesn’t give a squat about you.

Democrats are the real Patriots.

They work for you.

Join them. Leave the cult.

Or don’t. It will be defeated regardless. 18% versus the rest of us.

Not good odds.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 27, 2021:

I’ll answer that.

White privilege, and white grievance.

Period. Chip chap cheerio.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 27, 2021:

My grandfather left Lithuania because of Stalin.

And lo and behold, he’s here!

STASI helped Bushco with Total Information Awareness Network.

Koch bros dad made his fortune with Stalin.

Here they are in America, part of the great GOP.

And you want me to think of them as Patriots. You must be mad.

I would have liked to respond on the hub discussing Stalin, but the author always deletes my comments.

You know, the “freedom and constitution” people.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 26, 2021:


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 50-year-old Lino Lakes man pleaded guilty Tuesday to attacking an elderly couple with a golf club and his fists over a Joe Biden campaign sign last November in White Bear Lake.

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office says Mark Anthony Ulsaker took a plea deal, which dropped the most serious charges against him: second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting a peace officer. He instead is guilty of two counts of making threats of violence.

The criminal complaint states that on the afternoon of Nov. 8, 2020, several witnesses saw Ulsaker stop his pickup truck at a street corner where the couple stood with a homemade Biden sign. Ulsaker, who told investigators he was a supporter of now-former President Donald Trump, swore at the couple, who ignored him.

He then parked his truck at a nearby Walgreens and charged at them with a club. After kicking over the sign, he began swinging the club, which soon broke over the woman’s chair. Ulsaker then pushed her over, and punched the man in the head as he moved in to defend her. Ulsaker then fled to his truck, but was followed by the woman. Ulsaker got in, then drove up the curb “to scare her” before driving off.

Witnesses wrote down his license plate number and gave it to police, who soon confronted him at his residence. Ulsaker resisted arrest and threw a punch at an officer, which was blocked, but caused a thumb injury. Officers then subdued him with the help of a Taser.

Ulsaker will be sentenced on July 14.”


Free to be, just like me. Or else.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 25, 2021:

“Let me understand this: Republicans only want Republican votes to count?”

You got it! And only their religion to count. And only their ideology to count. And only their voice to be heard.

It’s simple, really. And so so very sinister.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 24, 2021:

A year ago today


400,000 more didn’t have to happen....

Also supported by people here on hubpages, who throw out lies about covid to support Trump.

I don’t joke about lmc-ni for nothing. This will be an issue in the future. Any and all who supported trump will be as pariahs.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 23, 2021:

MAGA is the enemy of America. Full stop. Act like it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 23, 2021:

“Jason Miller slipped an abortion pill into a woman’s smoothie.”

Wasn’t he cheating on his wife, too?

Isn’t he maga? Aren’t they suppose to be Gods representatives on earth?

I rest my case. Maga= mob. Nothing to do with God.

Transnational organized crime. Hiding in religion.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 22, 2021:

Cawthorne (the guy with 150 sexual harassment/assault accusations against him), has missed more votes than any other freshman.

He says it’s because it was all “Democratic garbage”.

Now you tell me how to work with a person like that. I’ll tell you, you can’t.

That is his view of fellow Americans, that they’re garbage. So, where can you go from there? No where!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 21, 2021:

Here is your problem. When people said the election was stolen from Hillary, what did you do?

Sneer and silence.

Bush v Gore......same.


But now....now, the world must be turned over because you lost. The world must stop because you’re unhappy.

And your claim is ridiculous, where the others weren’t.

But we must all kiss butt when republicans are unhappy. Media must interview -aud naseum.....circus clown recounts, by partisan players.....and the loser howling at the moon for attention.

Here’s the deal: Hillary was leading in all the polls. She actually won the popular vote by 3 million. We know trumpco was working with Russia, master hackers, especially since Snowden can tell them the specifics of our system.....

But you said get over it, Trump won. And she did.

Look at Graham, McConnell and Collins....2020.

All three were losing or tied in polls...people were fed up with them, and came out in droves to vote.

But all three won handily? Suspicious.

But there are no recounts there. No losers howling at the moon.

Trump lost the popular vote by 7 million. He lost the electoral by the same marginal he won it over Hillary.....a huge victory back then, huh?

His own gvt....and it was his, he put his people in....said the election was legit.

His own lawyer said “I’m lying, don’t sue me!”

But we must carry on this charade because maga lost.

This just shows what superiority complex looks like.

When you lose, “it’s the end of the world, and must be rectified!” When others lose, it’s “sit down and shut up.”

What they need to do is subpoena Karl Rove, and ask about ES and S machines...going back to 04.

Used in s carolina and Kentucky, 2020....you see what’s going on with Collins.

That would be a good day.

Maybe one day dems will be equal. I sure hope Biden uses his power to start that ball rolling.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 20, 2021:

This is the truth, versus the lies and propaganda you see on hubpages and other rightwing sites:

“The economy shed more than 9 million jobs in 2020. 1.3 million were added during Biden’s first 100 days in office.”

Check anything a rightwinger posts.....most likely, it is untrue.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 19, 2021:

But of course.....


“Trump & his kids collect dossiers on everyone in their orbit. Kushner had folders on his desk with everyone’s secrets. They traffic in Kompromat. You think Vanky didn’t know who Gaetz was? Her BS about sex-trafficking was cover because it was basically the family business.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 18, 2021:

When facts like this don’t bother people....they have an agenda, imo.

“The Indian Medical Association estimates that at least 269 doctors have died during the second wave of Covid-19 in India, at an average of 20-25 doctors per day.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 16, 2021:

“Cheney says Trump parrots "the same kinds of things that the Chinese Communist Party says about democracy: that it's a failed system, that America's a failed nation."


Yes. He has no love for America.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 16, 2021:

Steven Beschloss:

“What an utter absence of ethics and ideas it takes to stick with Trump and imagine this is the way forward. What a tragedy for the whole country in need of repair.”


Drop the man god. The whole world needs to. Embrace the mom god.....who loves us all.

Metaphorically.....we don’t need stern discipline, we need kindness and understanding.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 14, 2021:

“How did mercer get louis lerners emails? How did flynn get Strzoks texts?”


What about privacy rights? Who is stealing things from private citizens for criminals?



Gang gang

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 14, 2021:

“The son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on Russian TV to push conspiracy theories about the federal investigation of his father.”

Anyone care to guess why he went on Russian state tv? Anyone? Here, from this hub:

“Is Russia behind Qanon?”

I think so. And remember the maga shirts..”I’d rather be Russian than a democrat”?

It’s no lie. They sold out.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 12, 2021:

“On a side note, it is interesting how since Biden has been elected all of a sudden we are having all these gas problems, price of gas has never been higher in places like CA, while other States can't get any.”

Putin hacked the gas pipeline. Like Trump and maga, he’s working to destroy America.

Too bad you elected a party of puppets, who are paid by Russia.

They are at war, and now that their comrade Trump is gone, the knives come out.

Trump worked for Putin, Biden doesn’t.

Expect more. And expect return fire.

And you have chosen your side.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 12, 2021:

Oh hell yes!

Mitt Romney, “Expelling Liz Cheney from leadership won't gain the GOP one additional voter, but will cost us quite a few," he tweeted. "Need to expell those involved in the Jan. 6th riot, let's concentrate on that!"

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 10, 2021:

“A Republican state senator from Arizona is now admitting it was a mistake to back Trump supporters' so-called "vote audit" that has devolved into a total circus.

In an interview with the New York Times, Arizona State Sen. Peter Boyer said that he was embarrassed to have ever supported the audit.

"It makes us look like idiots," he told the Times. "Looking back, I didn't think it would be this ridiculous. It's embarrassing to be a state senator at this point."


Keep em coming. The fog is clearing.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 08, 2021:



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 08, 2021:

“Arguably the biggest traitor during the entire Trump debacle was when Rod Rosenstein – who had appointed Special Counsel Mueller in the first place – was revealed to have been sabotaging Mueller’s investigation from the start, and then helped Bill Barr bury Mueller’s findings.”


When criminals have all the power.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 06, 2021:

“Rod Rosenstein Stopped Robert Mueller Investigating Trump's Financial Ties to Russia: Report”


Of course he did. He works for the USSA. As do all republicans of the Trump variety.


Report is under paywall.....even increasingly so....all news is.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 05, 2021:

“My God, could you even imagine if Trump or any Republican representative used such a slur, perhaps calling Obama an Oreo? They would be screaming Impeach! LOL “



Trump gave him the medal of freedom.

Cut the crap.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 04, 2021:

Joe Walsh:

“The political party that spends every day whining & complaining about cancel culture is about to cancel someone for speaking the truth.”


Do you even see yourselves?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 03, 2021:

This is a Republican.

Liz Cheney:

“The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.“

Not many of them left, but kudos to you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 02, 2021:

Orin Kerr:

“If I get the MAGA-world case against critical race theory, it's that America is a land of equality and couldn't be systematically biased,

....................and yet also that all major American institutions (media, big tech, deep state, universities) are systematically biased against MAGA-world.”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 30, 2021:

“If Biden were a Republican, press would tout him as the new Reagan.”


They want more tax cuts. They probly hate Biden, too.

Oh. Well. Too. Bad.

Our turn to have a piece of the oligarch pie.

Flip the pyramid.

Down is now up.

Deal with it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2021:

Sorry, it’s the truth.

Eric Garland:

“A nation run by scared, brittle pseudo-Nazis was bound to fall.

An America that lives up to “E Pluribus, Unum” is bound to triumph.

We’re on the right track - together.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 28, 2021:

Sarah Kendzior:

"The far right wants white people to be able to kill with impunity. You see this with the SCOTUS 2nd amendment case, with laws that legalize running over protesters, with police brutality, with incitement to violence by people like Carlson."-


It’s quite obvious. I wonder if anyone could dispute it with evidence?


One of these Nazis thinks having your kid wear a Covid mask is like beating your child!

And someone who would know, said Laughlan Murdoch is JUST like Tucker.

Do you get it? They don't want you to mask or vaccine, because it’s a death cult. They want to kill off America, Heil Twitler steps in.

I’m not talking garden variety republicans, I’m talking far right.





Look at Liz Cheney.......she knows the difference. You all better learn it, too.

They are, and have been here!

And other spots around the globe.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 27, 2021:

Joy Reid:

“What do covid deniers think all those people in Michigan and in India and Brazil are dying of? Genuine question...”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 27, 2021:

So what do anti vaxxers say about what’s going on in India?

Are they saying that the deep state created the virus AND the vaccine?

Because obviously it is no hoax.

And, if that is the case, then Trump was involved.

I’m trying to see how any of it makes sense.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 26, 2021:

“The Murdoch/Mercer/Koch Family of Networks.”

How is it Murdoch’s girlfriend becomes Putin’s girl? And she’s also pals with Ivanka....in fact, introduced Ivanka and Jared.

Wendy Dang.

And if you want to know how Mrs. McConnell enriched her family while “serving” as Transportation Secretary....

And wasn’t Kraft busted at a trump spa run by a Chinese spy, who hangs out at Mar a Lago?

And you want to talk China? We can talk China and Russia. And Saudi and Israel.........

What can you say? Nothing. Go sit in the corner until your terror groups are put in prison where they belong.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 26, 2021:

“Matt Gaetz received $475,000 in PPP loans for his father’s senior care company that he NO longer owns. Gaetz said “I took advantage of a loophole in the rules. It wasn’t illegal.”


WHO are the welfare queens?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 25, 2021:

I think this hub is going to be timely....I’m going to have to fix it. It’s not in the proper writing style.

But the content is timely.


“Caolan Robertson, Right Wing Alt-Right Youtuber is whistleblowing

He just named the big players

And we know them all

Rebel Media

He just brought up PizzaGate.“


The Vast Right Wing is being exposed for what it is. Always has been.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 24, 2021:

There is an America First Rally going on at the Indian River County Fairgrounds in Florida.

If you want to know what’s tearing America apart, listen to what they say.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 24, 2021:

Hey Q......

“What to make of this?

- Mike Lindell - domestic violence related arrest

- Rick Schroder - DV related arrest

- John Pierce - 2 DV restraining orders against

- All 3 involved in Kyle Rittenhouse bail?

- What gives?“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 23, 2021:

Hubpages forums are racist as hell. Why is this nest allowed to fester here? Why?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 22, 2021:

Same for USA, brother.

“Navalny responds to yesterday’s rallies: “2 feelings rage inside me- Pride and hope. You walked with me yesterday and today I will lie on a cot and imagine how I walk with you and for you. Our country is slipping into darkness for a reason.

Insane and evil Kremlin grandfathers trade the worthy lives of Russians for their own palaces and vineyards. But people understand and won’t give up their own and their children’s futures. Yes it will be hard, but those who hold Russia back will be doomed. Russia will be happy.”


We don’t want Kremlin here, either. We voted comrade trumpf out!

Qanon is Kremlin made. The crazy is familiar. Tea Party style. And those against my husband, too. Racism/superiority has its own special flavor.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 22, 2021:

For all you Putin allies (maga), the people over there aren’t crazy about him either.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 21, 2021:

Well, dam!

Badd Company:

“Russia created Q just like Russia created Parler. But wait, there's more.”

Xplains the crazy.....

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 20, 2021:

“... when herd immunity would have occurred WITHOUT all this overreaction

You mean like Brazil? 4,000 people dead a day?

Sure, no problem, right? Even Trump understood the dangers of this thing. Even Trump was freaked out by it. “It goes through the air. You breathe and it gets you”

And since it was Trump who facilitated Operation Warp Speed, I fail to see how his supporters don’t get it.

Over reaction? It’s a god send.

Man, some of you can’t be more fk disingenuous and phony.

Remember how you screamed about Cuomo letting seniors in nursing homes with Covid patients?

Didn’t you scream “he’s killing them!”

But, that’s what you want! It’s, “creating heard immunity”, right?

Wrong. Heard immunity can be had with everyone taking the vaccine, too.

And less people will DIE. Do you understand death? Do you?

You may want to play fast and loose with it, we don’t.

The first story i read about Covid from here, was a mom. She was in the hospital, got treatment, and luckily recovered. Imagine her kids and husband if she had died.

Now we have a vaccine that prevents death. And the more who take it, the less death.

I guess we just wait around another 5 years for your “natural head immunity” to kick in.

Just stay the f away from me.

Oh, and I see Ted Nugent got the Hoax. Let him refuse treatment....since it isn’t real.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 19, 2021:

“Majorie Taylor Greene, the woman who called for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s execution,” was not censured by McCarthy.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 19, 2021:

Some young traffic cop just insulted me. They’re doing road work, and I followed the car in front of me. He stops me and says,”it’s incredible how people will just follow others....like lemmings”. Apparently, I was supposed to go to the far right lane, so he was in my face calling me a lemming.

Now, pre Trump me would have said, “I know, like trump voters.” ...or, “I know, like people who pay your salary, only to get insulted by you.”...something like that.

But since trump, the idiots are emboldened. The racists, the superiors, they think they can do anything. And he could have.

So, I bit my tongue.

And it hurt. That punk deserved a comeback. Who does he think he is? I DO pay his salary, and all those sweet perks.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 18, 2021:

Pay dirt:

“r/The_Donald was a subreddit where participants created discussions and memes in support of former U.S. president Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign's digital director, Brad Parscale, stated in June 2016 that he visited the subreddit daily. Throughout the election, members in Trump's war room at Trump Tower monitored the subreddit to see new trends.

A conspiracy theory involving the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria attracted attention on r/The_Donald. Several members of the community created the r/pizzagate subreddit which was subsequently banned by Reddit administrators for breaking site rules regarding sharing personal information of others.

In December 2016, the subreddit gained media attention when it linked a knee injury sustained by NBA player Andrew Bogut to the conspiracy theory.

Murder of Seth Rich:

r/The_Donald devoted a significant number of posts to the murder of Seth Rich. In July 2017, The Economist noted that there had been over 10,000 posts dedicated to the topic. The subreddit promoted the conspiracy theory that his killing was a political assassination. Reddit users attempted to tie the homicide to prior "Clinton Body Count" conspiracy theories. Several members of the subreddit planned a march on Washington D.C.


In February 2018 Inquisitr reported on an analysis that revealed that r/The_Donald had thousands of posts to it that originated from Russian propagandists, making it one of the biggest hubs of Russian-based propaganda on the internet. Soon after, The Daily Beast obtained documents from the Russian-backed online "troll farm" Internet Research Agency that confirmed that the organization deployed its agitators on subreddits including r/The_Donald and r/HillaryForPrison in the run-up to the 2016 election.”


Patriots.win, formerly TheDonald.win, is an independent far-right internet forum created as a successor to r/The_Donald, similarly based around support of former President Trump. The website has been labelled "a magnet for extreme discourse" by the Financial Times. It has been likened to Gab and 8kun, as those sites were also created to bypass hate speech policies on more mainstream sites.”


The vast right wing. Terrorist organization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R/The_Donaldv

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 18, 2021:

“Hyphenating Americans, adding to the term, taking away from the term is what is destructive!”

Such as "Anglo-Saxon political traditions" and infrastructure "that reflects the architectural, engineering and aesthetic value that befits the progeny of European architecture," ?

.......you don’t see that as cultural identity?

I do. Who are the progeny of European architecture? I am, but I’m not Anglo Saxon.

But, if they want a caucus for it, it’s fine by me.

Just stop pretending you guys are offended by “identity politics”.

It’s ALL identity politics. You guys just want to maintain control, and the rest of us want a share.

That’s all this is! Jan 6, all of it!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 18, 2021:


“According to a report from Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gov Brian Kemp (R-GA) had a rough past week as multiple county GOP committees held meetings where he was censured for not agreeing with Donald Trump that there was election fraud in his state that cost the ex-president his re-election.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 16, 2021:

Here’s logic anyone can understand.....even Junior trump.

If you hate something, then go to work for it.....you’re not there to do a good job.....you’re there to destroy it.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 15, 2021:

Ari Berman:

“Truly astonishing to hear Mitch McConnell & Senate Republicans decry “court packing” after they stole 2 Supreme Court seats for Trump & blocked 110 Obama judicial nominees.”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 15, 2021:

jane hansen:

“been getting a lot of death threats from antivaxxers since I aired a doco on their tactics. One needed to be reported to police as it was next level. Tried to hide it from my 15 y/o but he was here when police took statement. Just found the kitchen knife under his bed. So angry.”

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