President Trump Is— In Words I Never Thought I'd Say

Updated on February 27, 2019

Inauguration Day Is Here


A Rainy Day

People right now are saying there's a certain irony in the fact that it's currently raining at the site of now-President Donald Trump's swearing in ceremony. That may well be; the day may be one of Trump's brightest, barring the days his children were born, but for so many, the day will be clouded.

Over the last couple of years that the campaigning for the United States' highest office has been going on, people were stunned at President Trump's improbable rise to the top. In reality, none of the candidates were particularly spectacular; Hillary Clinton was relentlessly plagued by her email scandals - no thanks to James Comey - and poor Bernie Sanders was shut down.

Now, though it's raining in Washington, the sun appears to be shining on Trump and his family, in spite of the protesters near the swearing in site. There is apparently a heavy police presence in downtown DC, and some protesters have even been hit with tear gas. Meanwhile, President Trump is focusing his inaugural speech on notions of patriotism, promising better infrastructure and work to "end the carnage" of Americans due to drugs and gangs.

The image President Trump has painted of America as it is now is quite apocalyptic in nature, with factories littered like tombstones across the land. He continues to promise that power in America will go back to the people that voted him in, while continuing to say that he won't forget the American middle class - a great many of the people that voted him into office.

My problem is, how can the current president ensure that the middle class is not forgotten when he has never once been a part of the middle class himself, even as a youth? If you had any image of someone born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, it's President Trump; former presidents Truman, Grant, Harrison, Jefferson and Garfield either grew up poor or struggled with money both during and after their presidencies, while Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson, and Nixon all came from families struggling to keep their heads above water. Even former President Obama acknowledged his humble beginnings, though he is now quite well off and will likely continue to be, barring any extravagant living expenses on either his part or that of his wife's.

Were there many Republican presidents who grew up wealthy? Sure.

That's not what the point is, though; Trump may be wealthy, but he's also sort of dangerous. He's got a nasty habit of freaking out over what people write or say about him online, which demonstrates an incredibly thin skin which is not something that a president should have. He's freaked out over Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. President Trump's also had a reputation of being something of a womanizer, and while I freely acknowledge that President Trump is far from being the only president to have fooled around in the past, the fact that he has reportedly been so incredibly crude about his dealings with women is incredibly unsettling.

His views on race, or for that matter anyone or anything that is not American are deeply unsettling. I'm all for being supportive of your "home and native land," but the mere fact that he's said a wall will be built between the United States and Mexico to try and stop illegal immigration and stop jobs from going to non-Americans is terribly racist. And who could forget when he asked an audience, "Where's my African American?" Or another time, when he said, "Ask the gays," when it came to how the LGBTQ+ community loved him.

I don't deny that Mrs. Clinton had her flaws; working with email would definitely be one of them. There really wasn't a candidate, however, throughout the two year campaign where people could really point and say, "That's my person. That's the person I believe in the most." I, like so many others, have gotten the perception that the people put forward by each party as candidates was a matter of looking at the person who was the least bad, and the last man standing was Trump.

Certainly, not everyone is happy when a new president is sworn in, but thus far today, I've heard people who've watched the inauguration say they had the same pit in their stomach that they had when the World Trade Center was hit. I've heard people say that instead of a vibe of hope or even quite concern, there has been ominous silence in their classrooms as they watch the inauguration - and that, in and of itself, is quite telling of how the current generation might feel about President Trump.

Even my almost-eight year old has been doing a stony countdown, informing us "Two days til Trump," in a voice that is cold and disgusted all at once. Granted, she holds the inauguration and the end of Girl Meets World - which is also today - in the same esteem, but that's life when you're almost eight.

Do people make mistakes? Absolutely. My fear is that there will be mistakes made during Trump's presidency that will leave America reeling and wondering how the pieces could possibly be picked up.

A Dark Day For Some



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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      What amazes me most is how short people's memories are? Where were we when the Republicans last left the White House? Rosey? No. 4000 young Americans were dead in a war and the economy was going over the cliff. But 8 years later we're ready for them to run the entire government? How quickly people forget. Except the 63 million who voted for Hillary and the 77 million who didn't vote at all. "All that is needed for evil to triumph is for enough good (people) to do nothing."

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I thought the inaugaration was awesome. There was nothing like drawing a crowd of a million protesters then crying about the unfair numbers that the media told at the actual inauguration. This guy is a truly strange. He sure is worried about his popularity in television terms. I think at some point the media is going to say I really do not care what he thinks. The way he treats them at some point they are not going to care about being nice any more. Millions of people protesting you is probably not a good time to insult them. It will not take much to increase these crowds in the coming days.


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