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President Biden, 9 Months In

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Joe Biden’s Criminal Justice Policy

Joe Biden said he would cut incarceration in half, close and end the use of private prisons, no mandatory minimums, treatment not jail for drug addiction, etc. etc.

The Biden Administration has done little in regards to any of these campaign promises.

According to recent data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 46 percent of the federal inmate population are incarcerated on drug offenses.

About 25% of the world’s total prison population reside in the United States, about 2.2 million prisoners as of 2020.

Joe Biden’s Border Policy

While campaigning, Biden made clear that he would reverse Trump’s border and immigration policies. On the first full day of his presidency, NPR ran a piece about Biden’s “two major steps to dismantle much-criticized Trump-era immigration policies” suspending deportations and stopping Trump's “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The number of Illegal immigrants entering the United States (via the border with Mexico) is at a record 21-year high. More than 1,200,000 illegal immigrants (accounted for) have taken advantage of Biden’s open-door immigration policies since he assumed office.

Joe Biden on Energy Production and the Climate Crisis

Biden on day one shut down pipelines, production of oil and natural gas on federal lands, crippling America’s ability to be self-reliant.

Six months after these efforts, Biden pleaded for OPEC to produce more oil.

Joe Biden on Renewable Energy and EVs

The White House put on a Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle (EV) Press Gala, it was a UAW and Legacy Auto lovefest to support an Executive Order that did little in the way of actually furthering realistic and necessary implementation of EV infrastructure, nor did it make any mandates that government fleet vehicles would go EV.

Biden looks to make electric vehicles half of all new vehicle sales by 2030, by which time Europe and China will almost entirely converted to EVs. Biden’s talk of Tax Incentives focused on UAW built autos, which happens to exclude Americas largest EV manufacturer.

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Tesla, on the other hand, they refused to mention. Even when reporters brought Tesla up in their questioning, Press Secretary and White House speakers dodged even repeating the name Tesla.

Soon after this meeting with the Legacy Auto makers and UAW representatives, Tesla suddenly was under investigation:

I just don't like coincidences, the Biden Administration rolls out the carpet for Legacy Auto makers while deliberately never mentioning Tesla (let alone inviting the company that is pioneering new technological advances in EVs and leads the nation in sales of EVs)... and the next week practically Tesla is under investigation.

The problem with this investigation is that Tesla specifically states that there is no Autopilot Driving system. They state that drivers must stay alert and in control at all times, so what we have here are 11 drivers who were being reckless and irresponsible. In short, they were breaking the law. No fault of Tesla or its technology.

The second problem, there are over 250,000 accidents a year, why is it they are focusing on 11 Tesla accidents?

Tesla by the way, has the lowest rate of accidents and highest safety ratings of any vehicles in existence.

Also, Tesla vehicles that are sold in America, unlike Ford and GM, are 100% made in America.

Biden and Afghanistan

Allies and critics alike have repeatedly condemned Biden over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a leading German politician called it “the biggest debacle” in the alliance’s history.

Nations that have supported U.S. efforts in Afghanistan were caught off-guard by the Taliban’s lightning advance across the country after America suddenly and surprisingly withdrew its strategically vital air support to the ground troops, NATO allies were left scrambling to evacuate their nationals as well as vulnerable Afghans.

Those with tactical and strategic military backgrounds know that the decisions made 100% guaranteed failure to maintain control of any part of Afghanistan. Without air support and American military leadership, there was no hope of maintaining control anywhere in Afghanistan.

These are lessons that had been learned repeatedly, in Vietnam, in Iraq, and any highly decorated officer giving advice to the President knew this as well as anyone, such men are immersed in military history and strategy, it is their life’s work.

Less than 2 months ago Biden proclaimed to the world:

Biden also promised all Americans that wanted to get out, would get out:

Biden's Presidency in his first 9 months

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