Why I'm Glad to Be an Independent, Not a Republican

Updated on January 17, 2020
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Bonnie-Jean grew up discussing politics and history at the dinner table. This diversity of viewpoints generates perspective.

 Richard M. Nixon
Richard M. Nixon

There are times when it’s a blessing to be an Independent. Being a Republican right now must be a nightmare.

Republicans maintained power in Congress in 2016, partly because a lot of their constituents were happy to hear the rhetoric of Donald Trump. These constituents were not aware that Trump tried to run for President as an Independent and a Democrat, before he found out that the people who were most susceptible to his ramblings were Republicans.

In 2016 they found themselves with a right-wing executive branch as well as Congress. It was time to get things done, such as undoing the Obama-led programs that pulled us out of a recession and made medical aid more accessible and affordable, the only things they had not managed to thwart during the previous eight years of stonewalling which made the government virtually dysfunctional. Despite his record of bankrupt companies, failed business loans and being sued by his vendors, Donald Trump managed to get a lot of support from large corporations, especially arms manufacturers, the NRA, and the coal and oil industries.

But instead of pursuing Republican goals of states’ rights, limiting women’s and minorities’ rights and amended medical coverage, Trump spent the next three years pursuing his own re-election, following up on promises which swayed the electoral college, if not the popular vote, carrying on rallies and golfing instead of working as a part of a 3-cameron system of government. Republicans found him dictating to them what they should do, instead of the other way around. Any dissention in the Republican party was quaffed with threats and even actions. Still, their constituents blindly followed Trump’s rhetoric, so the Republicans in Congress had to do the same. Trump taking immigration complaints to the extreme further weakened popular support of the Republican party.

Then came the elections of 2018. When Democrats got control of the House, and this sent a message to the Senate—the popular vote is swinging to the left. At the same time, the Trump administration’s pandering to our enemies (North Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, just to name a few) and his alienation of our allies (the United Kingdom, Canada, France, NATO, Europe and many more) shifted world opinion against the United States and threatened our national security. The American populace became fearful.

Now the Republicans face solid evidence for an impeachment trial, possible war in the near east, and an increasingly chaotic administration that doesn’t give a rap about Congress’ rights or opinions. If the Republican senators and those in the House up for re-election back Trump, they may lose because of the backlash growing in the grass roots. If they don’t back Trump, they face backlash from the Administration and big business, which has managed to get a lot of deregulation passed to pursue profit over natural resources. They are between a rock and a hard place. If they work for the people, they will undoubtedly lose a lot of financial support. But if they back the corporations, they may lose votes. They have to depend a great deal on the gerrymandering achieved recently.

If people remember Reagan, Bush, and Nixon, the Republicans will lose. Reagan’s SDI was a flop, so Trump tried a Space Force. Reaganomics pushed us into the worst recession since the 1930s depression, but Trump is trying them all again. We need to remember that within a year of his leaving office, Reagan was announced to have Alzheimer’s disease. George W. Bush pushed us into a near east war with false intelligence, as did Trump. Instead of pulling us out of the Mideast, as Trump promised, he has simply shifted the troops around, trying to protect our oil interests. To top it off, Trump is trying to take military funds to build his wall, while our troops are living in substandard housing.

As people see the stock market falling, boys returning from war maimed, our troops living in squalor with substandard protection overseas, and a budget deficit that is at a record high, they are going to rebel. Republicans both in the populace and in Congress will have to make a hard decision. I wish them luck.

© 2020 Bonnie-Jean Rohner


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